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<austriancoder> it is shipped with etnaviv
austriancoder changed the topic of #etnaviv to: #etnaviv - the home of the reverse-engineered Vivante GPU driver - Logs https://freenode.irclog.whitequark.org/etnaviv
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<austriancoder> Marex: but dont worry about seamless cubemap and the gc880 - it is not marked as supported in our feature database and in galcore's database
<austriancoder> Marex: dont forget to update your MR with my RB :)
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<senquack> pcercuei, folks here were wondering if GCW Zero ever had a vivante blob driver?
<pcercuei> at some point, yes
<pcercuei> but we never actually used it
<pcercuei> it was compiled with glibc, we used uClibc
<senquack> ^^ Marex austriancoder
<senquack> at least it was (presumably) compiled with hard-float, unlike Pandora's PowerVR blob :D
<Marex> austriancoder: why is that RB stuff important ?
<Marex> austriancoder: can't you just mark it as "merge it" ?
<pcercuei> If I remember correctly we did get it to work at some point, and it was slower than the ~2014 etnaviv
<Marex> pcercuei: can you check if it does support seamless cubemap ?
<Marex> I guess run dEQPs against the blob and dump command streams is the way to do it
<Marex> or maybe there is some simpler (?) test code
<pcercuei> Marex: no, I can't
<pcercuei> you're asking me to run the ~2014 galcore on a 5.7 kernel, with a glibc userspace that we don't have
<pcercuei> besides, I'm not sure we have the blobs anymore
<austriancoder> Marex: you can really stop making everybody mad about seamless cubemap bit. I am 100% sure it is not supported on this gles2 only hw
<pcercuei> GC860 was supposedly GLES3 compatible
<austriancoder> pcercuei: maybe with ugly and slow sw hacks as on gc2000
<pcercuei> very possible, yes
<Marex> austriancoder: am I making everyone mad again ?
<Marex> sorry
<Marex> pcercuei: I think it might be somehow possible to compile the dEQP against the old userspace and old blob , but who knows
<austriancoder> Marex: will process your MR tomorrow
<Marex> pcercuei: if you have etnaviv running, I think you should be at least able to check the feature bits in /sys/kernel/debug ?
<Marex> austriancoder: btw what is that with the RB ?
<pcercuei> we don't have the old userspace and old blob anymore, and it would still require galcore
<austriancoder> Marex: we have these feature bits already for gc860
<Marex> ah
<austriancoder> since the beginning we used RBs for etnaviv
<Marex> austriancoder: well sure, but why do I have to paste it there manually to get it merged ?
<Marex> austriancoder: can't that be automated ?
<Marex> pcercuei: no seamless cubemap :(
<austriancoder> Marex: I am not a gitlab guru.. maybe be
<Marex> austriancoder: lemme add it, one sec
<pcercuei> well, I have no idea what seamless cubemaps are, so I don't really care :)
<austriancoder> Marex: I told you that ;)
<Marex> austriancoder: all right ... I am really drained today
<Marex> I pushed the patch with your RB
<Marex> pcercuei: the way I understand it is you have a textured sphere (with a cubemap on it), and if you look at the seams, you will see rendering distortion
<Marex> the GPU can correct that
<pcercuei> I see
<austriancoder> Marex: na.. that one is outdated - use this one directly from the git repo: https://htmlpreview.github.io/?https://github.com/etnaviv/etna_viv/blob/master/doc/gpus_comparison.html
<Marex> doh
<Marex> austriancoder: btw I obtained STM32MP157F (!)
<Marex> 800 blazing MHz of CPU goodness (and same GPU freq , oh well :-) )
<Marex> austriancoder: btw I am still not successful with those piglit tests
<cphealy> STM32MP157F runs the 3D GPU at 800MHz?
<Marex> cphealy: no
<cphealy> Marex: What frequency is the GPU intended to run at?
<Marex> 533 MHz
<Marex> austriancoder: hey uh, can we add the GC600 (MX8MM) or that etna_viv table ?
<Marex> gbisson: would you be willing to try etnaviv on the mx8mn ? :)
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<Marex> OK, time to test mesa/master on gc400/gc600/gc880/gc2000/gc7000l
<mntmn> lot of gcs you got there
<Marex> mntmn: if only NXP didn't do such a poor job on upstreaming iMX8MM
<mntmn> that sucks, didn’t know that
<Marex> mntmn: seems the mx8mq is only marginally better though
<Marex> flto: how do you run the gles3 dEQPs on etnaviv ? seems like gles override to 3.0 isnt enough
<flto> Marex: ETNA_MESA_DEBUG=deqp and the override
<Marex> flto: oh, thanks
<Marex> flto: is sigsegv expected on gc2000/gc880 ?
<flto> Marex: not sure, but there's not really any point to running gles3 tests on gc2000/gc880.. only gc3000 really starts adding gles3 features
<Marex> flto: oh ?
<Marex> flto: I thought there were some gles3 features on halti0, like the formats
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