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<Flea997> hi ghost ^^
<Shadowghoster> hey Flea997
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<DeveloperDutch-m> hi
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<fonz93> hi
<fonz93> someone knows this code? 0x2300000
<fonz93> how can i get it in MB
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<Dazzozo> wtf thats just a number
<Dazzozo> it could be in bytes, kb, or mb already
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<DeveloperDutch-m> it could be a offset and he might be looking for at which mb to find that offset
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<asdf___> hi all
<rymate1234> hi
<asdf___> why with synopsis kernel the wifi enters in "sleep" ??
<asdf___> whatsapp notification and others arrive when i turn on the screen
<rymate1234> probably to save battery life
<rymate1234> asdf___, you might be able to disable wifi sleeping in wifi settings
<asdf___> in wifi settings i select the option to use wifi in suspension
<asdf___> its only with synopsis kernel
<rymate1234> then don't use synopsis kernel
<asdf___> but it's the best xD
<asdf___> cexstel have sometings issues with videos
<asdf___> sometimes*
<rymate1234> clearly not if it turns off wifi when the phone sleeps
<rymate1234> asdf___, have you tried just using the kernel that came with the rom
<rymate1234> usually the default kernel is the best
<asdf___> the strange thing is that normally when you set up the wifi to be disabled in suspension, only when you turn the screen icon appears and connects
<asdf___> and with synopsis... if i configure to use wifi in suspension or not use.. the icon remains
<asdf___> but not have internet connection in both cases
<rymate1234> so dont use synopsis then
<rymate1234> either that or report the bug
<asdf___> same issue with fonz cm10.1
<asdf___> so.. i don't know
<rymate1234> asdf___, does fonz cm10.1 use the synopsis kernel
<asdf___> yes..
<rymate1234> so sounds like a synopsis kernel issue
<asdf___> i think so
<asdf___> other's user's report that in cm10.1 fonz topic
<asdf___> but nothing new..
<rymate1234> asdf___, then wait for fonz to fix it
<asdf___> Soo.. i fix that
<asdf___> a not very conventional way
<asdf___> ._.
<asdf___> i think
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<pyongyang> bbl.
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<asdf___> rymate1234, i think i fix the wifi issue
<rymate1234> k
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<luca020400> Hi ^^
<luca020400> Where is DeveloperDutch :/
<luca020400> Hi flea ;)
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<DeveloperDutch-m> here i am
<luca020400> yes I know
<luca020400> xd
<luca020400> lp kernel merge done :3
<DeveloperDutch-m> cool so now nightly
<luca020400> 3/4 days
<luca020400> anyway yes
<DeveloperDutch-m> I will switch to cm tomorrow hope for a new build soon
<DeveloperDutch-m> i have this weird thing since yesterday you knoe when you have no data connection you will get ! on you cell icon but now it is on wifi icon
<luca020400> luk have the same "bug"
<luca020400> it happen when there isn't wifi connection ( aka it cannot ping to google )
<DeveloperDutch-m> yes but i have internet
<luca020400> and sometimes it happen when you have it too
<luca020400> xd
<luca020400> that's the bug
<DeveloperDutch-m> yes but it wasnt there until 3 days ago and now constantly
<luca020400> as luk
<DeveloperDutch-m> and i dont understand the screenshot
<luca020400> maybe cm bug
<DeveloperDutch-m> i am on stock
<luca020400> ah
<luca020400> so I don't know
<luca020400> aagagaga
<DeveloperDutch-m> but i also had to switch which sim card slot to use because of connection loss
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<luca020400> 2nd doesn' work data
<luca020400> *on cm12
<luca020400> so it works
<luca020400> only 2g
<DeveloperDutch-m> i dont have data xd
<luca020400> wtf
<DeveloperDutch-m> expensive and the plans are very bad you get 1000min/sms with 100mb and so on but i would only use mb
<luca020400> 10€
<Flea997> we
<luca020400> 2GB data , 1000 sms and 400 min
<DeveloperDutch-m> wow thats really cheap
<DeveloperDutch-m> wait a minute
<luca020400> I switched to this with an offer
<luca020400> when I bought Y300 ( 1 month before )
<DeveloperDutch-m> here it is at least 28€ a month with 2gb
<luca020400> omg
<DeveloperDutch-m> correction 19 €
<luca020400> ah
<luca020400> like 2*
<luca020400> hahah
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<DeveloperDutch-m> yes thats why
<DeveloperDutch-m> sometimes i feel really stupid because i am reading irclog while chatting here so i already read every message
<luca020400> xd
<DeveloperDutch-m> today i thought he lets play some good old pokemon suddenly 2 hours where past
<DeveloperDutch-m> i am going to sleep good night
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<luca020400> Downloading 700mb kernel ...
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<luca020400> Hi ^^
<pyongyang> O hai
* pyongyang plays the catpipes
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