avsm changed the topic of #mirage to: mirage 2 released! party on!
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<hannes> gaaah, bin_prot no freestanding support, and GNUisms in their stat (-c) invocation.. /me gives up
<yomimono> :(
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<miragebot> mirage/master 437dde4 Mindy Preston: split up read and write errors for block
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<miragebot> mirage/master 4f1b93c Mindy Preston: change type signatures of BLOCK.read and BLOCK.write to result types
<miragebot> mirage/master 139ac2c Mindy Preston: add module Block with error type, reference it from module type BLOCK
<miragebot> [mirage] yomimono pushed 8 new commits to master: https://git.io/v1VPg
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<hannes> todays mission: stumble upon every TODO in the mirage code
<yomimono> we should team up, that sounds like my mission for the last two years
<yomimono> it's dangerous to go alone!
<yomimono> ugh, yes, very gross
<yomimono> ...did you make a lot of espressos today maybe
<hannes> 1.5 cappuccino was my intake so far, no plans to top up
<yomimono> re: that problem, if you're actually tripping over it maybe make an issue; I've meant to fix it in the direct udp for a long time by putting some state in Udp.t
<yomimono> but keep getting distracted :(
<yomimono> perhaps some enterprising soul will pick it up
<hannes> oh, hannes just fixed it
<hannes> sorry... but (weighted) interaction with my webbrowser was more expensive than with my emacs
<yomimono> that works pretty good too :D
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<hannes> hmm, how would one get the udp listener ports? I fail to understand this tcpip stack again and again
<yomimono> that's the reason I didn't make this patch yet :P
<hannes> also: does it matter in udp?
<yomimono> not unless you have a *lot* of listeners
<yomimono> but I think tcp has the same problem
<hannes> since udp is connectionless, applications should deal with it, no?
<yomimono> yes, I'd expect any application that's using udp to be able to deal with a packet not arriving (or arriving to a listener when it shouldn't)
<yomimono> oh hey mort___, I have an unrelated thing to ask you
<yomimono> the existing deploy scripts have a 1:1 correspondence between either a XENIMG or HOST variable and the hostname of the thing that's being hosted
<yomimono> sorry, not hostname but FQDN
<yomimono> which interacts badly with something that generates artifacts that get used in opam
<yomimono> I resolved this by having mirage strip all the `.`s from these names, but that's going to break the deploy scripts in a similar way as https://github.com/mirage/mirage/pull/725 , probably
<mort___> hannes: istr one can't extract listener ports with current API? there were bits of API that weren't orthogonal anyway
<mort___> yomimono: ah yes
<yomimono> mort___ : you could store them in `t` when there's a call to `listen` with that `t`, I think was how I was going to solve it
<mort___> cool :)
<mort___> re scripts — yeah, simple enough to change `NAME` in post-merge.hook i think; or if we wanted to keep the sudo-xl-list-reads-nice feature, compute HTTP from `echo $NAME | tr -d "."` or similar
<hannes> since I don't understand much of the intended lifecycle of t in Udp, and its dynamic (intended) behaviour -- should you be able to unregister listeners? if so, how? etc. -- I'd not try to solve it for 3.0
<yomimono> right now you can unregister by calling listen again with a different function, which will replace the previous listener at least as I understand it
<hannes> (+my mention that I'd have to re-read UDP rfc to understand whether it is an issue at all, having udp packets originating from a listener socket)
<yomimono> hannes: ah. generally no I think, but if you want a random source port and you expect a reply, you probably also want to establish a listener on that port
<yomimono> I see what you're getting at better now
<yomimono> mort___: cool, thanks; sounds like it won't be a problem
<hannes> yomimono: since in writev () the randomly generated src_port is not exposed, you'll have a hard time finding your potential answer ;)
<yomimono> yeah -- the API that forces the user to choose a source port and then register their own listener is more honest in that regard
<yomimono> it works for sockets because you punt to the OS for that management
<mort___> confused. travis log shows that tyxml is installed by opam, and that the `-package tyxml` is present on the ocamlfind ocamlc command line; but whines that `module Tyxml is not defined`
<mort___> huh
<yomimono> mort___: that's a pretty old tyxml
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<mort___> hm. 3.1.1?
<mort___> thanks github. opam-repository/packages is now too long for me to browse
<mort___> "
<mort___> "
<mort___> Sorry, we had to truncate this directory to 1,000 files. 443 entries were omitted from the list.
<yomimono> yeah, github is not the best interface for dealing with opam-repository
<yomimono> tyxml.mllib in the 3.1.1 tag has a number of modules none of which are named tyxml
<mort___> that is an old tyxml
<mort___> i wonder why
<yomimono> that's probably the more reasonable question to answer, yes
<yomimono> could be camlp4 vs ppx-related?
<yomimono> try slapping a constraint in there somewhere and see what becomes uninstallable maybe
<mort___> odd thing is it doesn't happen wtih the unix builds
<mort___> and didn't happen with the previous PRs that updated decks to use tyxml
<mort___> so i guess it might be a new constraint added to other packages subseuqently
<mort___> yomimono: i am an opam dunce so just to check i understand — slap a constraint in to tyxml=4.0.1 and then see what fails?
<mort___> how do i do that — via a "PINS=tyxml.4.0.1" in the .travis.yml or stg?
<yomimono> what I'd probably try is making a fresh 4.02 switch locally then installing the same sets of packages in the same groups, but once I get to `opam depext --yes crunch cstruct`... saying `opam depext tyxml.4.0.1`
<yomimono> if you're cool with the travis test cycle, I think "PINS=tyxml.4.0.1" should work, although it's possible that it needs a URL instead
<yomimono> it'd be PINS=tyxml:4.0.1 maybe... let me look at ocaml-ci-scripts
<yomimono> I usually pin it to a branch or a commit
<yomimono> the syntax for that is definitely PINS=tyxml:https://github.com/ocsigen/tyxml.git#4.0.1
<yomimono> (which might even work as written, since that's what they called the tag)
<mort___> checking the readme, i think tyxml.4.0.1 would work (or tyxml.4.0.1:url if i wanted)
<mort___> but i'll try locally instead :)
<mort___> (and why is travis showing me these builds that exited with non-zero code as green?? ho hum)
<yomimono> did the others fail too and it only looks like they succeeded? that's obnoxious
<yomimono> yuck
<mort___> yes idd :/
<mort___> ok, travis is running that one again
<mort___> wat?!
<mort___> if pinned explicitly, travis is ok with that
<mort___> what causes opam to not get the most recent version that satisfies constraints?
<mort___> aspcud does seem to be installed
<mort___> …and now tyxml is being rebuilt and that's failing. sigh. computers are rubbish
<yomimono> straaaaaange
<mort___> Drup: any ideas why I'd get the following in a travis log:
<mort___> #=== ERROR while installing tyxml.4.0.1 =======================================#
<mort___> …
<mort___> # + /home/travis/.opam/system/bin/ocamlfind ocamlc -c -g -annot -bin-annot -safe-string -short-paths -keep-locs -strict-sequence -warn-error +1..49 -warn-error -45-3 -w A-4-9-40-42-44-48 -package uutf -package re -I lib -o lib/xml_print.cmo lib/xml_print.ml
<mort___> # Command exited with code 2.
<mort___> # but a pattern was expected which matches values of type Uchar.t
<mort___> # Error: This pattern matches values of type int
<mort___> # File "lib/xml_print.ml", line 157, characters 20-22:
<mort___> ### stderr ###
<mort___> ...
<mort___> # ocamlfind: Package `wikidoc' not found
<mort___> # E: Failure("Command ''/usr/bin/ocamlbuild' lib/tyxml_f.cma lib/tyxml_f.cmxa lib/tyxml_f.a lib/tyxml_f.cmxs implem/tyxml.cma implem/tyxml.cmxa implem/tyxml.a implem/tyxml.cmxs implem/top/tyxml_top.cma implem/top/tyxml_top.cmxa implem/top/tyxml_top.a implem/top/tyxml_top.cmxs tools/tyxml_tools.cma tools/tyxml_tools.cmxa tools/tyxml_tools.a tools/tyxml_tools.cmxs tools/autoname.byte syntax/pa_tyxml.cma syntax/pa_tyxml.cmxa syntax/pa_tyxm
<mort___> argh. i need to go and cook chinese food for friends
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<mort___> i'll get back to this over the weekend i hope
<mort___> maybe this is a compiler version issue — what's the current recommended compiler version? this is trying with 4.02
<mort___> 4.02.3 that is
<yomimono> 4.02.3 should be fine for all of the current-released-version stuff as far as mirage is concerned
<mort___> ok
<yomimono> (and I'd expect ocsigen to be on top of putting the right constraints on tyxml as far as compiler version goes)
<mort___> me too :)
<mort___> ok gtg
<mort___> ttfn
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<Drup> eh, that's a breaking change in uutf and apparently the constraint was not added in opam repository
<Drup> wait, why are you pinning the git tag ? The version is in the opam repo ...
<yomimono> i'm not sure why mort___ was getting such a weird set of versions out of the solver
<yomimono> but suggested pinning to figure out why, & could only remember the tag-pinning syntax for PINS environment variable with ocaml-ci-scripts
<yomimono> not anything to do with what's in opam except possibly indirectly with that package set
<yomimono> but he doesn't run a bouncer so he's missing this discussion...
<yomimono> (and I don't either and am about to go offline, sorry!)
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