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<balrog> hm I can't
balrog changed the topic of #discferret to: DiscFerret magnetic disc analyser project || http://www.discferret.com || Current versions: Microcode 002C, API v1.7r1 (mcode 002E in dev) || DFI import support in Disk-Utilities: http://git.io/SabCYA || Current work: disc write support, decoders, planning Merlin2 || logs at https://freenode.irclog.whitequark.org/discferret
<balrog> Foone: where are people discussing use of discferret and discimagechef?
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<balrog> hey philpem
<balrog> see updated topic :)
<balrog> probably want to change it a bit
<philpem> mmm
<philpem> just been doing some more work on the RISC PC
<philpem> got two Acorn A4s which won't boot - one has no power, the other powers on but won't reset. but then, frigged A4s aren't unusual. least reliable machine Acorn made!
<cr1901_modern> I want a 26-bit ARM machine, but I lack the organs to sell