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<pyongyang> Anyone know when luca is likely to wake up?
<luca020400> Now
<pyongyang> Nice one.
<luca020400> Xd
<pyongyang> ;)
<luca020400> Good morning
<pyongyang> Morning!
<pyongyang> So, can I pester you for some information?
<luca020400> Yea
<pyongyang> Remember the overdrive enabled kernel you built? I was wondering if you remember which patch you used on Daz's kernel.
<pyongyang> Or if you've got a source tree I can diff.
<luca020400> Open cm gerrit
<luca020400> Search kernel Titan
<luca020400> android_kernel_motorola_titan
<luca020400> And you will find a patch
<pyongyang> Cheers
<luca020400> Not working for us but for you
<luca020400> As we use usbgadget
<pyongyang> Meh, I've already had to patch HID, there.
<luca020400> So you have the cdrom sysfs ?
<pyongyang> You might be on to something there.
<pyongyang> luca020400, the patch works, the issue is some shitty udev distro rules.
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<fonz93> google play services sucks
<fonz93> really
<fonz93> on 7.xx version
<fonz93> it has a wakelock called SystemUpdateService
<fonz93> that really eats the battery
<fonz93> on non stock ROMs
<luca020400> Hi ^^
<luca020400> every version sucks ...
<Shadowghoster> :P
<Shadowghoster> fonz93 I havn't had the bug
<fonz93> which ROM are you running?
<luca020400> I haven't chechked
<fonz93> anyway there are dozens of threads on xda
<fonz93> mentioning that bug
<luca020400> yea
<Shadowghoster> I mean on my OPO euphoria
<luca020400> the same for cm12 moto g 2014
<Shadowghoster> 10h SOT :P
<luca020400> 6:30 :p
<fonz93> today just came out a new play services version
<luca020400> hahahaha
<fonz93> and the bug hasn't been fixed
<luca020400> Read tge 2nd comment
<luca020400> xd
<Shadowghoster> luca020400: until now 9h 18mins SOT and still 13% lfet ^^
<fonz93> lol
<luca020400> *the
<fonz93> wat
<fonz93> how
<luca020400> this is opo
<Shadowghoster> :D
<Shadowghoster> with y300 you'll never get more than 3h or so :P
<fonz93> why cyanogenmod masked OOM parameters? lol
<fonz93> i had to run this
<luca020400> I don't want useless posts !!!!!
<fonz93> chown root system /sys/module/lowmemorykiller/parameters/minfree
<fonz93> chmod 0664 /sys/module/lowmemorykiller/parameters/minfree
<luca020400> 0600
<fonz93> default is 0220 or something like that
<Shadowghoster> fonz93 the kernel I use has so much options that you can't decide which is best ^^
<fonz93> write only
<fonz93> D:
<luca020400> 0220 like stock motorola
<luca020400> yea 0220 is ro
<luca020400> ;)
<fonz93> thanks to this fucking play service
<fonz93> i did a full wipe
<fonz93> because i thought it was my fault..
<fonz93> luca
<fonz93> can you push that commit by motorola
<fonz93> to cyanogenmod system core?
<luca020400> cm12 ?
<luca020400> as I remember lmk values are rw
<luca020400> you're right
<luca020400> are only ro
<fonz93> no
<fonz93> cyanogenmod 0220
<luca020400> I will see
<fonz93> that's why i made this
<fonz93> and this
<luca020400> will look
<luca020400> Found commit
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<luca020400> but 90 % it will not be merged
<luca020400> oh
<luca020400> cm is merging android 5.1
<luca020400> I don't know if push or not
<luca020400> fonz93 :::::
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<luca020400> xd
<luca020400> log
<luca020400> qdss video bye
<luca020400> ...
<luca020400> wtf psp vita for free ...
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<luca020400> back
<Shadowghoster> luca020400 where?
<luca020400> from youtube ...
<luca020400> xd
<Shadowghoster> :P
<luca020400> I love cpu boost
<luca020400> *touch
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<luca020400> Hi dutch and kirm etc
<gregor160300> Hi I am developerdutch new name now it is my original
<luca020400> I knoe xd
<gregor160300> Waiting for cm 12.1
<luca020400> De heer ... ?
<luca020400> merged / testing :£
<luca020400> :3
<gregor160300> Yes it is the same as Mr and Mrs
<kirmaniarslan> But its in staging/cm-12.1
<gregor160300> Yes
<luca020400> yea
<luca020400> as I said testing xd
<gregor160300> Wont be very unstable
<luca020400> ofc
<luca020400> new build add 3 great features :3
<gregor160300> What?
<luca020400> 2 are mine the other one by intervigil
<gregor160300> And they are?
<luca020400> LiveDisplay & High brightness (sunlight) mode & Touch Boost
<gregor160300> Touch boost?
<luca020400> the cpu freq bump to max
<luca020400> when you touch the screen
<gregor160300> LiveDisplay was already in first official
<luca020400> yea
<gregor160300> Cool
<luca020400> but if you enable it you will have performance regressins
<luca020400> now I fixed it :3
<luca020400> *"fixed"
<gregor160300> Ok
<kirmaniarslan> What abt omx
<kirmaniarslan> I tried ur libs got partially working mean encoding working but decoding broken
<luca020400> *we are talking about moto g 2014 xd
<kirmaniarslan> Lolx ok :P
<gregor160300> Windows 10 will take like 14 gb less space
<luca020400> who care
<gregor160300> I do on my ssd
<luca020400> ah
<gregor160300> 128 gb only so it makes a real diffrence
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<fonz93> hi kirmaniarslan
<kirmaniarslan> Hello
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<rymate1234> I should get an ssd
<rymate1234> i currently have a slow laptop hard drive
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<andrea2107> Luca
<andrea2107> A questione
<andrea2107> How many Money did you pay for moto g
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<luca020400> 170
<andrea2107> Just discovered something asd
<luca020400> I already know this phone
<Shadowghoster> andrea2107 you never know what they built in the phone....
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<andrea2107> Will
<andrea2107> Well
<andrea2107> It actually has got An xda sub forum
<andrea2107> But i don't need a Phone...just telling me how the f*** they got that price
<Shadowghoster> by implementing personal-data-catcher :P
<andrea2107> I install a rom...tadaaaa
<andrea2107> Btw isn't google doing that already?
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<rymate1234> andrea2107, the actual reason it's so cheap is probably because they can save a shit ton of money by not having decent quality control
<rymate1234> the build quality is likely to be subpar
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<andrea2107> Well
<andrea2107> I actually think that they have that price
<andrea2107> Because
<andrea2107> The new mtk6752 IS out and it IS actually cheaper and better than s800
<andrea2107> So they dropped the price
<rymate1234> well no
<rymate1234> because it says they're using a snapdragon 800
<rymate1234> :P
<andrea2107> Yeah
<andrea2107> S800 dropped prive
<andrea2107> Price
<rymate1234> o
<rymate1234> im lagging slightly
<rymate1234> xD
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<andrea2107> My device (SE x10) is OLD and doesnt boot with hardware float. It worked with softfp but since it's an emulation it worked so slow.. Decided to build this stuff with soft float and result is quite good. Up to 10% faster CPU operations.. This build is most probably for old, legacy or weak devices.
<andrea2107> From that trend
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