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<luca020400> Hi ^^
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<DeveloperDutch> Hello
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<fonz93> hi
<DeveloperDutch> How do i downgrade make 4 to make 3.82 on buntu
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<rymate1234> why would you want to?
<rymate1234> make 3.82 is from 2010
<DeveloperDutch> I need to becuase of building firefox os
<DeveloperDutch> You are using version 4.0 of make. Android can only be built by versions 3.81 and 3.82.
<DeveloperDutch> i need to downgrade or a workaround
<DeveloperDutch> I know there is a package on aur in arch linux
<DeveloperDutch> But dont know on bubutnu
<rymate1234> what version of ubuntu are you on?
<rymate1234> DeveloperDutch, also did you try actually looking up the firefox os build instructions https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/Firefox_OS/Firefox_OS_build_prerequisites
<DeveloperDutch> No i didnt
<DeveloperDutch> Now i understand
<DeveloperDutch> Thanks
<DeveloperDutch> Now i started the build for titan lets see how much errors i get
<DeveloperDutch> I am so stupid i get an update windows just click yes and i am back on make 4
<rymate1234> well done
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<HoloIRCUser2> Hello everybody.
<HoloIRCUser2> I think Google is starting to hate us.
<luca020400> I know
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<luca020400> hi ^^
<Dazzozo> ?
<luca020400> hmmm
<luca020400> sad story
<luca020400> ahahha
<luca020400> we are waiting for lp kernek merge
<luca020400> but no one is working on ....
<luca020400> My knowledge is too poor xd
<luca020400> KonstaT started to work on it today
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<luca020400> hi
<Flea997> Hi, i was looking for Fonz :(
<luca020400> tell me
<Flea997> Ok private
<luca020400> by
<luca020400> e
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