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<znz_jp> biff: [ruby-changes:64890] eb4319beaf (master): extlibs.rb: make patch command selectable [ci skip] -
<znz_jp> biff: [ruby-changes:64891] 9c0189582d (master): Add timev.rb to .document -
<znz_jp> biff: [ruby-changes:64892] 69ea2701ae (master): Sort filenames [ci skip] -
<znz_jp> biff: [ruby-changes:64893] 1cb0c5ac49 (master): [ruby/time] No document for private methods -
<znz_jp> biff: [ruby-changes:64894] e09094546a (master): Make Module#prepend affect ancestor chain even if argument already included in receiver -
<znz_jp> biff: [ruby-changes:64895] 0d57d59933 (master): Keep encoding in the result of File.expand_path [Bug #17517] -
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<znz_jp> biff: [ruby-changes:64896] 5307fab661 (master): [ruby/time] Use Time#strftime to format -
<znz_jp> biff: [ruby-changes:64898] 9d0c5e2754 (master): [ruby/bigdecimal] Use pre-allocated special values in BigDecimal_DoDivmod -
<znz_jp> biff: [ruby-changes:64897] f95f85b215 (master): [ruby/bigdecimal] Use new conversion functions in BigDecimal_DoDivmod -
<znz_jp> biff: [ruby-changes:64899] b130644584 (master): [ruby/bigdecimal] Fix for the coerce cases in divide and DoDivmod -
<znz_jp> biff: [ruby-changes:64900] 4c4f873fc7 (master): * 2021-01-16 [ci skip] -
<znz_jp> biff: [ruby-changes:64901] a2941d7134 (master): Add What's Here to Array RDoc (#4062) -
<znz_jp> biff: [ruby-changes:64902] e7f1afbccd (master): Additions to method_documentation.rdoc (#4065) -