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<spanitzer> Good morning
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<luca020400> Github works . Again :)
<luca020400> I just founf moto g 2014 at € 169,00 :D
<Shadowghoster> Oo
<Shadowghoster> cool
<luca020400> European and network unlocked :D
<luca020400> MOTOROLA MOTO G 2014 XT1068 8GB DUAL SIM BLACK
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<luca020400> Dazzozo : have you fixed audio ?
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<spanitzer> chil360: Can you use the Source from you SlimKat with display-caf to fix RIL?
<Shadowghoster> Daz already fixed eil
<Shadowghoster> *ril
<spanitzer> Yes but chil fixed audio and camera and Dazz not!
<Shadowghoster> we will see
<Shadowghoster> we have no influence on what they're doing
<Dazzozo> spanitzer: how do you know
<Dazzozo> lol
<spanitzer> Modaco
<spanitzer> Forum
<Dazzozo> lol
<Dazzozo> go away
<spanitzer> ???
<Dazzozo> u didnt just cite modaco as a source
<Dazzozo> did you
<Shadowghoster> xD
<spanitzer> Are you posting news here? No!
<Dazzozo> im not posting news anywhere
<Dazzozo> because of people like you
<Dazzozo> ;)
<Dazzozo> i cant handle the stress, so i dont bother
<spanitzer> I asked only for news
<Dazzozo> well dont
<Dazzozo> when people start getting antsy like that it breaks me
<spanitzer> OK sorry for the stress from my site
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<Dazzozo> because mere asking is conducive to stress
<Shadowghoster> mhm
<Dazzozo> and i am not someone who deals with stress well
<Dazzozo> for a very good reason
<Shadowghoster> but sometimes you can tell us your status, that isn't so stressing, is it?
<Dazzozo> ill SHARE it
<Dazzozo> but when people ask for it
<Dazzozo> thats when its a problem
<spanitzer> Sorry Dazz
<spanitzer> I will wait for news from you and will not ask ;)
<Dazzozo> last few days ive actually been working on another project of mine
<Dazzozo> but im gonna invest some time in android stuff now
<Shadowghoster> ok
<Dazzozo> mostly because im tired of arm assembly
<Dazzozo> brain ache
<Shadowghoster> ^^
<Dazzozo> basically: 2 processors, write to ram with one, read from another
<Dazzozo> fucked by data cache
<Dazzozo> cant seem to flush/invalidate it correctly
<Dazzozo> so ive given up with it for now
<Dazzozo> i have the privileges, im sure of that :>
<Shadowghoster> :)
<Dazzozo> my theory was i had to flush from the one that writes and invalidate from the one that reads, but i pretty much tried any combination
<Dazzozo> and i couldnt get those values beyond the first time
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<luca020400> I have a moto g 2014 :D
<Dazzozo> nice, now you can ditch shit phones
<luca020400> I'll give my Y300 to my father
<spanitzer> Luca the G2014 have a official lollipop update
<luca020400> Yep
<luca020400> Modaco removed my fuck Y300 lol
<Dazzozo> i wish i could make putty pretty
<Dazzozo> white text on black background has gotten old and i think its straining my eyes idk
<luca020400> Hahah lol
<luca020400> I'll make it better
<Dazzozo> you should see my new keyboard
<Dazzozo> cost £159
<luca020400> Lol
<luca020400> Mine 5
<Dazzozo> you can do crazy things with the colours
<luca020400> I know
<luca020400> Leds and leds
<Dazzozo> colour wave etc
<Dazzozo> which is what i have it on
<luca020400> I want it
<Dazzozo> it feels so good
<Dazzozo> and makes me look forward to using my pc
<luca020400> I want it
<Dazzozo> lol
<Dazzozo> im gonna multitask these two projects
<Dazzozo> because fortunately for me right now android takes ages to build
<luca020400> Two ? How
<Dazzozo> im working on some 3DS stuff
<Dazzozo> but the arm data cache is screwing me
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<Dazzozo> found all sorts of stuff for cleaning/flushing/invalidating and i just cant read from this memory addr after the first time
<luca020400> Never tried to work on 3ds as I can lunch homebrew :(
<Dazzozo> im doing some.. questionable things atm with it
<Dazzozo> pretty much for the experience of doing it
<luca020400> What are you tring to do ?
<Dazzozo> load a copy of native firm from the sd card and soft reset in to it
<luca020400> in to it ?
<luca020400> A ok
<Dazzozo> and i have the majority of it working
<luca020400> Great
<Dazzozo> but the data cache is fucking me
<spanitzer> Moto G 2013 Dual SIM become now Android 5.0 Lollipop.
<spanitzer> But first only in india :(
<luca020400> I know
<luca020400> And brasil
<luca020400> Let's build the rom :d
<Shadowghoster> ;D
<luca020400> I'll drop the community with a rom :d
<spanitzer> Oh no
<spanitzer> CM11 with Dazz Kernel for with Chil360?
<luca020400> ??
<luca020400> Your english is incredible
<Dazzozo> yeah... what
<Dazzozo> also my fucking y300 wont power on
<Dazzozo> gr8
<luca020400> In these days mine too
<luca020400> Sometimes cannot boot and black screen
<Dazzozo> no as in
<Dazzozo> nothing
<Dazzozo> it doesnt turn on
<Dazzozo> no vibration either
<luca020400> ^
<luca020400> I have to remove battery and after 5 min it boots
<Dazzozo> ill plug it in to the wall for 20 mins or so
<luca020400> Newer cm builds cannot boot to recovery . Why ?
<Dazzozo> i get a red LED flash
<Dazzozo> and thats it
<Dazzozo> wait what
<luca020400> I mean reboot to recovery
<Dazzozo> really?
<Dazzozo> what did they change
<luca020400> It seems
<luca020400> Nothing
<luca020400> Maybe my device is totally broke
<Dazzozo> i think my device just came back to life
<luca020400> Good
<luca020400> fatal error: display_config.h: No such file or directory . But why ? legacy devices don't need it
<spanitzer> Sorry
<spanitzer> Auto correctur
<spanitzer> I mean cm11 with Dazz kernel or with chil360 kernel?
<luca020400> I use dazz
<luca020400> News dazzozo for cm12 ?
<Dazzozo> you guys are gonna give me a nervous breakdown if you dont stop
<luca020400> I asked it a few times
<Dazzozo> once is too much
<luca020400> Ok
<Dazzozo> when 200 people are doing it
<luca020400> I totally agree with you *luca remove the cm12 word from his mind*
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<luca020400> Hi eloy
<eloygomez> hi luca020400
<eloygomez> ril luca020400 no work
<eloygomez> in G630
<luca020400> I know
<eloygomez> luca020400: the problem is that you can not use the moto e, uses different things
<luca020400> I kno
<eloygomez> im crazy :D
<luca020400> Why ?
<eloygomez> I'm going crazy
<luca020400> Ok
<eloygomez> do not know how to fix it
<eloygomez> :D:D:D
<spanitzer> When i use cm11 with chil360kernel have i the newer KGSL driver?
<luca020400> Yep
<spanitzer> Hmmm. But the UI is not smoother
<spanitzer> Can i activate onscreen buttons in cm11?
<Dazzozo> i just pushed my 3ds thing to git
<Dazzozo> private repo for obvious reasons
<luca020400> Ok
<Dazzozo> if anyone wants to stare at code that is almost definitely useless to you
<Dazzozo> shout
<Dazzozo> basically this is in the realm of "could enable piracy" and yeah everyone tries to avoid making that stuff public
<Dazzozo> i technically can already pirate games, so im just doing this to learn
<luca020400> Good work
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<spanitzer> Dazzozo: ??
<spanitzer> Please can you restart your Server? With my Android Tablet i cant download cm11 from your server
<Dazzozo> server is fine
<Shadowghoster> spanitzer don'tt alk rubbisj
<Shadowghoster> *don't talk rubbish
<Dazzozo> and it aint getting restarted for 1 person, it hasnt been restarted for 6 months
<Shadowghoster> besides that you'll nearly never restart your server...
<Dazzozo> well isnt that the point
<Dazzozo> uptime!
<spanitzer> Hmmm
<spanitzer> But how can i download cm11?
<Dazzozo> i can literally record myself downloading cm from my server if u want
<Dazzozo> the problem is between you and the dc, not the server itself
<spanitzer> But i cant download it from my Huawei phone and asus tablet
<spanitzer> Fucking German Telekom :(
<Shadowghoster> Long lives 1&1 :D - which uses the Telekom network
<Shadowghoster> try another browser
<spanitzer> Hmmmm. Now i downloaded from the Huawei with AOSP Browser and slimkat 8.18 and have no problems
<Shadowghoster> happens sometimes
<Dazzozo> tempted to make the nightlies weekly now
<rymate1234> 18:45:54 <spanitzer> Please can you restart your Server?
<rymate1234> linux isn't windows
<rymate1234> you dont need to reboot every week
<luca020400> ^
<Shadowghoster> week? day! ^^
<rymate1234> day?
<rymate1234> wtf you doing wrong
<rymate1234> my laptop stays in sleep mode 80% of the time
<rymate1234> only reboots when
<rymate1234> 1. windows updates
<rymate1234> 2. it wakes up and wifi doesnt work
<Shadowghoster> I haveno laptop :D
<Shadowghoster> and my PC is standing rght nextto my bed
<Shadowghoster> fucking keyboard -_-
<Dazzozo> i havent rebooted my pc in a month either
<Dazzozo> i put it to sleep every night
<luca020400> O_o
<luca020400> I definitely want it
<Shadowghoster> that's cool ^^
<Dazzozo> it looks a lot better than that in real life
<Dazzozo> the colours are dim on the camera
<Dazzozo> but you get the idea
<luca020400> Which camera you used ?
<Shadowghoster> @Daz i turn it off because it's off for over 12 h
<Dazzozo> luca020400: N5
<luca020400> ok
<Shadowghoster> ^^
<Dazzozo> Shadowghoster: the reason i dont is i cant be bothered to open everything again
<Dazzozo> i got so used to resuming everything from where i was last night that i cant do without it
<Shadowghoster> I can live with it
<Shadowghoster> and it's not so much, so I don't care
<Dazzozo> i have tons of shit open all the time
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<andrea2107> hi
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