<AuroraAvenue> Question - What distro should I use for an arm-based C201p chromebook other than the default one?


<buZz> chromebook


<yang> Is this channel ok to ask questions about Chromebooks, or should I head into another channel ? I am having difficulties booting the USB stick on a c201, should be done with CTRL+U but it only takes me into the normal login ChromeOS window


<lkcl> and i'm currently doing an RK3288 board. the RK3288 it turns out can do up to 4GB of RAM as it's designed for ChromeBooks


<lkcl_> GNUtoo-irssi: regarding the EC, yes i saw that project with the chromebook EC, yes they do keyboard-scanning as well. although it was useful to see i couldn't really make much sense of the organisation of the source code.
<GNUtoo-irssi> As for the ec, the chromebooks also use another free software project


<keebler> I like my Thinkpad a lot, but I kinda wish I had a chromebook.


<zoobab> after an afternoon fighting with unbuntu on my arm chromebook, only the ubuntu-desktop in LTS works


<zoobab> does someone runs ubuntu on its samsung chromebook arm?


<WarheadsSE> usual chromebook restore usb theborger


<theborger> keebler: samsung chromebook :)


<theborger> anyone run nix on a samsung chromebook?


<cosmo0> whats this channel for? does it cover chromebooks?


<chrs_> steev: where should i start reading to learn how to install gentoo onto internal storage on the arm chromebook?
<chrs_> what distro are you running on your chromebook?
<chrs_> hi, anyone running linux on a samsung arm chromebook series three?


<jinzo> the new chromebook pixel is x86?
* hramrach typing on a chromebook


<traeak1> ie: compared to buying an acer chromebook with celery and loading linux on it
<traeak1> hmm 170 for samsung exynos refurb chromebook


<ssvb> I would also add an a15 version, but don't want to dismantle my chromebook just to connect the multimeter for the measurements


<ssvb> zumbi: any computer running linux system and having a reasonable amount of RAM can do this, arm chromebook is not an exception
<Guest22510> samsung arm chromebook
<ssvb> IMHO samsung arm chromebook is not a very good choice when trying to re-purpose it as a netbook/laptop
<RaYmAn> yeah - I think the biggest annoyance with samsung arm chromebook is really the screen
<mnemoc> there should be a new android nexus device, but also a new chromebook
* mnemoc sad to not see chromeOS talks in google io this year... that means I can forget about the dreamed chromebook pixel with exynos5 octa :(


* mnemoc wants a "chromebook pixel" but with exynos5 octa :'(


<uberushaximus> has anyone done any work on an open PBL/BL1 for the chromebook?



<zzshllehs> you're talking about samsung chromebook?


<libv> Turl: i will order myself a chromebook in a few weeks
<mnemoc> like the chromebook, but with better display :|
<libv> i think that they might be running the chromebook exynos5 gles drivers


<mnemoc> theborger: but there is new chromebook coming, called pixel, you might want to wait and see if it's cortex-a15 aswell
<mnemoc> theborger: imho the exynos5 chromebook is (still) unbeatable
<theborger> so what is one of the better netbooks to buy? is the samsung chromebook good? or is there one cheaper/better?
<theborger> so what is one of the better netbooks to buy? is the samsung chromebook good? or is there one cheaper?


<ssvb> techn_: unfortunately it's a bit of a mess, with one git repository hosted by linaro people, another one hosted by chromium people (the linaro variant oopses the kernel on chromebook)
<ssvb> techn_: yes, I have seen that. Actually it is the driver for Mali-T604 from ARM Chromebook


<Jef91> Anyone know if any stuff has been done towards getting hardware video decoding working on the samsung chromebook chip?


<cobalt60-ac100> I think that ChromeBook is ugly as $%^ but I can paint/skin it
<mnemoc> the exynos 5 chromebook


<mnemoc> the exynos chromebook shows the oposite
<slapin> chromebook is n/a here
<Turl> there's a chromebook with exynos


<traeak> so the chromebook has an mini sata type connector?
<Jef91> OpenGL is the last thing I'm missing on my chromebook


<fragmint> chromebooks?


<ZaEarl> chromebook seems like a pretty good deal


<jinzo> yeah the new chromebook is nice - my friend got one and I could play with it a bit
<rm> if you live in a country where the Samsung Chromebook is available, get that
<buZz> samsung chromebook?
<rz2k> samsung chromebook


<ganbold__> chromebooks
<ganbold__> samsung chromebook is hot sale on amazon


<L84Supper> the Samsung Exynos 5250 Chromebook is the #1 selling laptop on Amazon


<Turl> mnemoc: you make me want a chromebook :<
<mnemoc> my daughter loves her exynos5 chromebook :)


<xenoxaos> btw, chromebook, under full load with a usb3 ssd attached....estimated 3.5 hrs of battery life
<steev_> L84Supper: no, i use my 3G chromebook as stock
<steev_> so i was like... i wonder if this will apply to chromebook purchase
* xenoxaos wants a second chromebook
<steev_> mnemoc: you can get the chromebook!
<mnemoc> fortunatelly there is a chromebook
<traeak> sounds liek samsung chromebook might easily beat out an e450 or whatever
<L84Supper> max77686 is also used in the chromebook for battery charging, so you could swap in a higher capacity battery
<L84Supper> anyone hacked the Google A15 Chromebook for a larger internal HD? http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2012/10/google-wants-new-249-arm-based-chromebook-to-be-your-second-computer/


<ssvb> I have a cortex-a15 based chromebook sharing nfs root with my mele


<ssvb> Jef91|Building: just the chromebook keyboard sucks because of some missing keys, it was clearly designed as a "gadget" instead of real "computer"
<Jef91|Building> anyone around played with the newest samsung chromebook?


<L84Supper> might be easier to just mod the chromebooks


<RaYmAn> chromebook is fully open :/
<traeak> samsung chromebook looks appealing


<Jef91> Debian on the Chromebook


<slapin> is there somewhare I can order chromebook? looks tasty...
<RaYmAn> ARM Chromebook? xe303<something> is the modle nr
<Jef91> What is the latest samsung chromebook called RaYmAn?
<antonl> So, have samsung released the kernel sources that were used to build the chromebook kernel?
<RaYmAn> there is uhm, a project where you download & run a script and it prepares the chromebook and installs linux
<Jef91> hey RaYmAn do you know if there are any pre-built images for the chromebook yet?
<antonl> Hi guys. About exynos-based chromebook: what works in linux installed that way and what doesn't? 3d, sound?


<xenoxaos> i got my chromebook ~1-2 weeks after it came out...


<steev> Mehhh: so get a chromebook?
<Mehhh> Lame, really want the exynos 5 series from the chromebook


<mnemoc> RaYmAn: my chromebook was totally ignored by the customs :p took a bit longer but ended up getting it for 220E :)


<zoobab> got my arm chromebook


<atari2600a> (& remergance of the concept through the chromebook)
<xenoxaos> which chromebook
<atari2600a> I've heard the new chromebook has a DIMM slot on it but I'm also hearing the memory's onboard


<RaYmAn> mnemoc: mm, I don't consider the chromebook a laptop at all at 11.6
<specing> maybe if the chromebook were $150 I'd buy it
<RaYmAn> the chromebook has one of these: http://www.st.com/internet/mcu/product/216844.jsp
<RaYmAn> on chromebook
<Turl> specing: the EC on the chromebook has source code available
<steev> in good news, my arm chromebook should (finally) be here the 29th (i got the 3g version)


<mnemoc> but the damn chromebook was 2 weeks waiting in his house and now it has been another stuck in memphis


<mnemoc> and the chromebook review?
<mnemoc> with the chromebook, the cubie and my wife's new phone I thought I was out of control


<mnemoc> the exynos 5 chromebook is the only relevant one for this channel :)
<zoobab> just getting my Chromebook now


<rz2k> somehow arm chromebook got his way to people :p


<ZaEarl> but where are the chromebook sources?
<ZaEarl> they're shipping chromebooks, right? they must have published the gpl sources, right?
<ZaEarl> libv, shouldn't Google's Chromebook include it?


<RaYmAn> (arm chromebook)


<mnemoc> ZaEarl: but they could have put more pixels on the chromebook exynos5 :<


<RaYmAn> hmm..funky.. Chromebook uses OMAP armsoc driver for OMAP5432, which apparently uses Mali T60x


* RaYmAn peers at his new chromebook on his desk


<RaYmAn> mnemoc: chromebook arrives tomorrow! :D
<RaYmAn> woo, my chromebook just shipped :D 10 days early :D


<mnemoc> RaYmAn: this chromebook is going to be fun :)
<xenoxaos> my chromebook.... "Weather conditions might delay delivery of this shipment. This is the most current information available. Please track again later for status updates."
<RaYmAn> mnemoc: chromebook arrived yet? =P


* WarheadsSE wants a new chromebook
<mnemoc> my chromebook was delivered today to the home of one of my collegues in usa


<L84Supper> Google ARM netbook and now Nexus 10 tablet, will the tablet be locked down or open like the chromebook?
<Turl> stuff like the chromebook on the other hand, I'd expect it did
<mnemoc> popolon: but for the same price of the equivalent chromebook


<RaYmAn> you got the new chromebook yet? =P


<Turl> chromebooks are worthless without the intertubes :(
<mnemoc> the chromebook
* mnemoc wants his chromebook
<RaYmAn> these chromebooks are actually tempting for $family
<mnemoc> the chromebook is better idea :p


<mnemoc> just like the chromebook
<mnemoc> the chromebook's is matte. that's nice
<RaYmAn> mnemoc: My main concern about chromebook is whether it's fully recoverable - e.g. unbrickable
<mnemoc> my chromebook is still in memphis :<
<RaYmAn> well, this does look cool - though, I don't see why anyone would choose that over e.g. chromebook or nexus 10 (if true)
<mnemoc> the price of the chromebook :p
<L84Supper> the new chromebook explains the reluctance of Samsung to sell it's ARM soc's for competitive projects


<L84Supper> openSUSE Running On $249 Google Chromebook
<L84Supper> I'm much more interested in the ARM Chromebook and possibly expanding it's emmc to 60x the size
<mnemoc> and that my chromebook got shipped :p


<RaYmAn> you got chromebook?
<mnemoc> armhf cedarx libs and chromebook the same day. happy happy joy joy
<mnemoc> my chromebook got shipped! \o/


<mnemoc> but a free chromebook wouldn't be a bad thing


<zontar> anyone shove ubuntu or some other linux onto the new chromebook yet?


<mnemoc> L84Supper: having both modes it's warrantied on all google chromebooks
<Turl> entering dev mode wipes your chromebook so there's no risk


<RaYmAn> i'm unsure whether snow or daisy is the chromebook...I guess it might be 3g vs non-3g?
<RaYmAn> unless it's a good deal below 249$, the new samsung chromebook seems like the only real choice =P (if you live ina supported country)
<jlj> does linux support the Exynos 5250 cpu in the new samsung arm chromebook?
<mnemoc> grevaillot: great!, so one should be able to "repurpose" the closed libs in the exynos5 chromebook and run a normal linux system without much trouble


<RaYmAn> it's almost depressingly funny how much that chromebook looks like a macbook, lol
<RaYmAn> but that chromebook does look very nice :)
<RaYmAn> It's not a laptop, it's a chromebook! :P (And no - I have a asus transformer prime with keyboard dock.)


<L84Supper> I gues they want everyone to buy Chromebooks


<traeak> chromebook ?
<WarheadsSE> just a chromebook propped on one knee