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* pyongyang crosses fingers
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<codename13> ok, so turns out another dev for my device had previously made a patch to patch in our device and vendor specific code into a kernel. Except the patch was designed for use on 3.0.x, so there are many failed hunks that I'll have to fix when applying it on a 3.4.x kernel.
<codename13> I'll try that out, though I might get real frustrated with correcting so many conflicts and fixing failed hunk stuff.
<codename13> Plus, I bet most of it isn't even necessary to actually boot the kernel. Though I will try to apply as much as I can before frustration kicks in.
<codename13> And once I do get a 3.4.x kernel booting, if I get one booting, I'm hoping it will be easier to port the newer KGSL and ION drivers. Otherwise, I'll just be stuck with a nice new fancy higher version number lol
<codename13> meh, worst case scenario, I'll have to hack my way through Lollipop with legacy code
<codename13> FYI, I managed to boot it awhile back (in December or January) with legacy functions that I reimplemented and PMEM Adreno drivers meant for JB 4.2 or 4.1, SELinux and PIE disabled. But nothing really worked except for booting into the OS and navigating through apps. Not even WiFi. It was very laggy with constant bluetooth app force closes.
<codename13> Anyways, peace out y'all, g'night
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<Weritos> hi
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<fonz93> hello
<luca020400> hi fonz ^^
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<juan210600> Hi.
<fonz93> hi
<luca020400> hi
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<juan210600> Hi gregor (DeveloperDutch).
<gregor160300> Hi
<juan210600> We are stealing Luca's nick name model. :P
<gregor160300> I know
<luca020400> ....
<juan210600> School with rain. :/
<luca020400> rain without school xd
<juan210600> It was raining all the night here.
<juan210600> :P
<gregor160300> Here it has also been raining almost all day
<juan210600> Now ceased a little.
<luca020400> all day here
<juan210600> But the streets are flooded.
<gregor160300> Well here it isn't that much
<juan210600> Moto G 2013 users are signing a petition to ask Motorola to release "full LP firmware".
<luca020400> why ?
<juan210600> Official KK kernel on official LP bootloader bricked some devices after an official OTA.
<juan210600> Bootloader corruption.
<luca020400> othing to do with morotola :/
<juan210600> Exactly.
<juan210600> But they don't lose anything with try.
<juan210600> Only time.
<luca020400> downgrade --> user
<juan210600> Exactly.
<juan210600> User problem
<juan210600> XD.
<juan210600> Now they have a well-looking brick
<luca020400> with moto g 2014 you can use 4.4 roms & kernel on lp bootloader
<juan210600> Only official OTA bricks devices on LP bootloader.
<luca020400> is user is idiot yes
<juan210600> Or that I think.
<juan210600> Why?
<luca020400> *if
<luca020400> ota force update bootloader
<luca020400> but not full bootloader
<juan210600> I know.
<luca020400> you cannot use 3/4 kk bootloader & 1/4 lp one
<luca020400> xd
<juan210600> XD.
<luca020400> like run kk kernel on lp rom xd
<luca020400> but that one is a soft brich xd
<luca020400> the other one too but impossible to fix
<juan210600> :P
<juan210600> The worst of the soft bricks.
<juan210600> I never soft bricked my Y300.
<juan210600> Neither a bootloop.
<luca020400> a lot on moto g 2014
<juan210600> LOL.
<luca020400> first cm12 build xd
<juan210600> What happened with CM12? LOL.
<luca020400> ?
<juan210600> But you have ADB.
<luca020400> You miss to push something
<luca020400> happen sometimes u.u
<juan210600> With first CM12 build.
<juan210600> ?
<juan210600> What happened with first CM12 build?
<juan210600> Why not worked?
<luca020400> *testing libs & kernel*
<juan210600> Oh.
<juan210600> I see.
<juan210600> XD.
<juan210600> We have update.app recuperation method.
<juan210600> Horrible.
<luca020400> motorola one fastboot
<juan210600> I know.
<luca020400> like nexus
<juan210600> Both are Google devices.
<juan210600> So yes.
<luca020400> not really
<juan210600> Motorola was on Google hands on that time.
<juan210600> So yes.
<juan210600> XD.
<luca020400> yes I know but now builds --> lenovo
<juan210600> I know.
<luca020400> *still motorola builds*
<juan210600> I mean Google direct support.
<luca020400> no
<juan210600> Why?
<luca020400> only moto g gpe have google support xd
<juan210600> XD.
<juan210600> Then convert to GPE.
<juan210600> My friend has a Galaxy Fame.
<juan210600> He only has 5 ROMs.
<juan210600> And it has his Odin count on 170+.
<juan210600> He will named as the "flasher of the year".
<juan210600> Terminal has new design.
<juan210600> Why?
<juan210600> Material Terminal?
<gregor160300> Who are you talking/asking to?
<luca020400> they're planning to add it
<luca020400> you meant this ?
<juan210600> Yes.
<juan210600> Not only icon.
<luca020400> only icon as of now
<juan210600> Some things appear as Material for me.
<luca020400> screen ?
<juan210600> How?
<luca020400> screenshoot xd
<juan210600> I use FB as image hosting, remember?
<luca020400> upload it to postimg
<luca020400> xd
<juan210600> Ok.
<juan210600> Give me a minute.
<juan210600> An a OOM.
<luca020400> hmm
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<luca020400> ot isn't material xd
<luca020400> he just changed color
<juan210600> Window switch
<juan210600> You don't see it?
<luca020400> yes
<luca020400> no material ...
<juan210600> Is Material.
<luca020400> nope
<juan210600> Yep.
<juan210600> :P
<luca020400> nope
<juan210600> Compare old and new versions.
<luca020400> I know ther's a diff
<luca020400> but he just chnaged color & size
<juan210600> Ok.
<juan210600> Now I see.
<juan210600> But is a command line.
<juan210600> Don't expect full Material Design.
<juan210600> My browser gets OOM.
<juan210600> What can happen if I disable LMK?
<luca020400> bad things
<luca020400> ram don't get freed
<juan210600> Is good than i'm not crazy enough to do it.
<juan210600> XD.
<juan210600> We need project Ara.
<juan210600> No more phone changes
<juan210600> But more complicated ROMs.
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<fonz93> i got video playback working on instagram
<fonz93> disabling some hardware decoders
<luca020400> android_5.1.o_r3
<luca020400> xd
<fonz93> what i don't get
<fonz93> i tried bank gapps
<fonz93> i got a lot of FC for Google Play Services
<fonz93> after a fresh install
<fonz93> which gapps do you use now after PaGapps end?
<luca020400> wrong dpi ?
<fonz93> tried also to replace with the right one
<luca020400> I don'y know
<fonz93> nothing changed
<luca020400> ,,,,,
<fonz93> and it's fine now
<fonz93> it also installs the proper dpi version of google play services
<luca020400> thanks for this link
<luca020400> will replace gapps link with that in cm thread
<luca020400> :3
<luca020400> https://gist.github.com/luca020400/78a8ce681c1e61b1ac4b new 5.1.0_r3 changelog ( like 15 commits xd )
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