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narmstrong changed the topic of #linux-amlogic to: Amlogic mainline kernel development discussion - our wiki http://linux-meson.com/ - ml linux-amlogic@lists.infradead.org - Publicly Logged on https://irclog.whitequark.org/linux-amlogic
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<Ely> narmstrong: for sure :)
<Ely> Quick question, I've been using https://github.com/akuster/meta-odroid to build poky for my C1, but I just realized it's not the ""official"" meta-meson. It is however very up to date and working quite well (at leastfor odroids). What's the reasoning for not using this as a base ?
<narmstrong> Because it’s odroid centric
<narmstrong> Meta-meson is amlogic centric for mainline only
<Ely> fair enough
<narmstrong> iin the fact we share some recipes !
<gab> Hi, I have a question about DDR detection in the amlogic s912's bootloader: I got a box advertised as having 3GB DDR (beelink GT1 ultimate), but on serial console BL2 says "DDR3 chl: Rank0+1 @ 912Mhz - PASS" followed by "Rank0: 1024MB(auto)-2T-13 / Rank1: 1024MB(auto)-2T-13", while Rank0 should have 2048MB
<gab> I checked the DDR chip references on the board and they look like proper DDR4 chips with correct sizes
<gab> could there be something wrong on the box's flash, or did I just buy a box with fake DDR chips ?
<gab> from looking at freaktab.com forums, it appears this issue is quite common with this board model
<gab> also, when I load a 3GB device tree, it resets immediately, same thing if I try to access addresses above 0x80000000 with md.b in uboot
<gab> another strange thing is that the kernel's /proc/meminfo shows 2840744 MemTotal, but zoneinfo says 524032 spanned pages
<gab> (and dmesg "Memory:" line shows only 2GB)
<narmstrong> the DDR init initialized bby the FIP fw loaded before u-boot, and is dependant on the board config
<narmstrong> check on the PCB you have 3GB !
<gab> I checked the DDR chips on the PCB, and they look like legit DDR4 chips: 2x K4A4G16 5WE BCRC + 2x K4A8G16 5WB BCRC
<gab> so if I understand well, this may just be a software config mistake made by the OEM ?
<gab> the MemTotal value looks fake though, that makes it very suspicious
<Elpaulo_m> gab: There may be a manufacturer error. Can be an individual flashing for the defect of components. In addition, the kernel is often fixed to display the correct size.
<gab> okay
<gab> so is there any way to fix that through flashing ?
<gab> and if possible without bricking the box while trying do to it ;)
<gab> I checked the stock firmware's DDR.USB file, and it matches the one on my board's emmc
<gab> even uboot says "DRAM: 3GiB", appears to select the 3G dtb, but when I check in /proc/device-tree after the android image has booted, linux,usable-memory is 0x7ff00000 (ie. the one from the 2g dtb)
<gab> so I doubt this is individual flashing
<Elpaulo_m> if you remove the power from emmc or another signal, you can experiment with booting with sd. The firmware can always be filled with USB. I have s905, but in your case I think, too, there is no problem with recovery and firmware. IMHO
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<Elpaulo_m> gab.I'm not an expert on this platform, but it would be convenient for everyone to see a link to the full log of your system's boot.
<gab> sure
<gab> here it is
<gab> also /proc/meminfo and /proc/zoneinfo: https://pastebin.com/SdrGeFz6
<gab> and /proc/iomem: https://pastebin.com/u6E3Kt2E
<narmstrong> "DRAM: 3 GiB"
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<narmstrong> dtb 2 soc: gxm plat: q201 vari: 3g
<narmstrong> Find match dtb: 2
<gab> that's right, uboot appears to display fake info
<narmstrong> You have 3GiB but a bunch of memory zones are reserved
<gab> it's just 3GiB in uboot
<gab> the dtb actually selected is 2GB
<gab> q201:/ # hexdump -C /proc/device-tree/memory@00000000/linux,usable-memory
<gab> 00000000 00 00 00 00 00 10 00 00 00 00 00 00 7f f0 00 00 |................|
<gab> 00000010
<narmstrong> 2840744 kB is 2,7GiB
<narmstrong> the ~300MiB missing is reserved for decoders, ...
<gab> available memory on line 205 says 2092032
<gab> that's just not consistent
<narmstrong> ?
<gab> also I loaded a dtb without reserved memory, that extra 1GB is just not there to be found
<gab> I cross-checked in /proc/zoneinfo as well, and it just doesn't add up
<gab> everything tells me there's just 2GB and that the kernel's been patched to display a fake value in MemTotal
<gab> and uboot lies about the dtb being loaded as well
<gab> there's also this: https://pastebin.com/cfvmTgFA
<gab> that dtb_read_shortcut line looks suspicious
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<dlan> jbrunet: do you prefer I send the aoclk series along with the patch - drop the CLK_IGNORE_UNUSED flag? but queue the patch for another cycle (or whatever make it goes in *after* the DT patch which change UART_AO clk)
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<jbrunet> dlan: yes, please do
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