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<uniqdom> Hi. Yesterday I have installed Debian in a Cubieboard2 with help from user ssvb, today I was compiling linux-sunxi kernel. I have generated the uImage file. The thing is that I can't find any file named uImage in the Debian sd card (find / -name uImage).
<uniqdom> I can see a vmlinuz in /boot folder that's the kernel right?
<Turl> uniqdom: yeah, it may be using a zimage instead of an uimage
<ssvb> uniqdom: yes, debian is using zimage format, you can also check the boot.scr file
<uniqdom> I have used this command line to make the uImage: make -j2 ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux-gnueabihf- uImage modules, I know should i change uImage by zImage in that line??
<ssvb> uniqdom: btw, why are you trying to install the linux-sunxi kernel? are you missing some features in the debian kernel?
<uniqdom> I need to use audio.
<uniqdom> I haven't tested hdmi, but I have read that it doesn't work. I will try in a second
<uniqdom> should i change uImage by zImage in that line command??
<ssvb> uniqdom: more like you should replace the debian stuff with a new boot.scr, script.bin and the kernel, and also install modules to the right place
<uniqdom> ok i will read that :)
<ssvb> heh, the syntax of the new u-boot is a bit different
<ssvb> I think it should be "load mmc 0:1 <addr> <filename>"
<ssvb> uniqdom: you only need to compile uImage and script.bin and then tweak boot.cmd and copy modules, re-formatting the sd card is surely not necessary
<uniqdom> ssvb, I have the uImage and modules compiled. I can't find script.bin and boot.cmd in the sd card nor in the system where i have compiled the kernel
<uniqdom> in the sdcard i see /boot/boot.scr
<uniqdom> nvm... i see a chapter called script.bin in the link you gave me
<ssvb> uniqdom: script.bin is serving the same role as *.dtb files in sunxi-3.4
<ssvb> uniqdom: you can create a new boot.cmd from scratch, but taking a look at debian boot.scr may be also useful to see what exactly debian needs
<uniqdom> okay
<ssvb> I'm not sure if there is any tool to convert boot.scr back into boot.cmd, but that would be surely useful
<uniqdom> +1
<uniqdom> your link says: fatload mmc 0 0x43000000 script.bin || ext2load mmc 0 0x43000000 boot/script.bin. How to know if those address are going to work with a CubieBoard?
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<ssvb> uniqdom: these addresses should work, but you need to use "load mmc 0:1 <addr> <filename>" commands instead of what is written in the wiki
<ssvb> uniqdom: (unless you want to downgrade the bootloader)
<uniqdom> no
<uniqdom> thanks... i think that i'm finishing
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<ssvb> uniqdom: oh, and you also need to set the "bootm_boot_mode" variable in boot.cmd to "sec" with the new u-boot
<uniqdom> ok :) i will
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<ssvb> otherwise the old kernel will not boot :)
<ssvb> too bad that the mainline u-boot coverage in the linux-sunxi wiki sucks :(
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<leviathanch> I'm still waiting for my work permit
<leviathanch> it will certainly take at least two weeks since it's Chinese new year
<leviathanch> ...
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<uniqdom> ssvb: the kernel load but with some kind of error I think, because I can't get a console.
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<uniqdom> boot.cmd and serial output log from uboot and kernel http://pastebin.com/amjgr4pW
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<uniqdom> ssvb: nvm: It is workin :) with just what you said. there is no login console in ttyUSB0. uname -a: Linux debian-cubie 3.4.103-g9a1cd03 #1 SMP PREEMPT Fri Feb 13 11:14:49 CLST 2015 armv7l GNU/Linux
<uniqdom> hdmi is working
<uniqdom> audio is also working... now I need a realtime kernel :D
<uniqdom> thanks again
<wens> leviathanch: i want the one for the optimus :)
<leviathanch> wens: schematics?
<leviathanch> wens: since we decided to support sunxi at bringing all the Allwinner drivers mainline so that they have more spare time
<leviathanch> wens: and since we wanna sell more Optimus boards anyway
<leviathanch> wens: this will not be a problem I think
<leviathanch> wens: at the moment the few around are very stressed since during Chinese new year every team is only half the size
<leviathanch> wens: at top
* tyler-baker just received his cubieboard 4
* leviathanch is very happy for tyler-baker
<leviathanch> tyler-baker: where did you buy it?
<tyler-baker> is there a kernel support anywhere for it yet?
<tyler-baker> hk
<leviathanch> tyler-baker: I'm just working on it
<tyler-baker> aw sweet, hopefully it's mostly just bindings
<wens> this is as far as i've gone
<tyler-baker> leviathanch, I'll put it into kernelci.org once we get some patches upstream
<tyler-baker> wens, thanks I'll have a look at it tomorrow
<wens> support for basics and mmc should be in 3.20
<leviathanch> wens: maybe we should just make a sunxi conference in Shenzhen
<leviathanch> it's easier if you meet them
<tyler-baker> wens, great khilman and I both have them now, shouldn't be long until they are booting in the farms
<wens> i don't know how many people would attend :|
<wens> tyler-baker: i think one of the boot farms already has it, but i lost the url
<leviathanch> vishnup: did you manage to get the driver for the DRAM controller working already?
<tyler-baker> wens, hrrm haven't seen any boot logs from the cubieboard 4, the optimus is booting though http://kernelci.org/boot/sun9i-a80-optimus/
<tyler-baker> wens, maybe it was olof's farm
<tyler-baker> yeah not in olof's farm yet
<leviathanch> wens: interesting... which u-boot were you using?
<wens> tyler-baker: ah right, was referring to the optimus
* wens just got out of bed
<tyler-baker> :)
<leviathanch> wens: the cubie is just based on the optimus
<wens> leviathanch: still using appended dt with allwinner's u-boot
<leviathanch> so using this one is a good start
<leviathanch> hmm
<leviathanch> okey
<tyler-baker> I just got off a flight from HK so I am delirious :)
<wens> haven't tried hansg's stuff
<leviathanch> I ask Allwinner if they could enable ftd
* leviathanch sends a skype message
<wens> leviathanch: nah, i'm just sticking to whatever is working :)
<wens> if i screw up my boot sequence, i have to spend time on it instead of the kernel
<leviathanch> hmm
<leviathanch> okey
<leviathanch> well, boot0 just has to be closed partially at least
<leviathanch> because otherwise all the concurrents around can see how they have built their chip
<leviathanch> we really have to find a solution for that
<tyler-baker> ttyl thanks for the info, very helpful as always :)
<leviathanch> something which makes them happy and us happy
<leviathanch> that's why I offered that the guy who wrote boot0 would help writing the mainline u-boot
<leviathanch> only issue: he is at Chinese hollidays right now
<leviathanch> he would write the functions
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<leviathanch> and we would clean it up and push it mainline
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<leviathanch> so he is relieved of upstreaming work but has provided us the code which is too sensitive to be explained too deeply
<leviathanch> I think that might be a half ways satisfying way to go
<leviathanch> or we just don't initialize some of the hardware the boot0 would
<leviathanch> another option
<leviathanch> wens: what do you think about that?
<leviathanch> I was just told that boot0 is too sensitive to be released fully... partially: 好
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<wens> i thought that boot0 just does dram and initial clock/pll stuff
<wens> leviathanch: though since hansg is working on this, maybe you should write him a mail?
<vishnup> leviathanch: Yes, DRAM is working
<leviathanch> vishnup: perfect
<leviathanch> vishnup: so you did talk to the person who has done the DRAM controller?
<leviathanch> vishnup: and it was a success?
<vishnup> I did not get any response from Flord
<leviathanch> oh
<leviathanch> maybe because they have new year right now
<vishnup> No, I've yet told him that DRAM is working
<vishnup> may be
<leviathanch> ok
<leviathanch> just tell him
<leviathanch> maybe he has some suggestions to make
<leviathanch> after all, he has built it
<leviathanch> lixiang came out long after I had upstreamed the mmc driver
<leviathanch> and fixed some issues
<leviathanch> the more code we have mainline the more response we can expect
<ssvb> leviathanch: honestly, the dram code in boot0 really stinks, I would guess that a more reasonable explanation could be that they are too embarrassed to show it ;-)
<leviathanch> ssvb: that might as well be true
<leviathanch> ssvb: they do everything under a lot of time pressure
<leviathanch> so ugly code is very likely
<ssvb> leviathanch: don't tell them that boot0 is very small and easy to disassemble (if the need arises)
<wens> hehe
<leviathanch> hehe
<leviathanch> as soon as I get my desk there I will see the code anyway ^^
<leviathanch> so...
<leviathanch> but I guess you are right, it's most likely just shame
<leviathanch> anyway
<leviathanch> 4.a.m.... I should sleep
<ssvb> I'm afraid of the trustzonish things which might make life harder in the future...
<leviathanch> hmm
<leviathanch> ssvb: trust zone?
<leviathanch> in which way?
<ssvb> arm security features, signed bootloaders and other crap
<leviathanch> ah
<leviathanch> yes, we discussed that as well
<leviathanch> you don't need that on tablets
<leviathanch> it's to expensive anyway
<leviathanch> *too
<leviathanch> and on the other project line I suggested I explained as well why we don't need it
<leviathanch> so... I don't think they will introduce this crap
<wens> the a80 has the full set of those though, documented in the manual
* wens doesn't understand any of it
<leviathanch> wens: they mean crypto engines
<leviathanch> I think
<leviathanch> anyway
<leviathanch> gotta sleep already
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<ssvb> Seppoz: hi, are you here?
<ssvb> diego71: ping
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<a1d3s> i'll give up .. 3.19-rc5 was latest kernel who worked on bananapro for me .. testet with next-20150213 there network doesnt do anything and the flickering still persist .. always used same config as in 3.19-rc5 and before
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<ssvb> a1d3s: do you need some special help with it?
<ssvb> a1d3s: this is a rather simple mechanical process, which leads you to the commit, which has introduced the regression
<ssvb> a1d3s: much more efficient than trying to look into a crystal ball and making semi-random guesses about what could have possibly caused it
<a1d3s> ssvb i go into newest git clone and then bisect it against latest wprking?
<ssvb> you just need to tell git two commit hashes for the start, one "good" and one "bad"
<ssvb> then it will provide you the source code snapshots to test
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<a1d3s> the good one was from tar.xz on kernel.org and the other was git from kernel.org
<ssvb> just find the commit hash, which corresponds to that tar.xz file
<ssvb> did that file have some sort of a name? it is very likely that there is a tag for it in the git repository
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<a1d3s> this was the one i used
<ssvb> you just need to do something like:
<ssvb> git bisect start
<ssvb> git bisect good v3.19-rc5
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<ssvb> git bisect bad v3.19
<a1d3s> ok
<a1d3s> will try it later , have to do some homework now and the pack my travelback
<a1d3s> bag*
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<a1d3s> i go 5 weeks into an hospital
<ssvb> ouch
<a1d3s> depression and burnout ;)
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<diego71> ssvb: hi
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<ssvb> diego71: I just wanted to ask you to try https://github.com/ssvb/sunxi-bootsetup/releases/tag/20141215-sunxi-bootsetup-prototype on your a20 olinuxino board
<ssvb> Seppoz tried an older revision of it, and the supposedly 'failsafe' dram settings were not so failsafe at that time
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<diego71> ssvb: ok, when i've time i'll try it (I've a a10 lime too)
<diego71> ssvb: does it works also with vga?
<ssvb> diego71: only hdmi and uart serial console
<ssvb> diego71: a10 lime should have no problems, it's just a20-olinuxino that seems to have the worst dram reliability among all sunxi boards :)
<ssvb> diego71: thanks, this test is really fast and simple - just write the sd card image file to the sd card and try to boot from it
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<diego71> ssvb: now i'm going out, but probably when i'm back, I'll take a look at it
<ssvb> diego71: ok, thanks
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<el3> leviathanch: nice. I am going to learn yocto. Apparantly I have built some Frankenstein image
<leviathanch> oh
<leviathanch> okey
<leviathanch> el3: try kickstarter from fedora
<leviathanch> el3: https://img.merproject.org/img/ automatically builds it for you and publishes it
<el3> leviathanch: Okey sounds cool. I also might try follow you guide when you finish it.
<el3> mainline u-boot
<leviathanch> el3: ok.
<leviathanch> since it's now part of my university work it will be faster (not just hobby anymore)
<el3> leviathanch: will it work for pcduino?
<leviathanch> we at Allwinner have mainlining u-boot for all our chips a top priority
<libv> leviathanch: oh?
<libv> leviathanch: how does that show, and where?
<leviathanch> we are overworked
<leviathanch> well, they are
<libv> ...
<leviathanch> I'm the new guy who is intended to take work load from their shoulders
<leviathanch> libv: and it shows that we now are communicating
<leviathanch> the only problem is these long holliday season they have just right now
<libv> no, now you joined and feel that you are communicating on their behalf
<libv> but i do not like noise, i like actual actions and results
<leviathanch> hmm, I just repeat what they told me I should communicate to you in a better English they have
<libv> and the more noise, the more suspicious i get
<leviathanch> they are willing to help you
<leviathanch> libv: I get that
<leviathanch> libv: the will to support mainlining is there
<libv> see, i dislike statements like "they are willing to help you"
<libv> i prefer "they actually help"
<Wizzup> Well, I'm curious to see how it works out if they pledge to help :)
<leviathanch> libv: well... many of them just do not understand any English so it is impossible for them to communicate with any non-Chinese
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<libv> leviathanch: is that their excuse for abusing the gpl?
<leviathanch> no
<el3> leviathanch: ok. I actually had problems installing a toolchain that works. The guide on linux-sunxi gets me 4.8. and I get error message, that its known to compile with errors or something. That happens when I try to build mainline kernel. And I cant figure out to install 4.7 compiler
<leviathanch> libv: their excuse for abusing the GPL is just time pressure
<libv> leviathanch: which is a weak excuse for breaching the one license their whole business fully depends on
<leviathanch> libv: we decided two weeks ago that we will drop the in-kernel binary blobs (except power vr)
<libv> leviathanch: face it, as long as that is going on, whatever you state is completely useless
<libv> leviathanch: allwinner has already dropped all the in kernel binary blobs
<libv> literally
<libv> allwinner does apparently have a very literal understanding of some english
<leviathanch> libv: they do not have much of an understanding of English at all actually
<leviathanch> we had chin-english conversations (supported with dictionary)
<libv> leviathanch: i have heard promises from allwinner before
<libv> i do not buy any of them anymore.
<libv> actions talk
<libv> if you do not have any actions, then stfu
<libv> because everything else we have heard before
<leviathanch> libv: yes, just wait for the A64 devboard
<leviathanch> :-)
<libv> leviathanch: oh, that is going to make us all forget the massive gpl breaches on previous chipsets?
<libv> leviathanch: stating to us: "the next soc is going to fix all" is bullshit
<libv> how many carrots are you going to dangle?
<libv> and for how many years?
<libv> the fact is, allwinner has gotten progressively worse with each soc release
<libv> and claiming "the next big thing is going to be great"... well, i hear that about new free software projects all along
<libv> and i don't believe those statements either
<leviathanch> uhm...
<libv> so how do you think i feel when such statements come out of a chinese chipmaker who is known to massively breach the gpl?
<leviathanch> wel... I do since we decided this project together
<libv> leviathanch: again, you are part of allwinner
<libv> whatever you say, you say because you are on the payroll
<libv> i have been given no convincing reason to see this otherwise
<libv> and communicating is not helping with a guy like me.
<leviathanch> uhm, yeah... you said actions
<libv> so i suggest that you lay off of the communication
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<libv> and get stuff actually done.
<leviathanch> libv: yes, I'm working on the u-boot right now
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<leio> yes, lets see results, meanwhile public scolding just potentially kills the motivation and interest of those trying to fix it from the inside
<libv> leio: this was just a stern reminder of allwinners hard obligations, and that talk is cheap.
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<leviathanch> plaes: yes... I communicate it to them
<el3> leviathanch: the 2nd link you sent, shows me. Your connection is not private. And a button Back to safety. I just reinstalled ubuntu
<leviathanch> el3: what?
<el3> leviathanch: the 2nd link you sent, shows me. Your connection is not private. And a button Back to safety.
<leio> self-signed SSL cert or some such.
<leviathanch> ahh
<leviathanch> okey, I see
<leviathanch> just accept the cert
<leviathanch> now I get it
<leviathanch> just write an email to me if you need docs and support with mainlining
<el3> Ah okey. got in now
<leviathanch> plaes: just write an email to me if you need docs and support with mainlining
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<leviathanch> plaes: I will then translate the questions into Chinese and pass it on to Allwinner
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<leviathanch> libv: same for you, when you have questions about hardware components, just send me an E-Mail
<leviathanch> libv: I will translate it into Chinese and pass it on to Allwinner
<libv> leviathanch: i do not have such questions at this time, i just want to ensure that allwinner meets its obligations.
<libv> and that people do not get blinded or sidetracked by bullshit promises
<leviathanch> libv: they promised to support my bachelors thesis (community FOSS tablet)
<a1d3s> ssvb : after bisect i got these [59343cd7c4809cf7598789e1cd14563780ae4239] Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/net
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<leviathanch> libv: but now that I know how they live I can just urge everyone to be patient about email answers, they *will* answer
<leviathanch> if they don't after half a week
<leviathanch> try to use me as a translator
<leviathanch> sometimes they just don't understand English
<leviathanch> so they just don't answer because they are ashamed to admit
<leviathanch> (what I learned during my trip there)
<leviathanch> I'm working on supporting the cubie4 now in u-boot
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<libv> ashamed to admit errors does not fix them, it actually makes errors progressively worse.
<leio> it's how chinese culture works, unfortunately
<libv> so you are just doing a bachelors thesis?
<libv> which translates in this case to: relocated to shenzhen, work for (almost) no pay, and for something which is utopic at best?
<libv> how can i (and others who been along long enough) be expected to believe that allwinner takes any of this serious?
<libv> s/along/around/
<libv> so please, lay off the noise
<vishnup> libv: they must have to pay the cost for breaching the GPL
<vishnup> like Samsung has paid in past
<libv> vishnup: like, actually investing the time and money to become fully compliant with the gpl?
<vishnup> and had best practices to not to breach GPL
<libv> vishnup: i see none of the sort happening.
<libv> and no signs that they are earnestly investing in improving their behaviour
<vishnup> libv: I'm not much familiar with legal terms
<libv> leviathanch: in case you haven't caught this yet: allwinner has a massive and very deep set credibility issue, and you and your goals being there does nothing to ameliorate those.
<vishnup> however, I wonder, is there any action taken on Allwinner with respect to GPL?
<libv> not yet
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<libv> i told someone who was earnestly going to employ a known organization in legal action against allwinner, to wait many moons ago
<libv> i should've picked things up at fosdem, but i was too overrun with devroom and attachments
<vishnup> libv: great, allwinner must know that cost of breaching GPL is much more than investing in following GPL
<libv> vishnup: that's the issue, there usually is no extra cost as no-one can or will pursue anything beyond full and complete compliance
<el3> How did they breach the GPL?
<libv> el3: ...
<libv> really?
<el3> libv: I am noob here
<plaes> el3: use the wiki
<libv> el3: go read up.
<el3> Okey
<el3> I got 5 pcduinos that I want to use in a comercial project
<plaes> libv: did you have slides in your fosdem talk?
<libv> plaes: yeah (well, barely), and a blogpost that i should polish and publish
<plaes> ok.. I missed the livestream :(
<libv> yeah, and the videos are still up in the air
<libv> i really do think last years setup was preferable
<libv> if only they could've managed the storage better last year
<el3> vishnup: ok I have read it.
<NiteHawk> btw: what happened to gpl-violations.org? the site seems down. i've noticed gpl issues with a router/repeater device i bought (not related to sunxi)
<nove> leviathanch: we, this community is here to help allwinner, but we can't without allwinner, that is why this concerns
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<nove> leviathanch: if we and allwinner work together for upstream, the license issues are resolved
<a1d3s> a1d3s> ssvb : after bisect i got these [59343cd7c4809cf7598789e1cd14563780ae4239] Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/net
<leviathanch> nove: that is exactly what we decided two weeks ago
<leviathanch> nove: and I've got the job to translate between proper Chinese and proper English
<leviathanch> nove: so that sunxi and Allwinner can communicate
<leviathanch> nove: since many engineers there do not understand English very well
<leviathanch> nove: the management doesn't talk a single word English
<ssvb> a1d3s: do you mean after finishing bisecting? or after telling git the first "good"/"bad" pair of revisions?
<a1d3s> ssvb, after good/bad part
<nove> leviathanch: and that is very good
<leviathanch> nove: no, now I will go and buy me some 馒头 and 烤鸭 in order to overcome my away-from-China melancholy
<ssvb> a1d3s: now you need to compile this kernel, test it, and either say "git bisect good" (if there is no bug observed) or "git bisect bad" (if there is a bug)
<leviathanch> ah
<leviathanch> nove: yes
Akagi201 has joined #linux-sunxi
<a1d3s> ok i will do so :)
<leviathanch> nove: I forgot a w
<leviathanch> damnit
<leviathanch> ah
viccuad has joined #linux-sunxi
<leviathanch> low sugar, I gotta buy some food
<leviathanch> nove: can you write to the sunxi e-mail list, that I'm the official guy to ask, if they wanna know some details and specs from allwinner?
* leviathanch is going to buy food now
<libv> leviathanch: i do not buy it, you keep on telling us that we should ask you for details and specs about hw
<a1d3s> ssvb, i m right if i put http://linux-sunxi.org/LCD config to u-boot/configs/bananapro_defconfig ? i used the mele config and changed the khz and mode xy for 7" display
<libv> but the big list of big open questions that are blocking us are out there
<ssvb> leviathanch: you can post this to the mailing list yourself :)
<leviathanch> ssvb: ok
<libv> why not solve those first and then come back to us?
<libv> and stop promising us stuff which we know allwinner has never delivered upon
<leviathanch> libv: it's just on a wiki, it's not written who wants the email with the PDF
<leviathanch> libv: you need a pdf, just ask me
<libv> what?
<a1d3s> but cant find anywhere ft5x_ts
<nove> leviathanch: is you, that most write to maillist and tell
<leviathanch> nove: ok
<libv> is it not enough that we have written our issues out on both wiki, endless emails, and even an issue tracker on github?
<libv> i believe we all have "asked" more than enough, even though it is not our task to ask, or even demand, allwinner should just deliver on its own.
<diego71> leviathanch: read the wiki, see the issue, post a url with the documentation. It looks easy to me....
<libv> that is how this relationship should work.
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<libv> but do keep on dangling those carrots
<libv> there are enough members of this community who believe empty promises and statements still.
<libv> some will keep on running.
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Andy-D has joined #linux-sunxi
<leio> leviathanch: http://www.softwarefreedom.org/resources/2008/compliance-guide.html is sort of the stuff they legally ought to be doing without any asking..
<leio> something like that might be interesting to have available in Chinese, if there isn't already.
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<uniqdom> Is sunxi-v3.4.104-r0 considered a stable release? https://github.com/linux-sunxi/linux-sunxi/releases/tag/sunxi-v3.4.104-r0
<uniqdom> I need to patch the kernel with PREEMPT_RT (realtime), but I can't find a patch for v3.4.103 (https://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/projects/rt/3.4/older/)
<viccuad> Hi guys. Has someone succeed making mainline images for the A20 Lime & Lime2? I have tried using this guide: https://raymii.org/s/articles/Olimex_OlinuXino_A20_Lime2_Kernel_3.19_uBoot_Debian_7_image_building.html , and the steps at the wiki and I get: http://paste.debian.net/148121/ . Any idea how to fix it? thanks in advance
<uniqdom> yesterday I compiled v3.4.103, don't know if move to 104 or 75, both have RT patches
<mripard_> viccuad: that howto looks like crap
<viccuad> mripard_: it is, from the beginning of doing all as root, to not using git tags to checkout. sadly, I can't find anything better
<mripard_> viccuad: and it's enabling modules that don't even exist, and it makes you running some commands that you don't need
<mripard_> such as the make scripts stuff
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<viccuad> mripard_: I didn't think of looking up the debian wiki, many thanks. I went to "Manual build howto" instead of the "Debian" part of the wiki
<mripard_> viccuad: honestly, I never tried it, but it looks much more sensible
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<igraltist> i used this site to use the mainline kernel https://www.robert-sperling.de/2015/01/03/cubietruck-migration-auf-mainline-kernel/. its maybe only interesst if the system already working.
<viccuad> ssvb: many thanks, but I'm really interested in building it from source or using an image built by Debian devs
<uniqdom> Does anyone know why sunxi-3.4 is pointing to release sunxi-v3.4.103-r1 instead of release sunxi-v3.4.104-r0?
<ssvb> viccuad: it *is* an image built by debian devs
<ssvb> viccuad: I mean, the debian installer initramfs
<ssvb> viccuad: that's just one more alternative to TFTP or USB stick gymnastics from https://wiki.debian.org/InstallingDebianOn/Allwinner
<viccuad> ssvb: sadly, that uses 3.16, not mainline (so not sfb). Do you know if debian arm nightly images with mainline exist? I recall seeing them, but google shows nothing
<ssvb> viccuad: that's what is offered by the debian devs at the moment
<ssvb> viccuad: maybe you can ping ijc
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<ssvb> viccuad: of course you can build a newer kernel yourself if you want to, but this will be not quite 'official' debian anymore
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<ssvb> uniqdom: moving to 3.4.104 is more reasonable, and you can report problems if you find some
cubear has joined #linux-sunxi
<uniqdom> thanks, I will :)
<ssvb> uniqdom: I think it's mostly a matter of promoting the 'stage/sunxi-3.4' branch to 'sunxi-3.4'
<uniqdom> I will try to compile it first without the RT patch
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<T0mW> I've some driver code working with 3.4.102 that I wish to move onto 3.19. I need an example of how to use the external interrupts (PH16) "the right way". My present code hacks at reading / writing into the PIO interrupt register set.
<T0mW> Any code / docs that I can look at?
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<el3> T0mW: Just built my first yocto minimal core image. But some errors while building http://pastebin.com/Ky9yNGq5 And runqemu wont run. No image present, probably not built
<el3> T0mW: sry for asking here. But people in yocto seem very quiet
<T0mW> el3: I haven't used hte qemu, usually have the hardware to put the code onto.
<el3> T0mW: Then maybe I should try build a debian image for pcduino3?
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<T0mW> el3: let me see your conf/local.conf
gianMOD has joined #linux-sunxi
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<el3> T0mW: 2 sec. my ubuntu bugs very much. Cannot see letters
<diego71> ssvb: it works, and now we are using it to install debian
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<diego71> ssvb: ok, debian installer complaint about not having the right kernel modules to install ... :)
<diego71> but it's going on
<ssvb> diego71: yes, we will probably need some cooperation from ijc to make the debian installer more functional and less confusing
jelly-home has joined #linux-sunxi
<ssvb> it would be great if the debian installer could run on both UART serial console and HDMI console simultaneously, giving the users more choice
<el3> T0mW: Finally here is the local.conf http://pastebin.com/uTTCnjsu
<diego71> ssvb: but the kernel is from debian?
<ssvb> diego71: yes, the kernel is also installed by the debian installer
<ssvb> diego71: but during the initial setup and running the installer itself, it currently uses a patched 3.18 kernel
<ssvb> diego71: the final kernel is 3.16 from debian
<diego71> ssvb: so, no more sfb after installing debian :(
<ssvb> diego71: well, it's something that has to be improved by the debian developers
<ssvb> diego71: you can still upgrade the kernel yourself
<diego71> ssvb: do you know if the kernel 3.18 in debian experimental it works?
<ssvb> diego71: I think that it's best to ping ijc when he is around
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<diego71> on this channel, I presume
<diego71> ijc: ping :)
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<MY123> hi
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<diego71> ssvb: do you know if I can make it works also with a lcd?
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<ssvb> diego71: u-boot has to be upgraded for this
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<ssvb> diego71: v2015.04 is going to have lcd support, and it is currently at -rc1 stage
<ssvb> diego71: also check http://linux-sunxi.org/LCD
<T0mW> diego71: are you trying to use the LVDS LCD with u-boot?
<diego71> and i was wondering if it can work with u-boot
<T0mW> diego71: that looks like the old TTL parallel inteface (40 pin)?
<T0mW> diego71: I'm using LVDS on a 7" display
<T0mW> FWIW, the stock linux-3.19 is missing a device tree (dtsi) definition for anything else but the HDMI, you have to add the definiton for the LCD.
<diego71> T0mW: yes it use a 40 pin connector
<diego71> T0mW: how hard is it to add a definition for the lcd?
<ssvb> diego71: if you have a fex file for it, then it can work
<MY123> When will a true KMS driver be published?
<a1d3s> T0mW, how you get it working? 7" lvds
<ssvb> MY123: how much are you willing to pay for its development?
<MY123> ssvb: hmm...
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<diego71> ssvb: dtsi should be only for the uboot right? Is there a tool for converting fex to dts?
<ssvb> diego71: currently the LCD settings are configured in u-boot defconfigs
<MY123> ssvb, 20 euros?(as you can always buy a $Raspberry_Pi_2 which already has a DRM/KMS driver)
<ssvb> diego71: the http://linux-sunxi.org/LCD page provides instructions and also a bunch of automatically converted settings for the fex files, which are present in the sunxi-boards repository
<MY123> with a proper Mesa
<libv> MY123: go ahead and buy an rpi
<diego71> ssvb: ok, i found it. Thanks.
<libv> MY123: do you know why the rpi has a free driver at all?
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<MY123> libv: I think because of BroadcomCM.
<MY123> (running a modified Android)
<libv> MY123: in any case, making endless demands and trying to resort to some cheap form of emotional blackmail, that's not going to motivate anyone to write or produce code
<libv> MY123: no, it is because some people were freeing ARM GPUs, and because the rpi foundation was being seriously showed up by their big statements but by not having anything to back them up
<libv> when they then did and made another big statement without any content, someone called them out
<MY123> libv: I know, Oct.2012 code was just shit
<libv> MY123: oh?
<libv> MY123: how did you know?
<MY123> libv: I wrote a wayland-egl abstraction
<libv> when?
<MY123> libv: 2014
<libv> haha.
<libv> go and read up.
<MY123> libv: and completly disassembled the blob
<MY123> ( a unstripped version)
<MY123> libv: There is a VP8 reference decoder, clockman, powerman, a shader compiler,...
<MY123> and many other things
<ssvb> MY123: sounds like you are perfectly capable of developing the sunxi KMS driver yourself, just go ahead
<ssvb> MY123: and I even can give you the 20 euro tip when it's done :)
<MY123> ssvb: I only wrote USB driver
<MY123> (s)
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<MY123> Never coded everything beyond GPU buffer management
<libv> MY123: you, on your own, disassembled the videocore blob?
<MY123> libv, yeah
<libv> using what disassembler?
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<MY123> libv: GNU binutils ( github.com/mm120/binutils-vc4 branch vc4)
<libv> were you actively involved with the videocore REing project?
<MY123> I tried to code GPU buffer management for RPi Android, but it crashed
<libv> if so, you would have known better than to try and argue here
<MY123> after starting the launcher
<MY123> Never had a complete success :(
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<MY123> libv: as of VideoCore, there is a whole part of the blob currently managing HDCP, even when it's off
<libv> MY123: if you like the rpi so much, why are you here?
<T0mW> ald3s currently, I'm using u-boot-2015.01 and the linux-sunxi 3.4.102 kernel. You need to modify the fex (script.bin) to enable the LVDS
<MY123> libv: I currently have three running A20 devices
<MY123> libv: running the mittorn/sun7i-nand-sunxi driver trashed boot0
<MY123> And I still did not find how to update_boot0 from a ARM computer
<MY123> (after compiling it)=
<ssvb> MY123: ask your device vendor?
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<ssvb> MY123: they might have a PhoenixSuite recovery image
<MY123> ssvb: which does not want to ( because there is DRM keys inside, it's Kurio)
<ssvb> MY123: you were just playing with fire trying experimental nand stuff without having a backup plan for recovery
<ssvb> MY123: normally in this case it's best to leave nand alone and boot gnu/linux from the sd card
<MY123> ssvb: I should still *have* a leaked Aug. 2014 NAND image in the other side of the English Channel.
<MY123> (that's a little too far, just for a tablet)
<MY123> ssvb: I can still access to all the partitions
<MY123> (even bootloader, I only need boot0/10
<MY123> *boot0/boot1)
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<MY123> Let's see if " Booting Android from Sdcard" will work
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<T0mW> a1d3s: ping
Zboonet has joined #linux-sunxi
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<mripard_> T0mW: interrupts-extended = <&pio <bank> <pin> <flags>>; in the dt
gianMOD has joined #linux-sunxi
<mripard_> and then the usual irq API in your driver
<T0mW> ok
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<T0mW> mripard_: external interrupt handling of sunxi should be transparent, IOW, no need to bang pins / register bits. Simply IRQ_HANDLED and underlying code with ACK to corresponding pin ctrl regsiter, etc.?
<T0mW> s/with/will/
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<mripard_> T0mW: good thing you don't need to then
<T0mW> mripard_: I've done interrupt code under X86 and it was straight-forward, the linux-sunxi external interupt examples show the driver configuring gpio pins to interrupt mode, then config the GIC masks, etc.
<mripard_> first, you don't need to configure the GIC mask
<T0mW> good
<mripard_> you're not using the GIC in the first place.
<T0mW> ok
<T0mW> PIO controller thingy
<mripard_> then, it depends
<mripard_> you have two options, either you just declare it as an interrupt, and that's it
<mripard_> with interrupts or interrupts-extended in the DT
<T0mW> PIO_INT_STAT_OFFSET, PIO_INT_CTRL_OFFSET and so forth is what I have now.
<T0mW> mripard_: is this part of hte device tree docs?
<mripard_> yes.
<mripard_> google ePAPR
<T0mW> mripard_: ok, so I can grep down on 'interrupt-extended' into the source.
<mripard_> if you have an interrupts property, the only thing you need to do is caling request_irq
<T0mW> mripard_: AH! thanks
<T0mW> cool
<mripard_> if you can't use interrupts proprety for some reason
<mripard_> then you need to declare is as gpio
<mripard_> and call gpio_to_irq on it
<mripard_> (an then call request_irq)
<mripard_> so you don't need to poke anything in the PIO in your driver
<T0mW> mripard_: yeah, I was going down the gpio_to_irq path a few minutes ago. Okay, will continure reading, just need to get pointed in the right direction.
<mripard_> (and btw, saying it works like that on x86, it must work like that on ARM is a bit bogus.)
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<uniqdom> sunxi-v3.4.104 seems to be working fine, at least for A20, cubieboard2
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<uniqdom> and now, 8 patches were rejected trying to apply preempt_rt patch in that kernel version
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FreezingAlt is now known as FreezingCold
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<topi`> there's a new Orange pi + based on the H3 chip... anyone seen these?
<topi`> it's said to support SATA disks and Gigabit ethernet however the H3 doesn't have these and the ethernet on H3 is just 10/100 so what's the deal?
<NiteHawk> there are several models. Orange Pi, Orange Pi Mini and Orange Pi Plus. they have different hardware features, and the Plus is the H3 one (with both gigabit ethernet and SATA)
<topi`> if the GigE is implemented by an auxiliary chip, ditto SATA, how can they provide full bandwidth if they're limited by the USB2.0 bus?
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<NiteHawk> the pcb images show a separate ethernet chip. i've no idea how it is coupled with the cpu
<topi`> a peek at the schematics would reveal on which bus they're hanging in, but most probably USB2.0
<topi`> I remember a benchmark of the original Banana PI, which most probably has similar ethernet/sata arrangement, and it showed GigE speeds easily exceeding 400 Mbps ...
<topi`> well, theoretically, the USB2.0 can provide 480Mbps
Zboonet has joined #linux-sunxi
<NiteHawk> the BPi has a gigabit PHY that's directly connected to the A20
FreezingAlt has joined #linux-sunxi
<topi`> so, it's on the AMBA bus?
<topi`> I don't know which core interconnect the A20 uses, probably CCI-400?
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<topi`> I think, overall, the new Orange Pi Plus looks promising, a quad A7 at 1.6 GHz is much faster than the new Raspberry Pi 2
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<topi`> the big question is, how well is the new H3 chip supported by linux-sunxi?
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<ssvb> topi`: it depends on how similar it is to the other Allwinner SoCs
konradoo77 has joined #linux-sunxi
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<ssvb> leviathanch: would it be possible to eventually get A23 and H3 documentation at https://github.com/allwinner-zh/documents ?
<leviathanch> yes
<leviathanch> I think it would be
<leviathanch> I will ask Martin
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<leviathanch> ssvb: since it is Chinese new year everything takes a lot of time but yes, it should be possible
endlezzz has joined #linux-sunxi
<ssvb> topi`: I presume there must be some sort of Allwinner H3 SDK, which is used on this Orange Pi board to run something
<topi`> the Orange pi maker promises that Linux images will be available, so I presume there is SDK
<leviathanch> ssvb: uhm
<topi`> I guess the H3 is too new a chip to have any support in the mainline kernel?
<ssvb> leviathanch: thanks for digging this up!
steev has joined #linux-sunxi
<leviathanch> ssvb: you are welcome
<leviathanch> I wanted to make sure I really couldn't find it on the Chinese internet before I took some of their time
<leviathanch> :)
<leviathanch> ssvb: you know, right now they are really poor on time because most of their team members are already having their hollidays
<ssvb> leviathanch: still it would be nice to have the A23 manual 'officially' released at the Allwinner's official documentation location at github
<leviathanch> ssvb: ah, ok
<leviathanch> I can do that... I think, when they add my pubkey there
<leviathanch> I'll ask
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ojn has joined #linux-sunxi
<ssvb> leviathanch: also with that 'confidential' watermark removed :)
<leviathanch> ssvb: haha
<leviathanch> ssvb: yes, I can ask, but you understand that this more a nice to have? ^^'
<leviathanch> we first have to get docs out at all
<mnemoc> if it's confidential any usage is illegal
<leviathanch> so that we can start writing actual upstream support
<leviathanch> mnemoc: uhm, ok
<leviathanch> yes, I will ask
<ssvb> thanks
<leviathanch> I told Allwinner
<leviathanch> he will pass it on as soon as he wakes up again
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<topi`> is the H3 derived from existing A* designs, or just a brand new design? There's the H8 announced as well, probably related
<topi`> perhaps I just need to wait for them to ship the board, and then inspect which chips the H3-based orangepi has...
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<Wizzup> quick question, previously spidev had to be =m for it to work (iirc), now trying mainline, is this still the case?
* Wizzup will default to =y and see what happens
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