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<gamester> This is what I get on my system (Ubuntu 18.10): - Is it just me?
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<andrewrk> gamester, what OS and what build mode?
<andrewrk> sorry, you just said ubuntu. but what build mode?
<gamester> andrewrk: build mode?
<gamester> the pastebin is from me just running "zig test file.zig" so debug
<andrewrk> hmm that's interesting. I can't reproduce the problem. I just tried to do it on Ubuntu 18.04 from a clean install and I got a stack trace
<gamester> andrewrk: I'll try logging into some random Ubuntu 18.10 system and see if I can reproduce
<gamester> I mean from some host
<gamester> andrewrk: It works. I can't reproduce my problem.
<gamester> andrewrk: sorry, it also works for my with your pre-built binary
<andrewrk> gamester, no worries. I wonder what happened for you before
<gamester> It's only when I try to build from source myself that I get an issue
<andrewrk> hmmm
<andrewrk> that points to a possible difference in your system LLVM library
<andrewrk> and, in general, why we are going to have a zig package manager
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<andrewrk> I just pushed an initial implementation of #683. I think this is going to be a popular change
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<daurnimator> to give an opaque object methods, is wrapping the wrong approach?
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<gamester> daurnimator: The @sizeOf opaque types is unknown. Everything would break down if the language supported storing opaque types. The 'self' parameter would have to be a pointer. You couldn't store the struct by value. Etc. To wrap you'll have to store a pointer to the Opaque.
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<Barabas> Although I do like zig's build in test functionality I do find it hard to read the 'actual' code sometimes, because all the code used for testing is mixed in in the same file.
<daurnimator> Barabas: howso? the test blocks are quite well marked IMO...
<Barabas> Sometimes because the testing code is larger than the implementation and the implementation kinda drowns in the testing code.
<Barabas> Sometimes because there are helper functions for the tests.
<andrewrk> doc generation will help with this
<Barabas> Yes, definitely.
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<daurnimator> andrewrk: saw your reply. is there a recommended solution for adding methods to an opaque struct?
<daurnimator> I guess wrap a pointer to it instead?
<andrewrk> There is no way to add methods to an opaque type
<andrewrk> What are you trying to do, big picture?
<daurnimator> andrewrk: thinking about writing "bindings" to existing C libraries
<daurnimator> andrewrk: they may only have an opaque struct, and I want to add methods to it in zig.
<andrewrk> Bindings aren't supposed to be necessary in Zig, and monkey patching is purposefully not allowed. You're fighting against the language in 2 ways
<daurnimator> andrewrk: why no bindings?
<andrewrk> Why bindings?
<daurnimator> when using e.g. lua from zig, I would be happy using bindings that allow: `myluastate.pushslice(myzigslice)` rather than the C equivalent: `lua_pushlstring(myluastate, myzigslice.ptr, myzigslice.len)`
<andrewrk> I recommend not trying to fight against the lua API
<andrewrk> Just use it
<andrewrk> Zig code that uses c libraries looks like C code that uses c libraries
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<daurnimator> Other places it would be more required. e.g. if I want to create a zig allocator from lua_getallocf
<andrewrk> daurnimator, why would that require methods on opaque structs?
<daurnimator> andrewrk: that wouldn't; it was more pointing out that sometimes you *need* bindings
<daurnimator> (if you want to interoperate with the zig standard library.... which if you're using zig: you should :p)
<Barabas> If you want to add some convenience functions, just write those imo. Or if you realllly want to wrap it you can store a pointer to the lua state in you wrapper struct
<emekankurumeh[m]> you usually only have pointers to opaque structs like that anyway
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