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<wens> 噗哧 piaip 竟然按讚
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<RandoMan70> Hello! Is there any ability to get in running linux board name, specified in fex file?
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<TheLinuxBug> RandoMan70: what are y ou trying to do?
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<wens> oops wrong channel
<RandoMan70> TheLinuxBug: i have different boards, and I want to do single root filesystem for them. I have application, which works with GPIOs and LEDs, but pinout differs. So I want to get a board name to discover how should I work with gpio and led.
<plaes> something like openwrt does?
<RandoMan70> Mmm... I don't know what openwrt does in this way
<plaes> nevermind then..
<plaes> so you're targeting sunxi-3.4?
<RandoMan70> yes
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<kurain> hello all
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<kurain> I am working on making PRNG working for A31
<kurain> there is one issue that if we have to block using of SS_CTRL port when we use one mode of SS_CTRL
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<Montjoie> kurain, if you want I have already done PRNG for A20
<Montjoie> and according to datasheet it is the same
<Montjoie> All details could be found here http://sunxi.montjoie.ovh/
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* plaes adds this link to Mainlining Effort page
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<Montjoie> kurain, is you want, I can send you a DT patch for adding support to A31
<Montjoie> I seek people with A10 A10s A33 also for test
<plaes> Montjoie: this is the first time I saw your link
<Montjoie> I send it a few time, but I doesnt want to spam it
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<kurain> montjoie[home]: really glad to see yor patch
<kurain> I have reviewed your page. and I am waiting for that
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<kurain> Montjoie: hi
<Montjoie> kurain, hi
<kurain> I am waiting for you patch ;)
<kurain> but I don't know how to contact you. ;( Montjoie
<Montjoie> it is linked in the page
<Montjoie> you need the Security System patch also
<kurain> ok
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<alexvf> ssvb: how come there are only 2 bits that control host port prio level?
<alexvf> ssvb: in the sdram specs that you posted at http://ssvb.github.io/2014/11/11/revisiting-fullhd-x11-desktop-performance-of-the-allwinner-a10.html, it says "Configurable per-command priority with up to eight priority levels"
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<ssvb> alexvf: "up to 8" might be the same as "The optional integrated L2 configurable caches sizes are 128KB, 256KB, 512KB, and 1MB" in Cortex-A7
<ssvb> how come there is only 256KiB of L2 cache in A20?
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<ssvb> alexvf: I guess that the number of host port priority levels used by the DRAM controller is configurable and just gets selected by the SoC manufacturer
<alexvf> ssvb: ok, i was just speculating if the 2nd bit (reserved) could actually be part of the prio level
<alexvf> but just a speculation :)
<alexvf> ssvb: the speculation was born reading a conversation between hramrach and you, where it seemed that, for a13, the 2nd bit made some difference
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<JimsonDrift> Hi, i'm new to this channel, dunno if its the right place to ask questions related to the BananaPi?
<JimsonDrift> I was wondering when kernel 3.19/3.20 will be available for BananaPi?
<JimsonDrift> ??
<NiteHawk> patience :(
<NiteHawk> hi JimsonDrift! there are alsome some (few) people around in #bananapi , but you're not wrong here either
<NiteHawk> vanilla linux kernel 3.19 already supports bpi
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<NiteHawk> though you might prefer 4.0+, as that introduces dynamic frequency scaling for the A20 SoCs
<JimsonDrift> sorry for the impatience. @NightHawk: Thanks for the info
<JimsonDrift> you know how stable 3.19/4.0 are?
<NiteHawk> i've tried with 3.19.2 and 4.0-rc6 and both worked well on my banana pi. however, specific features like (KMS) framebuffer and gpu/video acceleration are not supported in mainline kernel at the moment
<NiteHawk> if you require that stuff, you're better off staying with 3.4.x
<JimsonDrift> Well, i don't require that as i run it as a headless server with dvb-t stick and storage
<JimsonDrift> that is: i WANT to run a dvb-t stick with it but the driver for that stick are only available on 3.18+ kernels
<NiteHawk> then 3.19/4.0 should be fine. you'll probably also want a current u-boot (2015.04) to make the most out of recent mainline kernels (psci support)
<JimsonDrift> thanks NightHawk
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<oliv3r> has anybody ever confirmed that pi14 - pi19 to actually work as EINT26 - EINT31?
<oliv3r> because i can't get it to work at all
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<TheLinuxBug> anyone know a cheap US source for the 20x20x5mm heatsinks for the A10/A20?
<TheLinuxBug> Also, are the heatsinks worth having?
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<deasy_> hello, how do you connect to cubian via serial actually ? i can't write ant character and i don't get any ask for login, even though it's booted
<deasy_> any*
<deasy_> have missed something ?
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<xomb> deasy_: i'm also trying to make cubian work on my hardware. what board do you use?
<deasy_> the one with the A10
<deasy_> no login on the console
<deasy_> i think something has changed since the last time i have use cubian
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<deasy_> ha it works
<deasy_> xomb: what is your problem with cubian ?
<deasy_> by it works i mean cubian works on my hardware
<xomb> i'm trying to make ethernet/wifi to work
<deasy_> ethernet must work out of the box
<deasy_> wifi, you need the module of your key
<deasy_> and the doc explain how to set a wifi network with wpa
<deasy_> which step doesn't work ?
<xomb> i'm sorry. i'm pretty new to all of this. what i thought might be the problem is that cubie was not intended for my board (i12-tvbox from a noname chinese manufacturer) and that the script.bin didn't include everything correctly
<deasy_> yes probably
<deasy_> you must use an image made for your hardware
<xomb> so i built a script.bin from fex that has all the info needed but then cubie doesn't even boon
<deasy_> else people here can help you with the config for your board i think
<xomb> *boot
<xomb> do you know maybe. if i just replace the script.bin file in the boot partition. could the system work? should i change something with it? maybe uImage (dunno what that is or how to change it)
<xomb> that is not image made for my hardware btw
<xomb> *no image
<xomb> *there is not image made for my hardware... ffs my english sucks
<RandoMan70> not only script.bin, but kernel too
<paulk-collins> Turl, hi, could I get the wiki rights to remove pages?
<xomb> fml
<xomb> RandoMan70: even if i'm able to boot into cubie on my hw? doesn't that say that the kernes is good?
<RandoMan70> xomb: kernel can be fine tuned to exact hardware - only drivers for hardware, existing on original board are compiled
<RandoMan70> So if something differs in required configuration - kernel can boot, but not all hardware will work
<xomb> i understand. and the only way to fix this is to start from the beginning and build a custom kernet with hwpack for my board? or is it possible to somehow open up the current kernel and insert the drivers needed
<deasy_> what is the SoC of your box xomb ?
<xomb> A20
<Turl> paulk-collins: can't bureaucrats do that? :/
<paulk-collins> Turl, apparently not :(
<Turl> paulk-collins: what page do you want nuked?
<deasy_> xomb: and the ethernet doesn't work out of the box ?
<RandoMan70> xomb: in general there can be some tricks on your board
<deasy_> so you have probably another chip...you need another kernel yes or compile it
<RandoMan70> xomb: for example - some power sources, controlled by GPIOs
<paulk-collins> Turl, https://linux-sunxi.org/Inet_3f for starters, but it'd be better if it could do it myself if I'm going to cleanup the wiki a bit
<Turl> oliv3r: 26-31? I thought we had like 13 eints only
<RandoMan70> But you should start to build a kernel to exactly yours SoC
<Turl> paulk-collins: I'll look at the permissions again this afternoon
<xomb> deasy_: the ethernet doesn't work out of the box. but eth0 is registered when i use 'ifconfig'
<deasy_> have you examined this by eye ?
<deasy_> it's the same chip ?
<paulk-collins> Turl, thanks
<deasy_> than on cubieboard 2
<RandoMan70> xomb: possible that you see mac, but physics is not initialized yet
<xomb> RandoMan70: i actually did build a kernel for my board and tried the whole proces several times. but i was unabel to do it succesfully. that was all before i desperately came to this chat a few days ago
<Turl> paulk-collins: btw, before nuking redirects, please fix references (or just leave the redirects)
<Turl> paulk-collins: "what links here" helps https://linux-sunxi.org/Special:WhatLinksHere/Inet_3f
<RandoMan70> xomb: it's can be a long way...
<xomb> deasy_: i got Ampak AP6210 ethernet chip on board
<RandoMan70> xomb: you can do a high resolution photo of your board with all text readable, then we can thing, what did your miss
<Turl> paulk-collins: iirc there's a checkbox too to not leave a redirect in the first place so you don't need to go and delete them afterwards
<RandoMan70> *think
<xomb> this is the closest device to mine http://linux-sunxi.org/Semitime_Qt840a (but not exactly the same)
<xomb> sure i can. i can photo the sh** out of it
<RandoMan70> xomb: photo of a PCB I mean
<xomb> sure
<xomb> i cracked it open 2 days after it arrived :D
<deasy_> Ampak AP6210 WHAT O_O
<deasy_> never see this
* deasy_ soon eating
<Turl> it's a broadcom wifi+bt combo chip if memory serves
<Turl> same as cubietruck
<xomb> i also extracted the original sctipt.bin from it. i converted it into fex and compared with the one in sunxi-tools for i12-tvbox
<xomb> its allmost the same fex
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<RandoMan70> xomb: fex responsible to pinout of different SoC interfaces. Wifi and ethernet works with external ICs, which must be initialized too
<xomb> ics? :/
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<RandoMan70> integrated circuits
<xomb> bah. i'm such a noob :(
<RandoMan70> By the way, can you access /proc/config.gz under any booting image?
<xomb> so you think the script.bin isn't responsible for ethernet not working. rather the kernel is the one missing drivers or not configured right
<RandoMan70> You can get it to build your own kernel, close to original but with changes for board
<RandoMan70> Yes
<xomb> i will try. i just took pictures of the board and am uploadig them with my slow internet
<xomb> should i try to access the /proc/config.gz while the sdcard is mounted on my comp or when the system is booted on the board?
<RandoMan70> It can be accessed only from running kernel
<RandoMan70> So you should boot login and check
<xomb> imma go do that right now
<RandoMan70> just do zcat /proc/config.gz
<xomb> now i can't boot into cubie anymore. i tried replacing (cp -i file destination) the script.bin in the /boot partition and couldn't boot cubie. then you told me kernel is connected to the script.bin. then i replaced the new scrypt.bin with the onld one and now i still can't boot cubie... damn
<xomb> i did back up everything. even the working image
<xomb> so i should be able to get it to work soon
<RandoMan70> What about photos? :)
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<xomb> half way uploaded
<xomb> and seems like my board needed a bit persuasion. i unplugged it and plugged in again
<xomb> i read somewhere that some people have similar issues. that a full power cycle is needed for cubie to boot normally
<xomb> maybe this is it
<xomb> i did the zcat
<xomb> what am i looking for?
<RandoMan70> You looking for a lot of text
<xomb> there is a lot of text :) any text in particular that we are interested in?
<RandoMan70> This text you can store to .config and build a kernel with it.
<RandoMan70> This file (.config) is placed in the root of kernel source
<xomb> ooooh nice nice nice
<NiteHawk> i.e. that text *is* your kernel configuration. do a "zcat /proc/config.gz > .config"
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<RandoMan70> NiteHawk: it's close to one he need, but it only a base
<xomb> saved the output to .config
<NiteHawk> yes, it's a a starting point e.g. for "make menuconfig". but it should transpose to at least a usable configuration, even with different/newer kernel
<RandoMan70> yes
<RandoMan70> At lease it should boot
<RandoMan70> *least
<xomb> i think i might be in over my head :D
<xomb> but on the other hand.. i like it :D
<RandoMan70> You're on the right way :)
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<xomb> so now that i have the config, i follow the mainline kernel howto ?
<xomb> deasy_: thanks. this seems helpfull
<xomb> i'm also downloading a version of cubie for the cubietruck. the one i have now is for cb2
<deasy_> what is the soc for the cubietruck ?
<deasy_> a80 ?
<xomb> oh hell..
<xomb> didn't even check that
<deasy_> i have just put this link for information
<xomb> i assumed it was a20
<xomb> there it says A20 cubietruck
<xomb> thats the image im downloading (the htmi version)
<deasy_> xomb: yes it's A20
<xomb> *hdmi
<deasy_> i was not sure of the soc on this board
<paulk-collins> libv, I think what you're calling https://linux-sunxi.org/Semitime_g2 is the same device that Hans is calling mk802_a10s in u-boot
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<xomb> i12-tvbox photos https://copy.com/VrnBPdo9UvgNCvCw
<xomb> first i put 10 7mb images to upload. but my net is just too slow. so i had to resize them in PS and upload in this smaller size. i hope everything is readable (enough)
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<paulk-collins> xomb, where the hell does the "Semitime Qt840a" name come from?
<xomb> i'm sorry but i don't understand wat you are getting at :/
<xomb> semitime qt840a is basicly i12-tvbox with a different network chip. unfortunately there aren't any images premade for that specific hw
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<xomb> if thats what you are asking... sorry i don't understand the question
<paulk-collins> xomb, so i12-tvbox and qt840a are two different devices!
<xomb> yes. but 99% the same
<paulk-collins> they should have two different pages, fex, U-Boot and kernel config
<paulk-collins> who cares!
<paulk-collins> they're not the same board
<paulk-collins> *many* devices are *very* close to the reference design
<xomb> quote from semitime qt850a page: "But whereas the Q5 or I12_TvBox use a Ampak AP6210 Wifi/BT module, the QT840 uses the Ampak AP6330."
<paulk-collins> xomb, is i12-tvbox written on the QT840 board?
<RandoMan70> xomb: I see there wifi chip AP6210 and the second one is completelly onreadable, but it's ethernet physics
<RandoMan70> You should compile drivers for both to kernel
<xomb> the bottom one is the ampak chip. but the top one i don't know what it is...
<xomb> i don't have the qt840 boeard. i'm sorry. i just have my noname i12-tvbox
<RandoMan70> xomb: sure, qt840 has broadcom's 6330, but your board has 6210
<paulk-collins> xomb, so IMHO you should create a new page and separate both devices
<RandoMan70> xomb: is there any signs on upper chip?
<xomb> RandoMan70: it has a logo that reads "IC" i think
<RandoMan70> Anything more?
<xomb> paulk-collins: i would, but i failed at jtag and allmost burned my board. i'm also really unexperianced and wouldn't want to misinform people
<paulk-collins> xomb, okay
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<xomb> RandoMan70: logo is "IC+" and under it is labeled: "IP101" "GPAV279"
<xomb> its really small. i can barelly distinguish letters
<xomb> so. have we figured out whats my next move? :D we now have definite proof that i have ap6210 chip and we persume its not supported in the cubie kernel
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<xomb> i was thinking of trying cubietruck image before diving in manual kernel building again...
<RandoMan70> xomb: seems to be tha same as at qt840
<RandoMan70> ICplus IP101GA
<xomb> paulk-collins: i12-tvbox is written on qt840a as well. i just saw it in the wiki
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<paulk-collins> mhh ok
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<xomb> RandoMan70: does that help me a lot? (at all?)
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<RandoMan70> xomb: you should update config to use drivers for that chips
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<oliv3r> Turl: well i have eint18 and 19 working, and i think 20 21 work too, but those are the max; all datasheets (and code) we have atm with anything above is wrong
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<TheLinuxBug> xomb: can you get things to boot without network? If so you may be able to just compile the network card module its self and then utilize it
<TheLinuxBug> instead of having to mess around with different images and rebuilding a kernel
<TheLinuxBug> 5
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<libv> paulk-collins: i guess so, i am not sure
<libv> paulk-collins: without hansg providing more info...
<libv> it does say st-g2 on the board
<libv> so the name of the device is pretty undisputable in that case
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