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<whitequark> welcome your new overlord, _whitelogger
<whitequark> per freenode policy, the fact that the channel is logged should be included in the channel topic.
elliottcable changed the topic of #Paws.Nucleus to: some freenode policy shit it's logged lol
* whitequark glares at _whitelogger
<whitequark> what the hell
<whitequark> you broke my logger bot
<whitequark> unsurprisingly
<elliottcable> me grins
<whitequark> also the right button on my notebook just broke
<whitequark> what the fuck
<elliottcable> About a minute and a half from being done here. Heads-up.
<purr\Paws> [Paws.js] elliottcable created parser (+1 new commit): https://github.com/elliottcable/Paws.js/commit/1f50fcaa2be2
<purr\Paws> Paws.js/parser 1f50fca Magnus Holm: (new api) Copying Micah's parser algorithm from µpaws.js...
<whitequark> yes. mechanical breakdown.
<whitequark> this... really sucks.
<whitequark> really, really sucks :/
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<elliottcable> the logger? completely broke-down? >:
<elliottcable> That makes this the, uh, fifth time that I've broken cschneid's code.
<purr\Paws> [Paws.js] elliottcable fast-forwarded parser+ from 6e82c00 to 3a64e91: https://github.com/elliottcable/Paws.js/compare/6e82c00f2c53...3a64e918c4ec
<whitequark> elliottcable: no and no
<whitequark> the viewer has a flakey regexp
<elliottcable> ahhhhh
<whitequark> and it's just my code
<whitequark> no cschneid's there.
<whitequark> I despise his code.
<elliottcable> The world is chock-full of cschneids.
<elliottcable> RIGHT!?
<elliottcable> moving on because I don't want to insult somebody I don't know well behind their back.
<whitequark> elliottcable: let's move the whole paws thing to tomorrow
<whitequark> I'm kinda sick
<whitequark> (cold)
<elliottcable> Awwww bro, feel better
<elliottcable> and I'm okay with that (=
<whitequark> thanks
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