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<xdarklight> cottsay: there's not many updates in the big table on but the list of changes per version ("Kernel mainlining progress" section) received a big update :)
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<ccaione> @repk I screwed up the rebasing :(
<ccaione> let me fix that
<repk> ccaione: sure np its merged thx. Damn I don't like github review UI.
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<ccaione> @repk I was wrong. Also the BLx signing process is substantially different
<repk> ccaione: does it use RSA to sign the BLx ? I think I remember seeing that while reversing aml_encrypt_gxl but I did not dig into this path
<ccaione> @repk yes
<repk> ccaione: I hope bl2 is not using fuse or something else to check the key bl31 has been signed with or that will complicate things.
<ccaione> I don't think so. I think the big difference is that now the BLx are not encrypted at all but only signed
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