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<fonz93> hello
<fonz93> someone knows why nokia x builds all of this stuffs:
<fonz93> copybit.msm7x27a, gralloc.msm7x27a, hwcomposer.msm7x27a, libc2dcolorconvert, liboverlay, libmemalloc, libtilerenderer, libgenlock, libqdutils, libqdMetaData
<fonz93> and we only thse:
<fonz93> copybit.msm7x27a, gralloc.msm7x27a, hwcomposer.msm7x27a, libtilerenderer
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<rymate1234> ooo fancy channel log
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<andrea2107> hi
<luca020400> Hi :(
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<spanitzer> Good Morning Developers
<luca020400> afternoon :p
<andrea2107> why are you sad luca?
<luca020400> Bad week/day
<andrea2107> what happened?
<andrea2107> for me this is a good week
<luca020400> *no answer*
<andrea2107> a dad's friend found the tool to repair the connector of my brother's evo 3d
<andrea2107> yes...it isn't too much
<andrea2107> but at least i have a decent amount of ram
<andrea2107> the crappy thing is that it is s-on
<andrea2107> D:
<luca020400> S-on
<andrea2107> the only method to s-off it to install cm11 involves in wire trick
<luca020400> No
<andrea2107> juopnutbear or something similiar
<andrea2107> why no? you know another method?
<andrea2107> it has ics hbooy
<andrea2107> hboot
<luca020400> I don't think the only method is too install a custom rom
<andrea2107> no
<andrea2107> i mean
<andrea2107> if i want to install
<andrea2107> a not stock based rom
<luca020400> to install . Sorry
<andrea2107> i need to s-off
<andrea2107> flash
<andrea2107> if my brother didn't update it to ics it could be easy
<andrea2107> my brother now has an l9
<andrea2107> he doesn't want to flash nothing on it lo l
<andrea2107> the funny thing is that i learned all from he...now i rooted his phone since he couldn't do it
<andrea2107> i had only to use cydia impactor
<andrea2107> so easy
<luca020400> I have a friend who bought nexus 5 and it have locked bootloader ( he know how to unlock it and how android works )
<luca020400> Fianlly github works !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
<andrea2107> ?
<luca020400> In these days download speed was 40 kb/s
<andrea2107> i am waiting for you to upload u8825 aospa XD
<luca020400> 87% upload --> timeout :(
<andrea2107> nooooooo
<andrea2107> :(
<luca020400> u8833 --> 93%
<andrea2107> if you open jenkins..
<andrea2107> can i see
<andrea2107> directly
<andrea2107> the zip
<andrea2107> lol
<luca020400> No I already builded them
<andrea2107> like daz jenkins
<luca020400> I have to upload aospa and mahdi
<andrea2107> that you can download from jenkins
<luca020400> With 90 kb/s
<andrea2107> uhm
<andrea2107> nevermind..it is a good speed
<andrea2107> lol
<luca020400> Max download speed it my upload speed
<luca020400> *is
<andrea2107> open jenkins...i want to test a thing XD
<luca020400> You can't
<luca020400> u8833 done
<andrea2107> it is another thing
<luca020400> Maybe you can flas it
<luca020400> I know what you want to do
<andrea2107> what?
<luca020400> What ??? :p
<luca020400> Anyway I removed it from my hdd
<andrea2107> what?
<andrea2107> cm12?
<luca020400> No jenkins
<andrea2107> Ah lol
<andrea2107> i wanted to try to access to your pc to steal cm12
<andrea2107> ahahaa
<luca020400> And cm12 to ( build source code still alive )
<andrea2107> so % u8825 upload?
<luca020400> And cm12 too ( at least for the build , build source code still alive )
<luca020400> 3.5 lol
<andrea2107> :(
<andrea2107> what rom are you using now
<luca020400> cm11
<andrea2107> funny
<andrea2107> lol
<luca020400> Incredible rom
<andrea2107> isn't aospa better?
<luca020400> Now cm11 seems the best
<andrea2107> wow
<andrea2107> so i'm going to use it
<luca020400> I'm using it only with pico gapps ( stock kernel )
<andrea2107> i will test it with chil's kernel and with not
<luca020400> stock --> great battery life . chil --> microbit faster battery drain
<andrea2107> so i think i will go for chil
<andrea2107> lol
<luca020400> lol only bit
<andrea2107> uhm
<andrea2107> the download isn't starting
<luca020400> This happened to spanitzer too
<andrea2107> aosp mod is lagging like a shit for me
<andrea2107> it remains on <sconosciuto>
<luca020400> screen
<luca020400> super + stamp
<andrea2107> wasnt it power+ vol+ ?
<andrea2107> i am not doing it from pc
<andrea2107> lolol
<luca020400> a lol
<andrea2107> i'm gonna try from pc
<andrea2107> it is faster
<luca020400> Power menu --> screen --> and pulldown the statusbar fastly
<andrea2107> here it is
<andrea2107> i use noelshack since when i do a screen i can click share and it gives me direct link to image
<luca020400> Try es file manger download
<andrea2107> ik
<andrea2107> ok
<andrea2107> it worked
<andrea2107> btw the goo.gl link you sent is u8825?
<luca020400> No lol
<andrea2107> ok aosp mod is lagging too much
<andrea2107> going to do from pc
<luca020400> Me too . After some days it lags a lot
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<andrea2107> ok now i am from my tablet
<andrea2107> it is completely another thing
<andrea2107> super mega fast
<andrea2107> XD
<andrea2107> luca
<andrea2107> you are using pico gapps so?
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<andrea2107> R.I.P luca,you was very active
<rymate1234> hi
<andrea2107> hi
<spanitzer> ???
<andrea2107> spanitzer
<andrea2107> what gapps you prefer?
<andrea2107> i don't know to use micro modular or pico
<andrea2107> what do you prefer?
<rymate1234> andrea2107: I use micro
<rymate1234> actually no
<rymate1234> I use nano
<andrea2107> oh ok
<andrea2107> i will go for nano
<spanitzer> Yes i use nano
<spanitzer> But for now i use cm10
<andrea2107> wow
<andrea2107> pa gapps hosts are very slow
<andrea2107> the only decent one is http://battledroid.org/downloads/
<andrea2107> i don't know why it contains updated gapps
<andrea2107> but well...it is fast
<andrea2107> and the md5 is the same
<andrea2107> the fastest host btw is as Always dazzozo one
<andrea2107> i downloaded cm11 at 600kb/s
<andrea2107> gapps at 400 kb/s :/
<rymate1234> wow so ~~~fast~~~
<andrea2107> yes....this is italian connection
<andrea2107> and internet Explorer power
<andrea2107> lol
<spanitzer> I download with 200kb\s :-I
<andrea2107> btw who is battledroid lol
<andrea2107> he deserve an hug
<andrea2107> ah ok it is a mirroring service
<spanitzer> Which kernel for cm10? Synapsis or cextel?
<andrea2107> synapsis
<andrea2107> cextel is ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooools
<andrea2107> old
<andrea2107> *
<andrea2107> and synopsis is still better(it is synopsis for me XD )
<luca020400> I'm alive
<andrea2107> welcome back luca
<andrea2107> how was the hell?
<luca020400> A bit dark
<andrea2107> uhm
<andrea2107> i dont want to plug my phone to pc
<luca020400> airdroid
<rymate1234> does the age of the kernel even matter
<luca020400> No
<andrea2107> yes..but
<rymate1234> no
<rymate1234> it doesn't
<luca020400> But cextel add only oc uc and gpu oc
<rymate1234> do you really need more in a kernel?
<luca020400> Bateery drain is really hight
<rymate1234> the tweaks are mostly placebo
<luca020400> I think these are useless in our phone
<rymate1234> and of course you're going to get battery drain if you overclock
<luca020400> ^^
<spanitzer> I think synopsis is better
<luca020400> Yes
<andrea2107> do you think what
<andrea2107> i will use es file Explorer to send the rom
<andrea2107> LOLOLOLOLOLOL
<rymate1234> synopsis is just the stock kernel slightly improved
<rymate1234> CeXstel appears to have a ton of l33t epic tweaks that barely do anything
<luca020400> I just discovered my vodafone station support 5 Ghz band O_o
<andrea2107> and so?
<andrea2107> if it was a 5ghz processor it would be Amazing XD
<luca020400> But I haven't any device supporting it XD
<andrea2107> lol
<andrea2107> lol
<andrea2107> lol
<andrea2107> lol
<andrea2107> lol
<andrea2107> lol
<andrea2107> ops
<rymate1234> gg
<andrea2107> 429924942842 messagges tapatalk problem(joke)
<luca020400> I hate tapatalk
<andrea2107> i never had any problem with it..
<spanitzer> andrea2107: STOP YOUR LOL!!!
<andrea2107> LOL
<rymate1234> lol
<rymate1234> #lolgate
<luca020400> Yep my wifi usb doesn't support it http://www.tp-link.com/lk/products/details/?model=TL-WN725N#fea
<rymate1234> oh god I used to have that
<rymate1234> terrible piece of junk
<rymate1234> especially with linux
<andrea2107> LOL
<luca020400> Why ? It works fine
<rymate1234> kept dropping connection
<luca020400> u8825 --> 85%
<rymate1234> was rather slow
<andrea2107> btw
<rymate1234> http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B007SUYM72 the superior cheap wireless adapter
<andrea2107> just used samba network fileshare
<andrea2107> good
<rymate1234> andrea2107: I actually use samba print sharing with my raspberry pi so I can use my wired USB printer wirelessly
<andrea2107> so you know the thing? my pc actually is at 3 cm from my phone
<rymate1234> oh
<andrea2107> and i can plug it when i want
<rymate1234> haven't used it like that
<andrea2107> but i like alternative things
<andrea2107> uhm
<andrea2107> my ps isn't really a pc
<andrea2107> so it can be where i want
<rymate1234> ps?
<rymate1234> oh that
<andrea2107> yes it returned
<andrea2107> ^.^
<andrea2107> it is better than my old pc
<andrea2107> loool
<rymate1234> well of course it is
<andrea2107> it has 2 gb ram yet...but they are way more fast
<rymate1234> andrea2107: ram isn't as important when comparing an old and new PC
<rymate1234> the processor is the most important bit
<andrea2107> yes...quadcore vs dual core
<andrea2107> but 2.3 GHz vs 1.3 ghz
<rymate1234> what processor is in the older PC
<luca020400> Intel Core i5 4460 :D
<andrea2107> amd 64 x2
<andrea2107> i never touched something in it....my dad doesn't want to spend 100$ each year to keep a pc new
<luca020400> Mine too
<andrea2107> if i want to be honest
<andrea2107> i have an amd a8 & 8 gb of ram too
<andrea2107> but it is of my Brother :(
<luca020400> The only thing missing in my cpu is the Hyper-Threading
<rymate1234> luca020400: eh hyperthreading is meh
<andrea2107> ah friend was scared of his Samsung galaxy s5
<luca020400> Samsung hahahhahaha
<andrea2107> since he placed it on his pc fan
<andrea2107> and so it was burning
<andrea2107> lol
<andrea2107> now he his cooling it with water >.<
<andrea2107> is*
<luca020400> Image ot it never happened
<andrea2107> stupid keyboard
<luca020400> *or
<rymate1234> andrea2107: by the looks of it the processor in your tablet is about equal to the processor in your desktop in benchmarks
<andrea2107> ah
<andrea2107> my old pc
<rymate1234> yeah
<andrea2107> has a "great" ati x1200
<andrea2107> >.<
<rymate1234> andrea2107: ah that's why the tablet is faster
<andrea2107> and the 2 gb of ram ddr2...
<andrea2107> DDR2!!!!!
<luca020400> Lol
<rymate1234> the intel graphics in it absolutely pummel the x1200 in benchmarks
<luca020400> x1200 haven't gpu
<andrea2107> intel hd graphics 2500 <3
<rymate1234> luca020400: uh
<andrea2107> x1200 is a gpu
<rymate1234> the x1200
<rymate1234> is a gpu
<rymate1234> dammit andrea2107
<rymate1234> you beat me
<luca020400> I tought it was the cpu lol
<andrea2107> ._.
<luca020400> fx1200 XD
<luca020400> FX are the newer amd cpus
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<rymate1234> luca020400: if only there was a single core fx cpu
<rymate1234> xD
<andrea2107> what site are you using for benchmark
<andrea2107> rymate
<rymate1234> google.com
<rymate1234> xD
<andrea2107> :/
<andrea2107> i don't find
<andrea2107> amd 64 x2
<andrea2107> vs intel z3740
<andrea2107> nevermind
<andrea2107> i searched amd 64 x3
<andrea2107> hahahaha
<luca020400> hahha
<andrea2107> ...
<andrea2107> equal?
<andrea2107> ops
<andrea2107> wrong
<andrea2107> my is athlon
<andrea2107> not turion
<andrea2107> lol
<andrea2107> intel is better
<andrea2107> my
<andrea2107> z3775 differ only on higher clock speed
<luca020400> You should look at myfather pc . 2004 pc lol
<andrea2107> btw just flashed cm11
<andrea2107> fast ^.^
<andrea2107> now i only have to install nova launcher
<andrea2107> and it will be perfect
<luca020400> Newer version have "Show page as card"
<andrea2107> trebuchet(or how it is called) is really crappy
<andrea2107> ok so what kernel has best performance
<andrea2107> chil or daz?
<andrea2107> this is the question
<luca020400> chil
<andrea2107> ok where i can find chil's kernel repack?
<andrea2107> i don't like googling
<andrea2107> hahahahaha
<luca020400> modacing
<andrea2107> latest one is 0.53?
<luca020400> Yep
<andrea2107> where is 0,53 repack O.o
<andrea2107> i can download directly from chil's topic?
<luca020400> You have to do it
<andrea2107> oh
<andrea2107> funny
<andrea2107> lol
<luca020400> You have to unpack it
<luca020400> aospa u8825 up
<andrea2107> noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
<andrea2107> i found the 0,52
<andrea2107> D:
<andrea2107> i am unlucky
<andrea2107> btw
<andrea2107> i don't need to do what you told
<andrea2107> muahaha
<luca020400> Oh man no please unpack it
<andrea2107> why? lol
<andrea2107> if i can use that tool?
<andrea2107> tool are made to be used
<luca020400> You have learn how to unpack it
<andrea2107> i already know how to unpack a kernel/recoveyr
<luca020400> So
<andrea2107> remember i changed the curtain
<andrea2107> of twrp
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<andrea2107> i don't have the unpack tool here
<luca020400> Hi
<andrea2107> and i don't have so much space
<luca020400> 10 mb lol
<andrea2107> lol
<Shadowghoster> Hi
<andrea2107> nah i will unpack it you convinced me
<rymate1234> andrea2107: how much space?
<andrea2107> i have the 32 gb t100ta
<andrea2107> so
<rymate1234> how much space do you have usable though
<rymate1234> xD
<andrea2107> 28 gb...but when you have all setupped they will be like 12 gb
<andrea2107> now i have 4 gb free
<andrea2107> i think because i have to install an update
<andrea2107> i think it is win 8 update 1
<rymate1234> ah
<andrea2107> i don't know if i already have it
<rymate1234> if I get one I might get a micro SD card to go with it
<rymate1234> xD
<andrea2107> i have a 16 gb sd..
<andrea2107> uhmm
<andrea2107> time to use it
<rymate1234> lmao
<andrea2107> old cheap 16 gb sd
<andrea2107> cheap but working
<andrea2107> lol
<Shadowghoster> sdcards are chap in general ^^
<andrea2107> this is a kingstone sd
<andrea2107> lol
<andrea2107> btw
<andrea2107> why microsd are cheaper than usb
<andrea2107> this is nonsense
<andrea2107> luca020400
<luca020400> Yep
<rymate1234> andrea2107: because usb sticks are usually faster i believe
<andrea2107> to repack a kernel i have to replace original ramdisk with chil's one?
<andrea2107> ops
<andrea2107> with cm one
<andrea2107> not with chil
<luca020400> Just move chil zImage to cm one
<andrea2107> ?
<luca020400> Upload speed
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<andrea2107> so speedy
<luca020400> Bad server
<andrea2107> it isn't your fault
<andrea2107> basketbuild is slow
<luca020400> No
<andrea2107> yes
<luca020400> yes
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<andrea2107> btw
<andrea2107> you haven't aryshaar ftp?
<andrea2107> his server
<luca020400> Yes I have it too
<andrea2107> you use it for mirro
<andrea2107> upload to it
<andrea2107> and watch
<andrea2107> it will be more fast
<luca020400> I missed it
<Shadowghoster> if you need place, I can eventually give you something on a friends server
<andrea2107> loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
<luca020400> I have another server ;) Thanks anyway
<luca020400> he only thing I have only ftp access :(
* Shadowghoster has hosted his homepage on it ^^
<luca020400> I can too
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<andrea2107> i am uploading repacked kernel
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<andrea2107> if you want to test the repacked kernel you can,i don't have time now
<andrea2107> you know i like Google drive,fast and easy to use
<andrea2107> and no bandiwth problem
<andrea2107> and easy to have direct links
<andrea2107> i think it works
<andrea2107> no
<andrea2107> lol
<andrea2107> i am an idiot
<andrea2107> this is the direct link
<andrea2107> lol
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<spanitzer> Can i have the link for Dazz Jenkins?
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<spanitzer> I See only cm11 in Jenkins :(
<spanitzer> On
<Dazzozo> what were you expecting?
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<Shadowghoster> spanitzer CM10.2 you must search for
<Shadowghoster> and CM12 you won't find there :D
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<rhen> hi
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<spanitzer> Shadow ich nutze momentan cm10
<Shadowghoster> ah
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<Shadowghoster> das wirst du abei daz net finden ^^
<spanitzer> Naja ich geh pennen
<spanitzer> Bin morgen in einer Auto Werkststatt arbeiten
<spanitzer> Vielleicht mach ich eine Ausbildung als KFZ Mechatroniker
<spanitzer> Good night
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<andrea2107> hi
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<Nyoom> Any stable L rom ?
<Dazzozo> question should be "any L rom?"
<Dazzozo> answer is no, because no one is braindead stupid enough
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