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<hemi770> win 14
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<xn7jklr> hello
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<xn7jklr> I installed LibreELEC 9.0.2 using the installer, but the system hangs at the LibreELEC boot logo.
<xn7jklr> The SSD i used for registration i then swapped to an other system. There LibreELEC boot without any issues.
<xn7jklr> The system i try to use it on is a 8 core AMD CPU, 8GB RAM, AMD GPU. It should work out of the box. Every other distro i ever tried on this PC worked perfectly fine
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<xn7jklr> is there some way to get the system boot logfiles so that i know what is going on here?
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<zzlatev> hey guys, I have a problem with ffmpeg
<zzlatev> 2019-06-08 14:41:15.655 spawn: Executing "/usr/bin/ffmpeg
<zzlatev> 2019-06-08 14:41:15.686 spawn: Error splitting the argument list: Option not found
<zzlatev> this is weird, because it works in another tvheadend(linux mint)
<vpeter> zzlatev: install ffmpeg tools addon and then change in tvheadend path from /usr/bin/ffmpeg to /storage/.kodi/addons/tools.ffmpeg-tools/bin/ffmpeg
<zzlatev> it works without changing the path
<zzlatev> just a second
<zzlatev> this works just fine
<zzlatev> vpeter:
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<vpeter> Or using just ffmpeg - no full path is needed :)
<vpeter> But using /usr/bin/ffmpeg will not work as you noticed.
<zzlatev> I'm using just ffmpeg and works just fine
<zzlatev> but doesn't work in the first case
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<vpeter> Which first case?
<zzlatev> this doesn't work
<zzlatev> this works fine:
<zzlatev> vpeter: if you have any idea, would be great
<zzlatev> thank you
<vpeter> It doesn't work because there is no /usr/bin/ffmpeg on LE. That's why you need to change this path to use full path to /storage or just ffmpeg without path.
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<zzlatev> about that "there's no /usr/bin/ffmpeg on Le" - LibreW2:/usr/bin # ./f
<zzlatev> ffmpeg fgrep flock ftpget fuser
<zzlatev> fgconsole find free ftpput fusermount
<zzlatev> so...there's ffmpeg
<zzlatev> vpeter:
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<zzlatev> OK, that's weird
<vpeter> zzlatev: Maybe you are using unofficial le image.
<zzlatev> then why does this work -
<zzlatev> it's an official image - wetek play 2
<vpeter> ffmpeg is from addon and it's path is included in PATH.
<zzlatev> hm
<vpeter> Which version? 9.0.2 ?
<vpeter> Probably not :)
<zzlatev> LE?
<zzlatev> 8.2
<vpeter> Ah, who is using old version :-)
<vpeter> I assume ffmpeg is included in old images.
<zzlatev> no, I don't think so
<zzlatev> I've installed system tools
<vpeter> There is no other explanation.
<vpeter> Yes, it IS included in image!
<zzlatev> sorry, I didn't know
<vpeter> And I forgot that :-)
<zzlatev> so...about this: 2019-06-08 18:11:57.395 spawn: Error splitting the argument list: Option not found
<vpeter> I think you have wrong data like http://IP:PORT/id/51
<vpeter> or you have some other wrong argument.
<vpeter> Run it from ssh console and you will see.
<zzlatev> OK
<zzlatev> I will with your suggestion
<zzlatev> but there's nothing wrong in ip;port/id/51
<zzlatev> in my linux mint everything is ok with this data
<vpeter> using actual ip instead of real IP address?
<vpeter> Just try to run same command on le.
<zzlatev> OK
<zzlatev> this is weird!
<zzlatev> in my linux mint works fine like that:
<zzlatev> but in my LE -
<vpeter> I see the difference with 'ffmpeg' and '/ffmpeg'.
<zzlatev> I make a mistake when I paste it to
<zzlatev> in TVH is pipe://ffmpeg
<zzlatev> everything works great now!
<zzlatev> I don't know why it didn't work before that, maybe it has something to do with user agent
<zzlatev> thank you for everything, vpeter !
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<vpeter> zzlatev: Great!
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<GNU\colossus> can the web interface somehow be used to fix mis-associations that the media library scanner plugins came up with?
<GNU\colossus> or is that only possible from the main interface with a keyboard?
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