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<abrasive_> hste: i don't have any reports of hdmi not working
<abrasive_> apart from that one guy who came and left without any detail
<hste> abrasive_: It working well for me too, but I've only used me hdmi-dvi
<hste> abrasive_: I tried compile it into my kernel, but can't see any diff. It worked before too
<hste> abrasive_: Do u know what this is: [sdhci_pre_dma_transfer] invalid cookie: data->host_cookie 4750 host->next_data.cookie 4751
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<abrasive_> dropped a transfer. no biggie if it keeps working.
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<GasVesa> well, last time i tried the script my system wasn't unable to change the resolution of the screen
<abrasive_> under X?
<GasVesa> 640x480... nother modes listed in fbset to...
<abrasive_> or in framebuffer console?
<GasVesa> i'm not a linx super expert
<GasVesa> opened a terminal and used fbset
<GasVesa> and the user (linaro) wasn't able to change any settings... and my english sux
<GasVesa> but the last is not a linux issue... :-)
<abrasive_> fbset + sudo = ?
<GasVesa> yes
<abrasive_> is your monitor hdmi or dvi?
<abrasive_> actually i don't know which kernel you'll be using either.
<GasVesa> ok, monitor port = DVI
<GasVesa> cable HDMI - DVI
<abrasive_> did you compile the kernel?
<GasVesa> nope
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<GasVesa> used the scripts
<abrasive> which ones?
<GasVesa> installed and updated with scripts
<GasVesa> and
<GasVesa> hemm... not so skilled :-/
<abrasive> don't the scripts come with a kernel that they install?
<abrasive> replace it with this one and run it again
<abrasive> it might just be a matter of replacing /boot/uImage on your sdcard
<GasVesa> i can edit the script and cut away the part that down load the image.... maybe
<abrasive> is there a /boot/uImage file, if you look on the booted syustem?
<GasVesa> yes
<GasVesa> simply replace it?
<abrasive> y
<GasVesa> ok, tnx. i'll let u know
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<GasVesa> abrasive, it did not boot (stucked at uboot tux picture)
<abrasive> it might look for the rootfs in the wrong place on your system. sorry.
<GasVesa> i can try updating a fresh system with that kernel
<GasVesa> maybe i screwdup something
<GasVesa> i cannot believe that i can't squeeze something more from this thing than from my slowberryPI :-)
<abrasive> early days.
<GasVesa> u r absolutely right
<GasVesa> but i don't give up! (cause i hate android soooooo much)
<GasVesa> :-)
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<GasVesa> sudo fbset -xres 1920 -yres 1080 = black screen
<GasVesa> wrong syntax?
<GasVesa> finally managed to use this image
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<jorgegeorge> Hi, I compiled with from the latest sources, but I now have the TV hdmi detected only as 640x480, here is from the fbset command:
<jorgegeorge> geometry 640 480 640 480 32
<jorgegeorge> Any ideas around? 10 days ago it worked fine at 720
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<jorgegeorge> Also Audio on HDMI is not working for me
<jorgegeorge> Can somebody point to an image with 720p and audio HDMI working ?
<hste> jorgegeorge: You could try this: or the one here
<hste> jorgegeorge: Heve u tried setting other resolution like: sudo fbset 1920x1080-24p
<jorgegeorge> Yes, fbset says me Unknown video mode `1920x1080-24p'
<jorgegeorge> Running fbset without args, should list all the modes available, but just list the mode "640x480-60"
<hste> You have to have the mode in /etc/fb.modes
<jorgegeorge> My /etc/fb.modes is the standrd unbuntu/lianro 1003 lines long full of everything
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<tlexx> hello
<hste> hi
<tlexx> wondering if I could run Java using Linux on this dongle?
<jorgegeorge> I'm afraid I'm using a Philips TV, full HD 1080p, but I thing does not do the HDMI negotiation the commit from abrasive expects:
<tlexx> seems a good place to ask
<tlexx> like I guess would be JavaSE maybe?
<tlexx> I want to try running a little server of one of these
<hste> jorgegeorge: u could try this. it is my latest kernelbuild.
<hste> tlexx: you could try install synaptic and search for java, Dono if there is an armel build if java
<tlexx> says something about se and FX embedded for arm
<tlexx> reading up
<hste> tlexx: I have a kernel made before that commit I think sound is broken, but u could see if you gett the monitor working
<hste> tlexx: sorry it was to jorgegeorge
<tlexx> yeah, figured
<jorgegeorge> hste: same as before (640x480) with your latest PS in your scrip put a "cd .." before the umount to have it fully working
<hste> thanks. I'll fix that :)
<hste> jorgegeorge: could u try the older kernel and see if the problem is the same?
<tlexx> I'm confused, following this post i found this Linaro 12.09 release for the device, how does this compare to what you're running? Getting confused now lol, bit over my head a lot of this
<tlexx> is that still oneric?
<jorgegeorge> hste: your March-16th kernel works 720
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<hste> jorgegeorge: could u try this uImage Just put it in /boot
<GasVesa> hste, can u help me with the fbset syntax to set 1920x1080-24p ?
<hste> GasVesa: sudo fbset 1920x1080-24p
<GasVesa> tnx
<GasVesa> edited the fb.modes file
<GasVesa> lemme try
<jorgegeorge> hste: your latest uImage works at 640x480
<hste> jorgegeorge: thanks for testing. Ok I'll try to build a kernel without that patch
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<hste> jorgegeorge: this one is with the sound patch but without the hdmipatch
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<jorgegeorge> hste: perfect for the 720, I'm upgrading now to the latest Ubuntu 12.04 to support and use Chromium, I'll test the sound on that
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<jorgegeorge> hste: if you think to check and reapply the HDMI autodetection just send me the uImage, I'll be happy to test it on my environment
<jorgegeorge> hste: thanks .)
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