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<nickotheus> why is the Official Ubuntu Images for the Khadas VIM 2 still on the unsecured Kernel 4.9
<nickotheus> I asked about this 3 months ago...
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<phh> nickotheus: 4.9 stable is secure
<phh> (assuming latest stable release of course)
<phh> "prior" means "before in time", not strict major then mid then minor order
<phh> latest 4.9 stable has been released long after that vulnerability
<phh> linux 4.9.190, release 2019-08-25 has fixes for all those issues
<nickotheus> phh, can you show the line codes of the fixes in 4.9 ?
<phh> nickotheus: can you show the line of code of the flaw in 4.9?
<nickotheus> regardless, why can the images not be updated to the 5.x kernel?
<phh> because as part of an ubuntu release, the kernel major version doesn't change, only minor updates (no matter whether if it's on an SBC or a desktop or a server), to prevent risks of regressions
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<phh> here is the fix landed in 4.9 back in april
<nickotheus> phh, Ubuntu has been on 5.0.0 and 5.2.0 for some time now
<nickotheus> phh, how can I be certain that the fix has been applied to THIS 4.9 on my system?
<phh> khadas' ubuntu is 18.04 lts, which is the most recent long-term-support ubuntu. that ubuntu is running 4.15 on PCs. 4.15 is not maintained by kernel upstream, while 4.9 is maintained upstream, so you're actually safer with 4.9
<phh> what's your kernel version?
<phh> i'm guessing your minor is very low
<nickotheus> Client: HexChat 2.14.1 • OS: elementary "juno" 5.0 • Memory: Physical: 2.9 GiB Total (1.3 GiB Free) Swap: 1.4 GiB Total (1.4 GiB Free) • Storage: 16.3 GB / 64.8 GB (48.6 GB Free) • Uptime: 23h 37m 22s
<nickotheus> hrmm
<nickotheus> Linux Khadas 4.9.179 #34 SMP PREEMPT Tue Jun 4 15:48:58 CST 2019 aarch64 aarch64 aarch64 GNU/Linux
<phh> oh so version number isn't fucked, that's unusual for ubuntu
<nickotheus> phh, it's ubuntu with elementary OS ppa
<phh> 4.9.179 has been released on 2019-05-25
<phh> so the fix is there
<phh> (both the fix and the release mail are from gregkh, so it's safe to say the fix is included in the release, and hasn't been lost)
<nickotheus> phh, that's somewhat reassuring, I just don't understand why mainline isn't a thing, I guess to stay in compliance with Ubuntu's policies
<nickotheus> phh, do you know if mainline has been added to fenix's code?
<nickotheus> phh, I certainly appreciate your concise clarification of things, it gives me greater understanding and insight, Thank You :)
<phh> nickotheus: i don't really know the specifics of your case, but usually when an OEM releases a SBC, they will officially support only one kernel version. if you're lucky they'll maintain it. if you're extra lucky (like with Khadas), they'll do what they can to integrate into mainline, but they pretty much never release mainline to customers for fear of regressions
<nickotheus> phh, right, but that's where fenix's code was supposed to come in
<nickotheus> it's a script to build ubuntu or debian
<phh> looks like mainline is there :P
<nickotheus> I might have to try building an image again
<nickotheus> I think it's only for an SD image though, it'd be nice to get it onto EMCC
<nickotheus> phh, and that looks like it's VIM3 only
<nickotheus> mine is a VIM 2
<phh> uh there are commits about vim2 in there too
<nickotheus> for mainline?
<phh> but considering the build scripts, it looks like vim2 runs on mostly unchanged mainline
<nickotheus> oh alright
<nickotheus> I might have to give it a spin then
<nickotheus> Thank you again for all the enlightening information
<nickotheus> phh, I appreciate it :)
<phh> you're welcome
<nickotheus> phh, do you work for amlogic or just a user of another SBC ?
<phh> just a user
<nickotheus> phh, is yours different than a Khadas?
<phh> (i'm more into tv boxes than SBC, not that it changes things much)
<nickotheus> phh, you have thoughts on nvidia's shield ?
<phh> well, I think Khadas boards have more available I/O, while tv boxes basically just have I/R;bluetooth;wifi;hdmi
<phh> also, sadly, most tv boxes are low-end chips (though I've seen some s922x boxes, that sounds interesting)
<phh> and yeah, I've got the nvidia shield since the year it's been released. it was totally worth it. it's the Android device (whether smartphone, tablet, or tvbox) with the longest update-spree. it's still faster than most current tv boxes
<nickotheus> phh, yeah I have 2 of them
<phh> after 4 years, it is now slowly getting obsolete on few points (no AV1, no HDMI 2.1, no VP9.2//advanced HDR), i'm hoping for a refresh, but it doesn't seem to be coming
<nickotheus> phh, did you hear they're working on releasing another soonish?
<phh> current rumours of new devices only mention same-ish SoC, no new features
<nickotheus> what's AV1?
<nickotheus> and VP9.2//advanced HDR?
<phh> AV1 is new generation codec
<nickotheus> can't they just do the codec on software side?
<phh> current generation being H265 (closed and with patents) and VP9 (open and "patent-free" or rather patent-protected by google/apple/...). VP9.2 is a slight evolution to support advanced HDR. "simple HDR" is simply moving from 8 bit to 10 bits. "advanced HDR" is that basically a video has two frames, one 10 bit full-res, one much lower resolution, say 32x32 that is 16bits (i'm making those values up), so the actual maximum contrast is much higher
<phh> no, video codec is always faster in hardware than software. currently it's possible to do light AV1 8bit 1080p decoding in software on the shield, which is actually pretty impressive
<nickotheus> It'll be interesting if Google Stadia will be on it
<phh> meh i don't know. i'm a very happy user of Geforce Now, which is a business model I prefer /a lot/ compared to google stadia
<nickotheus> phh, I agree with the GeForce Now being nice
<nickotheus> I'd like to see the best of both worlds honestly
<phh> i'm still waiting for the price though :s competition is at 20-30e/month which is too much for my usage
<nickotheus> especially when there are so many stream service subs out there.
<nickotheus> I added it all up the other day and if I got most of the major streaming services it would be about $200 / month
<nickotheus> I think that's double what cable bills used to be
<nickotheus> granted that includings music streaming too like Pandora and Spotify
<phh> yeah well, music situation is much better than video
<nickotheus> agreed
<nickotheus> at least for the consumer
<nickotheus> not so great for the artists and business I hear
<nickotheus> Spotify has been hemorrhaging money from what I heard
<phh> spotify is almost done loosing money, but still it was a drop compared to what netflix is loosing
<nickotheus> Disney + will put them out of their missery :P
<nickotheus> and even Apple TV will help put a nail in that coffin
<phh> meh, i'd say they are nailing all their coffins altogether
<nickotheus> it's kinda sad cause there are some shows and things I like on Netflix like Altered Carbon
<nickotheus> phh, yeah I agree
<nickotheus> it's like a war of the networks or war of the content
<nickotheus> I'm going to be upset if Apple gets FRIENDS exclusively
<nickotheus> although I think Jennifer Aniston has little to do with it
<nickotheus> phh, so what do you like most about TV boxes?
<nickotheus> by the way, I really like how Google Assistant is already integrated on the Shield since I already had Google Home and Smart Lights and such.
<phh> nickotheus: well, i've had a thing for arm systems for a long while. like I had a nVidia Tegra 2 laptop in 2010, and all my laptops have been ARM-based since then
<nickotheus> the only ARM laptop I knew about was the Pine Book, they have others :O ?
<phh> then i had a job in smartphones and tablets. tablets usually are nicely hackables, while still having a "real-life" form factor, that's where i learned a bit more about the existing chip vendors
<phh> I got fond of rockchip chips for their simplicy, yet powerful, though still cheap, and hacked few rockchip devices (i've got a game console, a laptop, a laptop and a tv box running same chip)
<nickotheus> RK3399 ?
<phh> nickotheus: as laptops, I've had Toshiba AC 100; nVidia Tegra2; Samsung Chromebook 3; Exynos; Asus C201; rk3288; Asus C100Pa; rk3399
<nickotheus> phh, what's your current laptop?
<phh> rk3288
<phh> ( meant "laptop, tablet", not "laptop, laptop")
<phh> nickotheus: c100pa
<nickotheus> you have linux running on that?
<phh> well except for thoshiba ac100; they are running chrome os, which is heavily linux-based so yes
<nickotheus> yeah I'm aware of Chrome OS
<phh> (and on ac100 I was running ubuntu or debian, can't remember much)
<nickotheus> was it difficult getting it on there?
<phh> I don't remember much, but I think it was okay. at the time, nVidia provided Linux4Tegra which was 99% compatible with their Android solution. it clearly wasn't standard Linux stuff, but at least there was some support
<phh> well, at some point I had to (re)write the keyboard driver
<nickotheus> why are you running the c100pa now then instead of the Tegra2?
<phh> (that code actually ended up mainline)
<nickotheus> nice
<phh> c100pa is probably 10 times faster than tegra 2; it has 8 times more RAM; it has working wifi (that's actually the reason I only take chromebooks, wifi works statistically much better), higher-res screen
<phh> the ac100 had 512MB of RAM, that's very hard to live with, even back then
<nickotheus> I'll have to keep that in mind
<nickotheus> oh yeah, It's a pain even on the Raspberry Pi 3B + to live with only 1 GB so I can only imagine 512MB but I remember old Pentium Days where I had a machine with 512MB and it was by those standards a beast
<nickotheus> was running RedHat seawolf I think on that
<nickotheus> er maybe it was enigma
<nickotheus> can't remember
<nickotheus> it's strange how things have changed
<nickotheus> and how quickly too
<nickotheus> I'm going to go, it was nice visiting with you phh, thank you again for the helpful information, do take care and have a pleasant evening.
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<afaerber> ccaione, will g12a be compatible with g12b or will that require a separate TF-A?
<afaerber> narmstrong, I've prepared some U-Boot patches for Vim3 but have been unable to test them due to LPDDR4 training problems with their GitHub blobs (which appear to be older than what they're shipping):
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<afaerber> (but newer than what Hardkernel have, where it's working for me)
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<narmstrong> afaerber: G12a and g12b have different tf-a blobs
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