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<Xeo786> Hi luca
<Xeo786> no
<Xeo786> well
<Xeo786> Anyone can help
<Xeo786> I have a software it replaces text in PDFs a batch processing
<Xeo786> but I have a problem
<Xeo786> It can round 2 digits after decimal "like "0.00" but all it need is a script or code of something i am not best at..!
<Xeo786> here is sample
<Xeo786> for more information please visit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Regular_expression
<Xeo786> * zero or more, similar to {0,}
<Xeo786> + one or more, similar to {1,}
<Xeo786> ? zero or one, similar to {0,1}
<Xeo786> {n} exactly n times
<Xeo786> {n,} at least n times
<Xeo786> {n,m} at least n but not more than m times
<Xeo786> [a-z] match all twenty six small characters from 'a' to 'z'
<Xeo786> [0-9] match all nine digit characters from '0' to '9'
<Xeo786> [\d] match any digit, similar to [0-9]
<Xeo786> Example 1:
<Xeo786> If you want to replace all dates in the PDF like following lines with a new date: 03-10-2009
<Xeo786> 01-01-2000
<Xeo786> 02-01-2000
<Xeo786> 03-01-2000
<Xeo786> 04-01-2000
<Xeo786> aah sorrry
<Xeo786> well
<Xeo786> can anyone help?
<Xeo786> well bye
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