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<Pwnna> is there a local manifest file I can get for CM12 on the u8833?
<Pwnna> uh
<Pwnna> CM11
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<Dazzozo> mines a weird setup and it has local mirrors
<Dazzozo> basically you want all the device stuff from my account
<Dazzozo> or wherever
<Dazzozo> external/webkit from me
<Dazzozo> remove CM frameworks/av and native, replace with legacymod av and my native
<Dazzozo> hardware_atheros_wlan from legacymod
<Dazzozo> ath6kl-huawei from me
<Dazzozo> qcom/display-legacy and media-legacy from me
<Dazzozo> hardware/qcom/fm from CM
<Dazzozo> kernel from me, blobs from me
<Dazzozo> thats everything
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<Pwnna> Dazzozo: do you have a local_manifest.xml file to share?
<Pwnna> idk if i replaced everything
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