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<Flea997> yo
<luca020400> Yo ^ì
<luca020400> I hate XDA
<Flea997> poor
<Flea997> :c
<Shadowghoster> Oo
<luca020400> Whatsapp doesn't support video bitrate at 15Mbps Lol
<luca020400> It crhashes
<Shadowghoster> use whatsapp plus ^^
<luca020400> Now whatsapp team can ban users that use whatsapp plus
<luca020400> That's why I use the normal one
<Flea997> yes but
<Flea997> noone of my friends has been banned
<Shadowghoster> Me neither
<luca020400> Me too
<luca020400> XD
<Shadowghoster> and I used it since I have WA ^^
<luca020400> "Meglio prevenire che curare"
<Flea997> uuuu
<Flea997> christmas is near
<Flea997> 1 year of y300
<Flea997> 1 year of whatsapp
<Flea997> i have to pay now
<luca020400> Supersu causes bootloop with lollipop
<luca020400> My phone is bootlooping
<luca020400> nooo
<luca020400> Let's reflash the rom without it
<luca020400> Or switch to kk
<luca020400> KK
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<luca020400> Hi
<Y300-0100> Morning.
<Y300-0100> Good ^^
<luca020400> For me too :D
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<Dazzozo> oh neato
<Dazzozo> i can have cm support both f2fs and ext4 at the same time
<Dazzozo> baaaaaabe
<luca020400> You mean like moto g that uses f2fs only in /data ?
<Dazzozo> no
<Dazzozo> as in it will attempt to mount as f2fs
<Dazzozo> and fall back to ext4
<luca020400> O_O
<luca020400> Sure ?
<Dazzozo> yes
<luca020400> That's great
<Dazzozo> now if only i was in york with my pc :(
<Dazzozo> i miss york
<luca020400> Where are you ?
<Dazzozo> with my family
<Dazzozo> unfortunately
<Dazzozo> for a fuckin week
<Dazzozo> why did i think this was a good idea
<luca020400> Lol
<Dazzozo> lets see if i can dev on this laptop without wanting to kill myself
<luca020400> Laptop specs ??
<Dazzozo> some shitty AMD quad APU
<luca020400> Apu are "ok"
<Dazzozo> not if youre me
<Dazzozo> next time i buy a laptop im spending at least £900
<luca020400> Yes you are dazz
<Dazzozo> because otherwise im disappointed by them
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<rhen> hi
<luca020400> Hi
<XRevan86> rhen: hi
<rhen> how are the things?
<Dazzozo> dexoptttttttttttt
<luca020400> I hate it
<luca020400> Mine moto g take 15 min
<Dazzozo> wtf why am i seeing gms references in logcat
<Dazzozo> i literally wiped system before flashing this build
<luca020400> Cm backuptool ?
<luca020400> *you wiped system
<luca020400> So no
<Dazzozo> that doesnt invoke the backuptool
<luca020400> addon.d
<Dazzozo> yes i know what the backuptool is
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<luca020400> Dazzozo : How many time takes the Y300 at the first boot ?
<Dazzozo> well im using engineering builds
<Dazzozo> and it takes like 5-10 min?
<luca020400> Have you builded with your laptop ?
<Dazzozo> lol noooo way
<Dazzozo> i built on my server
<luca020400> Lol I missed it XD
<rhen> Dazzozo: is there a build I can test?
<luca020400> ^ XD
<Dazzozo> no
<Dazzozo> when i was talking about that, i was talking hypothetically about a future build
<rhen> still have some obvious bug?
<Dazzozo> we're far from that atm
<rhen> ok
<Dazzozo> yea
<luca020400> Major bugs ?
<Dazzozo> yeah
<rhen> I read somewhere today, that 5.1 can come in february. Maybe we will skip the 5.0 release entirely
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<Saurabhrck> hi
<Dazzozo> yo
<luca020400> Hi ^^
<Saurabhrck> how's everyone?
<luca020400> For me ok
<Saurabhrck> how is your moto G treating you! I tested 5.0.1 build on redmi 1s yesterday.
<luca020400> Itested android 5.0.2 :p
<luca020400> But kitkat is faster
<Saurabhrck> nice, On mine ril is not working. its detecting n/w but can't register
<luca020400> I know
<luca020400> I follow redmi development
<luca020400> Does xda removed the lock in the redmi threds ?
<Saurabhrck> great! yes they have. but not from original dev threads. hey have you seen this phone? latest release by cm and micromax! only 142 usd.
<luca020400> Unofficial rumor
<Dazzozo> "unofficial"
<Dazzozo> "rumour"
<Dazzozo> as opposed to an official rumour?
<luca020400> Lol
<Saurabhrck> haha
<luca020400> Only a rumor
<Saurabhrck> I think I will buy it next year! fucking xiaomi is pissing me with kernel source!
<luca020400> 64 bit cm and kitkat
<Saurabhrck> yess!
<Saurabhrck> for 142 usd only
<luca020400> Should be 64 bit cm and lollipop
<Saurabhrck> it will be updated when cm12 becomes stable
<luca020400> Are you sure ?
<Saurabhrck> ofcourse! Its direct partnership with cm. they also said it will be updated for 3 years officially, and later will be maintained in cm nightly/snapshot/milestones releases
<luca020400> I'm waiting the Dees_Troy answare :/ It's very annoyng
<luca020400> Lol
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<spanitzer> Galaxy S1 have a good working cm12
<Dazzozo> cool
<luca020400> s1 ?
<luca020400> XD
<spanitzer> Galaxy S
<spanitzer> I9001
<luca020400> I saw
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<luca020400> Night
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<rhen|away> good night
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