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<luca020400> Good afternoon ^^
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<luca020400> CM12 have the possibility to change buttons layout :D Great
<luca020400> A usefull thing
<luca020400> The new terminal emulator is
<luca020400> Horrible
<luca020400> And bugged XD
<rymate1234> luca020400: it does?
<rymate1234> Might update later
<luca020400> I downloaded the new sources and build them today
<luca020400> Really good
<luca020400> Onlt thing is terminal
<rymate1234> I'm on official nightlies because my moto g is cooler than yours
<luca020400> lol
<luca020400> We are working hard to fix ril
<rymate1234> I think practically everything works on my phone
<luca020400> But I got it booting Friday XD
<luca020400> rymate1234 : I know is useless but fmradio is fixed XD
<luca020400> AFH is really bad DX
<luca020400> I can't move a file from a folder to another one :/
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<rymate1234> luca020400: afh?
<luca020400> Android file host
<rymate1234> lel
<Dazzozo> i just spent £90 on a shaver
<Dazzozo> piss in my ass
<luca020400> What ?!
<Dazzozo> i bought this
<luca020400> RRP:£160.00
<luca020400> XD
<Dazzozo> basically im sick of buying shit things
<Dazzozo> so i spend the most money possible on stuff now
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<luca020400> Good night !
<luca020400> I added only a ! incredible O_o
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