<tazjin> FireFly: it's very client dependent (which again is ironic considering the topic here)
Wilmer has joined #xtompp
<Wilmer> \o/
<tazjin> welcome!
<Wilmer> thank you!
<FireFly> tazjin: hehe
<edef> guess i forfeited my ops by parting, lol
<edef> i got some basic XMPP stuff going in Go the other day, i think i'll see how far i can get in talking to an actual client
<edef> i'm somewhat purposely avoiding the libraries i've found thus far, none of them look particularly well-designed as far as i can tell, and i'm trying to gain more experience with XMPP internals
<Wilmer> Ah great, golang has the same "abundance of well-intentioned, poorly designed libraries" problem like every other language?
<edef> yeah