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<wbrambley> Hi all.
<wbrambley> @Dazzozo, Would you mind if i used your u8815 config to build SlimKat?
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<Dazzozo> wbrambley: not at all
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<luca020400> Good morning :)
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<wbrambley> Cool, thanks. I'm sure it will be fun.
<wbrambley> morning? nearly bed time for some of us!
<luca020400> In italy are 10:00 am :D
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<luca020400> Hi flea :d
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<Flea997> Yo ;)
<luca020400> Hi nyoom
<Nyoom> Hey :)
<luca020400> Have you a smartwatch ?
<Flea997> I don't understand them, i think they're useless (and ugly)
<luca020400> I like the moto 360
<luca020400> The other are really ugly
<Flea997> How much it cost?
<luca020400> I don't know
<luca020400> 2407250
<luca020400> 240/250
<Flea997> I've broken a lot of normal watches, i would be scared the wear one of them
<luca020400> I never used them XD
<Flea997> It would be useful at school ;)
<luca020400> Smartphone
<Nyoom> Nope
<Nyoom> I only have my daily driver a Huawei G510 ;;
<luca020400> ^
<Nyoom> :p
<luca020400> What nyoom ?
<Nyoom> The device sucks :p
<luca020400> O yea
<Flea997> Luca bully ;w;
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<andrea2107> luca
<luca020400> Hi :D
<Flea997> Ehi andrea
<andrea2107> you just deleted carbon jb from basketbuild ._.
<luca020400> My drive is ok
<andrea2107> kitkat is good,but pretty unstable
<andrea2107> so many crashes and random reboots
<andrea2107> oh ok the mirror
<andrea2107> lol
<luca020400> I'll kill CarbonDev
<Flea997> +1 rep
<andrea2107> i want to remember you that i use the u8825..but it is ok
<andrea2107> hahahaaha
<luca020400> I and Y300 become crazy because of them
<luca020400> Ops
<andrea2107> so
<andrea2107> XD
<luca020400> Cause of audio
<andrea2107> why you deleted old link D:
<luca020400> Anyway it should work ( audio too )
<luca020400> Linux 3.18 :D
<andrea2107> uhm
<andrea2107> i will see
<andrea2107> when you made the fix
<luca020400> Just flash the rom
<luca020400> If it doesn't work I'll rebuild it
<andrea2107> i am the one that doesn't even backup his ass
<luca020400> As is the only cm10.1 u8825 rom with audio working
<andrea2107> btw i think it is correct
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<andrea2107> btw
<andrea2107> why the fuck download name is messed up by google drive
<andrea2107> on android
<luca020400> I don't know :(
<luca020400> Hi eloy :D
<luca020400> News ?
<andrea2107> uhmm
<andrea2107> cm11 is not letting me download the rom
<andrea2107> lol
<andrea2107> let's try with loader droid
<luca020400> Another
<eloygomez> no luca020400 no news
<luca020400> Ok ;)
<luca020400> I'm waiting for my moto g :D
<luca020400> I need it
<Flea997> U make me cry
<luca020400> Why ? lol
<Flea997> I want it too, but I'm gonna keep it for another year
<luca020400> A ok
<luca020400> Adrea : are you planning to change phone ?
<Flea997> I'm the onlyone who thinks that the new tapatalk sucks?
<andrea2107> yes luca
<luca020400> Every tapatalk verion sucks
<luca020400> Quale ?
<andrea2107> but not a so much powered phone
<andrea2107> an htc evo 3d
<andrea2107> it has a broken charging port
<luca020400> I know
<andrea2107> and a friend is repairing
<andrea2107> at least i will have 1 gb of ram
<andrea2107> uhm
<Flea997> A 2001 phone?
<andrea2107> cm11 is refusing to download
<Flea997> 2011
<andrea2107> yeah,but still betther than y300/g330
<luca020400> It's 2011
<Flea997> :\
<andrea2107> and so? old isn't worse
<andrea2107> in some case
<luca020400> ^
<andrea2107> my problem is multitasking
<andrea2107> i don't need a super phone
<andrea2107> i will s-off and get the better rom
<andrea2107> still not downloading
<andrea2107> O
<andrea2107> O.o
<luca020400> 3 Italian . we need someone else
<Flea997> Fonz
<andrea2107> btw
<andrea2107> i think
<andrea2107> if i will get another phone
<andrea2107> i will go for an mtk one,they're gettimg better and better
<andrea2107> octacore for 100€ ^.^
<luca020400> Yes they are great
<andrea2107> the only sad thing
<luca020400> Or redmi 1s
<andrea2107> is that there will not be any cm11
<andrea2107> or cm12
<andrea2107> or cm99
<andrea2107> if mtk makes source public
<andrea2107> then it will beat qualcomm
<andrea2107> for sure
<luca020400> IF
<andrea2107> strange thing they don't want to
<andrea2107> weird
<luca020400> The eom doesn't release kernel code
<andrea2107> maybe they want to hide something
<andrea2107> ok
<andrea2107> my next device(when htc evo 3d will be crap) will be mtk
<andrea2107> don't tell me it is already crap
<andrea2107> it is like an s2
<andrea2107> and a nexus
<Flea997> It's not a bit early to think about it? :P
<luca020400> htc evo 3d is crap :p
<wbrambley> good luck unlocking those mtk bootloaders.
<luca020400> And s2 too
<luca020400> In some mtk bootloader you can
<luca020400> fastboot boot recovery.img
<luca020400> And it wroks with locked bootloader XD
<wbrambley> We just got all that finaly for our acer tabs. not official tho. no fastboot mode for ours afaik
<luca020400> No fastboot mode ? :(
<andrea2107> if htc evo 3d is a crap...
<luca020400> Remove if
<andrea2107> so let throw away our y300/g330
<andrea2107> they are definteley a crappy shit
<andrea2107> hahahah
<luca020400> Dazzozo : are you online ?
<wbrambley> not that i have seen, i found mabe a fastboot mode but can't even get linux to bring it up on lsusb
<andrea2107> btw
<andrea2107> do you know a thing
<andrea2107> intel is devoloping android for bay trail tablets
<andrea2107> guess what
<andrea2107> i have a bay trail tablet
<andrea2107> uhmm...oh no it is only for 64 bit bios ._.
<andrea2107> fuck intel
<Flea997> lmao
<andrea2107> android x86 is pretty buggy
<andrea2107> my last hope is console os
<wbrambley> Have to power tab off(open and unplug battery sometimes) and use a usb flash tool but thats only any good with the correct scatter file
<wbrambley> goodnight all, it's 23:30 in NZ :)
<luca020400> Good night :D
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<luca020400> In a day I earned 33 thanks XD
<andrea2107> lol
<andrea2107> btw
<andrea2107> still trying to download this fuckin carbon rom
<andrea2107> lol
<luca020400> :(
<andrea2107> it is gow ascension fault
<andrea2107> i think
<andrea2107> i am downloading it
<andrea2107> paid only 10€
<luca020400> For ?
<andrea2107> ps3 pbvioslly
<andrea2107> god of war is sony only
<andrea2107> 1-2=ps2/ps3
<andrea2107> 3-ascension=ps3 only
<luca020400> I played it with psp
<luca020400> My broken psp
<andrea2107> yes but on psp it is another thing
<andrea2107> yet it was originally made for psp
<andrea2107> then exported to ps2
<andrea2107> with gow 1
<Flea997> Pls guys
<Flea997> Nintendo uber alles
<luca020400> alles ?
<andrea2107> i did it
<andrea2107> i opened it with google drive app
<andrea2107> and then moved to a safe directory
<andrea2107> i am going to flash
<andrea2107> first i have to download gapps D:
<luca020400> You are clogging chat
<andrea2107> luca
<andrea2107> how can google drive app
<andrea2107> download to root/data
<andrea2107> without root
<luca020400> It can't
<andrea2107> but he does
<andrea2107> he has done this
<andrea2107> it*
<luca020400> It should go in /internal_sd
<andrea2107> the directory of downloaded rom with google drive app was root/data/data
<andrea2107> yes
<andrea2107> there is a folder
<andrea2107> gdrive
<andrea2107> and mixplorer needed root rights
<andrea2107> to move
<luca020400> Per favore puoi scrivere tutto insieme ? Mi sto perdendo il 50% dei tuoi messaggi
<luca020400> Ops sorry for italian :(
<andrea2107> lol
<andrea2107> so
<luca020400> kick andrea2107
<luca020400> ban andrea2107
<andrea2107> when i clicked download in gdrive i selected the app google drive,and then open with mixplorer,then i opened with mixplorer,i watched at the directory and it was in root,i mooved the zip and mixplorer asked for superuser rights
<luca020400> Yes
<andrea2107> it worked...but how can an user app write to that directory
<luca020400> I don't know
<andrea2107> what gapps are you using for carbon jb 4.2.2?
<luca020400> extra lite
<andrea2107> could you link me them
<andrea2107> tapatalk is pretty bugged
<andrea2107> the redirection is not working
<luca020400> carbonrom topic
<andrea2107> ok i will use directly the browser
<andrea2107> lol
<andrea2107> i am dowbloading ty
<andrea2107> finally i can flash
<andrea2107> a piu tardi :D
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<andrea2107> uhm
<andrea2107> i think luca linked me the wrong build
<luca020400> Audio bugged ?
<andrea2107> i think yes
<andrea2107> i am doing the fisrt setup
<andrea2107> but doing vol+
<andrea2107> doesn't do any sound
<andrea2107> can you prepare a zip
<andrea2107> with necessary files to unbug audio
<andrea2107> or it is not so easy
<luca020400> No I lost every file
<luca020400> I have to download carbon sources and build it
<andrea2107> and now?
<andrea2107> what i do
<luca020400> Revert to another rom
<andrea2107> i will ask davef
<andrea2107> if he have it
<luca020400> I hope
<andrea2107> why i deleted it
<andrea2107> ._.
<andrea2107> and why
<andrea2107> you deleted
<andrea2107> lol
<luca020400> I don't know
<andrea2107> let'see if i still have aosp mod zip
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<andrea2107> i have the aosp mod zip
<andrea2107> at least a good news
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<andrea2107> luca
<andrea2107> i found the download
<andrea2107> XD
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<luca020400> Hi ^^
<andrea2107> Hi
<andrea2107> btw
<andrea2107> if you didn't click the link
<andrea2107> it was a joke
<andrea2107> i didn't found the download
<luca020400> Ma no :p
<andrea2107> it is a copy cache
<andrea2107> btw
<andrea2107> davef is uploading it
<andrea2107> he is a nice user
<luca020400> I know
<andrea2107> i can't wait to play god of war ascension :D
<andrea2107> dat graphic
<andrea2107> it isn't like ps4
<andrea2107> but still good
<Flea997> So many messages D:
<luca020400> andrea is crazy
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<Flea997> Ehi chil :D
<luca020400> Hi ^^
<chil360> hello
<luca020400> Have you fixed other things ?
<chil360> haven't made much progress with ril
<luca020400> ok ;)
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<andrea2107> ok davef uploaded carbon
<andrea2107> :)
<luca020400> Post link in carbonrom topic
<andrea2107> if you want to update the first post
<andrea2107> you posted 06 version,this is 21
<andrea2107> if fyou want it shorter
<andrea2107> x.vu/carbonu8825
<luca020400> Not found XD
<andrea2107> strange
<andrea2107> ok x.vu isn't working
<andrea2107> lol
<andrea2107> i had to add a character
<andrea2107> this is terrible
<andrea2107> this will come in handy if something happens to that link
<luca020400> Stop !!
<andrea2107> love posting link <3
<luca020400> Stop !!
<andrea2107> this file will never dye!
<andrea2107> wow it was fast http://www.tusfiles.net/y7ohyayijow0
<andrea2107> mediafire is so slow for me
<andrea2107> so :)
<luca020400> So create infinite mirrors DX
<andrea2107> XD
<andrea2107> directmirror is the best mirroring service
<andrea2107> you click the host and you are directly redirected
<andrea2107> and it has no limit ^.^
<andrea2107> you don't even need to register ^.^
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<andrea2107> finally downloading the working carbon rom
<andrea2107> :)
<andrea2107> finally
<spanitzer> Hi
<luca020400> Hi
<andrea2107> Hi
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<rymate1234> hi
<luca020400> Hi ^^
<andrea2107> Hi
<andrea2107> ok i'm booting to carbon rom
<andrea2107> :)
<luca020400> Why you write every step lol
<andrea2107> because i love to make you nervous
<andrea2107> btw
<andrea2107> ok i will stop spamming
<andrea2107> XD
<luca020400> Thanks
<andrea2107> np
* rymate1234 sits here withy lollipop
<luca020400> ?
<andrea2107> ?
<andrea2107> you compiled Lollipop?
<luca020400> No
<andrea2107> i mean rumate
<andrea2107> rymate*
<luca020400> Probably dazz give him the build
<andrea2107> ahhh ok
<andrea2107> wait what?
<andrea2107> LoL
<andrea2107> daz is giving away Lollipop builds? lol weird
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<andrea2107> oh no,i said Lollipop,now i'm dead
<rymate1234> uh
<rymate1234> guys
<rymate1234> moto g
<rymate1234> remembert
<luca020400> A lol
<andrea2107> *deleting lo*ehm vondemort* from my mind
<luca020400> I missed you have it XD
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<luca020400> Hi saur
<luca020400> a
<andrea2107> ah as i said
<andrea2107> daz would never give his builds
<Saurabhrck> hi luca! how are you?
<luca020400> At least to you :p
<luca020400> Good thanks :D
<andrea2107> remember,daz is daz
<andrea2107> lol
<Saurabhrck> have you got moto g delivered?
<luca020400> Still in stock :(
<andrea2107> from where you bought?
<Saurabhrck> when will it b delivered?
<luca020400> I don't know
<andrea2107> Dazzozo> i think with the lollipop builds im actually gonna get people to test
<andrea2107> 16:51 <Dazzozo> because i dont want the usual shit that happens
<andrea2107> O.O
<luca020400> Probably tomorrow
<Saurabhrck> owo! great!
<andrea2107> i didn't read it
<andrea2107> in the log
<Dazzozo> if i do they'll be ID'd
<Dazzozo> so if someone leaks, their name will be all over it :p
<Dazzozo> it wont be for very long
<luca020400> If someone leaks I'll kill it personally
<Dazzozo> a day or two at most
<Dazzozo> of "exclusivity"
<luca020400> Him/her
<andrea2107> for who i could leak :/
<Dazzozo> and its only going to people who i *know* are helpful
<luca020400> lollipop build ?
<andrea2107> g330 community is almost dead
<andrea2107> D:
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<andrea2107> 3 user are active
<andrea2107> no more
<Saurabhrck> for 1s, syhost from mokee rom team got cm12 booted. except ril everything is working. Maybe gyro sensor is not working but not sure though.
<spikypotato> hello
<luca020400> Hi ^^
<luca020400> I follow the 1s development
<Saurabhrck> I can test lolipop build if you want daz, I don't use y300 now. at all. its just lying around on my desk. Better if I can contribute anything with it!
<luca020400> You should be in the list :D
<Saurabhrck> @luca, owo! its good to know!
<andrea2107> santa claus list?
<andrea2107> lol
<Saurabhrck> :d
<luca020400> Dazzozo : are you playng zelda ?
<Dazzozo> how the FUCK
<Dazzozo> did you know that
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<Dazzozo> wtf
<rymate1234> why woldnt you be playing zelda
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<rymate1234> is the question
<andrea2107> he is omnipotent
<Dazzozo> well i just got like £100 worth of games
<Dazzozo> and posted my game shelf to twitter
<luca020400> starfox adventures :D
<andrea2107> you nintendo lover eh?
<Saurabhrck> thats a good collection daz!
<luca020400> I'm too
<rymate1234> Dazzozo: the single ubisoft game sticks out like a sore thumb
<luca020400> Now I'm playng at pokemon alpha sapphire
<Dazzozo> rymate1234: you know why i have that
<andrea2107> for my ps3 i have only 4 games(5 with gof ascension)
<Flea997> Who said Zelda?
<rymate1234> Dazzozo: just relabel it "3ds haxx0r key"
<Dazzozo> it costs a ton now
<Dazzozo> copies are really hard to find
<luca020400> Yea a lot
<luca020400> And you have it :/
<Dazzozo> i dont even need it lmao
<Flea997> Daz you have smash for wiiU?
<rymate1234> Dazzozo: ubisoft could easily make a ton of money
<luca020400> He bought it
<rymate1234> by making a few more batches
<Dazzozo> i got it today
<andrea2107> i want something similiar for ps3
<Dazzozo> rymate1234: nintendo pulled the plug on it
<andrea2107> D:
<Dazzozo> they asked all retailers to stop selling it
<rymate1234> ah
<rymate1234> that's why it's so rare then
<luca020400> Yes of course
<Dazzozo> i dont even need it
<luca020400> I hope I'll find it
<Flea997> I'll have it at Christmas, with adaptor for GameCube controllers
<Dazzozo> i have another way of launching homebrew
<Dazzozo> good luck finding the adapter
<luca020400> gateway
<Dazzozo> thats as rare as cubic ninja
<andrea2107> *rare*
<Dazzozo> oh, thats changed a lot
<Flea997> Naaa i saw it at mediaworld
<Dazzozo> used to be like £100+
<Dazzozo> for a copy
<luca020400> I saw it at 110 D:
<rymate1234> Dazzozo: adapter?
<andrea2107> guys are even selling it at 40 eur used
<luca020400> Ninja Cubics
<Dazzozo> i preordered this bundle for £50
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<Dazzozo> and they cancelled my order
<Dazzozo> because nintendo didnt expect the demand
<rymate1234> why the fuck is it £120
<rymate1234> wtf
<Dazzozo> so i have to buy the adapter separately whenever its fucking available i guess
<luca020400> Cancelled !!!
<Dazzozo> because there ARE NONE
<rymate1234> lmao
<Flea997> Rage
<Flea997> My friend has it
<andrea2107> wow nintendo world is so weird
<andrea2107> like
<andrea2107> the wii
<andrea2107> is still aliv
tilal6991|away is now known as tilal6991
<luca020400> WiiU
<andrea2107> while his raw power his the same as a ps2
<Flea997> I still play gamecube
<rymate1234> andrea2107: who needs raw power?
<rymate1234> if i want that I have a PC
<Dazzozo> i play my gamecube shit on the wii u
<luca020400> ^
<Flea997> Yeah
<andrea2107> wii isn't even tryiing to have some decent graphic
<luca020400> Without shit
<Flea997> But it isn't cubic
<Dazzozo> though when i get home i need to rip all my gc games
<andrea2107> WiiU is supposed to be next gent
<andrea2107> gen*
<Dazzozo> because the wii u drive cant read gc disks
<rymate1234> andrea2107: it is!
<rymate1234> it's HD
<andrea2107> but actually it is at halfway from ps3 to ps4 rymate
<luca020400> Yes it can't :(
<rymate1234> andrea2107: exactly!
<rymate1234> next gen
<andrea2107> my ps3 actually runs in HD
<Flea997> But with GC and Wii i can play in two rooms :P
<rymate1234> better than last gen
<rymate1234> therefore next gen
<Dazzozo> nintendo isnt competing
<luca020400> I bricked my wii :/
<Dazzozo> how the fuck
<Dazzozo> vwii i can understand
<Dazzozo> but how the fuck do you brick a wii
<Flea997> Lulz
<andrea2107> trying to install a rom to it?
<andrea2107> hahahaah
<Flea997> Get rekt
<luca020400> Installing a theme and priloader seems unistalled :/
<Flea997> Daz what's your fav game?
<Dazzozo> bootmii saved my life once
<luca020400> MArio Kart 8
<Dazzozo> star fox adventures
<luca020400> It's great
<Flea997> Windwaker for me
<andrea2107> guys i need a decent theme for the old theme manager,what do you recomend?
<rymate1234> andrea2107: Android System theme
<Flea997> Or cave story mmm
<rymate1234> best theme ever 10/10
<andrea2107> rymate,if it was Lollipop i would stick with it
<andrea2107> i like material theme
<luca020400> I prefer use lillipop directly
<andrea2107> yeah,but i am not you
<andrea2107> lol
<luca020400> Link ! I hope I'll play that game
<Flea997> Rofl
<andrea2107> fuckin 35 gb of game
<andrea2107> and i just bought it from psn
<andrea2107> :/
<andrea2107> i started the download yesterday
<andrea2107> still downloading
<Flea997> I don't see the pic
<luca020400> ^
<andrea2107> Flea997:http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2014/50/1418049167-vxm9n5.jpg
<Flea997> What's your download speed?
<andrea2107> boh ps3 isn't actually showing download speed
<andrea2107> but if i downloaded 12 gb in at least 15h
<andrea2107> i think it is slow
<andrea2107> lol
<rymate1234> why not just buy it on disk
<andrea2107> i have a problem,i write something,then send,then the rest,then i send,and then the final
<Flea997> Well hope your connection won't crash
<andrea2107> rymate1234:it was at 10 eur on psn
<rymate1234> yeah and?
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<andrea2107> flea997:i actually have a good connection,3 pc,ps3 and phones connected
<luca020400> I love disks :D
<andrea2107> no crash
<rymate1234> i'd rather pay more and not wait 300 years for a download
<andrea2107> and i have a 500 gb ps3
<andrea2107> i don't have problems to wai
<andrea2107> wait
<rymate1234> what does the size of a hard disk have to do with internet
<rymate1234> answer: fucking none
<andrea2107> my connection is still doing good
<rymate1234> sounds like it's incredibly slow to me
<andrea2107> the one that is having problems is the ps3
<andrea2107> lol
<rymate1234> I only have 1.4 MB/s download
<andrea2107> it is downloading spee
<andrea2107> slow
<rymate1234> and I downloaded titanfall quicker
<luca020400> 1.8 MB/s for me
<Flea997> I'm doing my Christmas tree with disks :D
<rymate1234> inb4 Dazzozo with his 20MB/s
<luca020400> Image
<luca020400> 10 MB/s :o
<Flea997> MB?? Are you sure Luca?
<luca020400> Yep
<rymate1234> proof
<Flea997> Screen
<rymate1234> pls
<luca020400> Dazz connection is incredible
<Flea997> Aaaa
<Flea997> I thought your
<luca020400> No lol
<rymate1234> andrea2107: jesus christ
<rymate1234> i feel so sorry for you
<Flea997> I have 1.6 MB/s
<luca020400> 800 KB/s O_o
<rymate1234> luca020400: no
<rymate1234> that's 1MB/s
<rymate1234> 8 Megabits = 1 MB
<Flea997> 8)
<andrea2107> rymate1234
<andrea2107> i did this test now
<andrea2107> 3 pc open,my mom watching youtube
<Flea997> While downloading
<andrea2107> ps3 downloading
<andrea2107> ye
<andrea2107> yes
<luca020400> This only for bit and byte
<Flea997> It's a quite normal italian connection
<rymate1234> andrea2107: I've gotten 12Mbps through speedtest.net whilst torrenting
<andrea2107> btw this isn't the maximum that my connection would do
<rymate1234> it's usually pretty accurate whatever your doing
<Flea997> Gotten?
<andrea2107> my connection should be 20 megabits
<rymate1234> and mine should be 17 megabits
<luca020400> Mine 20
<rymate1234> dammit europe
<rymate1234> you're beating my internet again
<rymate1234> :<
<andrea2107> i want the optical fiber :(
<luca020400> I want too
<andrea2107> 100 megabits...awwwwww
<spikypotato> dang your internet's fast
<rymate1234> we could literally call up the broadband and ask for an upgrade to 76 Megabits
<luca020400> I prefere more upload
<rymate1234> luca020400: I'd prefer equal amounts of upload and download
<andrea2107> 4g is still more speedy than adsl...
<Flea997> I would like to have a decent upload and do streams on twitch.tv
<luca020400> If I have to choose I prefer UP > DOWN
<andrea2107> i prefer to have more download
<andrea2107> i don't upload so much
<andrea2107> lol
<luca020400> I yes
<rymate1234> I'd rather have 100MB/s both up and down
<Flea997> Luca i think we'll never see it, maybe if i move to Milan
<rymate1234> why limit yourselves?
<andrea2107> i want the 1000 megabits
<andrea2107> lol
<luca020400> Telecom added the fiber near my house
<luca020400> Where do you live flea ?
<Flea997> Near mine too, an year ago
<andrea2107> i want Google fiber
<spanitzer> I want L O L L I P O P
<Flea997> Secret
<luca020400> Ok lol
<Flea997> XD
<luca020400> I'll find you
<Flea997> You'll kill me? :'(
<luca020400> no
<andrea2107> lol
<Flea997> Oh crap
<andrea2107> you got a youtube channeò
<Flea997> :(((
<Flea997> I was a child
<andrea2107> non we know your aspect
<luca020400> I know where you live ( city
<Flea997> Everybody laughs of me for those videos
<Flea997> Now u too
<Flea997> :(
<Flea997> I changed a bit btw
<luca020400> A bit lol
<andrea2107> ah
<andrea2107> and don't search my name
<Flea997> 20 cm more high
<andrea2107> you will not find nothing
<luca020400> No
<luca020400> I posted my name and number on modao lol
<Flea997> Topkek
<andrea2107> sorry rymate
<andrea2107> i am not that
<rymate1234> k
<luca020400> He isn't
<andrea2107> my channel has more numbers
<luca020400> 2
<rymate1234> cant wait until 4G is more avaliable in the UK
<Flea997> Mmm xxXquickscoperAndremlgyolo420Xxx ?
<andrea2107> no
<andrea2107> lol
<andrea2107> is andrea2107 + 2 numbers
<rymate1234> wait holy shit my town has 4G
<andrea2107> lol
<andrea2107> btw i will guess where flea lives
<andrea2107> i think.....Italy
spikypotato has quit [Quit: Page closed]
<luca020400> Yes
<Flea997> Lel
<Flea997> Very clever
<luca020400> You are a genius Lol
<andrea2107> ok..then
<andrea2107> Rome?
<luca020400> No
<Flea997> Nope
<andrea2107> Napoli?
<luca020400> mop
<luca020400> no
<andrea2107> Milano?
<luca020400> no
<Flea997> Napoli colera
<andrea2107> lol
<luca020400> Hahah lol
<andrea2107> ok
<Flea997> If i said i would live in milan O.o
<rymate1234> suddenly i want a 4G moto g
<andrea2107> now guess where i live
<Flea997> Luca tell me
<andrea2107> O.o
<luca020400> ALCAMO
<andrea2107> nooo
<andrea2107> that isn't a city
<rymate1234> >tinypic
<rymate1234> ew
<andrea2107> that is the name of the server
<Flea997> Lmao
<andrea2107> rymate
<Flea997> 1 year ago
<andrea2107> the guy in the photo is flea
<andrea2107> lol
<Flea997> How u got that?
<Flea997> Minecraftitalia?
<andrea2107> i searched flea997 on google
<andrea2107> :/
<andrea2107> then clicked "immagini"
<Flea997> Oh
<andrea2107> and tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
<Flea997> U're italian than
<luca020400> Yes he is
<Flea997> Mmm
<andrea2107> "clap clap"
<Flea997> Nord or sud?
<luca020400> If I remember near brindisi
<andrea2107> sud
<Flea997> Oh
<andrea2107> suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuud
<luca020400> I and flea nord :D
<Flea997> Me*
<andrea2107> napoli isn't nord
<andrea2107> :/
<Flea997> North africa
<andrea2107> ehm no
<Flea997> I'm not from Napoli
<andrea2107> b-b-but
<andrea2107> ah so genova?
<Flea997> Nope
<andrea2107> luca is from genova
<Flea997> I know
<Flea997> Pasta al pesto
<luca020400> Trofie
<andrea2107> Troie
<Flea997> Pls
<andrea2107> lol
<Flea997> Don't be so rude
<andrea2107> i want Google fibeer
<andrea2107> ah the logdog
<andrea2107> and the logccat
<Flea997> Gonna study philosophy bb see ya
<luca020400> Bye
Flea997 has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
Dois_ has joined #huawei-g300
<luca020400> Dazzozo : What doesn't work on cm12 ?
<andrea2107> don't say that word!
<luca020400> Only for spanitzer
<Dazzozo> yeah my connection is crazy
<Dazzozo> want a speedtest?
<Dazzozo> wait for it
<luca020400> 100 up and 100 down
<spanitzer> Ah
<spanitzer> All people can ASK about cm12 but i not?
<spanitzer> XD
<luca020400> Lol
<luca020400> I want it !!
<luca020400> And your keyboard too
<Dazzozo> no u want a polished and complete cm12
<spanitzer> I want to changed our internet
<Dazzozo> and that doesnt exist yet
<spanitzer> But a test build already exists
<Dazzozo> many test builds have existed
<luca020400> A lot tests
<Dazzozo> test builds existed since day 1
<Dazzozo> but you dont want them
<spanitzer> I will not use my G510 AS daily driver
<Dazzozo> also somehow im drunk at 3pm
<luca020400> At 3 Pm lol
<spanitzer> I will use a S2 and buy a New phone in March 2015
Dois_ has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
<andrea2107> i can even live with only audio and ril
<andrea2107> lol
<andrea2107> or i can
<andrea2107> just backup
<andrea2107> then when i want cm12 restore that
<andrea2107> when i want another thing
<andrea2107> i restore it
<Dazzozo> or you could wait
<Dazzozo> which is less hassle for everyone
<Dazzozo> clearly
<andrea2107> oh yeah
<andrea2107> but u8825 is still a ?
<spanitzer> Chil360 and Dazz must create a team
<andrea2107> since from what i heard
<Dazzozo> we probably should
<andrea2107> ril is changed
<andrea2107> so no libcm.so trick
<spanitzer> Chil360 fixed Audio and camera and Dazz all the other. When Dazz and chil are working in a Team we have a fully Wirkung lollipop
<spanitzer> :(
<andrea2107> this isn't so easy
<Dazzozo> well, other than LP sucking
<Dazzozo> it runs like dog
<andrea2107> btw if you want,daz,you have a u8825 tester
<spanitzer> And a u8951 tester too
<luca020400> u88951 = u8833
<andrea2107> u8951 desn't need another tester
<luca020400> In tests
<andrea2107> it is equal
<andrea2107> u8825 has different ril and audio
<Dazzozo> u8825 uses u8815 audio
<luca020400> Yep
<andrea2107> but not ril i think
<Dazzozo> it uses u8833 ril with a different libcm atm
<Dazzozo> iirc
<andrea2107> oh lol
<luca020400> Just the lib is different
<andrea2107> nevermind,btw if you still need to test any thing i am here
<Dazzozo> but that shouldnt need to change
<Dazzozo> ill probably get at least one person to test on u8825 anyway
<Dazzozo> because there are enough differences
<Dazzozo> same for u8951
<andrea2107> not so much...we are actually using u8833 recovery
<Dazzozo> well thats not surprising
<Dazzozo> recovery doesnt have ril or audio
<andrea2107> yes
<andrea2107> for this
<andrea2107> i say not so much
<luca020400> Same partitiol layout
<Dazzozo> but
<luca020400> partition
<andrea2107> y300 is an updated g330 with a different Ril and audio
<andrea2107> g330 exited first
<andrea2107> it did come in handy
<luca020400> G330 have ics
<andrea2107> since princeedmyon88 ported fully functional firefox os
<luca020400> ?
<andrea2107> from y300ii
<andrea2107> yes
<andrea2107> he had only to change some libs
<andrea2107> and 3.0.8 kernel too
<andrea2107> (referring to luca's question)
<luca020400> Ok ;)
<andrea2107> i don't know if the kernel is only a g300 remake
<andrea2107> but i think yes
Shadowghoster has joined #huawei-g300
<luca020400> Probably
<luca020400> Hi ^^
<andrea2107> btw the stock rom is worse than custom roms,not like the y300
<andrea2107> so the g330 is like an unlucky phone,but not so much,we found daz,you and chil
<andrea2107> and thanks to you we have so many roms
<luca020400> Huawei ≠ good phone
<andrea2107> +1
<andrea2107> the only good phone for me is
<andrea2107> rhe y530 if i remember good
<andrea2107> it is a fuckin 64 bit
<andrea2107> at like 60$
<luca020400> But 32 bit os
<andrea2107> yes...but do you know what this type of architecture can do on android?
<luca020400> Android 5.0 + support 64 bit
<andrea2107> yes....if it will be updated
<andrea2107> it can be a monster
<luca020400> Huawei ≠ updates
<andrea2107> g300 got updated from gb to ics
<andrea2107> who knows
<luca020400> It has gb ?
<andrea2107> g300
<andrea2107> not g330
<luca020400> Yep g300 gb
<andrea2107> yes
<andrea2107> it has gb
<andrea2107> you never looked at his section?
<luca020400> Yeah I know
<andrea2107> btw if you think to backport gb..
<andrea2107> we will not have so many advantages
<luca020400> I read g330 has gb
<andrea2107> oh
<andrea2107> if g330 had gb
<andrea2107> i would stick with it
<luca020400> Probably
<andrea2107> htc evo 3d actually has got gb ^.^
<luca020400> dazzozo : Does the u8815 device config helped with u8833?
<Dazzozo> what
<Dazzozo> you mean originally?
<Dazzozo> the old config?
<Dazzozo> yeah, everything was based on what i had previously for u8815
<luca020400> Ok thanks ;)
<Dazzozo> i literally renamed the u8815 config to msm7x27a-common
<luca020400> Ok lol
<andrea2107> i think this is better
<andrea2107> huawei sources evolution u8815>u8825>u8833>u8951
<Dazzozo> more like
<Dazzozo> u8815->u8833->u8951->u8825
<andrea2107> nah
<Dazzozo> thats the order i did them in
<luca020400> u8815>u8833>u8951>u8825
<luca020400> maybe
<andrea2107> u8825 exited first
<andrea2107> than u8833
<Dazzozo> yes but nobody cared about the u8825
<andrea2107> i am telling
<Dazzozo> for ages
<andrea2107> official
<andrea2107> sources
<Dazzozo> fuck the official sources
<luca020400> ^
<andrea2107> i am telling
<andrea2107> that u8825 sources are likely adapted u8815 sources
<andrea2107> u8833 too
<Dazzozo> well, for huawei's own code, yeah
<Dazzozo> but ultimately theyre based off qc's bsps
<Shadowghoster> god afternoon
<luca020400> Hi
<andrea2107> god of war
<andrea2107> lol
<luca020400> lol
<andrea2107> btw daz, the only active u8825 users actually are: me,lordmcdonald and davef7
<luca020400> Yes lol
<Dazzozo> andrea2107: really?
<andrea2107> yes
<Dazzozo> lmao
<Shadowghoster> I thinks so
<andrea2107> we are almost dead
<Shadowghoster> u8833 you have enough ^^
<andrea2107> watch at our section on modaco
<andrea2107> lol
<luca020400> A lot
<andrea2107> btw there are still some newbie
<Shadowghoster> but most have really no knowledge...
<luca020400> ^
<andrea2107> yes,most don't even know how to do a logdog
<Shadowghoster> :P
<luca020400> Lol
<Shadowghoster> I liked your joke ^^
<andrea2107> guys doesn't even know how to use this complicate site www.google.com
<Shadowghoster> jup
<Shadowghoster> like those who ask how to unlock bootloader...
<Shadowghoster> hm I really like fonz new OP from his CM10.1 ^^
<andrea2107> it is easy
<andrea2107> watch this guide
<Shadowghoster> I know how to do it ^^
<luca020400> How to suicide ? Have you tried ?
<Shadowghoster> Oo
<luca020400> lol
<andrea2107> how do you know that your method is working?
<andrea2107> you need to try
<luca020400> ^
<Shadowghoster> I never tried it what doesn't meann that I don't know how to do it :P
<andrea2107> you need to learn
<andrea2107> go to try
* Shadowghoster has chemistry as a main class
<Shadowghoster> now playing GuildWars2
* andrea2107 is bored
<Shadowghoster> play something ^^
<luca020400> Waiting for moto g 2014 delivery
<Shadowghoster> xD
* andrea2107 what i can play on my t100ta?
<Shadowghoster> 2048
<luca020400> flappy bird
<andrea2107> nah
<andrea2107> i want android-ia :(
<andrea2107> i have a bay trail
<andrea2107> but that fucking intel isn't releasing it for x86 bios
<luca020400> Only x86_64 lol
<andrea2107> btw
<andrea2107> asus told
<andrea2107> that my tab is going to get win 10 update
<andrea2107> but they don't know if it will be free
<luca020400> Goog luck
<andrea2107> :/
<andrea2107> it doesn't have sense
<andrea2107> to make it paid
<andrea2107> since i can install now win 10 technical preview
<andrea2107> activate it
<andrea2107> and install all the drivers
<andrea2107> without problems and free
<luca020400> Windows 8 technical preview was free
<luca020400> Windows 8 release not
<andrea2107> *coff*coff* kms *coff* *coff*
Flea997 has joined #huawei-g300
<Flea997> Hi
<luca020400> Hi
<andrea2107> hi
<luca020400> My ubuntu cola :D http://postimg.org/image/in2cg79qn/
Flea997 has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
<andrea2107> you killed flea
<andrea2107> stop using postimg
<andrea2107> it is crappy
<andrea2107> and slow
Flea997 has joined #huawei-g300
<Flea997> Grrr crash
<luca020400> Lol
<luca020400> Are you dead ?
<andrea2107> if you like light uploader
<andrea2107> here
<andrea2107> or here http://imagevenue.com/
<Flea997> :D
<luca020400> Does u8815 have FMRadio ?
<andrea2107> no
<andrea2107> it uses spirit fm
<Flea997> Lol ubuntu cola
<luca020400> eataly
<luca020400> In Italy you can buy it only here
<Flea997> My friends don't look for cola at eataly
<Flea997> :\
<Flea997> "Friends"
<luca020400> Why "friends"
andrea2107 has quit [Quit: http://www.kiwiirc.com/ - A hand crafted IRC client]
<Flea997> Morons
<luca020400> Se ne è andato :D Finalmente ;D ( apre il log lol )
andrea2107 has joined #huawei-g300
<Flea997> Party hard
<andrea2107> too many tabs open
<Flea997> Oh crap
<Flea997> Do you like it :3
<Flea997> ?
<luca020400> I haven't it yet
<Flea997> I did it alone
<luca020400> Y300 camera is really bad
<Flea997> Yeah ahaha
<Flea997> and my hand not stable
<luca020400> Maybe
_1_xals1997 has joined #huawei-g300
<spanitzer> Luca?
<luca020400> Yep
<luca020400> Hi ^
<spanitzer> What is with your lollipop build
<luca020400> ?
Flea997 is now known as Flea997-shower
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<luca020400> Dazzozo : when are you planning to release the test build ?
spikypotato has joined #huawei-g300
<spanitzer> Luca you builded lollipop too vor?
<spanitzer> Or
rhen has joined #huawei-g300
<rhen> hi
<spikypotato> hello hi hola
<luca020400> Hi rhen and spik
<spikypotato> How did you guys learn to cook roms and do stuffs like that?
<Flea997-shower> Cooking mama
<luca020400> I looking dazz work
Flea997-shower is now known as Flea997
<cybojenix> well we started off by making bacon for lunch ;)
<cybojenix> I guess sometimes people do breakfast instead though
<luca020400> cybojenix are you from cycolabs ?
<spikypotato> cooooool xD
<cybojenix> cycolabls?
<cybojenix> cycolabs*
<luca020400> cybojenix are you from cybolabs ?
<cybojenix> yes
<luca020400> Cool
<cybojenix> I founded it
<luca020400> Cool +1
<cybojenix> out of curiosity, which project do you know it from?
<luca020400> I saw opendump
<cybojenix> ok
<luca020400> *bump
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<andrea2107> Hi
HoloIRCUser has joined #huawei-g300
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<xals1997> hi
<luca020400> Hi
<Flea997> Yo
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xals1997 has joined #huawei-g300
<spanitzer> Abcdefghijklmo
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<luca020400> Lol
xals1997 has joined #huawei-g300
<Flea997> U forgot n
Flea997 has left #huawei-g300 [#huawei-g300]
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<luca020400> This is killing me http://i.imgur.com/j6l0Q4L.png
Nyoom has quit [Max SendQ exceeded]
Nyoom has joined #huawei-g300
spanitzer has joined #huawei-g300
<spanitzer> L O L L I P O P
<spanitzer> C Y A N O G E N M O D 12
<spanitzer> xD
<luca020400> Can someone ban he ?
<spanitzer> Why?
<luca020400> Why not ?
<spanitzer> :(
spikypotato has joined #huawei-g300
<spikypotato> is there any way to enable the new tab page card stack view on chrome?
<luca020400> Only in lollipop
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Flea997 has joined #huawei-g300
<spikypotato> ohh
Solitary has joined #huawei-g300
<rhen> go to the cinema
<rhen> see you guys tomorrow
<rhen> bye
<Flea997> Bye
<Flea997> W8
rhen has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
<Flea997> I wanted to know the film ;;
<luca020400> Lol
xals1997_ has joined #huawei-g300
xals1999 has joined #huawei-g300
<spikypotato> haha
<luca020400> Too many xalz
Flea997 is now known as xalz020400
<luca020400> Nooooooooo
<xalz020400> Troll
xalz020400 is now known as Flea997
<luca020400> My numbers
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<Flea997> What does those numbers mean?
<luca020400> My birthday
<Flea997> Do*
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<spikypotato> alright..goodnight (it's 2am here). bye.
<luca020400> Bye
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<xals1997> Sorry I don't know what did I touch xD sorry if you saw so many xals
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<spanitzer> Hi
<spanitzer> I need help
<Shadowghoster> ask
* Shadowghoster kills you if anything with lolli on the beginning an pop on the endor something with an 12 at the end is coming
<spanitzer> I need a smooth kitkat Rom with good accu
<spanitzer> Shadowghost xD
<Shadowghoster> :P
<spanitzer> Now i have cm11 with Sony UI and it is horrible
<Shadowghoster> use aospa or new carbon
<spanitzer> I think Carbon Rom Kitkat by Luca?
<spanitzer> I hate JB
<spanitzer> Blue Statusbar :(
<spanitzer> Hmmm
<Shadowghoster> jup i mean the new one by luca
<Shadowghoster> and aospa is fine for me with less usage I have ~70% when I go to bed :D
<spanitzer> Slimkat is a good Rom but the recent APP switcher is scheiße!
<spanitzer> But AOSPA have no settings
<Shadowghoster> I don't care about that nowadays
<Flea997> What do you mean with blue statusbar? O.o
fonz93 has joined #huawei-g300
<Flea997> Praise Fonz
<fonz93> hello
<fonz93> praise?
<Flea997> Damn
<Flea997> This keyboard
<Flea997> ...
<fonz93> lol
<fonz93> this connection will kill me
<fonz93> really want to kill them too..
<Flea997> Same here
<fonz93> i can barely load pages
<Flea997> Wich operator?
<fonz93> i was with telecom
<fonz93> and i switched to infostrada
<fonz93> but i just requested to back to telecom..
<Flea997> I'm infostrada too
<fonz93> ULL?
<Flea997> Ehm
<Flea997> I'm a noob
<Flea997> ;;
<fonz93> it's still with telecom or you are full infostrada?
<fonz93> have you a 7 MB or 8 MB?
<Flea997> 20
<fonz93> lol
<fonz93> yes it's ULL
<Flea997> U not?
<fonz93> no :(
<fonz93> that's why i back to telecom
<Flea997> But i'm having problem this month
<Flea997> It has been good al the summer
<fonz93> which type of problems?
<spanitzer> Flea997 i mean the Blue Icons for Battery and Wifi
<Flea997> Use gravitybox then
<Flea997> And you can have white in JB
<luca020400> i fonz :D
<fonz93> hi luca
<Flea997> fonz93: sometimes it's like it stops for 10 seconds, i can't play Dota in this situation
<luca020400> My connection is horrible in these days
<fonz93> Flea997: do you know how to read connection stats?
<fonz93> from the router
<Flea997> My dad sure, not me
<fonz93> which router do you have?
<Flea997> The one given by infostrada
<fonz93> dlink?
<fonz93> or sitecom?
<Flea997> Mmmm
<Flea997> I also have an acces point
<fonz93> and you are connected on that or directly on the router?
<Flea997> I think to that, now i look
<fonz93> wi-fi or eth?
<Flea997> Wi fi
<Flea997> I have pc in my bedroom
<fonz93> if you can read your stats
<Flea997> I dunno how :(
<fonz93> try to ask to your father once
<fonz93> they're useful sometimes
<fonz93> you can see what's wrong
<Flea997> It has just left xD
<Flea997> Wait i write you in private
<fonz93> ok
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<spanitzer> My Internet!
<spanitzer> I hate it!
<spanitzer> 160kb/s!
<Flea997> Easy
<Flea997> XD
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<spanitzer> Good Night
<spanitzer> I flash now carbon rom
<luca020400> night
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<xals1997> Night? haha i'm waiting for dinner xD
<Flea997> I'm studying :(
<luca020400> Haha
<xals1997> haha i need to study too :'(
<luca020400> There's someone who hasn't to study ?
<Flea997> Remember: I'm always studying
<luca020400> I know
<Shadowghoster> good night
<luca020400> Night
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<Dazzozo> back
<Dazzozo> i just walked half way across york
<luca020400> Hi
<luca020400> Is york a big city ?
<Dazzozo> maybe?
<Dazzozo> idk
<Dazzozo> https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/York/@53.9585965,-1.0805916,13z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x4878c340e19865f1:0x4774ab898a54e4d1
<luca020400> maps doesn't help so much XD
<luca020400> The university is really big O_o
<Dazzozo> 2 campuses
<Dazzozo> that was the journey
<Dazzozo> my feet are gonna hate me tomorrow
<luca020400> About 3 hours
<Flea997> I've been at home since saturday, i'm a monster o.o
<xals1997> Good luck with your exams
<xals1997> Going to dinner :P bye
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<luca020400> I can't open it
<Flea997> Why :(
<luca020400> Still loading the image
<Flea997> Rip italian connection
<luca020400> Try this one
<luca020400> Scrivi meglio :p
<luca020400> Idrolisi
<Flea997> I've got other 40 pages
<Flea997> I downloaded android studio the other day D:
<luca020400> So you can update it
<luca020400> Only 8Mb patch
<luca020400> if you are using latest rc
<Flea997> Aw, i'm gonna sleep
<luca020400> Night
<luca020400> Dazzozo : have you tried to fix video playback issue due to caf stuff ?
<Dazzozo> which video playback issue
<luca020400> Video playback is broken with caf stuff
<luca020400> at least in kk
<Flea997> Good Night
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<andrea2107> hi
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<luca020400> Hi Andrea
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