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<codename13> @Weritos if you're trying to get Lollipop booting with display-legacy and media-legacy and older EGL blobs (like JB PMEM ones), I can help. I managed to get LP booting on my device with display-legacy, media-legacy, and PMEM EGL blobs, but it involved some hacking.
<codename13> I used legacymod's display-legacy and media-legacy, and I diff'ed out some patches from his frameworks_native and frameworks_base and frameworks_av (I think) to get LP to boot with the older EGL blobs properly
<codename13> So if you or anyone is interested/wants help, just ask for it. You'll have better luck messaging me on XDA (username is Codename13) because I don't often check this IRC channel
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<Weritos> hi all
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<luca020400> Dazzozo : donation sent ;)
<Dazzozo> oh wow
<Dazzozo> that was unexpected :P
<luca020400> :p
<Shadowghoster> Donation?
<Shadowghoster> and hi :D
<Dazzozo> thank you <3
<luca020400> Thanks you :D
<luca020400> Hi ghost
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<luca020400> chil360 : donation sent ;)
<luca020400> and done XD
<chil360> Thanks luca!
<luca020400> Dazzozo : that was unexpected .. Why ? :p
<Dazzozo> i dont exactly do android stuff right now
<luca020400> you did :p
<luca020400> 3ds stuff here too :p
<rymate1234> Dazzozo, only like when I donated to you after you'd basically stopped crescent development :P
<luca020400> lel
<Dazzozo> i might come back to android but it'll be after the 3ds stuff rides out
<luca020400> good brick :p
<luca020400> new device ?
<luca020400> or something else :D
<luca020400> how many devices you have ? xd
<luca020400> *have you
<Dazzozo> i have 4 3dses
<Dazzozo> 1 of them is permanently broken
<Dazzozo> i have like
<Dazzozo> 4/5 phones
<Dazzozo> wii u etc
<rymate1234> i dont have that many
<luca020400> great
<luca020400> 1 3ds , 2 phones & wiiu
<rymate1234> I have 1 3ds, 2 phones and a standard wii
<rymate1234> o and my laptop
<luca020400> my pc & netbook
<Shadowghoster> 3ds, wii, wiiu, ps1, ps2, n64, pc, 2 phones
<luca020400> *3ds xl
<rymate1234> if we're going to be accurate then *2ds
<luca020400> lel
<Shadowghoster> eh I don't have a 3ds - why I wrote that :D
<luca020400> ahah
<luca020400> 0ds
<luca020400> xd
<Dazzozo> ew a 2ds
<rymate1234> oi 2ds is alright
<Shadowghoster> xD
<Dazzozo> i have an xl, a "new" xl, and a japanese original unit
<Dazzozo> the latter is software bricked, but i can fix it
<Dazzozo> if i dont fuck up soldering next term
<luca020400> xd
<luca020400> I hate lunch
<luca020400> is bugged
<luca020400> xd
<luca020400> 12 = 11
<luca020400> I can't lunch my device
<luca020400> xd
<fonz93> i have a ps2
<fonz93> lol
<luca020400> ps1
<luca020400> xd
<rymate1234> Thisismyc1234
<rymate1234> o shit
<rymate1234> brb changing a couple passwords
<Dazzozo> lmfao
<fonz93> looooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
<Dazzozo> rymate1234 this is how you win
<Dazzozo> i dont know any of my passwords
<Dazzozo> every service has a unique password
<Dazzozo> all randomly generated
<rymate1234> dw that isn't used for any important services
<Dazzozo> its great, because when people are sweating when things like twitch get hacked
<Dazzozo> i dont give a shit, only twitch had that password
<rymate1234> I have about 5 passwords
<Dazzozo> i have over 100
<rymate1234> k passwords changed
<rymate1234> at least the ones i can remember off the top of my head
<Dazzozo> u fucked it
<rymate1234> lel
<luca020400> lol
<rymate1234> Dazzozo, I would use randomly generated passwords and a password manager
<rymate1234> but if u forget the password for the password manager ur fucked
<Dazzozo> dont have a password for it
<rymate1234> ultra secure password manager
<Dazzozo> nope
<Dazzozo> use some other auth
<rymate1234> inb4 Dazzozo has a retina scanner or fingerprint scanner
<Dazzozo> ;)
<luca020400> xd
<rymate1234> at least the password was in here and not say #ubuntu or someshit
<luca020400> xd
<Dazzozo> seriously though, i spent like 2 months securing all my shit
<Dazzozo> not had to change it since
<luca020400> I gave4/5 passwords
<luca020400> *have
<Dazzozo> so rymate1234 what fw ver is your 2ds on and why isnt it hacked to shit already
<rymate1234> Dazzozo, because the fw was patched when i got it
<Dazzozo> what ver
<Dazzozo> if you got it on 9.2 or earlier u fucked it
<rymate1234> cnt
<rymate1234> cant remember
<Dazzozo> rekt
<Dazzozo> my new 3ds was manufactured on 2014/10/06
<Dazzozo> gl finding that date out
<rymate1234> Dazzozo, i dont really feel the need to haxx0r my 3ds anyway
<Dazzozo> i got drawn to the whole firmware thing
<Dazzozo> how the system relaunches its firmware etc
<Dazzozo> that was what i wanted to understand
<Dazzozo> anything now is a bonus
<rymate1234> Dazzozo, how's the 3ds hacking going anyway
<rymate1234> inb4 has linux
<rymate1234> wow
<luca020400> great
<Dazzozo> but yeah, our team has some nice toys
<Dazzozo> mostly in the custom firmware department
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<sunnyden> I realized that I got my microphone fixed just because I forgot to change the permission of the audio policy conf file.......
<sunnyden> though the microphone was fixed, the sound come from the speaker when I make phone call...
<sunnyden> both the latest source of cm12 and cm12.1 have this problem.
<fonz93> yes i know that happens to me too
<fonz93> audiopolicy it's messed up i don't know how to fix it
<fonz93> i don't have this issue on my build of 23-02 anyway
<fonz93> i also got VoIP working there
<sunnyden> I suffered from this problem for nearly four days
<fonz93> i didn't new cm12 builds until the middle of march
<sunnyden> yes,everything works well with the former version of the code
<fonz93> so i don't know when it's started
<sunnyden> me too,have a long time not updating the source code
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<kyan31> hello
<kyan31> he showed me things...
<kyan31> Its been a long day
<kyan31> without you my friend
<kyan31> and I'll tell you all about it
<kyan31> When I see you again
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<kyan31> Talk to me
<kyan31> niggas
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