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<Jeremy301> Dazzozo your cyanogenmod 11 y300 release keep stuck at boot animation
<luca020400> Wipe everything except sdcard and reflash
<Jeremy301> i did that, but still bootanimation sience 1 hour
<luca020400> Redownload the rom
<Jeremy301> still stuck at boot
<Jeremy301> now it works
<Jeremy301> what is an cyanogen account?
<luca020400> Google it
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<luca020400> Good afternoon :D ( I missed to write this XD )
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<Flea997> Hi
<luca020400> Hi ^
<XRevan86> hi
<luca020400> *^^
<Shadowghoster> hi
<Flea997> I have 2 y300 now lol
<luca020400> Yeaaa
<Flea997> I can hardbrick one
<luca020400> You can't hard brick it XD
<luca020400> Only swapper
<luca020400> Can do it
<Flea997> But i can throw it from the window
<luca020400> Do the same with your father hpone u.u
<Flea997> Why? ;(
<luca020400> I don't know hahah
<Flea997> It's a good phone the honor3c u.u
<luca020400> NRrr
<luca020400> Huawei
<luca020400> Noooo
<Flea997> He only has to send message with whatsapp or other stupid things lol
<luca020400> My father use his Y300 only for call sms and browser
<luca020400> XD
<luca020400> My father history : cubietruck , arm , c#
<luca020400> XD
<XRevan86> Somebody actually uses WhatsApp?
<luca020400> +1
<XRevan86> oh gosh
<luca020400> But it should be -1
<luca020400> My friends use it . So I need it for homework XD
<Flea997> U use wa too luca u.u
<luca020400> Yea XD
<XRevan86> I'm glad in this country only hipsters use it
<luca020400> Lol why ? XD
<XRevan86> luca020400: Because I don't like hipsters =)
<luca020400> Hha
<XRevan86> therefore don't care what shit they use
<Shadowghoster> Oo
<Shadowghoster> Here nearly everybody is using it
<luca020400> here too
<Flea997> In italy u are an hipster if u don't use it
<XRevan86> Flea997: That's not a hipster, that's a geek
<Flea997> Nope, that's a "sfigato" but only luca can understand ahaha
<XRevan86> sfigali?
<luca020400> Yes "sfigato" is the correct name
<Shadowghoster> hm
<XRevan86> but "sfigato" can count as a russian word as it is (=
<XRevan86> с фига то?
<Flea997> Cyka
<Flea997> It's the only word i know :(
<luca020400> Sad story with russian friend
<luca020400> I can't use his pc as the keybard was only russian XD
<XRevan86> luca020400: Only Russian? :-D
<luca020400> Yes XD
<luca020400> He bought new one :D
<XRevan86> where did he get one?
<luca020400> I don't know XD
<Flea997> So u are russian xrevan86?
<luca020400> In Russia
<XRevan86> Flea997: Indeed
<Flea997> I hope u don't play dota :P
<luca020400> Why ? hah
<XRevan86> luca020400: It is probably very-very old
<luca020400> Probably
<XRevan86> how to connect such a keyboard though
<luca020400> I don't know XD
<XRevan86> Flea997: I did try in 2009 :-D
<luca020400> So ther's no problem flea :D
<Flea997> So what app do you use in russia? Telegram?
<XRevan86> Flea997: XMPP
<XRevan86> Flea997: But I'm only telling half-truth, of course.
<Flea997> D:
<XRevan86> XMPP is really popular in Russia (even MUC) but mostly geeks
<luca020400> In Italy : What is XMPP ?
<XRevan86> average people used to use ICQ but now it goes away
<Flea997> Yeah i was asking myself what the hell it is
<XRevan86> now people use primarily only VK
<luca020400> Lol
<XRevan86> Social networking consumed everything -_-
<luca020400> Jabber ?
<XRevan86> Flea997: Also for VoIP Viber attracts people
<Flea997> If i write vk on google it only shows me russian results so i understand why i don't what it is
<XRevan86> luca020400: Yeah, XMPP == Jabber
<luca020400> Lol
<luca020400> I tought it was an XMPP type
<Flea997> Viber is known here, but there are not many people using it
<luca020400> My russian friend use it
<Shadowghoster> here soem are using it
<XRevan86> luca020400: Viper or XMPP?
<Flea997> Oh yes
<Shadowghoster> but isn't working properly for me :D
<Flea997> Pavlev durov
<Shadowghoster> as luca knows ^^
<XRevan86> Flea997: Pavel
<Flea997> The one who donated for telegram
<XRevan86> Flea997: Yeah
<luca020400> <Shadowghoster> as luca knows ^^ ?
<XRevan86> Flea997: I don't understand what's so good about Telegram
<XRevan86> it's centralized, somewhat secure
<Flea997> I read something the other day, vk it's the russian facebook?
<luca020400> Yes it i
<luca020400> s
<XRevan86> Flea997: That's a good definition
<Shadowghoster> you know that it isn't working proper on kk y300 ^^
<Flea997> I hate facebook and social
<luca020400> A of course ^^
<XRevan86> I'm forced to have VK account
<luca020400> Why ?
<XRevan86> (I use it with vk4xmpp)
<luca020400> XMPP everywhere XD
<XRevan86> luca020400: For the same reason you have whatsapp
<luca020400> Yes I know
<luca020400> "sfigato" XD
<Flea997> XD
<XRevan86> luca020400: Yeah, XMPP is a primary IM for me =)
<luca020400> Who uses facebook ?
<XRevan86> (it really is, even with amount of people in roster)
<Shadowghoster> Facebook only for organizing stuff
<Shadowghoster> my accesable things are really strict
<luca020400> I used it for the class groupù
<Flea997> My class used it too, then we created a whatsapp group
<Flea997> I hate the day i joined that group
<luca020400> Lol
<luca020400> Everyone ask to you homework XD
<Flea997> Exactly
<luca020400> Me too
<XRevan86> Freaky stuff about WhatsApp is that it's actually XMPP-based.
<XRevan86> but with broken s2s and auth
<Flea997> Speak in russian, i would understand the same xD
<luca020400> HAhah
<XRevan86> Самое странное в WhatsApp то, что он, на самом деле, основан на XMPP, но со сломанными s2s и авторизацией
<luca020400> At least you have a good english level flea XD
<luca020400> s2s ?
<XRevan86> luca020400: server2server
<luca020400> Ty
<XRevan86> interaction between different servers
<luca020400> Yea ;)
<Shadowghoster> WA class groups - just never mention that topic
<Shadowghoster> here its the same
<luca020400> The hell XD
<Shadowghoster> jep ^^
<Shadowghoster> especially if you are the person they're asking
<XRevan86> Apparently, groups are MUC's
<XRevan86> I really haven't seen WhatsApp ever =)
<luca020400> especially if there are some idiots
<luca020400> Who send every second a letter
<Shadowghoster> I'm admin so this is notz the problem :D
<luca020400> Ho
* Shadowghoster can kick the guys he didn't like :D
<luca020400> My friends don't know what does mean admin XD
<Shadowghoster> lolz
<luca020400> They are noooooooooobs
<Shadowghoster> Now I have 80 numbers I'll never use for anything else than WA
<luca020400> Me too except my mother , father and grandmother XD
<XRevan86> And I wouldn't ever register on WhatsApp because I don't want to use phone number as a login.
<XRevan86> same goes to Viber
<Shadowghoster> about that I really don't care
<Shadowghoster> I have nothing important on my phone and privacy is restricted
<Shadowghoster> ong live xposed and xprivacy!
<luca020400> My phone is the best
<XRevan86> Shadowghoster: It gets you attached to your one and only Viber/WhatsApp account and vice-versa
* Shadowghoster has prepaid
<Shadowghoster> so I can change whenever I want to ^^
<XRevan86> Shadowghoster: "my body is ready" != "I really don't care"
<Flea997> If i gave my number to a crazy man luke luca, i can give my number to whatsapp too
<Shadowghoster> xD
<Shadowghoster> luca also has my number ^^
<luca020400> I bought the Y300 at June 2013 --> January 2015
<luca020400> And I never paid whatsapp
<luca020400> Yea I'm idiot XD
<luca020400> Tim
<Shadowghoster> jop
<Shadowghoster> I also never bought WA
<Flea997> I should have paid the 25 december but they gave me an extra month, and then another extra month
<luca020400> I have another the 1 month
<luca020400> But from 5 months XD
<luca020400> *-the
<Flea997> My dad had to pay, they didn't give him extra months
<XRevan86> "give" != "don't take for another month"
<luca020400> A modaco user doesn't know how to make logcat
<luca020400> Bye
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<Shadowghoster> I got an extra year on WA
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