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<sphalerite> I have a gru-bob, running the alarm kernel, and want to fiddle with the firmware. However, flashrom says "Processor detection/init failed." when I try to read the firmware using flashrom -p internal -r file
<sphalerite> what might be wrong here?
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<adjtm_> first of all, on chromebooks the firmware is read-only, you need to physically disconnect the battery to change to read-write
<sphalerite> adjtm_: I just want to read it for a start
<adjtm_> the link I posted is of a blog from someone who has investigated about bob firmware
<sphalerite> adjtm_: it doesn't seem to mention any specifics about getting flashrom to work
<sphalerite> besides making write protection removable, which isn't the problem that I'm having
<vicencb> asciilifeform: I've just read
<vicencb> asciilifeform: A bit-by-bit copy of the SPI to SD will not work because they use different format, see:
<vicencb> asciilifeform:;a=blob;f=doc/README.rockchip#l271
<asciilifeform> vicencb: thanks , but i already did find this earlier
<asciilifeform> vicencb: ( and you already know that the c101pa in particular simply won't load fw from sd, the vendor specifically built it to power down sd slot until fw is booted )
<vicencb> I am trying to achieve the same for kevin.
<vicencb> My approach is to first make coreboot work on the Sapphire board and then port to kevin because the dev-board is way more debuggable.
<vicencb> So far, when booting coreboot on the dev-board it reports an exception when executing "exception_init_asm"
<vicencb> Does anybody know why?
<asciilifeform> vicencb: << earlier thread here, possibly of interest
<asciilifeform> ( re fw read/write )
<vicencb> asciilifeform: do you know if kevin also has cr50?
<asciilifeform> afaik c101pa 2017 edition was the 1st box with cr50. but could be wrong.
<asciilifeform> i do not currently have a kevin ( was it c200 ? )
<asciilifeform> if it has usbc jack, and it's a chromebook, it probably has one
<vicencb> asciilifeform: kevin is aka samsung chromebook plus, so, probably yes
<vicencb> asciilifeform: I still have not used it, but have an external spi flash programmer ready, so, flashing should not be a problem regardless of cr50
<asciilifeform> vicencb: when i first got the thing, i soldered probes, but then found that you need a 1.8v programmer
<vicencb> mine is busblaster based, it has a 1.8v capable buffer, already tested it with a 1V8 spare spi flash
<asciilifeform> nowadays i simply use the built-in flasher in cr50 ( with newest vendor fw, you can 'unlock' and enable spi )
<asciilifeform> so usable with an unmodified ( other than pulling battery 1ce to enable writes ) unit
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<vicencb> asciilifeform: good to know, thank you. Got to go, can we continue conversation later?
<asciilifeform> sure
<asciilifeform> i look in here once a week or so.
<adjtm_> vicencb, I think that there is no risk of future revisions of samsung chromebook plus having cr50, because 2018 version switched to Intel
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<Svenska> hi. does anybody know the state of rk3126 devices? is it possible to use mainline u-boot/linux on those?
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