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<Candle> SeanTAllen: Yes, you get the idea; I can believe a case where there's a problem when you don't have a prng and are reading from /dev/random.
<Candle> vaninwagen: Note the first nibble of the U128.
<vaninwagen> Candle it is unable to fetch the gist :(
<freza> hmm, initializing xoroshiro state with the seed words directly doesn't protect against the pathological all-zeros state..? Perhaps such protection should be in place by default?
<freza> Candle: not sure what gurantees you can expect from random streams based on different seeds. you can however split a single random stream into disjoint (in practice) subsequences using the .jump() or .long_jump() functions, perhaps that's closer to what you want? (note these don't seem to be offered by Pony stdlib, but you can find them in reference C code)
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<freza> Candle: so I do see the behaviour you describe, I'm just not sure I'd expect it not to happen, esp. since subsequent seeds only seem to differ by one or two bits typically
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<Candle> The point is that the Genes class should be immutable; and to create one, I wanted to pass the RNG instance into it to encapsulate their creation. But you can't as the constructor has the option to store the Random ref instance; which would create an alias to a mutable structure in an immutable structure.
<Candle> vaninwagen: works for me after restarting my browser.
<Candle> In the end, I went for a factory method to create them; then there is *some* encapsulation.
<vaninwagen> Github seems broken herr
<vaninwagen> *here
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<Candle> It's probably an artifact of using the time to seed it; given that the 'seconds' element does not change (much)
<Candle> vaninwagen: github had an issue or two earlier....
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