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<DeveloperDutch> Luca my fonts are "Ubuntu Bold 11" in titlebar and "Ubuntu 11"
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<luca020400> Hi ^^
<luca020400> Hi flea
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<DeveloperDutch> Hello
<luca020400> Hi
<DeveloperDutch> my fonts are "Ubuntu Bold 11" in titlebar and "Ubuntu 11"
<luca020400> Seems you are talking me ..
<luca020400> OK ty
<luca020400> You joined after 30 sec me
<luca020400> Xd
<DeveloperDutch> Yes
<DeveloperDutch> I was looking at log
<luca020400> Xd
<DeveloperDutch> My method for bootloader wont work
<luca020400> Will try when will back home
<DeveloperDutch> Because "getvar all" will still say "iswarrantyvoid: yes"
<luca020400> Ah
<luca020400> You can edit it too
<luca020400> Xx
<Flea997> Hello my friend
<Flea997> I was sleeping xD
<DeveloperDutch> Haven't found it yet only found the iswarrantyvoid part
<luca020400> I don't think no to will check getvar all
<luca020400> Lol
<luca020400> *moto
<Flea997> I come to pc
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<DeveloperDutch> Yes so when you need warranty you better act stupid and if that doesn't work flash wrong bootloader so they cant use getvar aal
<DeveloperDutch> Until I find it
<luca020400> I don't need warrenty
<DeveloperDutch> I think it is stored in utag since it is the only partition of the bootloader i didn't check
<DeveloperDutch> I also don't but people on xda will need it
<DeveloperDutch> And I need thanks on xda
<luca020400> For ?
<DeveloperDutch> I look like a real noob
<luca020400> Anxd
<luca020400> I don't knoe
<DeveloperDutch> I hope our device doen't have some hardware for storing the var like new samsung devices in which something blows itself up after unlock
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<luca020400> ?
<Flea997> windows is shit
<luca020400> I don't know
<DeveloperDutch> It was only a rumor
<luca020400> Yep win is shit
<luca020400> A ok
<luca020400> Like new knox
<DeveloperDutch> Yes that's what I meant
<DeveloperDutch> But I just checked utag it isn't in there now I will have to backup every partition and check them
<DeveloperDutch> And yes win is like hell to me only sometimes i am forced to us it like on school
<luca020400> For school ?
<luca020400> On
<luca020400> Np
<luca020400> In my school no PCs ....
<luca020400> I'm like a fish out of the water ... Xd
<luca020400> At lest there is a good wifi
<luca020400> Sometimes I use it to upload things xd
<Flea997> we have pc
<Flea997> with windows 95
<luca020400> Teacher PC have xp
<DeveloperDutch> We have a lot of pc's windows 7 i think there are like at least a hundred
<luca020400> Wtf
<Flea997> you are not italian :c
<luca020400> ^
<DeveloperDutch> No
<DeveloperDutch> But I am on a school with 1000 students
<Flea997> how many in a classroom?
<luca020400> I don't know how may students there are in my school
<DeveloperDutch> varies from 20 - 34
<luca020400> In my class 26
<Flea997> 26 here too
<DeveloperDutch> And then I am on a small school
<DeveloperDutch> I am in a small class 23
<luca020400> I can send empty messages lol
<DeveloperDutch> I can too
<luca020400> :p
<luca020400> We seems idiots ..
<DeveloperDutch> I am half way backing up all partitions for examination
<luca020400> Lol
<Flea997> uou'll nevere read this
<luca020400> ?
<luca020400> *you :p
<Flea997> i didn't see what i was writing
<Flea997> xD
<luca020400> I have a free weekend ... No homework
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<luca020400> Hi XRevam86
<DeveloperDutch> I have a lot of homework but I already finished everything except english book report
<XRevan86> luca020400: hi
<luca020400> I finished them yesterday ...
<Flea997> hi my russian friend
<luca020400> Math , Latin , science and English
<Flea997> i'm doing them right now
<Flea997> Un solido è formato da un cubo e da un tronco di piramide regolare che ha per base maggiore una faccia del
<Flea997> cubo. I lati delle basi del tronco di piramide misurano 3k e 2k e l’area della superficie totale del solido è 79k2.
<Flea997> Determina la misura dell’apotema del tronco.
<DeveloperDutch> Luca I noticed that in a hex editor there is no diffrence between .bin/.mbn/.img dump
<luca020400> ?
<luca020400> Too difficult ...
<luca020400> By phone and without any kind of picture
<DeveloperDutch> Well it is like .zip and .tar are diffrent but when you open them there is no diffrence
<luca020400> And with them too ...
<luca020400> Yea
<luca020400> What you mean ?
<luca020400> If you have to files with different extension ?
<DeveloperDutch> That I can make backup in any format
<DeveloperDutch> Yes
<luca020400> Yes there are equal
<luca020400> Just the ext name change
<DeveloperDutch> Yes
<luca020400> Like
<luca020400> cp l.txt l.cs && diff l.txt l.cs
<DeveloperDutch> Yes
<luca020400> File are equal
<DeveloperDutch> Yes exactly
<luca020400> You didn't know that ?
<DeveloperDutch> I am so stupid i was copying files to a folder then renamed the folder and then got copy error folder doesnt exist
<luca020400> Xd
<Flea997> i think tonight i'll install ubuntu :D
<DeveloperDutch> Well with a lot of files I knew but i didn't for .bin and .img and i didn't know the .mbn extension
<luca020400> I was thinking about Mac file system
<DeveloperDutch> If you want stable and easy use ubuntu if you want fast use arch
<luca020400> It isn't case sensitive
<luca020400> And you know how Linux works
<luca020400> You have to install everything
<luca020400> You just have the shell xd
<rymate1234> oh no so difficult
<luca020400> Of you are a noob
<luca020400> Yes
<luca020400> Or just follow arch wiki
<luca020400> Always up to date
<DeveloperDutch> Yes and more programs than ubuntu if you count aur + normal
<luca020400> Yep
<luca020400> Aur is like an unified Ubuntu ppa
<Flea997> i don't know anything
<DeveloperDutch> Yes I really like that i hate ppa
<luca020400> That's why Ubuntu xd
<DeveloperDutch> Yes you should go for ubuntu
<luca020400> Or Linux mint
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<luca020400> I used it like 1 year
<DeveloperDutch> I used mint for 3 days
<luca020400> I started to use Ubuntu from 10.10
<luca020400> I like cinnamon
<DeveloperDutch> Switched to dual boot windows / ubuntu and found out win sucks so deleted it it now is on my external hdd
<luca020400> I deleted it
<Flea997> a friend told me :"you want a system where games go well? choose ubuntu!""you want to show to the others that you have a long di*k, use archlinux"
<luca020400> 2tb HDD for arch Linux
<luca020400> Xd
<DeveloperDutch> 128gb ssd for ubuntu and 500gb + 1tb external hdd
<luca020400> Games go well in every distro if you install proprietary driver
<rymate1234> Flea997, games work fine on arch linux
<luca020400> ^
<DeveloperDutch> And if you know what you want to play some games just dont work without win
<Flea997> but i don't give a shit abount games anyway
<luca020400> I'm have some games on it
<luca020400> Dota ?
<DeveloperDutch> I dont game only old mario on ds / phone
<Flea997> just dota
<luca020400> I play at 3ds
<luca020400> Mario kart and super Mario
<DeveloperDutch> Dont dump userdata partition it takes long and is big
<luca020400> System too
<DeveloperDutch> I dont have 3ds
<luca020400> I hate it :3
<DeveloperDutch> Yes but userdata is more
<luca020400> And flea997 want it
<luca020400> *have
<DeveloperDutch> Do you guys use screenprotectors and cases for phone?
<Flea997> yes i do
<Flea997> bought on amazon
<luca020400> ....
<luca020400> When
<DeveloperDutch> I think cases are stupid the oem tries to make phine slim and we buy a case so it gets thick
<DeveloperDutch> I use 1,50 euro screenprotector
<Flea997> i don't buy things cause they are slim
<rymate1234> ^
<rymate1234> DeveloperDutch, the OEM makes the phone slim so the average person will buy it
<DeveloperDutch> No I also don't
<luca020400> I never used thwm
<DeveloperDutch> Yes but i think it is just stupid becuase there is almost no battery
<rymate1234> I have an external battery
<luca020400> Me too
<DeveloperDutch> I don't
<DeveloperDutch> My dad thinks there stupe
<DeveloperDutch> stupid*
<luca020400> Maybe
<luca020400> I have xiaomi one
<DeveloperDutch> Yes that one is good
<luca020400> 3 hours soc and battery used 50%
<luca020400> 3g for 2 hours
<luca020400> 1 with wifi
<Flea997> xiaomi is going to sell gadjet in europe right?
<luca020400> Yep
<luca020400> Don't know when
<Flea997> i hope in a good miband2
<Flea997> :D
<DeveloperDutch> Yes they are
<DeveloperDutch> http://postimg.org/image/b4w3lyfkl/ I think the secure_state means something but don't know how to edit it
<Flea997> that is ubuntu?
<DeveloperDutch> Yes
<luca020400> Yes it is
<luca020400> My arch looks better u.u
<Flea997> i tried yesterday on live usb
<DeveloperDutch> Yes that is diffrent I have numix
<DeveloperDutch> theme
<luca020400> Me too
<luca020400> Xd
<luca020400> Numix + faenza
<luca020400> Gnome shell
<DeveloperDutch> Userdata dump is 4.3 gb
<luca020400> Numix gtk theme + elegance colors ( numix colors ) GNOME shell + Faenza icon pack
<luca020400> Ofc
<DeveloperDutch> Can't find place of lock code for now
<DeveloperDutch> But when you flash stock and relock it you will probably get warranty at least for hardware because of eu law
<luca020400> Yep
<luca020400> You can change software but not hw
<DeveloperDutch> Yes
<DeveloperDutch> Do you have something like this: http://postimg.org/image/pajp0m5qj/ it is a online agenda for school
<luca020400> Not really
<DeveloperDutch> Here it is leading if the teacher forgets to put in in magister (online agenda) you don't have to do it
<luca020400> Here is viceversa xd
<luca020400> You have to do it anyway
<DeveloperDutch> Thats to bad
<luca020400> If I screen it
<luca020400> You can find only math and Italian ..
<luca020400> Other teacher don't use it
<DeveloperDutch> Lol
<Flea997> i don't have it
<luca020400> And physic sometimes
<Flea997> olny marks
<Flea997> sometimes*
<DeveloperDutch> We even have a small cloud drive for school on it even though i dont know how big it is
<DeveloperDutch> Will we get ubuntu touch for moto g 2014?
<Flea997> holy shit
<Flea997> i just discovered that on the wbsite it's written if i'm not at school
<DeveloperDutch> Lol that's here to
<DeveloperDutch> And you dont go to school?
<Flea997> i'm first of my class
<DeveloperDutch> In not going or going
<Flea997> in marks
<Flea997> xD
<DeveloperDutch> In my class there is only one guy that skips every 1st hour
<DeveloperDutch> You dont show up alot
<Flea997> school report
<Flea997> first half of the year
<Flea997> scritto is "written" orale is "at voice"
<Flea997> materia is "subject"
<Flea997> the other things are useless
<DeveloperDutch> I misunderstood
<DeveloperDutch> Luca is there anything like a ungapp script for stock roms?
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<DeveloperDutch> You can talk to yourself by query
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<fonz93> hi
<luca020400> Back
<DeveloperDutch> Luca can we get ubuntu touch and firefox os on moto
<DeveloperDutch> I searched but there are no stable builds except for the official ones and i cant rebase the code on that becuase they dont use github
<luca020400> I have Firefox is locally
<luca020400> Camera doesn't work at all
<luca020400> Other things are working
<DeveloperDutch> Cool please upload sometime so i can build it and just have a look at it
<luca020400> I used konstat repos and adapted them to titan
<luca020400> ^
<DeveloperDutch> Or can you send me a link to your build?
<luca020400> Build it yourself ..
<luca020400> Just adapt konstat Firefox os for falcon to titan
<luca020400> So add corrx
<luca020400> Correct camera libs and sensor things
<luca020400> And add sdcard support
<luca020400> Nothing difficult
<DeveloperDutch> Ok i have to go will be back in a hour or so
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<Flea997> omfg
<Flea997> i was near to die
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<fonz93> ?
<fonz93> why?
<Flea997> my foot was sleeping
<Flea997> i stand up
<Flea997> lose control
<Flea997> and i was falling like a stupid
<fonz93> looooooool
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<luca0204001> HAhajaha
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<DeveloperDutch> Lol you ant stand with a sleeping leg
<DeveloperDutch> I am back btw
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<DeveloperDutch> I think i am going to work on ubuntu touch for moto g 2014 based on this https://github.com/ubuntu-touchCAF
<DeveloperDutch> Only dont know where to start
<luca020400> xd
<DeveloperDutch> Because this doesn't explain anything: https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/start/ubuntu-for-devices/porting-new-device/
<luca020400> I know xd
<luca020400> I was tring to build it
<luca020400> But I was unable to download source code ...
<DeveloperDutch> Yes I tried already yesterday but it gave all errors on manifests
<DeveloperDutch> Which files have to be changed for cm falcon -> cm titan?
<luca020400> cm.ml
<luca020400> storage.xml
<luca020400> look at cm
<DeveloperDutch> Also why is cm source in official repo but not official supported
<DeveloperDutch> And what is peregrine
<luca020400> moto g 2014 lte
<DeveloperDutch> Why base on lte when we dont have lte
<luca020400> why everyone ask it xd
<luca020400> and then ?
<DeveloperDutch> Because everyone is stupid
<luca020400> I can base it on bacon if I want
<DeveloperDutch> Yes you could but it would be stupid
<DeveloperDutch> And someone didnt accept nightly builds for titan
<luca020400> no he didn't xd
<luca020400> he said we will wait for lp kenel merge
<luca020400> *we
<luca020400> so he -2 for prevent the merge
<DeveloperDutch> Ok so with lp kernel merge you will have a faster system
<DeveloperDutch> I am going to do a test build with the falcon sources based on commits in official cm titan repo and full titan kernel
<luca020400> k
<DeveloperDutch> Everything has invalid clone.bundle
<luca020400> as i said
<luca020400> unable to downloadù
<DeveloperDutch> Yes it really is stupid
<DeveloperDutch> When you want people to port let them dopwnload
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<DeveloperDutch> Luca there is a camera fix for moto g firefox os: http://www.modaco.com/topic/372487-devrom41-caf-firefox-os-b2g/
<luca020400> I know
<luca020400> in cm11 camera is bugged
<luca020400> in firefox os is totally broken xd
<DeveloperDutch> Maybe you can use stock camera stuff
<luca020400> we are using stock stuff ...
<DeveloperDutch> In the patch there is a sensor lib and a boot.img
<DeveloperDutch> I dont know what is in the boot.img but i know what the lib is
<luca020400> boot.img
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<DeveloperDutch-m> Does firefox os build take as long as android build?
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<luca020400> I don't remember
<DeveloperDutch-m> Can i use falcon kernel? Since it is unified
<luca020400> no
<DeveloperDutch-m> Ok
<luca020400> use titan one ( cm11 ) and apply patches
<luca020400> of falcon one
<DeveloperDutch-m> Commits or real patches
<DeveloperDutch> Ok
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<Flea997> Hi :D
<DeveloperDutch> Hello
<luca020400> hi
<Flea997> Not installen ubuntu yet
<luca020400> xd
<Flea997> The dog is using the pc
<DeveloperDutch> I think firefox build wil take a lot less time since it is only downloading 315 repos
<DeveloperDutch> After writing that i thought cm is only 370 or so so it will take the same time
<luca020400> cm is 540 xd
<luca020400> lollipop
<DeveloperDutch> Ok so that is half so acxcording to that it will take me 2.5 hours
<DeveloperDutch> I am going to install multirom now will report if it works
<Flea997> My classmate is upgrading to lollipop right now, motog first generation
<DeveloperDutch> Official?
<Flea997> Yep
<DeveloperDutch> I experienced a few bugs on stock on moto g 2014
<DeveloperDutch> Lag on switch from headset/speaker and the other way around and some app lag sometimes
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<Flea997> Chil :D
<chil360> hi
<luca020400> hi chil
<chil360> I started looking at some media/omx stuff
<DeveloperDutch> MultiRom doesn't work for me too
<luca020400> rom ?
<luca020400> stock lp is bugged
<luca020400> good work chil ;)
<chil360> currently using CM's android_hardware_qcom_media - just realized it's not getting built
<DeveloperDutch> Stock lp / cm 12 and stock lp / titan lp
<DeveloperDutch> Lol
<luca020400> stock and stock based lp as primary doesn't work
<DeveloperDutch> Well stock boots but the second one doesnt
<luca020400> yep
<luca020400> kernel fault
<luca020400> or luk fault
<DeveloperDutch> Ok so if i switch cm 12 as default and then stock as second they both boot
<luca020400> seems stock based does't boot as sec ( something different in ramdisk )
<luca020400> twrp reboot while adding it
<luca020400> xd
<fonz93> chil360: once i tried to build with htc legacy hardware_qcom_media
<DeveloperDutch> Yes
<fonz93> there were some errors that froze the device
<fonz93> almost at boot
<DeveloperDutch> Yes i also experienced that on y300 after build with htc legacy
<chil360> fonz93: Yes, I found that. If all the OMX libs it boots.
<DeveloperDutch> \But firefox os is stupid too it downloads itself but not manifest repos: Server does not provide clone.bundle; ignoring.
<luca020400> hmm
<luca020400> I downloaded firefox os
<chil360> fonz93: *delete all OMX libs it boots.
<DeveloperDutch> I remove multirom since i cant use 2 systems i want 1 stock and 1 other but i cant
<luca020400> do Y300 uses prebuilt omx ?
<DeveloperDutch> I will add the local manifest repos by hand later
<chil360> luca020400: yes, all of the oxm codec libs are prebuilt
<luca020400> k
<fonz93> chil360: do you mean if we delete prebuilts and compile from source?
<chil360> delete the prebuilt omx codec libs so it falls back to software decoding/encoding
<fonz93> oh understood
<Flea997> Afk
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<luca020400> I was going to became crazy to push to cm gerrit ... I felt like an idiot xd
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