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<pauladamsmith> i'm trying to build the tetris example on macOS 10.14.3, and i'm getting this error. i brew install'd epoxy and glfw.
<pauladamsmith> zig version is 0.3.0+c76d51de
<andrewrk> pauladamsmith, 'OpenGL/gl.h' file not found
<andrewrk> I'm not sure how to make that work. OpenGL is deprecated on macOS, so I'm not sure what a real fix would look like, apart from implementing a metal-specific graphics backend
<andrewrk> I guess for now, tetris is an example that only works on linux
<pauladamsmith> ah, didn't know that about the deprecation. oh, well. thanks anyway
<andrewrk> pauladamsmith, I have some future plans to make this:
<andrewrk> and then... idk probably I wouldn't support macOS because I don't fancy doing metal-specific code
<shawn_> except that linux is now wayland
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<andrewrk> I mean, zig-window would support macOS
<andrewrk> scientes, why do you say except?
<scientes> well why are you working on x11?
<scientes> it is kind of deprecated at this point
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<andrewrk> you're asking about why I use xfce as my desktop?
<scientes> and even before that libx11 was for libxcb
<andrewrk> or are you asking why zig-window would support X11 in addition to Wayland?
<scientes> yes
<andrewrk> wayland hasn't won the mind share. x11 is prevelant. I still use it, for one.
<andrewrk> if I switched I would lose obs-studio support, which I use weekly for live streaming
<andrewrk> I love the latest and greatest, but wayland has been promising a lot for a long time and not delivering
<andrewrk> I feel skeptical at this point
<scientes> I was a bit ticked that I couldn't stream my desktop
<scientes> it didn't really promise that much
<andrewrk> if it was better than X11 then it would be more popular
<scientes> but it did promise a few things, like secure input handling
<scientes> which it delivered
<andrewrk> anyway, point being if you want a portable window abstraction, X11 is still relevant. and it's a good place to start because it will work on both X11 and Wayland desktops
<scientes> true
<andrewrk> also I found out the C library for X11 that everyone uses is blocking whereas the X11 server is inherently asynchronous
<scientes> thats why there is libxcb
<andrewrk> so it will be interesting to expose an event-based API
<scientes> but the extensions to x11 that everyone uses make it more like wayland
<scientes> so that was the whole reason
<andrewrk> I'm pretty sure libxcb is exactly what I'm talking about
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<mikdusan> on macos, it’s all metal from apple. opengl is on lifeline stuck at some old version. vulkan has no support from apple but a company open-sourced MoltenVK which is a vulkan wrapper around metal. apparently it works pretty darned good. was sponsered by one of the big game engine companies iirc.
<andrewrk> if moltenvk is good, that makes vulkan the de facto standard
<mikdusan> there’s serveral claims/examples of opengl games on mac ported to MoltenVK getting excellent fps improvements
<scientes> the source can be freed once it has been parsed, right?
<mikdusan> i’m pretty sure you want source to stick around for the lifetime of an ast.Tree
<scientes> I guess that is necessary anyways, in order to display error messages
<andrewrk> stage2 is a long running process. it does reference counting on resources, which is necessary since components can be updated independently from each other
<andrewrk> down to single-function edits
<scientes> you mean the compiler will stick around when you recompile your code
<scientes> that is cool
<andrewrk> short proof of concept:
<mikdusan> what’s “zig-window” ?
<andrewrk> mikdusan, vaporware project for games and graphics-based applications. see the README in the github link above
<mikdusan> found link.
<andrewrk> stage2 presents several as yet unsolved problems. for example, if you have 3 functions, and then update function 2, and then update function 3, each function has a difference reference to a different AST
<andrewrk> and if you insert blank lines between functions, zig is smart enough to not recompile anything.... except now all the debug info is wrong
<andrewrk> in theory we should be able to update a single integer in the output when you insert a blank line
<andrewrk> which is an offset in the debug info
<andrewrk> anyway. I can't get back to that fun stuff until more stage1 stuff is done
<mikdusan> you know what’d i’d love to see? a new editor written in zig. not text-based but vulkan-based. it’s own font engine. persistent structures (ie. snapshots) for text. tie with super-build system for granular incremental builds. and oh yeah, some bells/whistles visualizing code section recompiling, while you’re editing.
<scientes> mikdusan, what about gnome-builder?
<scientes> thats almost what you are describing
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<scientes> but honestly, I like a real simple editor
<scientes> too many bells and whistles get in the way
<scientes> I use gedit, and lots of git grep
<andrewrk> wow, gedit, hahaha
<mikdusan> is gnome-builder macos savvy or does it treat it like a 3rd-class citizen?
<andrewrk> somehow I'm not surprised. and I'm not being condescending either
<andrewrk> I used gedit for a few years
<scientes> I even wrote a lang file for it, but it isn't polished
<scientes> for zig
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<andrewrk> huh, turns out zig tagged unions can beat the equivalent C code in terms of data size:
<andrewrk> *can, meaning not implemented currently
<ijneb> neato
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<emekankurumeh[m]> s zig translate-c broken?
<emekankurumeh[m]> *is
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<gamester> emekankurumeh[m]: I think you need to pass "--library c" to zig translate-c
<gamester> that's a new thing
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<scientes> const combinedTable: [512]align(256) u8 = init: {
<scientes> /home/shawn/git/zig/std/ascii.zig:27:22: error: align qualifier invalid on array type
<scientes> const combinedTable: [512]align(256) u8 = init: {
<andrewrk> it goes after the type
<scientes> but the type isn't aligned
<andrewrk> the variable is aligned
<scientes> the alignment of u8 is 1
<scientes> i only need to align the array
<andrewrk> you need `combinedTable` to be aligned and I'm telling you the status quo syntax to do that
<scientes> oh ok
<scientes> i would think that it would give each u8 256 bytes if you did it that way
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<andrewrk> yeah I think that will probably change. we also need to figure out where to put alignment for struct fields
<andrewrk> for functions it goes after the parameters because the comptime parameters are in scope
<gonzus> Playing around with some bit fiddling. I want to do this: const mask = 1 << bit;
<scientes> gonzus, you have to set the type of 1, so like this: const mask = u6(1) << bit
<gonzus> I ended up with this: const mask = @intCast(u8, u1(1) << bit);
<gonzus> which still says: error: expected type 'u0', found 'u3'
<gonzus> that u0 is a total mystery to me...
<gonzus> I know 7 <= bit <= 0
<andrewrk> gonzus, you may find std.math.shl to be friendlier
<scientes> then: const mask = u8(1) << bit
<gonzus> (in fact, a bit above I do const bit = number % 8;
<scientes> gonzus, you can also do 2 ** bit, but then you have the same problem with "2"
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<gonzus> andrewrk I am pretty sure I tried std.math.shl and got the same result.
<andrewrk> you want a u8 result, so use u8(1)
<andrewrk> @intCast(u3, bit) if necessary
<gonzus> So, maybe to clear up: given that I have a usize called number, I want to do this: const pos = number % 8; const mask = u8(1) << pos;
<gonzus> Let me try that again... (to vim)
<andrewrk> there's an issue open for zig to understand if you do number % 8 then zig knows the result has the range 0-7
<andrewrk> for now use @intCast if zig doesn't figure it out
<gonzus> Well, I'll be damned. Rubberducking never fails.
<gonzus> This worked:
<gonzus> const pos = @intCast(u3, bit % 8); const mask = u8(1) << pos;
<gonzus> Thanks!
<andrewrk> yeah. shifting is a bit annoying in zig but at least there's not undefined behavior ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
<gonzus> And yes, doing X % 8 shoud be enough of a hint that the result fits in a u3.
<andrewrk> I can't remember the issue description, but it's there somewher
<gonzus> I love those two issues.
<gonzus> Since I'm here, I have another basic question.
<gonzus> pub fn set(self: *Foo) {}
<gonzus> Is the usage of "*Foo" (as opposed to "Foo") what makes that function able to modify self?
<gonzus> If I leave the "*" out, I do get compilation errors for lines that modify any field in self.
<gonzus> So I guess it is. But I ask because the docs say that the compiler chooses when to pass a reference and when to make a copy. I guess that's from an optimization POV.
<andrewrk> oh, you must have already seen this, apologies
<gonzus> Yeah, I did.
<andrewrk> the answer to your question is yes. when you pass a mutable pointer, the function body can write through the pointer
<gonzus> Ok. So this is actually nice. Because no matter what you pass (Foo or *Foo), you always access the data the same way (no "." vs "->"). And even if you pass Foo, the compiler may decide to pass a *Foo (for efficiency sake). But you MUST pass a *Foo if you want to modify the value.
<andrewrk> correct
<gonzus> I think a short explanation of this (passing parameters by reference to make them modifiable) would be a good addition to the docs.
<andrewrk> noted
<gonzus> If I create a struct (such as Point), is there a standard method name to define, so that I can use printf to print it? Can you point me to docs / examples?
<scientes> zig doesn't have interfaces, because that would bloat the run-time
<scientes> so I don't think you can do that
<andrewrk> you can do that
<andrewrk> there's no runtime bloat, it uses reflection to find out if you define this method and then calls it
<gonzus> Great, thanks. Looking into that example.
<andrewrk> don't be afraid of that function prototype, you just call the output function with `[]const u8` values
<andrewrk> and if you want to use formatting facilities with the output function, that's the example you're looking at
<bheads_> zig build-exe test.zig --library c -target x86_64-linux-musl
<bheads_> getting this error on debian: posix_spawn failed: Too many open files
<bheads_> did I miss a step when building zig for musl?
<scientes> bheads_, i'll have a patch in a sec
<bheads_> nice, is the compiler leaking file descriptors?
<scientes> well my patch wont fix that
<scientes> the default limit is 1024 which is quite low
<scientes> and is kept low to not break applications that use select()
<bheads_> sure, but we shouldn't have to change users open file limit to compile
<scientes> its just for the process
<andrewrk> bheads_, hmm that's weird. I don't know why zig would have more than a handful of files open at once
<tgschultz> btw gonzus, the `u0` was a result of `u1` requiring a type with Log2(1) bits to shift by.
<bheads_> bumped the soft limit up ulimit -Sn 2048
<andrewrk> yes the number of bits you are allowed to shift a u1 by is 0.
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<scientes> bheads_, hard limit defaults to 4096
<scientes> so see if that works
<bheads_> yeah but it was hitting the soft limit
<bheads_> ulimit -Sn 2048 worked
<andrewrk> it also might have worked if you changed nothing and tried again
<andrewrk> I don't know why this error occurs
<bheads_> I have tried multiple times on two different machines
<bheads_> both debian
<scientes> look at strace -e trace=open and figure what is geting opened
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<scientes> yeah with trace=openat you can see it is opening up the work from lib/zig/libc/(musl|include)
<scientes> to implement @cInclude()
<andrewrk> @cInclude? you mean -isystem args passed to the child process?
<scientes> ahh, i think it is leaking fds with the caching code
<scientes> cause the other ones are getting re-user
<andrewrk> sounds like a bug. the caching code is supposed to close all fds when done
<andrewrk> I don't see anything obvious
<scientes> ahh yes found it
<scientes> oh no
<scientes> ahh there it is
<scientes> andrewrk, you could use __attribute__((cleanup))
<andrewrk> scientes, thanks for the fix, looks good. does the strace look better?
<scientes> yes
<andrewrk> I'd rather not use attribute cleanup in stage1
<andrewrk> but yeah errdefer would have prevented this
<daurnimator> andrewrk: did we get anywhere with a 'may longjmp' annotation?
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<gonzus> tgschultz yeah, I see that now. Thanks.
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<gonzus> I decided to move to zig head (with brew install --HEAD zig)
<gonzus> Now when I compile anything I see these messages:
<gonzus> Warning: Unable to write cache file '/Users/XXX/Library/Application Support/zig/stage1/exe/1uvZ9H2R-YSuuebH14sv$bO4DRYGGw1GYFIA9O2brRJbX5AaqLnUF4hBoxSMYUgA.txt': file system error
<gonzus> The tests still run, so this is indeed a warning.
<gonzus> The file is created and has perms 644 and correct owner, but 0 byts.
<gonzus> *bytes
<andrewrk> hmm. I should make that have a more detailed error message
<gonzus> Also, this is driving me nuts: I know I can use {x} to print a hex value. Can I give it a specified width, and tell it to prepend it with zeros if needed?
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<andrewrk> gonzus, {x2} will pad to 2 digits
<andrewrk> gonzus, I pushed a commit that will print a more detailed error message for you
<bheads_> Warning: Unable to write cache file '/home/bheads/.local/share/zig/stage1/h/kRwhZJtZEKdPZQRpYSDhcOUed2lmmyCv7qmIO8fv8Y_3OVG1ir4qe2b7MCnH4YDU.txt': unexpected seek failure
<bheads_> see this as well
<andrewrk> bheads_, do you have a source build? can you print errno at src/os.cpp:2051?
<bheads_> errno = 9
<andrewrk> never mind - I started getting the message too on my mac
<bheads_> started showing up after I pulled 27e31f04758d95cb7cf51a74e2a3903553ce3bc5
<bheads_> my guess is the fd is closed early
<andrewrk> I see the problem
<andrewrk> fixed gonzus bheads_
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<andrewrk> scientes, the fd leak fix needed a check for return_code != ErrorNone
<gonzus> \o/
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<bheads_> looks good!
<gonzus> andrewrk, {x2} worked perfectly, thanks. I am now upgrading to HEAD.
<scientes> how about the bit functions, like @clz(), should they take a type or not? andrewrk
<gonzus> andrewrk, I can confirm the bug is gone.
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<gonzus> Anybody around? Testing my local IRC client...
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<scientes> I don't understand the use-case for fshr/l
<scientes> not that they arn't useful, but i'm curious
<scientes> According to Andy Glew (dead link removed), applications for funnel shift include fast misaligned memcpy;
<scientes> Ahhhh, that makes sense
<scientes> and it is also a way to implement rotateright/left
<scientes> so it is a more general rr/rl
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<andrewrk> whew. I think is finally ready for merge
<andrewrk> going to do my 3 mile run while I wait for assertions-enabled tests to run
<scientes> 3 miles wow
<scientes> well, sometimes I swim a mile
<ijneb> I should really get a new bike and start doing that again
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<mikdusan> nice!
<mikdusan> well nice at the merge. i’m not impressed by any of your athletics; wink!