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<andrea2107> Hi
<andrea2107> i am so happy :)
<andrea2107> who said i will never have cm11 on my mtk?
<andrea2107> i feel alone :(
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<HoloIRCUser1> Hi.
<andrea2107> hi
<HoloIRCUser1> You enjoy your THL phone?
<andrea2107> yes...holoircuser1
<andrea2107> XD
<HoloIRCUser1> I can't change nickname.
<HoloIRCUser1> I don't know why.
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<HoloIRCUser1> XD
<andrea2107> do /nick and your nick
<HoloIRCUser1> Nope.
<andrea2107> from holoirc settings?
<HoloIRCUser1> Tried, not working.
<andrea2107> btw who are you
<HoloIRCUser1> A guy.
<andrea2107> your name on modaco?
<HoloIRCUser1> :P
<HoloIRCUser1> juanpablocastillo
<andrea2107> ah...hi
<HoloIRCUser1> Hi.
<HoloIRCUser1> :P
<andrea2107> btw i am actually loving my thl XD
<HoloIRCUser1> I like MTK hardware.
<andrea2107> yeah..me too
<andrea2107> and i paid only 95 euros for an octa core
<HoloIRCUser1> But they don't release sources.
<andrea2107> you can still have cm11
<HoloIRCUser1> So... Meh.
<HoloIRCUser1> With precompiled libs?
<andrea2107> yeah
<HoloIRCUser1> And kernel.
<andrea2107> yeah
<andrea2107> you can still compile a kernel
<HoloIRCUser1> I only know one device with MTK sources available.
<andrea2107> micromax a1?
<HoloIRCUser1> "One devices"
<andrea2107> android one
<HoloIRCUser1> Android One devices.
<HoloIRCUser1> :P
<andrea2107> micromax a1 = android one
<HoloIRCUser1> Exactly.
<andrea2107> btw android one is actually crappy
<HoloIRCUser1> The devices are "good".
<andrea2107> no...
<andrea2107> idk what are the price
<andrea2107> but mtk6582 is not as good as mtk6592
<andrea2107> and mtk6589 is even worse
<HoloIRCUser1> But One devices have Google direct support.
<andrea2107> well...
<HoloIRCUser1> And CM11.
<andrea2107> retard support
<andrea2107> but yes...
<HoloIRCUser1> XD.
<andrea2107> ah watch this XDS
<HoloIRCUser1> My internet is really slow.
<andrea2107> i will resume the video for you
<HoloIRCUser1> I will watch it later.
<andrea2107> qualcomm= hot
<andrea2107> mediatek = cool
<HoloIRCUser1> He.
<andrea2107> qualcomm performance drop down while under stress
<andrea2107> while mediatek is stable
<HoloIRCUser1> I know.
<andrea2107> btw actually the mtk6595 is so powerful
<andrea2107> i think mediatek doesn't want to release sources because he wants to sell more variants of the processors
<andrea2107> let's make an example
<andrea2107> on my thl t6 pro i have a mtk6592m
<HoloIRCUser1> And 7x25a(Y300) is crappy.
<andrea2107> it is like the 6592...but with 1.4ghz
<andrea2107> clock
<andrea2107> if i had sources
<andrea2107> i could clock my mali 450 to 700mhz
<andrea2107> while now it is 600mhz
<andrea2107> and go to 2.0ghz
<andrea2107> this could be battery intensive...but i can still overclock while i am charging
<andrea2107> and use ondemand governor
<HoloIRCUser1> They don't release the kernel sources because the GPL doesn't apply to him.
<andrea2107> btw mediatek doesn't want this
<andrea2107> mediatek want that 6592T remains 6592T
<andrea2107> so we have
<andrea2107> 30k on antutu on normal variant... 28k on m variant and 32k on T varianty
<HoloIRCUser1> They releases sources to manufactures in form of binaries.
<andrea2107> manufacturers doesn't release sources
<andrea2107> because
<HoloIRCUser1> Binaries doesn't apply to GPL.
<HoloIRCUser1> Because they can't.
<andrea2107> they can
<andrea2107> but they are scared
<andrea2107> since some files
<andrea2107> are without license
<HoloIRCUser1> Exactly.
<andrea2107> so they don't want to release what they aren't sure they can release
<HoloIRCUser1> Well...
<andrea2107> for this reason some sources are incomplete
<HoloIRCUser1> They are manufactures than release kernel sources.
<andrea2107> btw if there were better devs working on mtk
<andrea2107> we could have cm11 perfectly working on some models
<HoloIRCUser1> MediaTek Labs?
<andrea2107> no...working on mtk devices
<HoloIRCUser1> Oh.
<HoloIRCUser1> Yes.
<andrea2107> as you may see on xda
<andrea2107> someone did it
<andrea2107> but then dropped
<andrea2107> because he was alone
<andrea2107> and it was a difficult job
<HoloIRCUser1> That is the "tricked source" I was talking about.
<HoloIRCUser1> Only can be compiled with 4.6 GCC.
<HoloIRCUser1> Stranger.
<HoloIRCUser1> Oops.
<HoloIRCUser1> I never mentioned.
<HoloIRCUser1> :P
<HoloIRCUser1> You write too fast.
<andrea2107> btw
<andrea2107> when that mtk phone with cyanogen os will be out
<andrea2107> i hope on a poirt
<andrea2107> port
<andrea2107> i don't care if it isn't compiled
<andrea2107> i want only cm functions
<andrea2107> if i won't have them
<andrea2107> i will go for miui
<HoloIRCUser1> You tried to compile CM?
<andrea2107> some time ago i compiled nameless for y300
<andrea2107> with the help of luca
<andrea2107> using gcc
<HoloIRCUser1> Yes i remember.
<HoloIRCUser1> That is because I asked if you tried to compile CM for you device.
<HoloIRCUser1> With prebuilt stuff.
<andrea2107> i wouldn't even know where to start
<HoloIRCUser1> First download CM sources.
<andrea2107> and then? if it would be so easy why someone didn't do it?
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<HoloIRCUser1> I know.
<HoloIRCUser1> I just kidding.
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<andrea2107> well....
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<andrea2107> brb
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<Guest24815> Stupid connection.
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<luca020400> hi
<luca020400> HoloIRCUser1 : finally I know who are you :p
<luca020400> and he is offline xd
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<HoloIRCUser> luca020400: If you had asked me before, I would have told you.
<HoloIRCUser> :P
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<HoloIRCUser-> Now I can change my nickname.
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<luca020400> I haven't asked ..
<luca020400> seems my device is the only moto g 2014 where ultirom doesn't work wtf
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<HoloIRCUser3> Bad luck.
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<testing> Now it's working.
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<Dazzozo> i just posted this
<luca020400> your frimloadeR?
<Dazzozo> running on 9.2
<luca020400> great
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<rymate1234> Dazzozo, when cm7 for 3ds
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