ec changed the topic of #elliottcable to: I guess IRC is dead, long live Discord?
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<ec> Hey, loves. So the Discord version of ##Hat / #elliottcable has grown a bit, and is pretty active; having just written up rules and some similar stuff, I thought it was a good time to try and drag the stragglers here onto the new platform.
<ljharb> I’ll take an invite but i hate discord and spend virtually no time on it
<ec> Discord is _really great_, please, consider coming and hanging out — there's great desktop clients (yes, Electron, but it doesn't feel like it; way better than Slack et al), an *absolutely identical* web-client (the website isn't second-class), which is great; and the mobile client is the best
<jfhbrook> I will second discord being Good, Actually
<ec> particularly lol @ nuck, we were literally talking about you yesterday! i miss you!
<ljharb> It’s insanely buggy
<ljharb> and i refuse to download a desktop app
<ec> ljharb: i love you lots and will never hate you if you don't join <3
<jfhbrook> never had a bug ever
<ec> it is Okay™ and I understand you don't like it
<ljharb> switching tabs causes the voice chat to break
<jfhbrook> 🤔 I switch between things without breaking voice chat 🤔
<ec> anyway yeah /cc ohhmaar, gkatsev, MylesBorins, and Cheery
<ec> i have no idea who englishm is but hi, you too :P
<jfhbrook> ahaha
ec changed the topic of #elliottcable to: I guess IRC is dead, long live Discord?
<jfhbrook> anyway
<gkatsev> I still don't have a discord account
<ec> is time! do the thing! make the stuff!
<ec> there's a ton of great communities there, too; I can heartily suggest:
<ec> Low-Level Programming:
<englishm> Oh hey, hello ec! We (virutally) crossed paths... (somehow???) _years_ ago, and I've been lurking here ever since, but I've never been very active.
<ec> Functional Programming:
<englishm> I can lurk in your Discord if you want, too! :P
<ec> englishm: 🤣 feel free to
<ec> come by and say hi! it's not all Programming Related, though code-stuff comes up sometimes
<ec> it's mostly The Place Where I Collect Good People, kinda like this channel was for years.
<ec> Rust Programming Language:
<gkatsev> ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
<ec> PLT / proglang-design:
<gkatsev> some of the stuff in discord is bad for the complete opposite reason that slack is bad, lol
<jfhbrook> yeah that's probably true
<jfhbrook> I haven't thought too hard about comparing them
<gkatsev> in the video dev community, we have a slack currently but are a bit (a lot) unhappy with the communinity moderation tools
<gkatsev> in that it has none
<gkatsev> but moving to discord isn't going to solve all problems
<ec> everybody is *constantly* complaining about the lack of threading on Discord
<ec> personally, I'm a huge fan of that; yields a much more IRC-like feel
<gkatsev> I both like and hate threads
<ec> I also avoid making a ton of topic-specific channels and fragmenting the community / making everything look dead
<gkatsev> slack recently updated to allow resizing the sidebars, so, makes it a lot better
<ec> I think threads are good when signal-vs-noise is *significantly* more important than community-cohesion, basically
<gkatsev> we have a channel called #slackalternative where we've been discussing switching
<ec> bahhah
<ec> well it's the perfect time to come beta-test Discord in #elliottcable ;)
<ljharb> eslint switched to discord, so now they don’t have me triaging all their help comments anymore ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
<gkatsev> but basically right now we don't think alternatives are more good enough compared to slack to risk splitting the community
<ljharb> now that iOS messaging has threading, discord will be very behind the times unless they add it
<ljharb> even irc supports threading (altho freenode doesn’t)
<gkatsev> irc supports threading?
<jfhbrook> ec: I agree with that take vs when threads are good or bad
<ljharb> gkatsev: yep, that’s what IRCCloud uses for its slack bridge
<ec> < gkatsev> but basically right now we don't think alternatives are more good enough compared to slack to risk splitting the community
<gkatsev> is it an irc feature or an irccloud feature?
<ec> seems like an eminently sane choice, to me
<ec> if #elliottcable had been active, I never would have tried this
<ec> but yeah there's really no way to *move* a community
<ec> the ##Hat server is a *different* community, with some of the same feel, and a lot of the old guard from here
<ljharb> gkatsev: ircv3
<ec> but also a lot of very active people who've never been in here, or even used IRC
<gkatsev> ljharb: cool
<gkatsev> at some point maybe other tools will be good enough to warrant moving
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