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<juan210600> pyongyang: What?
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<pyongyang> fuck me, a telepath.
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<luca020400> The pa gapps age is done
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<juan210600> He said that he will take an "extended break".
<fonz93> hi?
<juan210600> Anyway, they are really bad news.
<juan210600> Oops.
<juan210600> Hi fonz.
<juan210600> I'm stealing nickname model from luca.
<juan210600> :P.
<luca020400> You too
<juan210600> Yep.
<juan210600> Is funny.
<luca020400> Developer dutch and you ( before ? )
<fonz93> bank gapps is not bad anyway
<juan210600> Is true.
<fonz93> it's sad that it uses a general version of Google Play Services
<fonz93> it isn't DPI specific
<juan210600> Did you mean an "Universal DPI" GApps?
<luca020400> Pa gapps age . RIP . dead gapps
<luca020400> No
<fonz93> yes juan
<luca020400> *yes
<fonz93> hang on i switch to windows
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<juan210600> Then I will continue my homework.
<juan210600> But I will stay online.
<luca020400> Who arenyou ?
<juan210600> juanpablocastillo
<luca020400> I have a battery bank :D
<luca020400> A gret
<juan210600> Uh?
<luca020400> Great
<juan210600> Oh.
<luca020400> Luca's nich model
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<luca020400> *nick
<luca020400> Ahha
<juan210600> Patented.
<luca020400> But 020400 is better u.u
<luca020400> At least it sound better in Italian xd
<juan210600> Yes.
<juan210600> In Spanish sounds crappy.
<juan210600> XD.
<luca020400> Haha
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<luca020400> Is irc case sensitive ?
<juan210600> I think I need to improve my English knowledge.
<juan210600> Because I can't understand you.
<luca020400> Uppercase lowercase
<luca020400> Xd
<juan210600> Oh.
<juan210600> Now I understand.
<luca020400> Hahaha
<juan210600> Yes, I think.
<luca020400> This is one of the most important "Linux" feature
<luca020400> Windows : DIR = dir
<juan210600> I need to install any Linux distro on my PC.
<luca020400> Linux DIR != dir
<juan210600> Windows is so boring.
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<luca020400> Yes it is
<luca020400> Arch experience xd
<juan210600> But my PC is acting really crazy, so...
<juan210600> Built-in TPM chip.
<juan210600> It lock by itself.
<luca020400> Linux supports it xd
<juan210600> Noooo.
<juan210600> Why?
<juan210600> :P
<luca020400> It support it ^
<juan210600> And it has UEFI support, but is disabled by default.
<juan210600> Thanks to God for that.
<luca020400> Uefi is great
<juan210600> Sure...
<luca020400> Only of you can disable secure boot :p
<juan210600> Without it I can boot on Windows 8.1 in less than 15 - 30 secs.
<juan210600> I don't have idea if it has Secure Boot.
<luca020400> Uefi --> secure boot as I remember
<juan210600> My laptop is from pre-Win8 era.
<luca020400> Post 8.1 era :o
<juan210600> It has 7 installed.
<juan210600> Crappy instalation.
<juan210600> *Installation
<juan210600> BSoD everywhere.
<luca020400> Lol
<luca020400> When I bought my netbook
<luca020400> Windows 7 reinstall at 2nd boot xd
<juan210600> LOL.
<luca020400> Samsung shit everywhere & avast
<juan210600> EXO PC here.
<juan210600> Only a screen saver.
<juan210600> And McAfee Anti-theft technology.
<juan210600> TPM chip.
<luca020400> I never installed an antivirus
<juan210600> That isn't an antivirus.
<juan210600> And you are on Linux.
<luca020400> And as of now I never had any kind of malware Trojan & virus
<luca020400> *on win
<juan210600> Oh.
<juan210600> I don't remember if my PC had a built-in antivirus.
<juan210600> But sure it was crappy.
<luca020400> Mine 30 free days
<luca020400> Xd
<juan210600> LOL.
<juan210600> Norton?
<luca020400> I don't remember
<luca020400> It wad 5 years ago xd
<luca020400> *was
<luca020400> *4
<juan210600> One week and no-one reboot on my phone. Hurra!
<juan210600> Wow, my ping is on the clouds.
<luca020400> 115 ms here ( to irc server )
<juan210600> 1004 ms here.
<juan210600> On IRC.
<juan210600> Blame to CMC NETWORK.
<juan210600> I need to find AutoCAD 2007/08.
<luca020400> Why ?
<juan210600> Stupid government machines.
<juan210600> Our laptops doesn't support anything new.
<juan210600> Intel GMA 3600.
<luca020400> Our = ?
<juan210600> Government PCs.
<juan210600> Free laptops :P.
<luca020400> What
<luca020400> Free
<juan210600> "Free" laptops.
<luca020400> In Italy the free word doesn't even exist
<luca020400> *gratis
<juan210600> Because "free" is in English.
<luca020400> I know
<luca020400> But gratis sound better in this kind of situations , isn't it ?
<luca020400> *don't it
<juan210600> On Argentina, free(gratis) isn't on our vocabulary.
<juan210600> Yep.
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<juan210600> Who is Solitary?
<luca020400> I don't think free exist here too
<luca020400> I don't know
<luca020400> I know he uses Fedora xd
<juan210600> I use Xubuntu.
<juan210600> I have two PCs.
<luca020400> Archye <3
<juan210600> But is a crappy PC.
<juan210600> I re armed for make it more usable.
<luca020400> Arch is better
<luca020400> And lighter then xubuntu
<juan210600> How is it?
<luca020400> Hmmmmmm
<luca020400> Bash shell at first boot
<luca020400> Nothing else
<juan210600> Then, install FreeDOS.
<juan210600> XD.
<luca020400> Gentoo ...
<juan210600> I'm not too much advanced with Linux.
<juan210600> But I tried a lot of distros.
<juan210600> On a VM.
<luca020400> Install arch on a VM
<luca020400> And after gentooo
<luca020400> *-o
<juan210600> I will try it, later.
<juan210600> But I can't use anything than needs "Virtualization technologies".
<juan210600> Because they are disabled.
<juan210600> And I don't want to enable it on BIOS.
<luca020400> I installed Arch Linux in a VM in my netbook
<juan210600> VBox?
<luca020400> No vt or something
<luca020400> VMware pkayer
<luca020400> *player
<juan210600> VMware player has "Dynamic translation".
<juan210600> A replacement to VT-x tech.
<juan210600> But less efficient.
<juan210600> And isn't open source.
<luca020400> And ?
<juan210600> It's "free".
<luca020400> Yes it is
<juan210600> Good point.
<juan210600> :P.
<luca020400> It has the same VB features
<luca020400> As I remember
<luca020400> I don't use VM anymore xd
<luca020400> Like 3 months I don't open VM player
<juan210600> Like 6 months I don't use a VM.
<luca020400> But in my PC VM have "sense"
<luca020400> Xx
<juan210600> I try a lot of things on VMs.
<juan210600> Well, I tried a lot of things on VMs.
<luca020400> Can you run Mac OS X in your PC ?
<luca020400> :p
<rymate1234> yes
<juan210600> Pure Intel hardware, so yes.
<luca020400> Hey
<luca020400> *in vm
<juan210600> No.
<rymate1234> ^
<juan210600> Only on VMware, maybe.
<luca020400> I should be able to install Mac os x in my PC
<juan210600> I don't like Apple stuff, so I don't care.
<luca020400> Same for me
<luca020400> But I always wanted to try Mac os x
<juan210600> Mac OS --> Unix forked.
<luca020400> You missed Darwin os
<luca020400> :o
<juan210600> Someone tried kernel 3.18?
<luca020400> I'm on 3.19.2
<rymate1234> using 3.19 on my arch partition
<juan210600> It gives graphical glitches on my old PC.
<luca020400> I haven't any kind of problem on archlinux
<rymate1234> ^
<juan210600> But it can be because I use X.Org egders as repository.
<luca020400> Maybe
<luca020400> :D
<juan210600> I was thinking something...
<luca020400> ....
<luca020400> I hate my battery bank led ...
<juan210600> I want to upgrade from a Y300 to a Moto E/G 2014(if I get more money) because I run OOM too much often.
<luca020400> It blinks m...
<juan210600> Disable it.
<luca020400> Moto g 2014 :o
<luca020400> Xd
<juan210600> But with LP, we have a enormous memory leak affecting memory.
<rymate1234> moto e 2015 with LTE is superior to the moto g
<juan210600> Sure.
<luca020400> Why ?
<luca020400> No led autofocus
<juan210600> Because is 64-bit?
<luca020400> It is s400 , isn't it ?
<juan210600> And I will be on the same situation.
<rymate1234> it's 64 bit
<rymate1234> and LTE
<rymate1234> i dont care about the camera
<juan210600> S410, luca.
<luca020400> K
<luca020400> If it uses lo at 64 bit bought it
<luca020400> *lp
<luca020400> If not the 64bit CPU is useless
<juan210600> Exactly.
<juan210600> I know the specs.
<juan210600> But I prefer the Moto G 2014.
<luca020400> I'll ask to cibolab giy
<juan210600> Because I will have eternal support.
<luca020400> *guy
<luca020400> You'll have ;)
<juan210600> :P.
<luca020400> Until I will buy new moto g :p
<juan210600> Official and unnoficial.
<luca020400> Official
<luca020400> Xd
<juan210600> Who cares about official?
<juan210600> XD.
<luca020400> *
<luca020400> You don't know what does mean build
<luca020400> Xd
<luca020400> With user that ask every day where you'll release new build
<juan210600> Nope, but I want to leant.
<juan210600> I will not do that.
<juan210600> *learn.
<juan210600> You write too fast.
<luca020400> Are you sure ?
<luca020400> Auto correction helps a lot
<luca020400> Xd
<juan210600> I disabled auto correction.
<juan210600> Is so boring sometimes.
<luca020400> *with English is useful for me
<juan210600> *annoying.
<juan210600> I have suggestions enabled luca.
<juan210600> So it haves the same effect.
<luca020400> But you have to type to "fix" the worls
<luca020400> *world
<juan210600> I know.
<luca020400> *I live cm12*
<luca020400> *love
<juan210600> I like it too.
<luca020400> I'm waiting for cm12.1 fix
<juan210600> I tried it on a Galaxy Fame device.
<juan210600> Only display working.
<juan210600> XD.
<luca020400> Cm12.1 fc everything
<luca020400> Xd
<juan210600> Really.
<juan210600> ?
<juan210600> Then compile AOSP.
<luca020400> Yea
<juan210600> XD.
<rymate1234> I just use the moto g stock
<luca020400> Stock ....c.c.cc
<juan210600> AOSP modified.
<luca020400> Cm12
<juan210600> A friend is waiting new Motorola MBM.
<luca020400> Mbm ?
<juan210600> Because he hard bricked his Moto G.
<luca020400> How xd
<luca020400> Hard brick is practically impossible
<juan210600> Upgrading to 5.0 OTA Brazilian SOAK test.
<juan210600> Downgrading to 4.4.2 GPE.
<luca020400> Impossible
<juan210600> And upgrading to 4.4.4 GPE via OTA.
<luca020400> You can't downgrade bootloader & gpt
<juan210600> LP bootloader rejected KK kernel and... BOOM!!!!.
<juan210600> Exactly.
<luca020400> So it's a soft brick
<juan210600> Yes, but the phone is practically dead.
<juan210600> Only LED works.
<juan210600> XD.
<luca020400> And stock ROMs works on both bootkoaders ( moto g 2014 )
<juan210600> Not on OTA if I remember.
<juan210600> Only via fastboot.
<juan210600> Or MotoFlasher.
<juan210600> If you do an OTA then... BOOM!!!.
<luca020400> Oh now I understand what happened
<luca020400> But it shouldn't happen
<juan210600> Why?
<luca020400> Semibootloader update
<juan210600> Uh?
<juan210600> My English is fine now.
<juan210600> XD.
<juan210600> 1908 ms of ping.
<juan210600> Latency redifined.
<luca020400> Motorola release bootloader -> motoboot.img
<juan210600> Redefined.
<luca020400> Motoboot.IMG contains 4 files/partitions
<luca020400> Ota only update files ( not full motoboot )
<juan210600> There is something that I can't get.
<luca020400> Maybe they updated only 3 files KK --> 1 LP
<luca020400> If you don't own a moto g xd
<juan210600> Why the hell he downgraded to KK?
<luca020400> Ota app ..
<luca020400> *-app
<luca020400> Just download an moto g ota
<luca020400> You'll find some files
<luca020400> tz and other files
<juan210600> It don't work in that way, luca.
<luca020400> ?
<juan210600> This isn't a simple flashing.
<luca020400> Patching
<juan210600> You need a FULL update package --> MBM-CI 5.0 package.
<luca020400> Ota isn't a full package on Motorola devices
<juan210600> You are very smart, so you will never need it.
<luca020400> Omg
<luca020400> Ping 1875ms
<juan210600> Really close to break my record.
<luca020400> Xd
<luca020400> In simple words
<juan210600> I will end my homework on 2018.
<luca020400> Motorola bootloader are 4 files
<luca020400> The ota app updated only 3 of them --> lp one doesn't work with kk ones
<luca020400> He updates to gpe 5.0 ?
<juan210600> Soak test.
<juan210600> Elementary, my dear Luca.
<luca020400> I meant from gpe 4.4.*
<luca020400> You said
<luca020400> Soak 5.* --> GPE 4.4.* --> ?
<juan210600> OTA GPE 4.4.4.
<luca020400> k
<juan210600> There is a dedicated thread on XDA of this situation.
<luca020400> Xd
<luca020400> As I know no one hard bricked moto g 2014
<juan210600> Then you have a very smart guys.
<juan210600> Or the devs are really specific with instructions.
<juan210600> Or a mix of the two.
<juan210600> I want to try LP on my Y300.
<juan210600> But i'm waiting a release with "ART tuning".
<juan210600> Dou you have any clue of why LP has a stranger memory leak.
<juan210600> ?
<luca020400> Nope
<luca020400> I haven't any kind of mem leak on lollipop
<luca020400> It's like kitkat
<luca020400> The multitasking is just a bit worse
<juan210600> You sure?
<juan210600> Then all other LP devices are witched or something like that.
<juan210600> Voodoo.
<luca020400> ?
<luca020400> I just dont install Facebook xd . This is the only important thing for a great devicd
<luca020400> *device
<juan210600> Never say Facebook again.
<juan210600> XD.
<juan210600> I only use it as image hosting.
<luca020400> I only have telegram
<luca020400> Nothing else
<luca020400> & hangout
<juan210600> I have Telegram too.
<juan210600> Nah.
<luca020400> But not hangout is pretty useless , we switched to irc
<juan210600> Hangouts?
<luca020400> Yea
<luca020400> *now hangouts
<juan210600> I have WhatsApp and Telegram
<juan210600> I only need those.
<luca020400> I hate whatsaoo
<juan210600> But if all my family switch to Android-based phones, I will uninstall WhatsApp forever.
<juan210600> News about moddingg33k?
<luca020400> Whatsapp --> school --> homework
<luca020400> He's working at moto g 2014 kernel
<juan210600> On Moto G 2014 obvious.
<luca020400> Back port lp kernel to kitkat
<juan210600> Great.
<juan210600> Really.
<juan210600> ?
<luca020400> Yea
<luca020400> I only know it booted nothing else xd
<juan210600> He will backport 4 kernel when finished for sure.
<juan210600> XD.
<luca020400> Hahh
<luca020400> 3.19
<luca020400> *3.10
<juan210600> If the old S2 has a 3.15 kernel, why not?
<luca020400> 3.15 ?
<juan210600> Yes.
<luca020400> Didn't know
<juan210600> But I don't remember where is.
<juan210600> It was on XDA
<luca020400> Motorola release the kernel with Linux history
<juan210600> Wow.
<luca020400> Yea
<juan210600> Huawei released with crap and more crap.
<juan210600> Mac OS X history.
<luca020400> After something 100*40 commits for add support for msm8226 ( moto g * )
<luca020400> Xd
<juan210600> LOL.
<luca020400> There's the Linux history
<juan210600> Since kernel 2.4.
<juan210600> Hour on Italy?
<luca020400> 0:55
<juan210600> Here 8:55.
<luca020400> Where you live ?
<juan210600> Argentina.
<juan210600> Mendoza.
<luca020400> Genoa
<juan210600> Nice city?
<luca020400> Genoa is famous for the "pesto" and the aquarius
<luca020400> Ni
<luca020400> Xd
<luca020400> No + Si ( yes in Italian )
<juan210600> Oh.
<luca020400> ?
<luca020400> ggfkgsiitit
<juan210600> Mendoza is famous because if you put a foot here, someone stolen you watch and your shoes.
<juan210600> XD.