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<DeveloperDutch> Hello
<DeveloperDutch> Luca is there any copyright on your toolkit because I modified it and added some futures and removed some other but am I free to post it if I give you credit
<luca020400> just create a pull request
<luca020400> anyway yes is "free"
<DeveloperDutch> Will be a big pull request and I don't know how to use them properly
<luca020400> I will chery pick it id needed ;)
<luca020400> Will look in it
<luca020400> if I will not aprove then open new thread ( os wethever tou want )
<DeveloperDutch> Ok I am waiting with posting anywhere on the internet since I still dont have fixed bootloader to status code 0
<luca020400> np
<luca020400> tell me if you need a tester ..
<DeveloperDutch> I know what i have to change but it doesn't apply
<DeveloperDutch> Can you tell me how to set something to an offset of partition that is already on device
<luca020400> hmm+
<DeveloperDutch> I will make some screens of the idea
<DeveloperDutch> ttp://postimg.org/image/d5x62hchv/ --> http://postimg.org/image/n1y924i9v/ will not actually reset it but you wont be able to flash anything because of relock and for warranty they will see 0 and locked
<luca020400> yeo
<DeveloperDutch> I retreived official ota after restoring to stock 4.4.4 and now edited the file inside the zip to hopefully bypass the verification error
<luca020400> do not edit motoboot
<luca020400> it contain other partiton ( as I rememer )
<luca020400> just pull aboot
<luca020400> and your icon theme ? :)
<DeveloperDutch> Yess I know I edited the emmc_appsboot.mbn from offcia l and now flashing official ota I will upload ota to my gdrive so you can have it too
<luca020400> I'm using my aboot
<luca020400> ...
<luca020400> from official 5.0.2 update
<luca020400> I meant in ununtu ;-;
<DeveloperDutch> Ok how did you get abooy out of the file
<DeveloperDutch> Numix
<luca020400> dd if/where/is/aboot of=aboot xd
<luca020400> ty
<DeveloperDutch> Are you dding it back becuase I tried 2 times didn't overwrite
<DeveloperDutch> Uploading official ota from /cache now
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<DeveloperDutch_> Well it flashed my edited stock ota without errors
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<DeveloperDutch> Lol I flashed the original ota not the edited one
<DeveloperDutch> Well edited one doesn't work just like I expected
<DeveloperDutch> Stock ota from /cache
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<Flea997> hi
<luca020400> hi
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<luca020400> Welcome back
<DeveloperDutch> hi do i have to read log?
<luca020400> nope
<DeveloperDutch> alteady did
<DeveloperDutch> did you get it working?
<luca020400> nope
<luca020400> I was studying latin ...
<DeveloperDutch> haha i have a test next week
<DeveloperDutch> do you also have greek?
<luca020400> nope
<DeveloperDutch> i di and i hate it
<DeveloperDutch> I have so much languages
<luca020400> luckily
<luca020400> I hate latin
<DeveloperDutch> Dutch, English, German, French, Old Greek, Latin
<luca020400> Italian English and latin
<DeveloperDutch> I dont have Italian but according to my latin teacher it has a lot of similarities
<luca020400> I'm italian ...
<DeveloperDutch> i know
<luca020400> Hmm maybe
<luca020400> Just to say
<luca020400> I can understand french and spanish easily
<luca020400> spanish is really simple and similar to italian
<luca020400> french have a some differences
<luca020400> I don't know german
<DeveloperDutch> Yes i think so my latin teacher speaks english dutch italian latin french spanish greek old greek fluentlu
<luca020400> I only nkow backerei and konditorei
<DeveloperDutch> german is really diffrent from italian and french but a bit similar to latin
<luca020400> I know
<DeveloperDutch> I am forced to have al those languages but from next year i can drop half of my subjects
<luca020400> I was "learning" it a bit while studying with my friend
<luca020400> but is too different from italian
<luca020400> wow
<luca020400> I hate other 4 years like this ...
<luca020400> *have
<DeveloperDutch> in the netherlanda you have 4 levels of second school and i am on the highest
<DeveloperDutch> which is 6 years
<DeveloperDutch> and after 3 years you choose a direction of study and drop half of your subjects
<luca020400> How old are you ?
<DeveloperDutch> i am 14 i turn 15 on march 16
<luca020400> you are in the 3 year ?
<DeveloperDutch> yes
<luca020400> ok like me
<DeveloperDutch> yup
<luca020400> I'm in the 1st high school year
<luca020400> in italy
<DeveloperDutch> so the school systen is diffrent
<luca020400> as I can see is diffeent
<DeveloperDutch> do you know why logs where doen
<luca020400> doen ?
<DeveloperDutch> down
<luca020400> logs = ?
<luca020400> I don't understand xd
<DeveloperDutch> i mean irclog it didnt work an hour ago and stayed offline for half an hour
<luca020400> o they aren't
<luca020400> *no
<luca020400> just there aren't messages xd
<DeveloperDutch> yes it went offline i couldnt connect with it a minute later the log account disconnected and it stayed like that now it os back online
<luca020400> so I don't know
<DeveloperDutch> what is your favorite future of moto g 2014 mine is steroe speakers
<luca020400> I don't use them so much
<luca020400> anyway yes is really great
<luca020400> Just uploaded new cm12 build
<DeveloperDutch> i also dont use them but theyvare just great
<luca020400> yep
<DeveloperDutch> did you change it to daily builds or do you just build when it fits you
<luca020400> When I want xd
<luca020400> it tooks me just 2 hors
<luca020400> build & upload
<DeveloperDutch> that is low mine take 5
<DeveloperDutch> with a ssd
<luca020400> And with archlinux I can use pc while building :3
<luca020400> 5 hors ..
<DeveloperDutch> .yes
<luca020400> looks like the Y300-0100 pc
<DeveloperDutch> i have 4 gb ram but old processor
<luca020400> I5 4460 , 8GB ram & 7200 RPM 2TB
<DeveloperDutch> well i actually didnt build for moto yet so if there is a diffrence
<DeveloperDutch> yes i have a intel pentium b960
<luca020400> You build lollipop ?
<luca020400> for y300
<luca020400> anyway it should be really similar
<luca020400> and wtf buy a new cpu and ram xcd
<DeveloperDutch> yes o did but i discontinued since my grndma has y300 and she is rocking stock jb
<luca020400> brb stock
<DeveloperDutch> i will buy more ram but i have a notebook so cant replace processor
<luca020400> oh
<luca020400> notebook
<DeveloperDutch> laptop
<luca020400> anyway buy a desktop
<DeveloperDutch> maybe in the future
<DeveloperDutch> but i was able to use it while building
<DeveloperDutch> on ubuntu
<DeveloperDutch> 5 gb swap
<luca020400> near
<luca020400> future
<luca020400> install archlinux ...
<luca020400> xd
<DeveloperDutch> i had it but i want unity
<luca020400> you can install it
<luca020400> ....
<DeveloperDutch> it manages space better on sreen
<luca020400> unity ....
<DeveloperDutch> i knowbut it doesnt work
<luca020400> yes it does
<luca020400> aur/unity (39)
<luca020400> A desktop experience designed for efficiency of space and interaction
<DeveloperDutch> o yes i only tried dropbox version
<DeveloperDutch> do you have pure arch or antergos or something
<luca020400> pure
<DeveloperDutch> i had 12sec boot time with it on antergos 14 and on ubuntu 20
<luca020400> I only need a good font ..
<DeveloperDutch> nice
<DeveloperDutch> if you need a good text editor use brackets
<DeveloperDutch> and i really like freemono for typing documents but for interface i dont know i use standard ubuntu font
<luca020400> Can you tell me the name ?
<luca020400> ubuntu ********
<DeveloperDutch> ubuntu
<luca020400> I have ubuntu regular , condensed
<DeveloperDutch> dont know if you can get it on arch
<luca020400> but no oe is the buntu one
<luca020400> xd
<luca020400> yep
<DeveloperDutch> i am on my phone now so i cant look
<DeveloperDutch> i thought it was simply ubuntu size 11
<luca020400> Can you typo gsettings get org.gnome.desktop.interface font-name when you wil switch to pc ?
<luca020400> and
<luca020400> gsettings get org.gnome.desktop.wm.preferences titlebar-font
<DeveloperDutch> will do but will be tomorrow i am to tired now
<luca020400> np
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<luca020400> good night
<DeveloperDutch> i am going to sleep good bye
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