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<daniels> (another alias of our friend who passes by every few weeks)
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<schurig> Hi, I just wanted to give a feedback on my X11/etnaviv problem that I posted here some days ago
<schurig> Basically, when I ssh into my device and run "Xorg -retro vt1" and ssh a 2nd time into it and run "export DISPLAY=:0; glxgears -info", then things works.
<schurig> I see then "GL_RENDERER = Vivante GC2000 rev 5108", "GL_VERSION = 1.3 Mesa 20.0.7" and "GL_VENDOR = etnaviv". Also my GPU interrupts increase
<schurig> but when I log in directly at the console, even as root, and start glxgears from another console, I only get llvmpipe
<schurig> and then I see the "libGL error: failed to authenticate magic 1" and "libGL error: failed to load driver: etnaviv"
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