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<Xeo> Hi
<Xeo> Chil360...! I want to ask a question.
<Xeo> Can I install DSP manager from you "SlimLP G510" to stock huawei g510? would it work?
<Xeo> actually I like that DSP and its sound perfection.
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<Xeo> Wow........ I just wana extract DSP apk from System.new.date of SlimLP.zip ........its EXT4 system... I installed Ext2FSD but it required mounted drive.... then i just mounted DAT file by Deamon Tool lite... and when i click on drive .... Windows7 go blue screen ...... some error i dont know how to extract apk from ext4 dat file
<Xeo> It third time my PC go into blue Screen ......
<Xeo> without ext4fst windows says unsupported file system... i can understand but i dont know why ext4fsd not working.
<pyongyang> patchy, patchy
<Xeo> ???
<Xeo> I am no developer ....
<pyongyang> If you need to handle ext4, couldn't you just throw a VM at the problem?
<Xeo> VM??
<Xeo> All I wanted SlimLP DSP... work in huawei stock....
<Xeo> I am unable to extract apk...
<Xeo> may be it will not work with my JB huawei stock....coz its from LP
<pyongyang> Virtual Machine.
<Xeo> oh no... Decompressing EXT4 worth Virtual Machine .... I will not install any Virtual Lunix just for single extracting APK...
<Xeo> Pyongyang thanks for your help...
<Xeo> could you describe why this wont work...
<Xeo> and i also saw some where internet that daemon Tools working on Ext2, 3 ,4 support...
<Xeo> can you describe patchy patchy... :)
<pyongyang> No, patchy patchy is just what I'm working on
<pyongyang> :)
<Xeo> Oh ok.
<Xeo> what i did wrong... in ext4 decompressing on win7
<pyongyang> Used windows :P
<Xeo> do you know ext2fsd...
<pyongyang> No, I use *nix
<Xeo> Ext2 File System Driver for Windows | SourceForge.net
<Xeo> sourceforge.net/projects/ext2fsd/
<Xeo> Rating: 4.5 - ‎79 votes - ‎Free - ‎Windows
<Xeo> Sep 18, 2014 - Ext2Fsd is an open source Linux ext2/ext3 file system driver for Windows systems (2K/XP/VISTA/WIN7/WIN8, X86/AMD64). Ext2 File System ...
<pyongyang> Have you tried an alternate ext4 reader?
<Xeo> no..
<pyongyang> Well...
<Xeo> I found audioFX.apk from slimlp it was not DSP, and i remember now.
<Xeo> And I cant install it...
<Xeo> Oh i found it from XDA developer.
<Xeo> where you from pyongyang
<pyongyang> Mars
<Xeo> well strange
<Xeo> I am from Pakistan
<Xeo> .. :)
<Xeo> Mars is not on earth Map.. hehehe
<pyongyang> Ssssh!
<Xeo> why you are Ssssh! me
<pyongyang> You're giving me away!
<Xeo> Actually i am not good in english
<Xeo> we talk اردو
<Xeo> ہم اردو بولتے ہیں۔۔
<Xeo> Away ... is to say far from any thing.... and give away some... i dont get.
<Xeo> AM i giving way.. or giving away is right
<Xeo> There are lot of people interesting on earth... you would be laughing ... probably smiling.
<Xeo> you really don't have to be from Mars,
<Xeo> and i asure i didn't get "give away" can you describe "give away"
<Xeo> I am still making sense it these two words.
<Xeo> in our language we say بہت مشکل ہے
<Xeo> it very hard.
<Xeo> give away عنایت کرنا
<Xeo> its simply mean to give something. still i didn't get
<Xeo> well bye
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<pyongyang> I thought I was a n00b...
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<fonz93> hi
<luca020400> gi
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<luca020400> everyone is switching to archlinux hahahah
<Shadowghoster> Oo
<luca020400> fonz tooo
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<luca020400> Good night guys ;)
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