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<daurnimator> wow that's long
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<benjikun> he livestreamed making it
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<IntoxicatedHippo> Should the functions in std.math be made to support comptime_int and comptime_float arguments when possible?
<benjikun> That's the plan (I believe)
<benjikun> there are a few issues open for things not accepting comptime values and evaluating at compile-time
<daurnimator> IntoxicatedHippo: which function do you need that doesn't work right now?
<IntoxicatedHippo> daurnimator: right now the only one I need is floor.
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<benjikun> How do I use the ANSI clear escape code? (\033[2J)
<benjikun> not sure with how zig does strings
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<MajorLag> so "\x1B[2J"
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<benjikun> oh I see
<benjikun> tyvm MajorLag
<andrewrk> IntoxicatedHippo, floor is planned to be a compiler builtin
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<MajorLag> andrewrk, forgive my lack of git understanding, which is still on the level of "I'd better google how to branch again", what does it mean to re-organize my commits (I don't think I have a problem with this)? More importantly, is there anything I can do in the future to make this easier for you?
<andrewrk> MajorLag, well first let me maybe help you with something that could save you some trouble
<andrewrk> It looks like when you want to synchronize your branch with master, you've been making a github pull request through the UI yeah?
<MajorLag> yeah
<andrewrk> that's fine - but here's how to do that from the command line
<andrewrk> git remote add upstream
<andrewrk> this creates a new "remote" called "upstream" that is the official zig git repo
<andrewrk> do this once only
<andrewrk> then when you want to merge master into your fork
<andrewrk> git fetch upstream && git merge upstream/master
<andrewrk> this is equivalent to what you've been doing
<andrewrk> there is another thing you can do which is a little more advanced - and I recommend it only when your branch is only a little bit behind
<andrewrk> which is: git fetch upstream && git rebase upstream/master
<andrewrk> this is kinda the same thing, except instead of two branches merging together, it just undoes all your commits, merges upstream/master, and then re-applies your commits on top of that. it makes all the "merge branch ..." commits go away
<andrewrk> it also rewrites your history. so you have to force push if you do it.
<andrewrk> and if there are conflicts, then git becomes in an in between state, and you should look at the instructions that `git status` prints to see what your options are
<andrewrk> (which are, fix the conflicts and then `git rebase --continue`, or give up by doing `git rebase --abort`)
<andrewrk> does that all make sense?
<MajorLag> I think so.
<andrewrk> in answer to your question, the thing you could do is the rebasing thing, before making a pull request - that's the reorganization I'm asking permission to do on your behalf
<MajorLag> I don't have a problem with that, and I'll make a note to do that in the future. Why is that not recommended if I'm more than a little behind master?
<andrewrk> for example in my copy elision branch, a rebase would not make sense. it's 75 commits ahead of master, and I've resolved merge conflicts a dozen times
<andrewrk> a rebase would mean solving these conflicts over and over again
<MajorLag> Ah, I see.
<MajorLag> My process has been to get whatever I'm working on in a state I'm more or less happy with before I even touch git. Then I would merge master into my fork, add my stuff, make sure I didn't break anything as best I can, the push it and make a pull request. I'm wondering if there isn't a better way?
<andrewrk> to be clear, I don't think you need to change your workflow, if you're happy with it, and you don't mind me massaging the commits as I merge them into upstream
<MajorLag> I have no attachment to the commits.
<andrewrk> cool :)
<andrewrk> to help you understand the rebasing thing - it's equivalent to, if you did your workflow, but instead of merging master into your work, you made a fresh git clone, and then overwrote all the files with your modifications
<andrewrk> that's what rebase does, except with your git commits
<andrewrk> rather than with files
<MajorLag> Which is more what I actually want in my workflow anyway, so that'll work out I think.
<MajorLag> An exception might be if I decide to tackle a std.fmt rewrite or something else with breaking implications throughout the codebase.
<MajorLag> well, the stdlib codebase
<andrewrk> in other news, I'm close to having "hello world" build in copy elision branch
<andrewrk> which is harder than you'd think, if you consider that it involves std.fmt.format, and the default panic handler which supports stack traces
<andrewrk> then it's time for test case whack a mole
<andrewrk> and then we're going to have a fresh set of bugs to look forward to...
<MajorLag> I'm excited for copy elision. It'll be worth it in the end.
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<benjikun> andrewrk: That's nice to hear
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<daurnimator> Is it possible to get zig to *not* use in-built functionality and instead make use of libc?
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<presiden> daurnimator: could you give an example?
<daurnimator> presiden: e.g. if you want to use pthread_mutex_init to back std.Mutex.....
<hryx> If you don't import std anywhere, I believe none of it will get used. As long as you link to libc, I don't see why not
<hryx> or pthread in the case above
<daurnimator> So I'm thinking about using zig where C is currently assumed
<daurnimator> And what might break
<hryx> daurnimator: that might make a neat demo or blog post, making a zig executable with no std. it's probably easier than doing it in rust
<daurnimator> There's a few classes of "changes" I can see:
<daurnimator> 1. internal calls that people are used to catching via LD_PRELOAD. malloc comes to mind.
<daurnimator> 2. libc plugin architectures, e.g. NSS
<daurnimator> 3. "special" kernel interfaces, e.g. set_robust_list
<daurnimator> 4. other plugin architectures where loaded libraries assume libc pthreads are used for all threading
<daurnimator> That's my list for now....
<hryx> Really interesting list of gotchas
<daurnimator> oh, 5. things that assume libc stdio. -> e.g. zig stdin has it's own buffer in zig-land rather than the one out of C.
<daurnimator> So I was thinking these things; and thought of one "simple" solution: favour libc over zig stdlib.
<daurnimator> which might not be a bad thing ..... libc has had a *lot* of optimization effort go into it over the years. By not using e.g. C's stdio, which is sometimes written in optimised assembly, then we may be throwing away performance....
<presiden> is it like, writing your own alternative std, e.g. const std = @import("mystd");
<presiden> and everything on mystd use libc
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<suirad> whats everyone working on?
<forgot-password> I'm still playing around with OpenGL, you? :)
<suirad> just finished touching up my pull request
<forgot-password> Nice, for what?
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<suirad> changing some the remaining A functions from the std for winapi
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<forgot-password> Is it possible to generate structs on compile time? I want to make a little helper for interfacing with shaders on a type-checked basis
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<daurnimator> forgot-password: yes. just return them from a function.
<forgot-password> daurnimator: Thank you :)
<presiden> interesting pitch
<presiden> I wonder if you can join more than one private leaderboard
<presiden> there's one that also mentioned on
<presiden> ah, you can
<presiden> ok, if there's private leaderboard for zig, maybe I'll join them too.
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<andrewrk> daurnimator, there's an established pattern for std lib implementations to call libc functions when builtin.link_libc is true
<andrewrk> probably std.Mutex should do this with pthread mutexes
<andrewrk> std.debug.warn should use fprintf(stderr, etc
<daurnimator> andrewrk: oh interesting. I haven't seen that yet
<andrewrk> I agree it makes sense to do, and we should do it in more places
<daurnimator> noticed in that link... we should have ` while (true) {}` at the end to catch a failed windows exitprocess call too
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<daurnimator> Another hack to do there is an explicit null dereference
<daurnimator> sorry got distracted :P
<daurnimator> andrewrk: so should we have an issue about using libc more? is there a reason that it isn't the default?
<andrewrk> what do you mean about it being the default? you mean --library c by default?
<daurnimator> I.... guess?
<daurnimator> at least when compiling for e.g. linux userspace
<daurnimator> I haven't convinced myself yet. There's pros and cons to it.
<andrewrk> that's not really compatible with zig's goal of replacing C
<daurnimator> andrewrk: replacing C the language doesn't necessarily mean replacing libc...
<andrewrk> what's the motivation again?
<daurnimator> andrewrk: being able to start writing in zig instead of C without breaking assumptions
<andrewrk> I think the pattern of std lib checking if linking against libc will solve that use case
<daurnimator> okay :)
<daurnimator> andrewrk: in other news should be mergable.
<andrewrk> merged
<daurnimator> andrewrk: thanks :)
<andrewrk> daurnimator, the other example of this is threads - when you spawn a thread and are using --library c, it uses pthreads
<andrewrk> we just need to do this pattern more
<daurnimator> andrewrk: stupid question.... but what about if you link against libc but not libpthreads
<andrewrk> I don't think that's an option
<daurnimator> andrewrk: do you mean you don't think that's possible with a linker? or you don't want to support it with zig?
<andrewrk> I don't think there exists a system where you can get libc and not pthreads
<daurnimator> I know I support one with some projects.... just got to remember which
<daurnimator> maybe it was old glibc on linux?
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<daurnimator> sigh. I hate it when I google stuff and I find myself asking the same question on forums 8 years ago
<daurnimator> I need to go to sleep. I can't read properly :P
<daurnimator> g'night
<andrewrk> night
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<Hejsil> andrewrk, what is the intended behavior of Buffer.initSize? To init an undefined buffer with len = size or to init a buffer with cap = size?
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<andrewrk> Hejsil, init a buffer with len = size, undefined contents
<andrewrk> which I believe is what it does
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<Hejsil> Alright, wasn't sure. Not that I needed it anyways
<j`ey> andrewrk: stream topic?
<andrewrk> j`ey, Part 2 of implementing a float parser
<j`ey> andrewrk: great. check out
<andrewrk> yeah! saw this this week, wonderful tool that we will use on stream
<andrewrk> also this stream will be 1080p, hopefully makes it easier to read
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<wink_> andrewrk: Should I create a new squashed PR for max/minValue?
<andrewrk> wink_, yes, if you think that a change is warranted
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<sjums> how do I dynamically allocate an array of a variable size?
<andrewrk> sjums, are you looking for something like std.ArrayList?
<sjums> Possibly! my zig-virginity popped less than two hours ago
<sjums> So trawling through zig-files on github and the doc :)
<sjums> Looking into it, thanks :)
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<andrewrk> streaming in 5 minutes, float parsing stuff.
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