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<andrewrk> mikdusan, yeah it does, that's what I use
<andrewrk> re: does it run linux well
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<koakuma> Okay this might be stupid stuff but how does one start learning LLVM internals?
<koakuma> I tried to peek at the codebase but it's quite intimidating, especially that I don't know C++ very well in the first place :(
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<noam> koakuma: it's not stupid stuff, at all - LLVM is extremely complicated
<noam> Stupid question of my own: do exports in unreferenced containers get noticed?
<noam> I'm fairly sure the answer is no
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<andrewrk> koakuma, probably start by learning this document:
<andrewrk> noam, `@import("foo.zig")` will cause a shallow "scan decls" of the struct corresponding to foo.zig. if one of those decls is an export it is noticed
<noam> andrewrk: but only if the import is referenced, right?
<andrewrk> right
<noam> That's what I was asking, yeah
<noam> thanks :)
<noam> Good news, finally just about done with this stupid rewrite of the analysis pipeline, so I should be working on getting behavior tests working tomorrow :D
<andrewrk> cool
<antaoiseach> Hello, folks - Zig newbie back again, experimenting with a small project - just a couple of functions in a couple of "directories". So I managed to make it work, but it feels a bit overly done. Could someone have a quick look?
<antaoiseach> I have added all the file contents in the paste, around 100 SLOC total (
<andrewrk> not sure what kind of feedback you want. for such a small project, no need to have more than 1 file
<antaoiseach> So how import works has me quite a bit confused. Initially, I had addPackage for the main.zig file, and `zig build run` worked just fine, but when I wanted to refer to another "module" (well, a directory with a file inside it) from a sibling one, I ran into all sorts of issues - "file outside package path" etc.
<andrewrk> but it seems like your goal is to learn how importing stuff works, so I don't see a problem
<antaoiseach> andrewrk: Oh, yes, I know. This is just a small experiment I was doing to test, and then use it for a bigger project I'm trying out
<antaoiseach> Just wondering if this is even idiomatic
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<antaoiseach> (I mean, what I have done in the build.zig file)
<andrewrk> seems fine
<antaoiseach> andrewrk: yes, I'm slowly getting the picture, but I'm still not fully confident I understand it all.
<antaoiseach> andrewrk: Oh, okay. Cool!
<andrewrk> it feels like overkill for such a small amount of code but you can imagine how on a larger project, such fine grained control over tests and binaries would come in handy
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<antaoiseach> andrewrk: That makes sense.
<cr1901_modern> Okay I'm stumped... what does Zig want me to do here to convert a usize to u3?
<antaoiseach> andrewrk: Thank you so much for the help! :-). Cheers!
<andrewrk> cr1901_modern, there's an issue open that when fixed will make this code compile fine. in the meantime, you'll need `@intCast`.
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<cr1901_modern> Ack, thanks.
<cr1901_modern> While it's on my mind, that function elementAt can do out-of-bounds access. Is there a way using comptime to create a polymorphic elementAt where one version runs if the values are comptime-known and another version if the vals are runtime-known?
<noam> Ahahahaha, I did a dumb :P Time for my stupid 100K line test went from ~40ms to ~2.7s because the scoping rework / liveness analysis ended up checking an index against every item in a list of average size *200K*
<noam> :P
<noam> *98% of runtime* is in scope_contains XD
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<andrewrk> cr1901_modern, if the type of `data` is a slice you're already getting bounds checking that turns off in release builds
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<cr1901_modern> Sure, that's fine. I was just wondering anyway
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<cr1901_modern> Getting there... not exactly elegant, but does appear to work:
<cr1901_modern> Arbitrary width ints up to 65535 is cool
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<TheLemonMan> mikdusan, a 17" screen is really hard to fit in a decently-sized backpack heh
<noam> TheLemonMan: So if the laptop is 17" but the screen is smaller, it's fine? :)
<TheLemonMan> hah absolutely
<noam> Makes sense! :)
<TheLemonMan> I don't really like Dells tho, my GF's inspiron makes a horrible hi-frequency buzzing sound every now and then
<TheLemonMan> and the fan sounds like a jet engine
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<noam> Yeah, I know exactly what you mean
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<TheLemonMan> mikdusan, the i386 problem is quite weird, somehow is not looking past but _only_ for that symbol?
<noam> /buffer 5
<noam> ...
<mikdusan> that is weird. I am reluctant to install multilib on a somewhat clean archlinux to try to better reproduce. but it occurs to me now - clone the vm. dirty it up and nuke it afterwards :)
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<noam> Stupid question: `const foo = bar();` in a declarative context is illegal, isn't it
<noam> (where bar is a runtime function)
<noam> Ah wait, no :)
<noam> > The initialization values of global variables are evaluated at compile-time. | bar then becomes *implicitly* comptime
<noam> That makes more sense :)
<TheLemonMan> I do have a multilib around because of wine (I guess?)
<noam> andrewrk: Behavior tests are just normal tests, right? :)
<mikdusan> TheLemonMan: I have a clone of archlinux setup. has various llvm pre-builts in /opt and no multilibs installed yet. you want access?
<TheLemonMan> mikdusan, I'm currently looking into the SPARC problem, will come back to that later
<mikdusan> ok. what I can offer is for limited periods of time (ie: 12 hours) access. just need an account name you'd like, and authorized_keys ssh pubkey
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<dutchie> plz2send utf-8 headers
<mq32> fix that server
<dutchie> but cool to see zyg progressing
<ifreund> noam: by the way, are you aware of this other project called C3?
<noam> Yes :P
<noam> Someone else linked it to me a while back
<noam> dutchie: ... They aren't already? *shrugs*
<noam> I plan on switching it to gemini at some point, so it'll be moot soonish anyways
<noam> and yeah, zyg is *finally* able to actually make progress again, since there's nothing left I want to just delete :P
<dutchie> noam: i see `lexer.c: In function ‘lexer_append’:` and other such mojibake
<noam> I know.
<noam> The first one is staying literally forever
<dutchie> Content-Type
<noam> The aliasing one I just haven't gotten around to fixing :P
<dutchie> : text/plain
<noam> ... yeah, it is text/plain ?
<noam> I mean, that's 100% correct
<mq32> Content-Encoding is missing
<noam> ... ah
<mq32> or the encoding on the mime type
<dutchie> shouldn't it be text/plain; charset=utf-8
<dutchie> yeah
<noam> gotcha, fixing now
<noam> ah, hm. I think that might be ASCII escape codes, actually? :P
<mq32> default is ISO-8859-1
<mq32> so your utf-8 is parsed as latin-1
<noam> nope, yeah, it's an encoding issue
<noam> it's using stupid uniquotes instead of just ""
<noam> *rolls eyes in GNU's general direction*
<noam> ... okay, that's not fair. UTF-8 should absolutely be the default everywhere :P
<mq32> doesn't hurt anybode with a reasonable and correct system setup ;)
<mq32> it's too late for that now
<dutchie> isn't there some actual historical reason browsers assume latin-1 or am i imagining it
<mq32> yep
<mq32> Netscape probably :D
<noam> Yes but the fact that *that*'s the behavior they respect is moronic
<mq32> i mean, you break stuff when you don't
<noam> They break stuff all the time anyways!
<noam> fixed
<noam> dutchie: thanks
<dutchie> np, lgtm now
<noam> The dealloc one is because, well, nothing actually frees registers yet XD. The lexer one is because compilers are idiots. The last one is because *I'm* an idiot and didn't bother fixing an aliasing issue yet :P
<noam> less tl;dr on the lexer: for performance reasons, an identifier is only appended when it's needed. Just zero-initializing the unused value has a significant performance cost, and the value doesn't actually matter, so I don't.
<noam> (it occurs once for *every lexed token.* A few cycles multiplied by *every lexographic token* is a big deal)
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<TheLemonMan> koakuma, found the problem and fixing it
<noam> Always fun optimizing new code...
<noam> Regained 5% on the new pipeline by fixing redundancies and improving APIs, so far :)
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<m314> I recently upgraded my distro to one based on a new glibc (2.33). This caused my old zig version to fail to link system libraries and I'm trying to figure out why.
<m314> Minimal example here:
<m314> I thought zig was pretty dumb about linking plain old system libraries (cross compiling for a glibc-based system is another matter of course). Am I missing something here?
<TheLemonMan> the pastebin doesn't load here
<m314> oh
<ifreund> and the workaround in the linked river issue
<ifreund> I should really get on fixing this, 0.8.0 is just around the corner
<m314> ifreund: Ah! That makes sense. I was afraid I was completely misunderstanding something.
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<antaoiseach> Hello folks, how do I debug "erro: the follwing test command crashed" ... exited with error code 1? I'm invoking `zig build test`.
<ifreund> antaoiseach: copy the command and run it in gdb
<antaoiseach> ifreund: okay, will try it. Thanks!
<koakuma> TheLemonMan, thanks!
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<noam> Tests are discovered in the same way as exports, right? (lazily, u
<noam> in declarative scopes)
<noam> Gah, really need to dust off this keyboard...
<Nypsie> Yes, so you'll need to reference the imports of all files that contain tests
<noam> Heh, I'm working on implementing support for tests in my compiler ;)
<noam> There's a lot of language corners I never cared about before that suddenly matter a lot more :P
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<ifreund> andrewrk: if you have a minute, I'd appreciate your thoughts on
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<andrewrk> ifreund, looking now
<ifreund> I got an idea to test it too: that logic hasn't changed since zig 0.7.1 so the patch applies cleanly
<ifreund> thanks :)
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<andrewrk> ifreund, hmm do we perhaps need the concept of the native libc?
<andrewrk> we already have independent concepts for native cpu, and native os
<andrewrk> and you could easily do something like native-native-musl or native-native-gnu
<ifreund> hmm, that might indeed be a better way to expose this
<ifreund> I like it, it's a lot more explict and less magic than having native os imply native libc
<andrewrk> I think my approach in this case would be: * enumerate some of the use cases that would be affected by this new concept * go over each one and see what modifications need to be made to -target / builtin.zig / other stuff, to make the use case match up to the new model of how things work
<andrewrk> this would hopefully identify all the code that needs updated to implement this
<ifreund> /// `null` means the native C ABI, if `os_tag` is native, otherwise it means the default C ABI.
<ifreund> andrewrk: our current doc comment is actually in line with my current patch
<andrewrk> good point
<andrewrk> mm but what happens if you do `-target native-native-musl` for example?
<andrewrk> I think this patch would do unexpected behavior
<ifreund> true
<andrewrk> that is not an edge case either - it's a pretty useful target
<ifreund> indeed, can't statically link glibc :D
<ifreund> what does "default C ABI" actually mean in that comment?
<ifreund> I guess default C ABI for the target OS
<andrewrk> yeah
<ifreund> So I think if I just check if `target.abi == null` as well my patch would work as expected for all use-cases I can think of
<andrewrk> that sounds fine to me
<andrewrk> what about the use case where there are no system libraries linked, everything is built statically by zig
<andrewrk> and we have the option to not depend on system-installed libc development kit
<andrewrk> you would just not leave the C ABI from the triple right? just pick the libc you want and zig provides it?
<mikdusan> one invariant I'd like to see is if a target triple means "cross-mode" it should mean that regardless of host running zig
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<andrewrk> I believe that invariant holds up today. Can you think of any exceptions?
<ifreund> andrewrk: yeah, if you explicitly specify the ABI in the triplet zig will never use the "native" libc unless you also pass --libc
<ifreund> update the patch
<ifreund> *updated
<andrewrk> seems like an improvement to me!
<andrewrk> your other suggestion makes sense too; it should be an error if requesting a version of glibc we cannot provide
<ifreund> nice, as usual when working with zig's libc linking code it turned out to be way easier than I feared :D
<andrewrk> just goes to show you, warnings are always smells!!! no warnings! only errors!
<ifreund> andrewrk: would you like that in the same PR?
<andrewrk> up to you, I'm happy with either way
<ifreund> also, how would you go about testing this before merge?
<andrewrk> the linux CI will actually go quite a long way to testing this
<andrewrk> can you verify that it solves the problem for river?
<andrewrk> other than that, I'm fine with a green CI + my own eyeball review
<ifreund> I can probably send some arch river a zig 0.7.1 with this patch and ask them to try it
<ifreund> I know using --libc with the native libc file generated by zig works with zig 0.7.1 on arch
<ifreund> (arch has glibc 2.33 while zig 0.7.1 ships 2.32 max)
<andrewrk> mm we might want to take a peek at the corresponding link/Elf.zig code for putting libc stuff on the linker line
<ifreund> I don't think that code is aware of the target, so it shouldn't be affected
<ifreund> it just sees a different LibcInstallation
<andrewrk> ah yes your patch will set libc_installation just like the other code path. perfect! this code is actually fairly well organized
<andrewrk> good job, myself
<ifreund> yeah, you did a very nice job when you rewrote the front end in zig, it's a pleasure to work with
<ifreund> I'll turn that warning into an error then go to bed and check CI in the morning
<andrewrk> sounds good!
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