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<afaerber> narmstrong, thanks, was able to work around it by misusing uart_c_rts_cts_pins - will cook up a patch as far as I could test things (no RTS/CTS in use here)
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<narmstrong> xdarklight: there is no « official » requirements, but it was requested on the previous clk drivers I pushed
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<wens> narmstrong: looks like rockchip also has a set of r7p0 blobs (along with ones for newer mali), and there's also an EULA
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<narmstrong> wens: good to know, but you can use the ones on the ARM Mali website, the EULA doesn't say you can't use them on non-hikey boards
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<wens> right, but there's no x11 version from ARM
<narmstrong> exact, but it's really bad...
<narmstrong> ARM never really tried to have a correct X11 GL Acceleration
<wens> xf86-video-armsoc sort of works for applications that can support GLES, right?
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<narmstrong> right, sort of
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<narmstrong> but it's a ugly clone of the fbdev xorg driver with some legacy DRM handling
<mjourdan> won't glamor work with glesv2 ?
<narmstrong> so either you have modesetting with low latency and all the generic good stuff, or video-armsoc with basic DRM modesetting and very slow gles2 acceleration
<wens> *sigh*
<narmstrong> no, glamor only supports OpenGL 2
<wens> there seem to be patches already in mainline that enable the gles paths
<narmstrong> but, Lima will support basic OpenGL 2, and will support modesetting+glamor for OpenGL2, GLES2, ...
<narmstrong> wens: maybe, never tried...
<narmstrong> the simplest path is armsoc... and is already tricky to make it run correctly
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<xdarklight> narmstrong: do you have any example where you were asked to change one of your clock drivers? mdm9615 and oxnas both use late initialization
<narmstrong> It’s in the initial RFC replies
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<xdarklight> ah, I see my mistake...
<xdarklight> narmstrong: ok, Stephen asked on the initial oxnas patchset "Can this be a platform driver instead?"
<xdarklight> in case of the Meson8b driver the answer is: no, because we need the clock controller driver to be registered before the device model is initialized
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