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<neutrondev> luca020400
<neutrondev> are you sure you used cm10.2 stock av framework?
<luca020400> Ask to Dazzozo XD . I never built cm10.2
<neutrondev> ah ok Dazzozo is a mistery man ^.^ he takes time to show up but when he does is like BOOM, problem solved haha
<luca020400> sort of :p
<neutrondev> I built with your media-legacy and stock av and mediaserver is consuming like 26% battery/hour
<luca020400> lol
<neutrondev> and video recording is not working
<neutrondev> on the other side if I use av from legacymod(konstat)
<neutrondev> video recording works but now pause/resum
<neutrondev> and I think we share the same v4l2 camera
<luca020400> TARGET_QCOM_LEGACY_OMX : true ?
<neutrondev> well
<neutrondev> the stock frameworks av
<neutrondev> doesn't have legacy omx
<neutrondev> so no
<luca020400> try legacymod one with legacy omx
<neutrondev> yeah that would be logic
<neutrondev> if you use media legacy use legacy omx also ^.^
<neutrondev> since our OMX is legacy Qcom from what I know
<neutrondev> I am kind of pissed now that I see you have a nice family
<neutrondev> for g300 <3
<neutrondev> and I bought this crap LG
<luca020400> lg = ?
<neutrondev> hmm Lg electronics
<neutrondev> company ^.^
<luca020400> hmm phone
<luca020400> xd
<neutrondev> yes
<neutrondev> :D
<luca020400> I meant phone xd
<luca020400> kill me and my english ...
<luca020400> xd
<neutrondev> ahhh
<neutrondev> L7 II
<luca020400> okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
<luca020400> xd
<luca020400> so you know weritos ?
<neutrondev> I do know weritos
<neutrondev> but we are not exactly friends
<neutrondev> ^.^
<luca020400> lel
<neutrondev> why?
<luca020400> he joins this channel :p
<neutrondev> ah really?
<luca020400> yes
<luca020400> xd
<neutrondev> well he didn't give proper credits
<neutrondev> taunted people, asked for donations
<neutrondev> things I am not ok with
<luca020400> didn't know that
<neutrondev> well yeah look his CM11
<neutrondev> he used akm sensors binaries
<neutrondev> from your device
<neutrondev> but we are using sensord
<neutrondev> to handle all sensors
<neutrondev> I wanted to be friendly with him but hmm we just can't get well together
<luca020400> like my moto g
<neutrondev> well most of new devices
<neutrondev> use 1 bin to handle all sensors
<luca020400> yep
<neutrondev> all I mean accelerometer rotation so on
<luca020400> the problem with mine moto g was
<luca020400> Moto g 1st gen --> No sensord
<luca020400> 2nd one yes
<luca020400> xd
<neutrondev> maybe i n1st
<neutrondev> they used different stuff
<luca020400> so I was going to be crazy for fix it
<luca020400> nah
<neutrondev> what happened?
<luca020400> same libs for every moto g XD
<luca020400> except camera & touch firmware & sensor hal
<neutrondev> :D
<neutrondev> well any idea what that qcril hooks
<neutrondev> are doing in framework?
<neutrondev> I found out it works just good without them
<luca020400> nope
<luca020400> I never decompiled it
<luca020400> xd
<luca020400> nor know mwhat it does
<neutrondev> well I am not using them and all works
<luca020400> probably newer ril libs look at them xd
<neutrondev> nope
<neutrondev> I am using 4.1.2
<neutrondev> binaries and libs
<neutrondev> 100% from our device
<neutrondev> but no qcril stuff
<neutrondev> on frameworks
<neutrondev> and I deleted them on stock
<neutrondev> and all works
<luca020400> I said newer :p
<neutrondev> wait
<neutrondev> I think I didn't understand
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<luca020400> yes my english ,.,,
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<neutrondev> are you russian luca?
<XRevan86> neutrondev: Нет.
<XRevan86> He is not :).
<neutrondev> oh I was just curious
<luca020400> italian
<neutrondev> my Italian friend
<neutrondev> I am from Romania
<neutrondev> ^.^
<luca020400> ^^
<XRevan86> Russians and Italians are very close: Russians have pelmeni and VAZ-2101, Italians have ravioli and Fiat 124.
<luca020400> lel
<neutrondev> I hate gipsy that steal also
<neutrondev> luca don't worry haha
<neutrondev> they are here also -_-
<luca020400> Everywhere ...
<XRevan86> luca020400: Windows? Burn it with fire!
<neutrondev> well but it is very decent for 160 euros
<luca020400> yes ...
<neutrondev> my phone was 230 and it's crap
<luca020400> yes 160
<neutrondev> that seems really nice if you are just a guy that wants to surf internet
<luca020400> 2GB ram
<luca020400> usually is 1
<neutrondev> or read office or stuff you know
<neutrondev> :D
<neutrondev> Well I have an Ipad
<XRevan86> Buuuuurn
<luca020400> Subtotal €159.00
<luca020400> Shipping €13.00
<luca020400> Taxes €33.29
<neutrondev> and it is very good if it had fucking android
<XRevan86> Flames everywhere
<luca020400> keep calm :p
<neutrondev> and was not so overpriced
<luca020400> You can install an open os
<luca020400> xd
<neutrondev> :D like the build quality is nice
<luca020400> yea about it
<XRevan86> luca020400: x86 on a tablet?
<neutrondev> I barely use it since I am the kind of Pc guy
<luca020400> ...
<luca020400> isn't really good
<luca020400> xd
<luca020400> EUR
<luca020400> Payment Due
<luca020400> €172.00
<luca020400> oh
<luca020400> bitcoin
<luca020400> xd
<neutrondev> well android would be perfect
<luca020400> Hmm
<neutrondev> if it managed resources a little better
<neutrondev> like it kind of waste resources
<neutrondev> and kind of fails at ram management
<luca020400> I need other 73€ of donations
<luca020400> and then I can guy it
<luca020400> xd
<neutrondev> what forum are you active on guys?
<neutrondev> Modaco?
<luca020400> xda & modaco
<luca020400> italian
<luca020400> but you can see how it runs
<luca020400> no hdmi
<neutrondev> ah I don't have account on modaco
<neutrondev> I will make one
<luca020400> xd
<XRevan86> neutrondev: I'm only active on Linux.org.ru :P.
<neutrondev> you are russian?
<neutrondev> Xrevan86?
<XRevan86> neutrondev: I am
<neutrondev> ah cool
<neutrondev> ^.^
<fonz93> hello
<neutrondev> hi
<XRevan86> fonz93: hi
<neutrondev> well luca020400
<neutrondev> I switched to legacymod av and now video works
<luca020400> great
<neutrondev> but the same bug
<luca020400> as expected
<luca020400> xd
<neutrondev> like I made it work before with media caf
<neutrondev> if I pause
<neutrondev> and try to restart
<neutrondev> it will crash instantly
<neutrondev> all galery
<neutrondev> in recording I mean
<neutrondev> I think this is a buffer queue problem
<neutrondev> or something
<luca020400> logcat & dmesg
<neutrondev> or it might be related to metadata
<neutrondev> dmesg won't help
<neutrondev> crash is not present there
<luca020400> ok
<neutrondev> logcat where should I upload it?
<luca020400> pastebin
<neutrondev> k
<neutrondev> Do you want all logcat
<neutrondev> or just the camera part?
<luca020400> camera
<neutrondev> well
<neutrondev> this is entering camera
<neutrondev> switching to video mode
<neutrondev> recording 2 sec
<neutrondev> pause
<neutrondev> and resume
<neutrondev> crash on resume is begging a little before the kernel crash with trace
<luca020400> E/ ( 178): Qint android::get_camera_info(int, camera_info*): E
<luca020400> seems like cannot read from camera lib
<luca020400> weritos use this
<neutrondev> it can
<neutrondev> well the thing is our camera hal
<neutrondev> I des it in IDA
<neutrondev> and all it does is link to liboemcamera
<neutrondev> ignore all camera hal errors
<neutrondev> it works
<neutrondev> like you can take pictures and record
<luca020400> ah
<neutrondev> camera will qq about it
<neutrondev> but liboem is loaded
<neutrondev> and liboem is the one that does the job
<neutrondev> that 7x27a on jellybean (not kitkat) is just like an interface
<neutrondev> to load stuff
<neutrondev> all works fine except the pause + resume
<neutrondev> I think the metadata gets fucked
<neutrondev> or the buffer doesn't remeber
<neutrondev> the last frame that was taken before the pause operation took place
<luca020400> does it works on jb
<neutrondev> it freaks out and crashes
<luca020400> xd
<neutrondev> what
<neutrondev> ?
<luca020400> pause + resume
<luca020400> As I never used it
<luca020400> xd
<neutrondev> are cm10.2 and cm11 frameworks same?
<fonz93> not really
<neutrondev> from what I know there was some heavy syntax change
<luca020400> try to apply commit
<luca020400> just look if you can add it
<luca020400> x
<luca020400> d
<fonz93> but that patch it's from 2011
<fonz93> so it should work fine on Cm10.2 too
<neutrondev> well I have this
<neutrondev> already
<fonz93> just need to be adapted
<neutrondev> without this
<neutrondev> it won't record
<neutrondev> at all
<fonz93> ok
<neutrondev> yeah already submiting 1 frame at a time
<neutrondev> I tried all tricks I knew but I can't get it sorted
<neutrondev> sec
<fonz93> you're building cm10.2 for some specific reasons? why don't you try cm11?
<luca020400> weritos (?) ^
<neutrondev> because that cm11
<neutrondev> is laggier than stock
<luca020400> cm10.2 is worse
<luca020400> xd
<neutrondev> and I won't do cm11 again because
<luca020400> cm10.1
<neutrondev> I respect others
<luca020400> is better
<fonz93> luca020400 that's on our device :D
<neutrondev> so cm10.1 is stabler than cm10.2?
<luca020400> yes
<luca020400> at least for me
<luca020400> use fonz sources
<neutrondev> well cm10.2 is kind of rock stable
<neutrondev> well I builded cm10
<fonz93> cm10 is a shit
<neutrondev> but it had problems with routing hard-core
<neutrondev> so I got fed up
<fonz93> so buggy
<neutrondev> and I switched to cm10.2
<luca020400> ^
<neutrondev> I fixed all shit
<neutrondev> but battery drain (I will fix that after all is stable)
<neutrondev> and this video bug
<neutrondev> cm11 has a lot of bad stuff
<neutrondev> for our device
<neutrondev> but I won't go into it nor will touch it since I respect other work
<neutrondev> hmm
<neutrondev> so cm10.1
<neutrondev> is better than cm10.2?
<neutrondev> fonz93?
<fonz93> it's faster on our device
<fonz93> but IHMO it depends on the kernel side
<luca020400> yep
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<neutrondev> well then I will switch again to cm10.1 this time
<neutrondev> we are using kitkat kernel source
<neutrondev> since lg released jb kernel that was not usable
<neutrondev> if you make it boot
<neutrondev> you won't have frontal camera
<neutrondev> they forgot drivers
<fonz93> Huawei released kernel source only for similar models
<fonz93> never released for our specific model Y300-0100
<fonz93> only for G510 or Y300-J1
<neutrondev> that is a pitty man. -_- I can't get why fucking oem's do that
<neutrondev> it's GPLv2
<neutrondev> same kernel which device is shipped should have 100% exact source
<fonz93> because they don't care about low price phones
<neutrondev> I know
<fonz93> they are stupid
<neutrondev> but they are shits biting the hand that fed them
<neutrondev> all was possible because of google sources
<fonz93> Huawei got a lot of money with G510 and Y300
<fonz93> A LOT
<neutrondev> they just modified the google sources
<luca020400> yes probably
<neutrondev> and google said all must be public since their android is open source
<luca020400> ofc
<neutrondev> still oem's want to be retards
<luca020400> kernel itslef must be open
<neutrondev> ofc
<neutrondev> firstly because is google's
<neutrondev> huawei and other idiot oms
<neutrondev> did nothing but use their drivers
<fonz93> oem's are beginning to release something more
<neutrondev> and put in kernel
<luca020400> stable:4.0.1
<fonz93> look motorola for example
<luca020400> hmmm
<luca020400> going to upgrade
<luca020400> xd
<fonz93> but in the past they were shit
<neutrondev> yeah
<neutrondev> motorola
<neutrondev> and sony
<neutrondev> and htc
<neutrondev> have decent open source
<luca020400> yep
<luca020400> motorola release everything
<luca020400> xd
<luca020400> except device cofnig
<luca020400> lel
<neutrondev> and sony really helps devs
<neutrondev> with deving from what I know
<luca020400> yep
<neutrondev> well you pay a little more
<neutrondev> but you get something polished
<luca020400> ask to tilal6991 :p
<neutrondev> and nice people
<neutrondev> well I just love you guys
<neutrondev> this community for your device
<neutrondev> why I had to go with this shit lg idk
<neutrondev> insanity moment
<neutrondev> -_-
<fonz93> Y300/G510 are shits too
<fonz93> 7x27a it's a shit
<luca020400> ^
<luca020400> I'm happy with 8X26
<luca020400> :D
<neutrondev> moto g?
<luca020400> 2 moto g
<luca020400> xd
<neutrondev> yeah
<neutrondev> fonz93
<neutrondev> 7x27a and 8x25
<luca020400> Moto G 2014 & Moto G 2014 LTE
<neutrondev> are shit socs
<neutrondev> well our device doesn't even support hardware accel
<fonz93> exactly
<neutrondev> from what I saw
<neutrondev> not Vsync
<luca020400> yep
<neutrondev> even if you enable it in kernel
<fonz93> we use fake vsync
<neutrondev> it is still fake
<neutrondev> yeah
<neutrondev> same here
<neutrondev> idk why I bought this crap for 230 euro
<neutrondev> just for a learning experience
<luca020400> installed 4.0.1 kernel xd
<neutrondev> lernt to reverse a little to build
<neutrondev> and met a lot of nice people haha
<neutrondev> what device you have fonz93?
<fonz93> we all do bad things
<fonz93> Y300
<neutrondev> we are stuck in the same boat
<neutrondev> :D
<fonz93> yeah
<neutrondev> are you a dev also?
<fonz93> "yes"
<neutrondev> "dev"
<fonz93> xD
<neutrondev> if you know what I mean
<neutrondev> just starting out both of us
<neutrondev> well we can go for the same device together
<neutrondev> and team up ^.^
<neutrondev> maybe we will choose smth better
<luca020400> I hope
<luca020400> xd
<neutrondev> what are you thinking to buy?
<fonz93> moto G or a nexus 4
<luca020400> I gave my y300 to my father
<neutrondev> well Xiaomi have nice phone
<neutrondev> but they are pissing me with kernel source hard
<luca020400> xiaomi --> kerneò
<neutrondev> yeah
<luca020400> *kernel
<luca020400> ^
<neutrondev> they released for some devices though
<luca020400> yep
<neutrondev> I thought about oneplus two
<neutrondev> but when I saw that heater soc
<luca020400> just look at moto https://github.com/MotorolaMobilityLLC/
<neutrondev> I said I would pass
<neutrondev> I went to test then new 810 soc
<neutrondev> some cores (4 of 8) had temperatures around 80-85 degrees
<luca020400> and ?
<neutrondev> and rest aroudn 75
<neutrondev> well I can say in sun
<neutrondev> and cpu forcing you can make omlette
<luca020400> :D
<neutrondev> pretty good
<neutrondev> or you can get nice warm hands in the winter
<neutrondev> oh and on htc m9
<neutrondev> with metal frame
<neutrondev> it burns even better
<fonz93> snapdragon 810 has serious problems
<neutrondev> you can heat your entire family
<luca020400> snap 808
<neutrondev> yes
<neutrondev> snap 808 was a good choice
<neutrondev> by lg
<neutrondev> imo
<neutrondev> on the g4
<luca020400> yep
<neutrondev> well actually an 808 will outperform 810
<neutrondev> I am sure of it
<neutrondev> 810 throttles instantly
<fonz93> yes it's incredible how oems are stupids
<fonz93> just to show they got an 810
<neutrondev> it is
<neutrondev> they don't care
<neutrondev> z4 has 810
<neutrondev> -_-
<neutrondev> also
<fonz93> then no one will buy it
<fonz93> simple
<fonz93> they think that we are stupid
<neutrondev> well the new s6
<fonz93> well, some are
<neutrondev> well most are sadly
<fonz93> samsung is smart
<luca020400> samsung = shit
<neutrondev> the new s6 overheats
<neutrondev> also
<neutrondev> nono
<neutrondev> I tested that too
<neutrondev> it overheats
<luca020400> maybe s6 is safe
<fonz93> not like 810 anyway
<neutrondev> yeah not
<neutrondev> but some people received
<neutrondev> pre-scratched phones
<neutrondev> and lawl no removable battery
<neutrondev> and there is a bootloader bug
<neutrondev> that keeps flash on
<neutrondev> with phone off
<luca020400> what
<luca020400> ah
<neutrondev> on s6
<luca020400> yes
<neutrondev> so pro engineering
<luca020400> I read at xda
<neutrondev> 1000 dollars for a lighter in the night
<neutrondev> if you are scared and you are having nightmares
<neutrondev> haha
<luca020400> Moto G --> 170
<luca020400> euro
<luca020400> better
<neutrondev> 2nd?
<neutrondev> or 1st?
<luca020400> 2nd
<neutrondev> cool
<neutrondev> here it is
<neutrondev> 220 euros
<neutrondev> -_-
<fonz93> D:
<luca020400> I'm just lucky and cyanogen gave me the LTE one too XD
<neutrondev> cyanogen?
<luca020400> xd
<luca020400> yep
<neutrondev> you got it for free?
<luca020400> yep
<neutrondev> lawl
<neutrondev> how?
<luca020400> cm12 for moto g 2014
<luca020400> the gave me lte one
<luca020400> --> cm for moto g 2014 lte
<luca020400> xd
<luca020400> *they
<neutrondev> ah you made cm12?
<luca020400> yep
<luca020400> I found your emails online :) I work for Cyanogen and notice that you are the maintainers of the Moto G 2 2014 (titan).
<luca020400> I work on things community related at Cyanogen. ciwrl and I work in tandem. The reason for my email today is regarding bringing support for CM to the XT1072 (single SIM UK model)!
<luca020400> We took a poll this week on the main CM G+ channel to surface the top 3 devices people would like to see CM brought up on, and one of those models is the XT1072 variant.
<luca020400> Cyanogen will be purchasing devices for maintainers interested and willing to take on this device.
<luca020400> Let me know if you have interest in being the device maintainer for this particular device and we can see about getting you the hardware! We are trying to provide even more support for the community by seeding community members with devices, as we know hardware is expensive.
<luca020400> Thanks for your time!
<luca020400> :D
<neutrondev> cool guys
<neutrondev> lawl
<neutrondev> nice man ^.^
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<fonz93> i have to go
<fonz93> goodbye
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<neutrondev> see ya
<neutrondev> luca020400 can gps drain battery if it's turned off?
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<luca020400> maybe
<luca020400> google play services
<luca020400> or
<neutrondev> something is draining battery
<neutrondev> keeping kernel wakelocked
<neutrondev> I can't trace it
<luca020400> last patches
<neutrondev> I didn't install play services
<neutrondev> to see the bugs without
<neutrondev> and it's kind of brutal
<luca020400> libloc_api: Reduce debug level & Destroy client handles after they're closed
<neutrondev> airplane mode
<neutrondev> drains 30% in 9 hours
<luca020400> try to add these patches to cm10.2
<luca020400> gps
<neutrondev> well
<neutrondev> if you say cm10.1 is better
<neutrondev> I will switch cm's again
<neutrondev> still jellybean
<luca020400> yep
<neutrondev> downloading source now
<neutrondev> I switched from cm10 to cm10.2
<luca020400> the best jb for me
<neutrondev> people are happy
<neutrondev> ^.^ with performance
<neutrondev> so if you say cm10.1 is better it's np
<neutrondev> not much extra work to do
<luca020400> just look at kra github
<neutrondev> you don't have NFC?
<luca020400> we do
<luca020400> G510
<neutrondev> ah
<luca020400> a guy fixed it on cm10.1
<neutrondev> well
<neutrondev> but yyou need just firmware
<luca020400> yep
<neutrondev> kernel enabled drivers
<neutrondev> and it will work straight out
<neutrondev> ah and the hal
<neutrondev> nfc.default.so
<luca020400> kernel shoudl have it already enabled
<neutrondev> yeah it works on my device
<neutrondev> disabled to see if it's causing drain or not
<neutrondev> but it seems it is gps
<neutrondev> wi-fi is for sure down
<neutrondev> since It is handled by polling
<neutrondev> and it is off
<neutrondev> and polling is 0
<neutrondev> then the framework can't detect wlan chip
<neutrondev> so it can't be it
<neutrondev> thank you my friend
<neutrondev> if you still have y300
<neutrondev> maybe we can work on cm12.1 after
<neutrondev> it's boring to work alone
<luca020400> we already have it
<luca020400> xd
<neutrondev> really?
<neutrondev> oh haha
<luca020400> yeo
<neutrondev> didn't know
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<luca020400> hey
<neutrondev> hmm interesting
<neutrondev> :D
<neutrondev> cm10.1 done sync
<neutrondev> nice
<neutrondev> I will work
<luca020400> already ...
<luca020400> x
<luca020400> d
<luca020400> connection ?
<neutrondev> 700 mb internet
<neutrondev> with an ssd ^.^
<luca020400> omg
<luca020400> ................................
<neutrondev> I got one for Easter
<luca020400> I know romanian connections are good
<neutrondev> yeah I think 2nd or 3rd
<neutrondev> in the world
<luca020400> Italy like 60/70
<luca020400> :/
<neutrondev> I am sorry man
<neutrondev> ...
<neutrondev> It is not expensive
<neutrondev> also
<neutrondev> :D
<luca020400> :/
<neutrondev> well but computer parts and stuff like that
<neutrondev> is very overpriced here though
<luca020400> your pc
<neutrondev> and we are having this Allview phones
<luca020400> maybe my is better
<luca020400> xd
<neutrondev> (made in Romania)
<neutrondev> they are gionee
<luca020400> *mine
<neutrondev> and shit like that rebranded lawl
<neutrondev> hmm an i5
<luca020400> me too
<neutrondev> 3.2 ghz
<neutrondev> idk
<luca020400> me too
<luca020400> xd
<neutrondev> well made it for gaming
<neutrondev> initially
<neutrondev> I have gtx 760
<neutrondev> as gpu
<neutrondev> ^.^
<neutrondev> oc 3x windforce
<luca020400> I made it for build android
<luca020400> xf
<luca020400> xd
<neutrondev> ah
<neutrondev> I could go for i7
<neutrondev> since the gpu was 300 euros
<neutrondev> when I bought it
<neutrondev> 8 gb ram
<neutrondev> in dual channel
<neutrondev> 2 x 2 tb hards
<neutrondev> 240 ssd
<neutrondev> Superflower 600 w Power supply
<neutrondev> and the cheapest Gyagabyte motherboard
<neutrondev> I found
<neutrondev> since that is not important if you don't OC
<neutrondev> what are your building times?
<luca020400> i5 4460 & 8 BG RAM ( 4*2 ) & Asrock H97 PRO 4 & R7 250 & 2TB HDD & 600 PowerWatt
<neutrondev> I have the exactly same cpu
<neutrondev> :D
<luca020400> *prowatt
<neutrondev> well 20 mins with ccache on
<neutrondev> for an otapackage
<luca020400> cm12.1 in 40 mins
<luca020400> you have an sdd
<neutrondev> I keep ccache on hard-drive
<neutrondev> though
<neutrondev> since it will fuck the ssd life very fast
<neutrondev> if I keep it on ssd
<neutrondev> system and source is on ssd
<luca020400> I'd like to have an sdd
<luca020400> only for out
<luca020400> xd
<neutrondev> they are stupid fast
<neutrondev> compared to normal hhd's
<luca020400> yep
<neutrondev> but from what I heared
<neutrondev> they are unreliable
<neutrondev> so I use it for exclusivly builds
<neutrondev> has 3 year warranty
<neutrondev> so I don't care ^.^
<luca020400> I need toher 25$ of donations then I can guy Kingston 120GB SDD
<luca020400> *other
<neutrondev> I have kingstone
<neutrondev> 240
<neutrondev> they are fine
<neutrondev> intel is too expensive
<neutrondev> well you receive that much donation?
<luca020400> I received 96 euro
<luca020400> donated 13
<neutrondev> well nice
<neutrondev> anyway all donations go in to better gear for deving
<neutrondev> ^.^
<neutrondev> people should udnerstand that
<luca020400> yep
<luca020400> Anyway I don't care about donations XD I added my paypal account only for buy minecraft & nova prime
<luca020400> lel
<neutrondev> yeah same
<neutrondev> lawl I am not working for donations
<neutrondev> Dazzozo is from england?
<luca020400> yep
<luca020400> york
<luca020400> as I remember
<luca020400> xd
<neutrondev> he seems like such a cool guy
<luca020400> ya
<neutrondev> like most people with experience and general good knowledge
<neutrondev> treat others like shit
<neutrondev> that is very sad
<neutrondev> because we all started from the bottom
<luca020400> I started from my netbook lel
<neutrondev> haha
<luca020400> build time 12 H
<luca020400> :D
<neutrondev> or netbook
<luca020400> My first rom
<neutrondev> I started out by making recoveries
<luca020400> I started with rom --> Carbonrom 4.2.2
<luca020400> but with the help of Y300-0100 ( modaco user / dev )
<luca020400> then made like 5 roms
<luca020400> xd
<neutrondev> well y300-0100
<neutrondev> is a really nice guy
<luca020400> yep
<neutrondev> I know him from xda
<luca020400> I know
<neutrondev> he helped me also
<luca020400> yes
<luca020400> :p
<neutrondev> do you know Harry Potter?
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<neutrondev> can I fork
<neutrondev> from that git you gave me?
<neutrondev> is it the stable version?
<luca020400> link ?
<luca020400> xd
<neutrondev> yeah the y330
<luca020400> harry potter
<luca020400> xd
<neutrondev> 00
<luca020400> yes you can
<neutrondev> y300
<neutrondev> thanks
<neutrondev> I will work on that
<neutrondev> you get credited ofc <3
<neutrondev> same for all your amazing team
<luca020400> nah
<neutrondev> haha
<neutrondev> found this yesterday
<neutrondev> it is so epic
<luca020400> looooool
<luca020400> Linux luca020400-gnome 4.0.1-040001-generic #201504290935 SMP Wed Apr 29 09:36:55 UTC 2015 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
<luca020400> many x86_64
<luca020400> xd
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<neutrondev> yeah
<neutrondev> motorola
<neutrondev> has s-off
<neutrondev> like htc?
<luca020400-m> Hmm
<luca020400-m> I don't know xd
<neutrondev> hmm do you think libaudio form cm10.1
<luca020400-m> Anyway I don't think so
<neutrondev> will work on my device?
<luca020400-m> Hmm
<luca020400-m> Libaudio should work
<neutrondev> hmm I saw there is no check for 3 pin headphone
<neutrondev> on cm10.2
<neutrondev> well I solved that myself since I used dazzozo ones
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<neutrondev> fonz93
<neutrondev> on init
<neutrondev> # Needed for G510
<neutrondev> write /sys/module/msm_fb/parameters/align_buffer 1
<neutrondev> what is this stuff doing?
<neutrondev> is it related to very hard lags on boot?
<neutrondev> on cm10.1?
<fonz93> no it just fixes dancing screen on g510
<fonz93> try to disable it and if your screen it's ok you can delete it
<neutrondev> I didn't enable that
<neutrondev> hello Dazzozo
<neutrondev> mad respect for what you do
<neutrondev> I have a question to you if you are that kind
<neutrondev> I sit here yesterday also trying to find you
<neutrondev> any idea why my camera would crash if I record->pause->resume?
<neutrondev> using legacy-media from your cm10.2
<neutrondev> and av from legacymod
<Dazzozo> ouch, 10.2
<Dazzozo> thats distant memory
<Dazzozo> hmm
<neutrondev> firstly it wouldn't start at all
<neutrondev> I took liboemcamera to IDA
<neutrondev> and patched 2 jump calls
<neutrondev> where the trace showed crash
<neutrondev> that made camera load and I could take pictures
<Dazzozo> the heap segfaults?
<neutrondev> yeah
<Dazzozo> so you patched those?
<neutrondev> the stack heap fault address
<neutrondev> yes in IDA
<neutrondev> i transformed the conditional jump
<neutrondev> into a straight jump to v4l2 buffer
<neutrondev> so camera is loaded just fine
<neutrondev> I can take pictures
<neutrondev> video crashes bad if I use caf media
<neutrondev> I use your legacy-media
<neutrondev> video starts but image is still
<neutrondev> so it records 1 frame
<neutrondev> I change av to legacymod
<neutrondev> record is fine except when I pause then resume that crashes it
<neutrondev> I suppose metadata gets corrupted or the buffer doesn't remember the last frame it recorded before the pause took place
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<Dazzozo> hang on, refreshing my memory of 10.2 :P
<neutrondev> no worries, you are the man
<Dazzozo> but that should be good...
<luca020400> he already tried that patch
<Dazzozo> figured
<neutrondev> well it is already patched
<neutrondev> yeah
<neutrondev> that is why video didn't work at all
<neutrondev> but I can't trace what happens with pause+resume
<neutrondev> also Dazzozo you think cm10.1 is a better choice than cm10.2?
<Dazzozo> 10.1 would probably be no better than 10.2
<neutrondev> I am talking performance-wise
<neutrondev> and stability
<Dazzozo> yeah, 4.1->4.2 was pretty much what broke everything for us
<neutrondev> so cm10.1 is more stable, right?
<Dazzozo> not really
<Dazzozo> 10.1 is 4.2
<neutrondev> yes, I know
<neutrondev> 10.2 is 4.3
<neutrondev> but I am talking about general performance
<Dazzozo> im aware
<neutrondev> So I am better with cm10.2, right?
<Dazzozo> im not really sure why they put 4.3 out... it seemed like a bit of a stopgap before kitkat
<Dazzozo> it pretty much just brought hardware support and selinux
<neutrondev> yeah kind of it is basically kitkat
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<rhen> hi
<Dazzozo> morning
<luca020400> hey
<luca020400> morning ?
<luca020400> xd
<Dazzozo> neutrondev: are you sure your oemcamera modifications are good?
<neutrondev> I am 100% sure Dazzozo
<neutrondev> if it wasn't camera wouldn't start at all
<neutrondev> I just made cm10.1 now
<neutrondev> it built with little modification
<neutrondev> all is perfect
<neutrondev> but I found out something
<neutrondev> cm10.1 camera doesn't have a pause feature
<luca020400> lol
<Dazzozo> i cant recall any additional issues
<Dazzozo> once we had our omx support merged
<Dazzozo> and the dumb oemcamera fix
<Dazzozo> all was well iirc
<neutrondev> so legacy
<neutrondev> omx
<neutrondev> and oemcamera
<Dazzozo> well, we dont use the legacy omx crap anymore
<neutrondev> how come?
<Dazzozo> simply dont need it
<Dazzozo> we had to 'borrow' a few blobs
<neutrondev> ok
<neutrondev> but on cm10.2 can you remember if you used stock av?
<neutrondev> if I do that
<Dazzozo> thats all i have extra on cm11
<neutrondev> anc cm10.2 is basically same
<neutrondev> and*
<neutrondev> ok, thanks
<neutrondev> I will try it and report back
<neutrondev> I will use your media-legacy and just that commit adapted to cm10.2
<neutrondev> and also one more question
<neutrondev> I seem to have a lot of battery drain from android os
<neutrondev> can that be related to GPS?
<neutrondev> (with it turned off)
<fonz93> GPS it's a crap since cm10 days
<fonz93> and is still a crap
<luca020400> Try
<fonz93> since jellybean it causes wakelocks
<fonz93> it doesn't work
<luca020400> ah
<fonz93> already tried to cherrypick that commit on cm10.1
<fonz93> is still there
<fonz93> also on cm12.1 i am using cm11 gps hal
<fonz93> that includes that commit
<fonz93> and wakelocks still there...
<luca020400> k
<fonz93> it's incredible how this bug survived
<neutrondev> so it's from gps
<neutrondev> something is keeping wakelock
<neutrondev> on kernel
<fonz93> neutrondev you can discover the specific process that is waking your device
<fonz93> with wakelock detector
<neutrondev> I used bettery battery stacks
<neutrondev> stats
<fonz93> what it says?
<neutrondev> but mmc2 detect
<neutrondev> was the first
<neutrondev> with just 3%
<fonz93> cpu wakelocks?
<neutrondev> nope
<neutrondev> sorry yes
<neutrondev> no
<neutrondev> well it is strange
<neutrondev> I leave it for the night
<neutrondev> 9 hours
<neutrondev> when I wake up cpu is woke up for 30 mins or so only
<neutrondev> rest is deepsleep
<neutrondev> but is still heavy drainage
<fonz93> by which process?
<neutrondev> and cpu stays at idle freq
<neutrondev> the first one
<neutrondev> first worker
<neutrondev> but mmc2_detect
<fonz93> don't look at kernel wakelocks
<fonz93> look at cpu wakelocks
<neutrondev> what program
<neutrondev> you told me?
<neutrondev> wakelock detector?
<fonz93> wakelock detector
<fonz93> and enable advanced stats in settings
<neutrondev> I am on cm10.1 now
<neutrondev> but I will download and see if anything is abnormal
<fonz93> anyway the GPS bug is this
<fonz93> when you enable it
<fonz93> you use your maps etc
<fonz93> if you disable it you'll have a looped wakelock
<fonz93> of GpsLocationProvider
<fonz93> until you reboot the phone
<neutrondev> well
<neutrondev> if cm10.2
<neutrondev> boots with gps started
<neutrondev> and I close it
<neutrondev> can that occure?
<fonz93> yes
<fonz93> it's random anyway
<neutrondev> well it might be the case then
<fonz93> sometimes happens, sometins doesn't
<neutrondev> that commit fixes the gps drain?
<fonz93> *sometimes
<fonz93> no
<fonz93> it is an attempt
<fonz93> but it doesn't
<neutrondev> wow
<neutrondev> can this be fixed somehow?
<neutrondev> I disabled NFC and all stuff that could consume battery
<neutrondev> mmc2_detect
<neutrondev> seems to keep it on wakelock
<luca020400> cpu wakelock
<luca020400> this should be kernel
<neutrondev> hmm that is kernel wakelock
<neutrondev> are you itnerested in kernel or cpu?
<luca020400> cpu
<neutrondev> nothing seems to keep
<neutrondev> cpu wake locked
<neutrondev> but out of 4 mins
<neutrondev> mmc2_detect
<neutrondev> uses 2 mins 30 secs
<neutrondev> chmod 0664 /sys/devices/platform/msm_sdcc.2/polling
<neutrondev> can this be it?
<fonz93> netrondev: there isn't a solution for the GPS wakelock as far as i knw
<neutrondev> well fonz93
<neutrondev> mmc refers to blocks no?
<neutrondev> for example my wi-fi card
<neutrondev> is what I pasted you
<neutrondev> polling needs to be 1
<neutrondev> for the card to get detected
<neutrondev> <6>[ 898.005304] suspend: exit suspend, ret = -1 (2015-04-29 16:54:27.010418334 UTC)
<neutrondev> <6>[ 898.005429] active wake lock mmc2_detect
<neutrondev> <6>[ 898.005613] active wake lock mmc1_detect
<neutrondev> this is present in dmesg
<neutrondev> mmc0 is nand from what I know
<neutrondev> and mmc1 is sdcard
<neutrondev> but what the fuck is mmc2
<neutrondev> and when I open wi-fi I get this
<neutrondev> mmc2: new high speed SDIO card at address 0002
<neutrondev> can this be the cause ?
<fonz93> sorry i don't know
<neutrondev> no problem thank you a lot
<neutrondev> camera seems ok with your sources on cm10.1 fonz
<neutrondev> but audio is not redirected properly
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<fonz93> neutrondev: what do you mean?
<neutrondev> well
<neutrondev> audio is routed to speaker initially
<neutrondev> after making a phone call
<neutrondev> and closing it
<neutrondev> speakerphone won't be active again until reboot
<fonz93> try to use u8825 audio libraries
<neutrondev> what libs
<neutrondev> I am just using libaudcal
<neutrondev> that's all is needed
<fonz93> audio hal sorry
<neutrondev> I used it
<neutrondev> I used your source
<fonz93> from u8833?
<fonz93> wait
<neutrondev> yeah
<fonz93> did you enable this: TARGET_HAS_QACT?
<neutrondev> tit is enabled
<neutrondev> in android.mk
<neutrondev> of audiohal
<fonz93> it's enable only if the target is u8833
<neutrondev> modified bootlaoder name
<neutrondev> to p710
<fonz93> ok
<fonz93> so try this audio hal
<fonz93> and disable qact
<fonz93> if this doesn't work
<fonz93> you may need some device specific patchs
<neutrondev> I will
<neutrondev> well on cm10.2
<neutrondev> with just that patch
<neutrondev> after first record on camera
<neutrondev> like just the commit dazzozo gave me
<neutrondev> I can record exactly 1 time
<neutrondev> and after that it will break
<neutrondev> and it seems that if you leave it a little space then it will work lawl
<neutrondev> maybe buffers are flushed too slow
<neutrondev> very very very strange stuff
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<neutrondev> I fixed it it seems
<neutrondev> thank you luca 020400 and dazzozo
<luca020400> for ?
<neutrondev> being cool guys
<neutrondev> all help
<neutrondev> all company
<neutrondev> :D
<luca020400> ah thanks :D
<neutrondev> in the end I will stick with cm10.2
<neutrondev> cm10.1 is basically same
<neutrondev> I need to see why battery drains
<neutrondev> and it is stable
<neutrondev> no fm
<neutrondev> and that's all
<neutrondev> who uses FM nowdays^.^
<luca020400> someone :/
<neutrondev> well commits for bringing that up
<neutrondev> breaks stuff
<neutrondev> luca020400
<neutrondev> do you know what PowerMangerService.WakeLocks is?
<neutrondev> it seems to keep my kernel wakelocked
<neutrondev> kind of more than half of time
<luca020400> os (?)
<luca020400> or there is a wake lock inside kernel
<neutrondev> well I installed wakelock detector
<neutrondev> you gave me
<neutrondev> under kernel wakelock
<neutrondev> this thing comes up
<luca020400> great
<luca020400> official cm for moto g 2014 lte :3
<neutrondev> :D
<luca020400> Will work on this today
<luca020400> *email from cm*
<neutrondev> nice man
<neutrondev> good luck
<luca020400> probably this was the esiest thing ..
<luca020400> first build was everything working
<luca020400> x
<luca020400> d
<luca020400> *had
<luca020400> for l in `find .`; do sed -i "s/titan/thea/g" $l; done && git add . -A && git commit -a -m"thea: kang from titan
<luca020400> then everything worked
<luca020400> missed " :P
<neutrondev> nice man
<neutrondev> ^.^
<luca020400> & thea: enable LTE
<luca020400> I finally fixed a bootanimation selinux deniel
<luca020400> took ages *first time I looked into selinux*
<neutrondev> well I disable selinux
<neutrondev> always
<neutrondev> crap
<luca020400> we can't
<neutrondev> why?
<luca020400> cm
<luca020400> do not allow disabled selinux
<neutrondev> bleahhh
<neutrondev> selinux is useless
<neutrondev> to be honest
<neutrondev> i just enable developer selinux in kernel
<neutrondev> and androidboot.selinux=permissive
<neutrondev> solves all problems
<neutrondev> haha
<luca020400> Dazzozo : we want you opinion :p
<luca020400> *your
<neutrondev> android doesn't have much threads
<neutrondev> selinux just is like an extra firewall
<luca020400> yes I know what it does
<neutrondev> it's good security
<luca020400> yeo
<luca020400> *p
<neutrondev> but I would rather disable it
<neutrondev> if I can
<neutrondev> if you work for cm
<neutrondev> and they want it
<luca020400> I never disabled it to be honest
<neutrondev> I guess you don't have a choice my friend
<neutrondev> ^.^
<luca020400> ^
<luca020400> I must add it
<neutrondev> yeah
<neutrondev> well basically if you do selinux permissive
<neutrondev> it means
<neutrondev> all logged nothing denied
<neutrondev> it will say it should be denied but it won't deny it
<neutrondev> and you need develop flag in kernel
<neutrondev> to be able to set it on permissive
<luca020400> yes
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<luca020400-m> Switched to phone ;)
<neutrondev> ah ok
<neutrondev> you saw the news my friend?
<neutrondev> windows 10 will have native emulation for android apps
<neutrondev> <3
<neutrondev> that is rather cool
<luca020400-m> What
<luca020400-m> Omg
<luca020400-m> I will stick with linux
<luca020400-m> Xd
<luca020400-m> Need source code edit
<luca020400-m> Pretty sure no one will do tgat
<neutrondev> Good night my friend
<neutrondev> see ya tomorrow
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