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<Foone> yeah! which is just madness. Sure, 5.25" drives are a bit outdated, but why not put it in the spec? what does that cost you, really? ugh.
<cr1901_modern> This is re: UFI in the MSC spec, correct?
<Foone> re: no 5.25/8" in the UFI spec
<cr1901_modern> Indeed :/
<cr1901_modern> I think I would just eat the cost/incompatibilities between SCSI and UFI to get a mass storage device from 5.25"/8" drives
<Foone> well I guess I'll have to make my own floppy controller, with blackjack, and mass storage!
<cr1901_modern> I still want to add my own variant of this to the mix, but making floppy controllers is "in vogue" now and it dampens my motivation LOL
<cr1901_modern> But the FPGA portion is half-finished, and I could easily attach it to a microcontroller to get free "MSC SCSI to floppy conversion".
<Foone> fancy.
<cr1901_modern> I think I mentioned my plans in this chat about a month ago :P. But that $15 Cypress controller that passes on the data to a host to be decoded kinda dampened my motivation :/
<cr1901_modern> I don't think I could get to $15 price point
<cr1901_modern> and the only thing that would differentiate my product is "mass storage interface"
<Foone> eh, I'd think this is enough of an interesting area that price point isn't a huge deal. it's a niche area anyway
<cr1901_modern> (raw reads could be done with a separate vendor interface/EP, perhaps started by talking to the control pipe)
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