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<luca020400> Good morning ;)
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<DeveloperDutch> Dont think its to any use since the actual cm sources should be updated
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<rhen> hi
<luca020400> hi ;)
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<luca020400> hi
<Shadowghoster> hi
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<DeveloperDutch> Hello
<Shadowghoster> hi
<DeveloperDutch> I have finally installed arch and configured it the way i want after some testing
<DeveloperDutch> Xfce - numix - numix circle icons
<DeveloperDutch> Only font rendering on xfce is ugly
<rhen> nice
<Shadowghoster> nice, but yes, fonts aren't that good
<DeveloperDutch> I know the rendering is weird because I have tested at least 15 fonts
<Shadowghoster> bad
<DeveloperDutch> But I still need to configure a lot like screenshot its now a button on the top bar and I have just fixed audio keys
<DeveloperDutch> Took me 5 minutes but I have screenhot shortcut now
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<luca020400> yep
<luca020400> Sometimes I have a freeze when I connect my device ( mtp ) to pc
<luca020400> It happen in every liux distro
<luca020400> I can't move cursor for like 20/30 seconds
<luca020400> Do you have the same problem ?
<DeveloperDutch> What?
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<Shadowghoster> I don't even have my device over mpt on linux
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<luca020400> yea
<luca020400> it just happened
<luca020400> now with my ext hdd
<luca020400> so there something wrong with my usb ...
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<DeveloperDutch> I dont have the problem I think, well actually sometimes on y300 but not with moto
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<luca020400> Switched to phone
<DeveloperDutch> Luca, I see you uploaded a new build today
<DeveloperDutch> I have the crashes too some times but not that havely
<luca020400> Yep
<luca020400> Crashes ?
<DeveloperDutch> Well the freeze but with me its only nautilus that freezes no other program
<luca020400> For me with every app
<DeveloperDutch> And why do you have ubuntu cola and not arch cola
<luca020400> It happen when I connect every kind of USB
<luca020400> Hahaha
<DeveloperDutch> Then I think its your usb
<luca020400> My 4 usb ?
<luca020400> Xd
<luca020400> I don't think so
<DeveloperDutch> I dont know
<luca020400> I had the problem when I connected my ext hdd to usb3 port
<luca020400> And some minutes ago the same with usb 2 one
<DeveloperDutch> Maybe its the hdd, I want to switch to cm 12 but I really want stock camera with all function working dilemma
<luca020400> No
<luca020400> Same with device
<DeveloperDutch> Then I really dont know
<DeveloperDutch> And so much contributors to this: https://github.com/lollipop-moto-kernel
<luca020400> Luk and I xd
<luca020400> As I remember
<luca020400> Maybe luk added someone don't kniw
<DeveloperDutch> I see 3057 contributors but I think its because its a fork
<luca020400> Yea
<Flea997> fucking game
<Flea997> fucking dota
<luca020400> Ajhaha
<Flea997> fuck everybody
<DeveloperDutch> I only play one game dot the circle on android its almost impossible
<luca020400> You too :)
<Flea997> fuck my life
<Flea997> i quit
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<luca020400> Lol
<DeveloperDutch> And why is the euro getting so low usually i could get 1 usd for .70 ~ .75 cents now for .95
<DeveloperDutch> I hate it
<rhen> as I see usd is high, not EUR is low. (compared to my currency (HUF))
<DeveloperDutch> Could also be it
<luca020400> Today xda users are retarded
<DeveloperDutch> Why?
<luca020400> Check cm12 thread
<luca020400> I'm going to be crazy
<DeveloperDutch> Lol they ask all noob questions
<luca020400> Yea
<luca020400> But exist the FAQ thread
<DeveloperDutch> I am not even allowed to post in that thread < 10 postst
<DeveloperDutch> -t*
<luca020400> Yep
<DeveloperDutch> Would stock camera work if I replace all files with cam in their name by the stock ones?
<luca020400> Somewhere there is an apk / flashable.zip working in cm12
<luca020400> Which login manager are you using ?
<DeveloperDutch> None, and yes I tried that one but panorama is broken
<luca020400> Ah
<luca020400> You can use another app
<DeveloperDutch> Auto startx on login
<luca020400> Ah
<luca020400> I use autologin from login manager xd
<DeveloperDutch> Thats a bit useless since it takes time
<luca020400> Insert pass word too
<DeveloperDutch> I have 10-11 sec boot lowest I ever had i love xfce
<luca020400> Yea xfce is great
<DeveloperDutch> gnome 500mb ram / 8% cpu xfce 220mb ram / 6% cpu
<luca020400> Yea
<DeveloperDutch> I am going to save for a new pc will probably take a year xd
* Shadowghoster will get a new laptop till end of year
<rymate1234> desktops are better
<DeveloperDutch> I like laptops but you need a new one very 3 - 5 years
<rymate1234> ^
<rymate1234> desktops you can upgrade
<rymate1234> I'd much rather have a good desktop and this laptop for portability
<rymate1234> alas I lacked money
<DeveloperDutch> Yes but when you do you probably spend more than on a new laptop
<rymate1234> DeveloperDutch, really?
<DeveloperDutch> Well if you upgrade processor
<DeveloperDutch> No response I am being ignored
<Shadowghoster> rymate1234 I know but for university laptop is better ^^
<rymate1234> Shadowghoster, ye that's why I brought this laptop
<rymate1234> well it's for college
<Shadowghoster> rymate1234 but I'll also buy a new Tower PC ^^
<rymate1234> DeveloperDutch, find a laptop which is more powerful than this and is cheaper http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/guide/Mv32FT/ultimate-performance-500-gaming-build
<DeveloperDutch> I am going to buy a chromebook
<rymate1234> enjoy your web browser
<Shadowghoster> xD
<DeveloperDutch> Just kidding
<Shadowghoster> rymate1234 that was what I was thinking :P
<DeveloperDutch> They are brick when you have no internet
<Shadowghoster> buy a lenovo
<DeveloperDutch> And then have adware on it by default
<rymate1234> DeveloperDutch, lmao and?
<DeveloperDutch> lmao?
<rymate1234> just reinstall windows
<rymate1234> all adware gone
<rymate1234> with laptops you don't even need a windows key
<DeveloperDutch> Just install linux
<rymate1234> if its anything like mine it comes with a key built into the UEFI BIOS
<DeveloperDutch> I know there embedded
<DeveloperDutch> And I wont be able to find anything like tht pc in a laptop
<rymate1234> precisely
<rymate1234> powerful desktop + laptop for portability
<rymate1234> ultimate setup
<DeveloperDutch> Yes but I dont have the money, yet
<rymate1234> yeah
<rymate1234> that's the issue
<Shadowghoster> how about just installing windwos and linux?
<DeveloperDutch> Yes but i cant now because i only have small ssd and windows takes a lot of space
<DeveloperDutch> I am probably going to save for something like this: http://www.alternate.nl/html/configurator/builderLite/components.html?builderKind=1&systemId=315
<Shadowghoster> DeveloperDutch linux needs 10GB...
<DeveloperDutch> Yes windows 30gb and i can only use 75% of 128gb
<Shadowghoster> Well I think you'll get better stuff if you pay 50€ more
<DeveloperDutch> And the pc i linked with 4gb ram -> 8gb ram, 50gb hdd -> 1tb hdd no os
<Shadowghoster> than it's okay
<Shadowghoster> but the graphics arent that good
<DeveloperDutch> I dont need them i dont game
* Shadowghoster is proud to be able to read the netherlands version of alternate ^^
<Shadowghoster> well than why do you have an externeal graphics?
<DeveloperDutch> Cant remove them from configuartion
<Shadowghoster> buy an new i5 in the mid of the year and you'll have enough on-board-gpu power to decode hevc and uhd
<Shadowghoster> DeveloperDutch buy all components by yourselfe :D
<DeveloperDutch> Yes but thats more expensive than letting it build by alternate
<Shadowghoster> Oo
<DeveloperDutch> Even without graphics card
<Shadowghoster> wtf
<DeveloperDutch> Wait
<luca020400> ,
<luca020400> .
<luca020400> Xd
<rymate1234> DeveloperDutch, lol no it isn't
<rymate1234> an equivalent build to the one you posted
<Shadowghoster> lool
<Shadowghoster> would be around 440€
<Shadowghoster> *430
<rymate1234> ye
<DeveloperDutch> Hope you can see it
<DeveloperDutch> I think its cached
<DeveloperDutch> € 398,52 with case and everything no assembly but can do it myself
<DeveloperDutch> But by the time I have the money I will be able to buy a even better pc for the same money prpobably
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<pyongyang> Meh, metal fetishists and their silicon crack habits. :P
<DeveloperDutch-m> ???
<pyongyang> I think I paid about £60-70 quid for my current rig :)
<pyongyang> Most of it was free :D
<DeveloperDutch-m> sorry i dont understand
<pyongyang> <DeveloperDutch> € 398,52 with case and everything no assembly but can do it myself
<pyongyang> So. much. money.
<rymate1234> that's barely any
<rymate1234> I spent more on my laptop
<DeveloperDutch-m> i think its enough but not something unusual for that
<DeveloperDutch-m> you say you got your pc for 90 pounds?
<rymate1234> I actually have a desktop which cost me £40
<rymate1234> I got it for free than upgraded it with a £40 graphics card
<pyongyang> I got it for free and threw a few cheap parts into it.
<DeveloperDutch-m> that explains
<pyongyang> like rymatel
<DeveloperDutch-m> i cant get a pc for free
<pyongyang> I just don't think bleeding edge gear is worth the money these days.
<rymate1234> it is
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<DeveloperDutch> i hate androitc it suddenly disconnects
<rymate1234> try andchat
<rymate1234> much better irc client
<DeveloperDutch> will do
<pyongyang> I'm perfectly happy using my old Pentium D and Dell mini right now. Only reason I see for a quad core is Elite:Dangerous.
<rymate1234> if you're not doing anything intensive there's no reason to have a powerful pc
<DeveloperDutch> i am building android
<pyongyang> I rolled chil's slimkat rom on this machine the other day.
<DeveloperDutch> what time?
<pyongyang> Don't care. That's why I have a kettle and teabags. :p
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<DeveloperDutch-m> yeah andchat
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<rymate1234> pyongyang, some people dont have time to wait 6+ hours for builds though
<DeveloperDutch-m> i could start a build while at school but with one error it stops
<pyongyang> The joy of remote ssh and screen. ;p
<DeveloperDutch-m> i dont have mobile data
<DeveloperDutch-m> and no wifi at school
<pyongyang> €400 for a box and no mobile data? 0_o
<pyongyang> I give up. :D
<DeveloperDutch-m> yes but i have to save a year for the box
<luca020400> 6 hours build ....
<luca020400> I always start build when I'm at school
<luca020400> ssh abuser
* Shadowghoster wants to kill mkvmerge
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