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<andrea2107> hi guys!
<andrea2107> having an hard time trying to replace kinguser with supersu on my brother's phone
<andrea2107> even drastic moves,like installing twrp didn't work
<andrea2107> XD
<andrea2107> i can't even unroot hahhaha
<andrea2107> damn kinguser
<andrea2107> btw i am happy
<andrea2107> this year i had exams
<andrea2107> and i can hope to have the maximum vote :)
<andrea2107> dat logic
<andrea2107> i rooted with iroot
<andrea2107> and iroot fails to unroot
<andrea2107> XD
<andrea2107> ok this is serious,i installed the 4.0.5,then clicked unroot and when i reopened kingroot it was 4.0.2,there is a script that keeps reinstalling it
<andrea2107> with aroma file manager i have seen an hidden folder called supersu
<andrea2107> containing some scripts and a superuser.apk
<andrea2107> strangely the apk of kinguser is called superuser.apk
<andrea2107> so i think there is a script that installs kinguser and deletes supersu
<andrea2107> the strange thing is..who created this script? if even iroot can't unroot this is surely made by kinguser
<andrea2107> oh there's also a script called 99superSUDaemon
<Dazzozo> oh hi
<andrea2107> hi
<andrea2107> should i try to remove the hidden superuser folder? XD
<andrea2107> the strange thing is that i can see it only from recovery
<andrea2107> i am really a noob in these things D:
<andrea2107> well i know that isn't a vital part of androi
<andrea2107> android
<andrea2107> but....
<andrea2107> i'll try
<andrea2107> the fact is that i don't see any init.d folder
<andrea2107> well...nothing changed ._.
<andrea2107> well..after a reboot kinguser is still there
<andrea2107> WTF
<luca020400> kingouser unroot doesn't work
<luca020400> hey andrea2107 ^^
<luca020400> & Dazzozo ^^
<andrea2107> i didn't use kingoroot
<andrea2107> i used iroot for pcv
<andrea2107> pc
<luca020400> idk
<luca020400> I never tried it
<andrea2107> with my thl it was simple
<andrea2107> kinguser didn't use any exploit since it was old
<andrea2107> so i simply installed supersu
<andrea2107> now kinguser won't uninstall
<andrea2107> this is trange
<andrea2107> strange
<andrea2107> when i delete the apk from system/app it gets instantly replaced
<luca020400> check init
<andrea2107> i don't have any init.d folder in etc
<luca020400> find /system | grep init
<luca020400> xd
<andrea2107> there isn't any init folder :P
<luca020400> try
<andrea2107> what should i do? run find /system | grep init in terminal emulator?
<luca020400> yep
<andrea2107> it outputs find : not found
<luca020400> ah
<luca020400> great
<luca020400> ls -R | grep init
<luca020400> xd
<luca020400> *ls /system
<luca020400> etc
<andrea2107> there isn't any init.d folder
<andrea2107> but there are some scripts
<andrea2107> with the name that begins by init
<andrea2107> should i list them?
<luca020400> check them
<luca020400> xd
<luca020400> I don't know
<andrea2107> ok
<andrea2107> nothing strance
<andrea2107> they are qualcomm scripts
<andrea2107> i found the same version of romastersu at pan baidu,it is pain slow but at least i am downloading
<andrea2107> still not working
<andrea2107> :(
<andrea2107> i even deleted his ota sruvival script
<andrea2107> i am fighting with this from 14 pm
<andrea2107> ;P
<andrea2107> luca, did you heard of the jide remix mini ?
<andrea2107> hear*
<luca020400> yep
<andrea2107> i think i wanna buy one at kickstarter
<andrea2107> so cheap
<luca020400> I will never use it
<luca020400> xd
<andrea2107> i will use it as tv box
<andrea2107> XD
<andrea2107> btw it seems that the phone is not recognised by adb
<andrea2107> but usb debugging is abilitated
<andrea2107> the strange thing is that iroot works
<andrea2107> but adb doesn't see nothing
<andrea2107> D:
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