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<mntmn> finally cleaned up cc austriancoder
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<marex> mntmn: did you test it on top of lastest linux stable 5.4.56 too (hehehe) :-)
<mntmn> marex: hey you're back
<marex> mntmn: I see earlyZ is still a topic, good :)
<mntmn> marex: yeah i didn't get around to fix my commits until today, ahem ;)
<marex> mntmn: so I missed nothing ? great
<mntmn> marex: a little NIR compiler thing was fixed by austriancoder that prevented firefox from using accelerated layers.
<marex> mntmn: firefox, on etnaviv, with gles2 only ? how does that work
<marex> mntmn: last time I tried in debian with WL, I dont think it used acceleration
<mntmn> i mean, full webrender doesn't work, but layers.acceleration.force-enabled works
<marex> mntmn: I think that's what I tried , but it was still slow (and slower than qtwebengine)
<mntmn> marex: it's not WL firefox though. it's Xwayland
<marex> doesnt FF already have full WL support , since FF 76 or so ?
<mntmn> marex: so with layers.acceleration.force-enabled, scrolling is smooth, without it it's jerky. for me on fullscreen 1080p
<marex> mntmn: but your GPU is crazy performant
<mntmn> marex: debian ships FF 68
<mntmn> marex: (ESR)
<mntmn> marex: also, chromium is faster and does webgl pretty well now on my platform. firefox doesn't
<mntmn> marex: not using sid, i'm on bullseye. it has esr only.
<marex> mntmn: errrr, so its UI acceleration that works, not webgl ?
<mntmn> yeah i guess so
<marex> mntmn: and yep, webgl works in qtwebengine quite OK
<marex> mntmn: I was hoping to see firefox perform equally well sometimes
<mntmn> yeah i'm waiting till they put a newer version in bullseye... maybe one day
<marex> you can pin the package from sid :)
<mntmn> yeah anyway i'm a chromium user tbh, shame on me
<marex> heh