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<rhen> hi
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<moeter> mornin.
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<fonz93> hello
<fonz93> wich VoIP apps don't work on custom ROMs?
<fonz93> because i just tried Facebook Messenger because of reports
<fonz93> but it works for me
<fonz93> i might have fixed it with one of these commits
<fonz93> or
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<rhen> fonz93: I can't make call on Facebook messenger, Viber, and Line on CM11
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<rhen> and hangouts also doesn't work
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<Dois_> fonz: skype doesn't work to
<luca020400> Good afternoon :D
<rhen> good to you :)
<Dois_> Good morning
<luca020400> Good night :p
<Dois_> slimkat use lg libs or nokia x libs ??
<luca020400> Yep
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<Dois_> I have an existential dilemma. Between slimk 8.8 or 8.10 xD
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<luca020400> We have currently implemented support for firmware versions 7.0 until 9.2 and adding support for lower versions every day.
<luca020400> Only now :/
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<fonz93> rhen: the only thing i missed is skype, i didn't try it
<fonz93> but i am sure that viber and facebook messenger calls works perfectly
<fonz93> on my latest cm10.1
<fonz93> and someone reported that they didn't in previous versions
<rhen> i'm sure, I talked about CM11
<fonz93> so the commits i posted should fix VoIP
<fonz93> on CM11 too, i hope
<fonz93> i already posted on SlimKat thread, wait for chil360 that look at them
<luca020400> Why I can't use prebuilt dtbb :/
<fonz93> Dois_: Slimkat is using nokia x libraries
<fonz93> if you are on CM11
<fonz93> (rhen)
<fonz93> i can send you some props to add
<fonz93> and see if they fix VoIP for you
<fonz93> the problem is the muted mic? right?
<rhen> I uninstalled all my VOIP app, but I can test it if you can provide an info what to do
<fonz93> are you able to add lines on build.prop?
<fonz93> that's the only thing you need to do
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<luca020400> Hi eloy
<luca020400> Bad news :(
<fonz93> luca oltre alla cartella libaudio
<fonz93> e al build.prop
<fonz93> e ai file nel vendor
<fonz93> non serve nient'altro per il g330?
<fonz93> sorry for italian language
<luca020400> You have to remove fm radio patches
<fonz93> fmradio is not working then?
<luca020400> Nope
<luca020400> Bugged
<luca020400> But the G330 doesn't use it
<luca020400> *users don't
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<fonz93> there's a way to delete files after "call inherit"?
<luca020400> Just add a cleanspeech.mk with the args for remove files
<fonz93> ...
<fonz93> mmm
<luca020400> CleanSpec.mk and add $(call add-clean-step, $direcotry )
<fonz93> but the patches are still applied?right
<fonz93> if i call a ". build/envsetup"
<fonz93> they are applied
<luca020400> Yep
<fonz93> and when brunch u8825
<fonz93> all patches are deleted but still applied
<fonz93> shit
<fonz93> then i'll have to use your configuration
<fonz93> and add all my changes
<fonz93> oh god
<luca020400> Just run repo sync two times
<luca020400> It will delete patches but manual "changes" still alive
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<fonz93> well there's only a way, when i build for G330 i'll have to delete the patches manually before the ". build/envsetup.sh"
<luca020400> Ora capisco cosa intendevi
<fonz93> i'll use your u8825 config
<fonz93> easiest way
<fonz93> thanks anyway
<luca020400> :D
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<Dois_> fonz93: also skype video call work ??
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<fonz93> Dois_: don't know
<Dois_> i make the changes in slimkat than you make in your cm10.1
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<rhen> hi again
<luca020400> Hi
<rhen> fonz went away?
<rhen> seems like
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<fonz93> hello
<luca020400> Hi
<Dois_> Hi
<Dois_> I try slimkat with your changes fonz
<Dois_> Skype videocall work
<Dois_> But only in interctive governor
<luca020400> As always
<Dois_> No.
<Dois_> witouth the changes only work in interactive in 245 gpu
<luca020400> Skype with interctive governor worked in my aospa
<Dois_> with these changes gpu in 320 skype video call work
<Dois_> funny thing is that also the application in general work better
<fonz93> normal calls with ondemand are working?
<fonz93> if changing the governor make videocalls working then it's not a problem of muted mic
<Dois_> Wait.. i try withouth the changes, reboot and now skype don't work -.-
<fonz93> that's a weird thing
<fonz93> we need to track it with a logcat
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<Dois_> in ondemand don't work
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<rhen> hi
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<luca020400> Hi ^^
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<Y300-0100> Hello folks
<luca020400> Hi ^^
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<Y300-0100> When will someone release test build of L5?
<luca020400> Can someone upload this to mediafire ? https://codeload.github.com/omnirom/android_bootable_recovery/zip/android-5.0
<luca020400> Thanks
<Dazzozo> Y300-0100: as per the #teamhacklg topic "LolliPop will not be done for the LG L5 from us"
<Y300-0100> My fault. I mean lollipop for y300
<Y300-0100> Cm11
<Y300-0100> Ah . Cm12
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<Dazzozo> v0v
<Dazzozo> whenever its worth releasing
<Y300-0100> Noticed.
<Dazzozo> but im juggling 3 projects and an education
<Dazzozo> whereas last year i was NEET
<Dazzozo> and had 1 project to work on
<Dazzozo> so i had 24/7 to work on android
<Dazzozo> dont have that luxury now
<Dazzozo> and as there's no team...
<Y300-0100> So, team issue.
<Y300-0100> I'm willing to be a part of it
<Y300-0100> but i'm not that experienced
<Y300-0100> As you are
<Y300-0100> Not even close
<Y300-0100> But willing to help
<Y300-0100> so as the others i think
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<Flea997> Hi
<Y300-0100> Hi
<Flea997> :D
<Dazzozo> well in that case
<Dazzozo> ill tidy some stuff up tomorrow and try and sort it out
<Dazzozo> but after tomorrow im going "home" for a week
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<Dazzozo> and by home i mean: not home
<Dazzozo> this is home
<Flea997> Where u from?
<Y300-0100> Ok.
<Dazzozo> shropshire
<Dazzozo> currently in york
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<Dazzozo> i desperately need some food tho
<Flea997> lol
<Flea997> I have some pizza, do you want?
<Dazzozo> yes
<Y300-0100> Upload one slice on mediafire :)
<Flea997> Ahahah
<Flea997> I'm from italy, the best pizza
<Y300-0100> Best pizza and espresso
<Flea997> And mafia
<Flea997> Gnegnegne
<Dazzozo> im gonna go get food
<Dazzozo> brb
<Flea997> Bye
<Dazzozo> back
<Flea997> What did you eat?
<Dazzozo> soup
<Flea997> Wait
<Flea997> Also the other time i asked you, you said soup
<Dazzozo> that was a while ago...
<Dazzozo> i have it like, weekly
<Flea997> Ooooh
<Flea997> Just finished studying english. Shakespeare is so fu**ing hard to understand if you are not english
<luca020400> Thanks Y300 for link
<luca020400> Night
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<fonz93> heloooo
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<lupedha> i hate default cm browser
<lupedha> it becomes slow when there are many images
<fonz93> cm11?
<lupedha> cm11
<lupedha> cm10.1
<lupedha> cm10.2
<fonz93> it's the aosp browser
<lupedha> Yes
<lupedha> in cm10.1 when they are so many images the browser closes
<fonz93> weird
<fonz93> link me something
<lupedha> look at facebook photos
<fonz93> mmm ok
<fonz93> mobile facebook?
<lupedha> yes
<fonz93> images on the ome
<fonz93> *home
<fonz93> or scrolling an album?
<lupedha> they are a new look for photos.. show all photos expanded
<lupedha> scrolling.
<fonz93> have i to enable this feature?
<lupedha> No
<lupedha> some people have it
<lupedha> i don't know how it work
<fonz93> i haven't it
<fonz93> it seems pretty fast
<fonz93> lol
<fonz93> maybe i'll uninstall facebook app
<lupedha> xD
<fonz93> mobile browser it's 5x times faster
<lupedha> yes
<lupedha> which rom you use fonz ?
<fonz93> cm10.1
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<lupedha> with any mod ?
<fonz93> i am currently using the one modified by me
<lupedha> lol all wipes.. i forgot to make the copy of whatsapp conversation
<lupedha> fonz93: is better ksm enable or disable ??
<fonz93> i use kitkat values for KSM
<fonz93> it seems to drain less battery
<fonz93> but is also frees less RAM
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