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<preyalone> Look, I was really eager today to learn Zig and help contribute. But when I'm banned from assisting with problems on the GitHub repo, there's not much I can do to address any bugs I come across. I can't be a part of something with a policy clapping your hands over your ears to ignore the bugs. So I'm out.
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<andrewrk> you're welcome to try again in 30 days
<pixelherodev> wowers
<pixelherodev> s/(ers)/z&/
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<ifreund> yeah, bit of an effort vampire that one
<leeward> Zig isn't in Debian. That's a private repo.
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<fengb> But it’s our fault it isn’t updated
<fengb> Gotta police the internet
<leeward> Yep. Whoever maintains that package probably ought to have included a -doc package to go with it.
<andrewrk> meanwhile, this is actually kind of exciting:
<andrewrk> zig cc being used with cgo to cross-compile cgo applications
<leeward> Interesting.
<ifreund> yeah, that is pretty exciting
<g-w1> its very exciting that the person doesn't have any background with zig
<ifreund> A great way to get a zig binary on more developers machines
<leeward> This whole "no dependencies" thing seems to be pretty popular.
<fengb> It convinced Whitequark to take a second look too :P
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<g-w1> Would it be a good project to just do the static-clang thing without zig, or is a good idea to have zig in it to expose more people?
<ifreund> g-w1: no reason to have 2 separate codebases implementing the same thing, and getting a zig compiler everywhere is certainly a nice side effect :D
<g-w1> yep thats what I thought, just checking with other people
<andrewrk> the static-clang thing depends on zig, that's what our compiler-rt is implemented in :)
<andrewrk> also the zig cc feature is implemented in zig, and the caching system, and the linker driver, and also partially linking...
<fengb> Why can’t LLVM compiler-rt work cross platform?
<andrewrk> you could work on it to make it do that and it would look a lot like what the zig project is doing, except with C code instead
<andrewrk> most of the code works cross platform fine
<andrewrk> a lot of the value zig provides is in the details of "glue code" making things just work
<andrewrk> I know it often doesn't feel like it because we have a bunch of open bugs
<andrewrk> but we really have massivly simplified what is normally a complex problem domain
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<karchnu> I was first interested in Zig to get rid of gcc and clang bullshit, and replace them for an OS. So I'm not really surprised here. :)
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<g-w1> andrewrk: I was watching your old stream about the self-hosted compiler, and you mentioned single static assignment tree and that zir, wasm, and scopes use it. I cant find anything about it online though. Are there any articles/blog posts/papers I could read to learn more about it? I assume the biggest difference with ssa is that there is mutability so no need for phi instruction.
<a92> Might not be quite the same thing ...
<g-w1> I know about ssa, what im trying to figure out is what ssat is and what the differences are. but thanks anyways
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<andrewrk> g-w1, I couldn't find anything about it either. it does not introduce mutability
<andrewrk> here's the example that lritter gave me
<andrewrk> it's just the idea of organizing in a tree form
<g-w1> ok, I saw that it has load operation so I thought that made it mutable
<dominikh> same as in SSA; not everything is in a register, there are still memory loads and stores
<g-w1> ah thanks
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<daurnimator> even if things aren't correct they could be consistent :/
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<daurnimator> I was sitting here wondering if there was a notable distinction on which should be used when
<powerofzero> Hi, I just ran into the problem of the compiler not letting me a have a struct that includes a pointer to a value of the same type. What is the prefered workaround for these kinds of structures?
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<HollMax> Hi, when I run `zig run foo.zig`, it compiles in -O Debug by default, right?
<HollMax> Because I'm getting a segfault without much to go by, so I'd like to know, if my code is wrong, or it never gets to run because of an ICE
<daurnimator> powerofzero: I don't understand, could you share an example of what you're trying to do?
<daurnimator> HollMax: a segfault in the compiler or in your program?
<daurnimator> HollMax: use `build-exe` to get your application, then run it under gdb and/or valgrind.
<HollMax> my bad, should've used `build-exe` from the start
<HollMax> anyway, it's an ICE, will file after lunch
<HollMax> I don't know what I'm doing, but it's my 4th time trying to use Zig, and I always find an ICE/missing feature
<powerofzero> daurnimator: Here is code and the error message:
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<daurnimator> powerofzero: hmmm. that's a little weird. you might be able to use @This() instead
<powerofzero> That didn't work, same error. I also tried indirection through a const Self = @This() but that also gave the same error.
<daurnimator> powerofzero: I think the error might be when generating an error message....
<daurnimator> powerofzero: `atomic.Int(?*Block)` doesn't really make sense... that's not an integer type you're passing
<powerofzero> as far as I can tell from the atomic.Int source, it should work just fine like that. Plus there is no atomic.Ptr
<daurnimator> it's probably trying to compile e.g. `@atomicLoad(?*Block, ....)` and then trying to generate an error message
<daurnimator> hmmm. I guess the operation does make sense.....
<powerofzero> Oh shoot yeah I checked whether it could be a pointer, but not an optional pointer, which it can't be.
<powerofzero> ok yeah that fixed the problem.
<powerofzero> though now I have the new one of needing to emulate a ?*Block.
<daurnimator> powerofzero: it does sound like you should file an issue though: either we need to make @atomic take optional pointers; or we need to fix the error message
<daurnimator> powerofzero: as a workaround use a `atomic.Int(usize)` and @intToPtr/@ptrToInt ?
<powerofzero> Yes, I'll probably do both of those things. Thanks for the help.
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<daurnimator> powerofzero: maybe there should be a `atomic.Pointer()` that does the @intToPtr/@ptrToInt for you
<daurnimator> I'm not sure atomic.Int taking a pointer *should* make sense :P
<daurnimator> wait, does @intToPtr even work on an optional pointer?
<daurnimator> if it does that seems like a wart
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<powerofzero> I think so, based on the docs "If the destination pointer type does not allow address zero and address is zero, this invokes safety-checked Undefined Behavior."
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<andrewrk> yes @intToPtr works with optional pointers and it's intentional. why wouldn't it?
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<daurnimator> andrewrk: because an optional pointer isn't of type pointer: its of type optional.
<HollMax> so apparently switching on a slice is valid, but only if it has 1 slice branch
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<andrewrk> HollMax, switching on a slice is intended to always be a compile error
<daurnimator> andrewrk: it brings up inconsistencies like @ptrToInt only allowing optionals if the base pointer type is not allow-zero
<HollMax> I'm on 0.7.0 and it segfaults with more branches, but appears to work with 1 branch
<HollMax> and it behaves the same on master
<andrewrk> daurnimator, that's fine, everything makes sense
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<andrewrk> there is precent for zig treating ?*T as both a pointer and an optional
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<daurnimator> andrewrk: so you think the issue above is really that @atomicLoad should take `?*T` when `T` is incompletely known?
<andrewrk> I don't understand what you mean by "incompletely known" - you mean like an opaque type?
<andrewrk> I'm skeptical of the value of std.atomic.Int, I suspect this person would be better off using the atomic builtins
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<TheLemonMan> leeward, sorry for the long delay, LLD's error is telling you there's something fishy with how the object file is laid out
<TheLemonMan> the text section ended up at 0x10000, that's way over the 16bit limit
<TheLemonMan> so, you need a linker script, I've succesfully compiled your example using TI's msp430elf.x
<TheLemonMan> don't forget to comment out the `OUTPUT_FORMAT` part, LLD doesn't recognize the elf32-msp430 string
<TheLemonMan> andrewrk, std.atomic.Int is awesome, it stops you from using non-atomic ops by mistake (and it also serves as a self-documenting type, when you see atomic.Int being used you know to watch out for concurrency issues)
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<gonzus> I am trying to understand how the key gets stored in a StringHashMap. Looking at the code, I think the place where a new key,val pair is stored in the hash looks like this: `entry.* = .{ .key = key, .value = undefined }` -- however, if the key is a slice of u8, this is not actually creating a copy of those u8s; is that correct?
<dutchie> nice. i still don't understand when i should be using the various Ordering types :(
<TheLemonMan> dutchie, this may (or may not) help
<ifreund> gonzus: yes that's right, you are responsible for ensuring the slices is valid for the lifetime of the StringHashMap
<ifreund> there's aslo BufMap which will dupe slices for you but has a more limited API
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<gonzus> Oh... this is a bit surprising then. I though the whole point of having a specific HashMap type for strings was precisely to ensure the keys being properly copied into the map, and not just referenced.
<gonzus> Can you point me to an idiomatic example of zig putting data in a StringHashMap?
<ifreund> the point of StringHashMap is the hash function it uses
<gonzus> My use case: I have a fixed buffer, which I use to read lines from a file using `readUntilDelimiterOrEof()`, and I want to store data in the map, keyed on a substring of each line. But clearly the keys will be overwritten, if I understood you correctly.
<gonzus> Got you. This might be an improvement to the docs (or perhaps they already contain that explanation about the hash function).
<ifreund> yep, so you probably want to call std.mem.Allocator.dupe() on each key and put the result in the hashmap
<gonzus> Aha, sweet. Will try that.
<ifreund> (and then free all the keys right before calling deinit() on the map)
<ifreund> in some cases you wouldn't need to dupe the keys though, e.g. if the keys were all slices into a buffer that outlives the map
<ifreund> and so if StringHashMap duped the keys for you in that situation it would be sub optimal
<gonzus> And since I am already on this topic: I found myself wanting to create a key from several other strings / slices (and maybe some other scalar values). What would be the idiomatic way to create a formatted string (a la sprintf) from a bunch of values (on which I would later want to call dupe())?
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<gonzus> Right, understood. Not my use case, but of course something that could happen (for example, if you read the whole contents of the file into a buffer at once).
<dutchie> gonzus: ArrayList(u8) has a Writer interface so you can format to it
<ifreund> you could use std.fmt.AllocPrint(), and you wouldn't need to dupe() the result as it allready allocates a new slice
<dutchie> oh yeah, or AllocPrint
<ifreund> if you just want to join them, there's std.mem.concat() as well
<dutchie> TheLemonMan: thanks, i've read quite a few things along those lines. I'm guessing .Monotonic is the same as relaxed?
<gonzus> You know what, I didn't even know about the existence of ArrayList until now... :-) -- I guess I need to spend some more time trawling through the std lib code.
<dutchie> or Unordered?
<gonzus> ifreund does `std.mem.concat()` allocate memory as well? (checking myself now...)
<ifreund> yes
<ifreund> it takes an allocator as a parameter which is a pretty solid hint :D
<gonzus> X-P
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<TheLemonMan> dutchie, monotonic is memory_order_relaxed
<TheLemonMan> dutchie, you probably want to cross-reference this document too
<dutchie> yeah, i read that too. i think i ended up deciding that .Monotonic was correct for a simple "total number of successes across a bunch of threads"
<dutchie> i.e. `@atomicRmw(usize, &counter, .Add, 1, .Monotonic)`
<TheLemonMan> it depends on what you need that counter for
<dutchie> i spawn a bunch of threads, which do their work, incrementing the counter when they "succeed". then i wait for them all and report the counter at the end of the run
<TheLemonMan> oh then that should be fine
<dutchie> could i even use unordered for that?
<TheLemonMan> that's dangerous for a rmw
<TheLemonMan> leeward, I've sent a PR to fix the OUTPUT_FORMAT problem, you can track its status here
<gonzus> ifreund say I want to create something like a list of interned strings. So I want to read the strings from somewhere, allocate a copy of each and then add that to an `ArrayList`. I would love to declare that as `ArrayList([]const u8)` but I am not sure I will be able to later iterate over the list and deallocate all the copies. If that is the case,
<gonzus> should I declare this as `ArrayList([*]u8)`? And if so, how would I later find the length of each string in the list?
<dutchie> gonzus: []const u8 will be fine. free does some magic to cast it to non-const
<TheLemonMan> dutchie, the int.atomic wrappers are also meant to protect the user from specifying invalid orderings (eg. acquire on a store or unordered on a rmw)
<gonzus> Great, trying that now.
<TheLemonMan> but that's not yet implemented, I'll bump it up in my todo list
<dutchie> TheLemonMan: cool!
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<protheory8-new-m> How do I pass an async function as argument? I tried just doing `fn() void`, but the compiler gives me an error: `error: expected async function, found 'fn() void'`.
<ikskuh> you need to explicitly set the callconv(.Async)
<ikskuh> fn() callconv(.Async) void
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<protheory8-new-m> thanks
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<protheory8-new-m> So now I'm trying to get @asyncCall to work, I'm creating frame buffer, but compiler complains about `error: unable to evaluate constant expression: `var bytes: [1024]u8 align(@alignOf(@Frame(async_fn))) = undefined;`
<protheory8-new-m> * So now I'm trying to get @asyncCall to work, I'm creating frame buffer, but compiler complains about `error: unable to evaluate constant expression: var bytes: [1024]u8 align(@alignOf(@Frame(async_fn))) = undefined;`
<protheory8-new-m> and points to `async_fn` with a caret character
<ikskuh> is async_fn a pointer?
<ikskuh> or a comptime known value?
<protheory8-new-m> It's function argument with type of `fn() callconv(.Async) void`, that's a function pointer, right?
<ikskuh> yeah
<ikskuh> so you have to make it comptime to be able to query this kind of information
<protheory8-new-m> how?
<protheory8-new-m> ah
<protheory8-new-m> just add comptime?
<protheory8-new-m> to argument type
<ikskuh> yeah :)
<protheory8-new-m> well that didn't work
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<protheory8-new-m> what do I do now?
<protheory8-new-m> `std.debug.print("Val: {}\n", .{@alignOf(@Frame(async_fn))});` also doesn't work :(
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<TheLemonMan> can you show us some more code?
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<TheLemonMan> protheory8-new-m, you want `comptime <param name>: <type>`
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<ifreund> and see @frameSize() if you need it to be runtime known
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<protheory8-new-m> TheLemonMan: After I did that, it seems like just calling `async_fn();` works, without doing `@asyncCall();` at all
<ifreund> well yeah, it's comptime :D
<protheory8-new-m> Thanks for help everyone
<protheory8-new-m> what is @asyncCall used for then
<ifreund> if the function is runtime known, you need it
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<fengb> asyncCall seems to be really buggy when calling a non pointer
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<betawaffle> what happened to the `zig builtin` command?
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<TheLemonMan> dead
<TheLemonMan> zig build-exe --show-builtin, replace build-exe with build-lib or something other subcommand
<TheLemonMan> leeward, #7366 should fix many problems, getting the whole stdlib 16bit-usize clean is a bigger (and harder) task
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<g-w1> /join #aerc
<g-w1> sry about that
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<leeward> TheLemonMan: Nifty! I'll try it.
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<andrewrk> TheLemonMan, I see your point about std.atomic.Int
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<andrewrk> 0.7.1 is looking like quite a tasty release
<andrewrk> no breaking changes, 60+ bugs fixed
<ifreund> :)
<ikskuh> andrewrk: with full release notes? *grin*
<andrewrk> I still need to catch up for 0.7.0
<ikskuh> take your time
<ikskuh> i know you want to finish stage2 earlier than everything else, and i can relate :D
<ifreund> it will be a glorious day when stage 2 can compile river :D
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<ikskuh> oh yeah
<ikskuh> or showdown
<ikskuh> or any other projec
<ikskuh> *project
<ikskuh> but the most glorious day is when stage2 will be able to compile stage2
<ifreund> indeed
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<andrewrk> TheLemonMan, do you think largest_atomic_size going from 16 to 8 on modern CPUs could possibly regress perf?
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<TheLemonMan> andrewrk, none of those intrinsics is actually emitted on x86/x64
<andrewrk> I see
<andrewrk> these look like some nice compiler_rt improvements
<andrewrk> TheLemonMan, mind slapping this in there real quick before I hit merge?
<TheLemonMan> sure thing, one sec...
<TheLemonMan> done!
<TheLemonMan> we missed the deadline to request some LLVM 11.1.0 backports :(
<andrewrk> damn
<andrewrk> we got about a 1-2 month window now to get bug fixes into master branch before the 12 release is cut
<andrewrk> all aboard the merge train! choo choo!
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<FireFox317> andrewrk, im not able to repro #7042 anymore
<andrewrk> FireFox317, I suspect that was #3825 (lld calling exit())
<andrewrk> we still need to fix the locking problem though right?
<FireFox317> lol ofcourse it was, forgot that
<viashimo> w/in 18
<TheLemonMan> win 19
<FireFox317> andrewrk, yes i think so. However it is a usecase that is not that common, running multiple `zig build` instances, however also the use case where you have a `zig build run` running and then modifiying the build script or the sources
<FireFox317> Im not that pleased that we have to copy the build executable every time
<andrewrk> hmm yeah let me think about it some more
<andrewrk> ifreund, good news: I researched and indeed they come from bad glibc legacy decisions and in zig we don't need them in the linker line
<andrewrk> s/so/o/
<andrewrk> since zig also provides the libunwind source we control the entire mechanism
<ifreund> andrewrk: I assume you saw my messages in #musl? that is good news indeed
<ifreund> as far as I can tell all were missing is instead of libc.a
<ifreund> which is what I'm working on now
<andrewrk> yeah
<FireFox317> andrewrk, so currently when i have `zig build run` running (just a sleep loop) in one terminal and then in another terminal `zig build run` again, it blocks on the second command, because of the lock
<andrewrk> that sounds right. some other interesting tidbits are that musl helpfully puts everything into so you can just ignore all those other libs
<ifreund> yeah, so far the more closely I look at musl the more I love about it
<andrewrk> FireFox317, sorry I have a meeting right now will be back in an hour ish
<ifreund> If I can get river running on it I'll probably try and switch to a musl based void install
<FireFox317> The PR (#7041) I submitted fixes that issue, by not locking. But on Windows we have to copy the build exectuable, because we cant change a running executable.
<FireFox317> andrewrk, Okay no problem! :)
<leeward> TheLemonMan: It looks like it compiles with your change without errors, though I'm having trouble getting Zig to link the interrupt vector table in for me.
<TheLemonMan> are you using TI's linker scripts?
<leeward> No, I'm trying to do the whole thing in Zig.
<leeward> It works fine if I have zig build-obj and link it myself.
<leeward> But build-exe and freestanding doesn't bring the C runtime in with it so I'm duplicating it in my Zig code.
<TheLemonMan> using gnu's ld?
<leeward> Yeah, using gnu ld works fine.
<leeward> The thing I'm trying to get working now is zig build-exe
<leeward> because that would be awesome
<TheLemonMan> you can use that if you specify a linker script
<leeward> Oh, I can specify linker scripts for Zig to use! Of course I can.
<TheLemonMan> I got your program to build and link with lld using one
<leeward> nifty
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<leeward> I think I'll only need a minimal one to locate the interrupt vector table. I've got the watchdog/stack/data/bss setup already in _start.
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<leeward> TheLemonMan: Did you write that linker script yourself? I'm getting an error from Zig saying elf32-msp430 isn't supported.
<leeward> (as OUTPUT_FORMAT)
<TheLemonMan> and that lld bug is fixed :D
<leeward> oh, cool
<TheLemonMan> comment OUTPUT_FORMAT away and it'll work anyway
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<pixelherodev> I think I'm going to stick to CBE for now - Ineed it for other projects, and the official plan is CBE-based compiler, so it's probably better for now
<pixelherodev> Problem is, I don't know that I'll have the motivation to work on a new compiler once that plan is done :(
<pixelherodev> ah well, not a big deal
<leeward> Cool, it linked. Now I just have to get that stupid isr table in.
<TheLemonMan> @export should do the trick
<leeward> TheLemonMan: It's saying my vector table won't fit because it overflowed by 32 bytes. That's exactly the same amount I would expect if it were using 32-bit function pointers instead of 16-bit. Coincidence? Maybe.
<TheLemonMan> is @sizeOf(*T) right?
<leeward> checking
<TheLemonMan> that and @sizeOf(fn)
<andrewrk> FireFox317, back. hmm, and we didn't have this problem before the caching overhaul because we didn't have incremental compilation, so we would put all the input files as part of the cache hash
<FireFox317> andrewrk, yes that could be the case indeed.
<leeward> TheLemonMan: @sizeOf (fn () callconv(.C) noreturn) is indeed 2, and the table's size is 64. Now I don't know what's going on.
<TheLemonMan> A L I E N S
<leeward> I'm gonna try just dropping half the table and see what it emits.
<TheLemonMan> oh, what's the @alignOf for a function?
<leeward> ooh, good question
<leeward> though I would expect that to affect the table size
<leeward> Well, it does emit something when I chop the table in half. Gotta figure out what to give objdump to convince it to show it to me.
<TheLemonMan> it depends on how you're defining the table
<leeward> -j .vectors
<leeward> actually, it looks right
<andrewrk> FireFox317, do you know what all the rules are for what you are allowed to do to running executables in windows? for example, are we allowed to rename the .exe of a running executable? can we then rename something else into the old path?
<leeward> Huh, maybe the user's guide and my linker script disagree about how big the interrupt vector table is.
<leeward> Yep, the UG ( page 37) says the IVT starts at ffc0 but the linker script for this chip (msp430g2553) says "ORIGIN = 0xffe0"
<FireFox317> andrewrk, i have no idea really. I could do some checks. But im not really using windows to code, normally i use linux for that. But i just find hacking on the compiler fun :D
<leeward> The bottom 16 are all device-specific, so maybe this chip just doesn't use any of them.
<andrewrk> FireFox317, I just tested it, it works
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<andrewrk> so that's a tool in our windows toolbox - we can overwrite a running exe by renaming it and renaming something else into its place
<TheLemonMan> leeward, don't forget we support the .Interrupt calling convention for msp430
<FireFox317> andrewrk, oh that works yeah? Thats awesome
<leeward> TheLemonMan: Yep, I have ISR defined as `fn () callconv(.Interrupt) void`
<andrewrk> FireFox317, I suspect we could even skip the first step...
<leeward> It did correctly generate reti instructions in my empty isr.
<TheLemonMan> cool, 'tis the year of zig on msp430 then
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<leeward> TheLemonMan: Incidentally, I noticed that .Interrupt generated extra crap when building for AVR. I ended up using .Signal as the calling convention for ISRs there as a workaround. IIRC, it's like that in the LLVM test suite too.
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<TheLemonMan> what kind of crap?
<leeward> just a few extra instructions
<TheLemonMan> probably some kind of prologue
<leeward> ah, an sei
<leeward> I took notes! "llvm emits an extra sei instruction"
<leeward> hmm, no blinky
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<TheLemonMan> the extra sei is probably there to make it work across different revisions
<leeward> of the chip?
<TheLemonMan> if you look into this manual, page 140-141 tells you reti may not be enough
<leeward> Oh wow, that's fun. I must have told GCC what processor I was using.
<leeward> yep, passed -mmcu=atmega328p to it
<TheLemonMan> is the sei inserted at the very beginning?
<leeward> I think so.
<TheLemonMan> if so that may be a way to enable nested irqs
<leeward> I'll have to compile it to check...
<leeward> Yep, the first instruction is sei.
<TheLemonMan> my money is on the nested irq hypotesis
<leeward> Could be. It's different behavior from avr-gcc, but that doesn't make it wrong.
<leeward> Anyway, back to msp430-land. objdump shows me the vector table for the C version, and for the elf I link with gcc, but not (unless I force it to with -j) for the pure zig one. Time to see if anything else is different.
<TheLemonMan> hmm, how do you define the table?
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<leeward> const VectorTable = packed struct { intX: ISR = isrFn, ... const ISR = fn () callconv(.Interrupt) void;};
<leeward> export const vector_table linksection(".vectors") = VectorTable{};
<andrewrk> FireFox317, I think the ideal user experience would be to try to do the standard in-place binary patch of an exe on windows, and if we get the error from changing the running executable, then we resort to the trick of moving the executable to a random temp path, copying it to its original location, flagging the moved exe file with DELETE_ON_CLOSE, and then doing the in-place binary patching on the copy
<andrewrk> basically, detect the error, and handle it by doing a bunch of syscalls to bend windows to our will
<TheLemonMan> try with `comptime { @export(vector_table, .{.name = "foo", .section = ".vectors" }) }`
<TheLemonMan> I think the compiler is eliding the exported variable since no code is touching it
<leeward> When I pass -D to objdump, it's there.
<TheLemonMan> check out readelf -l on both the elf files, is the output the same?
<TheLemonMan> err, readelf -lS
<leeward> There are a bunch of extra sections in the one Zig generated.
<TheLemonMan> more is fine, less is ... depends
<leeward> Yeah, I think it's fine.
<leeward> Ooh, the align is different.
<leeward> 0x1000 instead of 0x1
<leeward> I forgot to check that.
<leeward> and, yeah, they're pretty different
<TheLemonMan> looks good to me
<TheLemonMan> the padding is a bit too much but meh
<FireFox317> andrewrk, yeah that solution sounds way better than copying stuff on all the platforms
<leeward> Here's a more complete version of that
<FireFox317> i will see if i have time to implement that tomorrow, but if you want to do it for 0.7.1 you can also do it :)
<andrewrk> well we can start by simply releasing the lock on the build exe right?
<FireFox317> yeah definitely!
<FireFox317> I will adjust my PR to only do that
<FireFox317> and then we can open an issue to track the problem on windows
<andrewrk> sounds good. I don't think it has to block 0.7.1
<leeward> Hmm, I should check if I'm actually using the same linker scripts.
<FireFox317> i dont think either
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<andrewrk> FireFox317, thanks for talking it through with me :)
<TheLemonMan> I can't spot anything wrong :\
<FireFox317> you are welcome :)
<leeward> Hmm, I'll take a look at the executable and see if there's anything different in the instructions that are emmitted.
<TheLemonMan> oh wait, .vectors is A in one and AX in the other
<TheLemonMan> that may explain why you're not seeing the section content in `objdump -d`
<leeward> ooh
<FireFox317> andrewrk, #7041 has been updated!
<andrewrk> thanks
<leeward> Yeah, that would explain it. I don't think it needs to be X in the ELF; it doesn't store instructions.
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<leeward> Hmm, interesting. The compiler is doing things to my inline assembler. I passed it "mov #0, r15" and it generated a "clr r15" which saves 2 bytes of code space
<FireFox317> leeward, did you put a volatile on it?
<FireFox317> or just an asm block?
<leeward> asm volatile
<FireFox317> oh interesting
<TheLemonMan> sometimes the assembler is smart enough to pick another encoding
<leeward> Oh, right, it could have been the assembler. That makes sense.
<leeward> Interesting. It also took `mov &0x0200,0x0120` and made it into `mov &0x0200,288(r0)` where r0 is the 0-register and 0x120 is 288
<TheLemonMan> yeah, you can get pretty creative while generating constants
<ikskuh> andrewrk: how much would you recommend using libsoundio for gamedev? *grin*
<leeward> Blinking!
<leeward> I had to `jmp main` instead of `call main` at the end of _start.
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<andrewrk> ikskuh, I think it's a pretty solid library. been meaning to convert it to zig of course :)
<ikskuh> translate-c it and go? :D
<leeward> TheLemonMan: I just went from `zig build-exe (many arguments) something.zig` straight to `mspdebug tilib prog something` with no extra steps in the middle, and it worked!
<ikskuh> i wonder how much work is it to write a game-quality mixer on top of it
<TheLemonMan> leeward, the next step is wrapping that in a build.zig
<leeward> TheLemonMan: At the moment, it's in a Makefile,'re right.
<andrewrk> congrats leeward & TheLemonMan :D
<leeward> \o/
<leeward> Alright, I'm going to let this blink by itself for a while and get some dinner. laters
<TheLemonMan> homemade christmas lights, powered by Zig
* andrewrk queues up Wizards In Winter
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<andrewrk> ikskuh, one of the side-projects I want to make is a game engine designed for rapid prototyping (such as game jams)
<andrewrk> just some sloppy, dirty 2D fun
<ikskuh> ah, sounds good :)
<ikskuh> zig showdown needs some sound
<andrewrk> I do think libsoundio is a good place to start
<ikskuh> yeah, i think so, too
<ikskuh> doing audio in 100% zig is a too hard job for now
<andrewrk> happy to give out maintainer hats to zig-showdown people
<ikskuh> :O
<andrewrk> the hardest thing about libsoundio is when you get a pull request, it's impossible to test it on all the relevant hardware
<TheLemonMan> yak sharing
<ikskuh> andrewrk: i can imagine
<andrewrk> so you get people saying here this patch improves stuff for me *shrug* and then what do you do?
<ikskuh> question is: does it worsen it for others?
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<ikskuh> oh and andrewrk: is "all platforms are in scope" still true? *grin*
<andrewrk> ikskuh, yes - some notable ones are missing but would be welcome additions
<ikskuh> i'll go with adding some "tracking/reminder" issues
<ikskuh> i was discussing calling convs with eleanor earlier
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