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<mmind00> anybody home? :-)
<naobsd> hi
<mmind00> correct :-)
<naobsd> nice work :)
<naobsd> which rk3066 board are you using?
<mmind00> a bqreaders one (my employer)
<mmind00> [but this is still only a hobby project :-) ]
<naobsd> you have something like document not in public? (just asking, no need to make it open)
<naobsd> hobby project, I see :)
<mmind00> sadly no ... rockchip seems quite secretive
<naobsd> I'm curious how do you boot your kernel, via RKAndroidTool without flashing?
<mmind00> no, simply via rkcrc -k, rkflashtool
<naobsd> I see
<naobsd> if my memory is correct, RKAndroidTool has a function which can push image to RAM & boot it
<mmind00> hm, interesting ... I'm not familiar with it, does it run from the android system, as the name implies?
<naobsd> so I'm thinking to analyze protocol of RKAndroidTool
<naobsd> no, it's official flashing tool for Windows
<naobsd> via USB
<naobsd> I sniffed USB communication and made rkflash (origin of rkflashtool)
<mmind00> nice ... so the rkandroidtool can not only flash but also push the image to ram, probably also via the rescue mode of the bootloader?
<naobsd> I wonder why he didn't add "write"...
<naobsd> there are 2 kind of rescue mode
<naobsd> mask rom mode, which needs to push bootloader to make rkflashtool work
<naobsd> bootloader mode, bootloader is loaded from nand
<naobsd> structure of RK30xxLoader(L)...bin is almost known, and USB protocol is almost known too, but
<naobsd> there is unknown 2bytes in USB protocol, it prevents to make rkflashtool usable for mask rom mode
<naobsd> RKAndroidTool works fine for both, of course
<naobsd> in short, with rkflashtool, we need working bootloader in nand
<mmind00> yeah, but it's normally present anyway ... only one should not accidentially overwrite it :-)
<naobsd> yes :)
<naobsd> fortunately rkflashtool can't rewrite/erase bootloader area :)
<naobsd> it's enough to play with kernel thing
<naobsd> I'll try to investigate "read/write RAM" protocol
<naobsd> I hope it will be useful for kernel development
<naobsd> btw, how do you think reusing kernel source for some RK30/31 devices floating around on the net?
<naobsd> or are you trying to do everything yourself w/ mainline source?
<mmind00> for mainline real reusing is not possible ... while the Rockchip sources are a lot better than others I've seen they still are not of mainline quality, so need a lot of rework
<mmind00> but thankfully someone from Rockchip choose wisely to not reinvent every component in the SoCs
<mmind00> so things like the mmc, uat, spi, timers are all Synopsis,Designware IPs
<mmind00> (with drivers already present)
<naobsd> yes, I read it from your commit log :)
<naobsd> very nice
<naobsd> but NAND is secret :(
<mmind00> but I have a working mmc, so I'm fine
<naobsd> I see :)
<mmind00> and hen looking thru Rockchip sources, this whole secrecy stuff seems to be improving (recent releases seem to have real clock_data.c files instead of the uu-encoded stuff)
<naobsd> sometimes kernel source for some specific product which uses RK SoC is released/leaked. many people want to use it on his own device,
<mmind00> so I'd think not all hope is lost :-)
<naobsd> but in many cases device specific code is missing, then it's not useful for people's daily use(e.g. watching movies)
<mmind00> true and the changes are most of the time done in a hacky way, so it's also not easy to separate them
<mmind00> but I'll let other people worry about "daily use" ... my primary interest is experimenting with the lower-level kernel stuff, i.e. getting basic components of the SoC running on a mainline kernel, smp and so on
<naobsd> I always thinking it's really worthful to spend time to hack leaked source for another device
<naobsd> I like low level things too.
<naobsd> and I know other people don't like it ;)
<naobsd> I'll try your code
<mmind00> hehe ... "upstream sources" always make my eyes bleed ... so I don't want to touch them more than necessary usually
<naobsd> after soldering uart pins on my device ;)
<naobsd> sorry, away for a while
<mmind00> hehe, ok
<mmind00> just for the record, there are a lot more patches involved than the ones in arm-soc, there is also necessary stuff in the pinctrl- and clock-tree
<mmind00> so the best course of action would probably be to wait for the next "linux-next" tree and use this then
<naobsd> I see. I'm not Linux guy, so I'm not sure about such an staging(?) flow
<mmind00> hehe ... for the initial rockchip stuff I it was crazy :-)
<mmind00> I did try to get all the patches that I sent together again in my development tree ... but gave up at some point
<Astralix1> hi there
<mmind00> hi :-)
<Astralix1> got an invitation to land here, so here I am :)
<mmind00> I got the same invitation :-)
<Astralix1> Joint forces against rockchip code
<Astralix1> so whats up today?
<mmind00> hehe ... compared to others Rockchip code is actually more on the "nice" side :-)
<Astralix1> don't know, did kernel coding for Atmel and Freescale before...
<Astralix1> But compared to the DVD system code I had to work with some years ago, yes rockchip is far nicer than that
<Astralix1> So there are some thet got linux booting on Rk3066 and 3188 the last few days
<Astralix1> I am at the cleanup of the work and try to push that code back to our github in the next three days
<Astralix1> so, naobsd, I recall you name. Saw you there in the forums... XDA?
<Astralix1> mmind00 doesn't trigger my mind, where are you from?
<naobsd> I'm fun_ at XDA. my site is androtab.info.
<mmind00> nowhere :-) ... just working a bit on basic mainline support for rockchip socs
<Astralix1> ok, had that site seen. /me is from crewrktablest.arctablet.com, XDA and german android-hilfe.de
<Astralix1> are you from RK company or just eager to push these SOCs mainline?
<Astralix1> Oh, your name looks like beeing same timezone as me
<Astralix1> "Mahlzeit!"
<mmind00> haha, correct
<mmind00> nope ... I work for MundoReader (bqreaders) and started to tinker with the socs in my spare time
<Astralix1> ah, ok... I just bought a loox based on 2918 over one year ago and was the first who got a kernel for 2918 build and working
<Astralix1> I ever wnated to get rj SOC mainline an there are some pretty code changes in the latest kernel we got.
<Astralix1> And I had a typo in my address above http://crewrktablets.arctablet.com/
<Astralix1> Ok, have to leave for lunch. see you all later this day
<naobsd> mmind00: rk29 includes rk291x generation? http://git.kernel.org/cgit/linux/kernel/git/arm/arm-soc.git/commit/?h=rockchip/soc&id=38bd6892abbf7d60b1e9ff7f1a2b8019b552eed3
<naobsd> rk292x is similar to rk30, but rk291x is different, I guess
<mmind00> for this one, yes ... i.e. the cortex-a8 rk291x seems to share the uart register with the rk2928 (cortex-a9 single core)
<naobsd> I can see some rk2928 in device tree file
<mmind00> rk2928 is some sort of hybrid, with parts coming from the earlier rk29's and parts coming from the rk3x
<naobsd> do you have rk292x too?
<mmind00> also correct ... devicetree naming should use the earliest soc introducing a component
<mmind00> but currently I only have a rk3066a based device
<naobsd> I see, I didn't know device tree naming rule
<naobsd> I have RK2918 RK2928 RK3066 RK3068 but only RK2918 has UART pins
<naobsd> for now. I'll try to solder RK3068
<mmind00> good luck :-)
<naobsd> for RK2928/RK3066, I have to find out test point for UART
<naobsd> my solderin skill is not so good ;)
<mmind00> mine is nonexistens ... thankfully I had workmates with better skills at soldering
<mmind00> nonexistent of course
<mmind00> anyway, I'll be also gone for a bit and be back later
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<leowt> howdy!
<leowt> i see we lost all ops
<leowt> =P
<leowt> Astralix1: u there?
<leowt> naobsd: i asked http://irclog.whitequark.org to log
<leowt> but now we need to get op xD
<naobsd> then I leave this ch for a while
<leowt> i think
<leowt> it must
<leowt> be everyone doing that
<leowt> so its better when all ppl are ready
<leowt> and i got to send an email to the whitequark m8
<naobsd> or use another name such as linux-rockchip ;)
<leowt> ok
<leowt> not bad
<leowt> it is a easier name to recall
<leowt> =P
<naobsd> but who keeps op?
<naobsd> who/how
<leowt> its harder to me that i keep op
<leowt> but
<leowt> you only loose op when the channel gets with no users or when you get out?
<leowt> oh
<naobsd> if anyone left ch, he lost op
<leowt> i didnt registered the channel
<leowt> lolol
<leowt> i think that is the problem
<naobsd> hmm there is /chanserv command on freenode, right?
<naobsd> I'll try it
<leowt> well
<leowt> i see that i have indeed registered
<leowt> ChanServ NOTICE #linux-rkx is already registered to leowt.
<leowt> supposedly when i join i should auto have op
<naobsd> but you can't control #linux-rkx now, right?
<leowt> ook
<leowt> Recover comand
<leowt> =P
<leowt> ok
<leowt> its on
<leowt> but
<leowt> linux-rkx is good or we change for linux-rockchip?
<naobsd> +1 -rockchip
<leowt> rockchip-dev?
<leowt> mayb to not be so linux centrinc
<naobsd> hmm
<leowt> if som bsd ppz come along heheh
<naobsd> surely
<naobsd> heh
<naobsd> but probably linux is most active one
<naobsd> so I'm ok if it's linux-
<naobsd> if it's ok to speak other thing until it's so big
<leowt> shure
<leowt> registering
<leowt> done
<leowt> #linux-rockchip
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<leowt> =D
<naobsd> hehe, thanks
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<leowt> hehe, still no fuzz here. many thanks!
<naobsd> mmind@github
<leowt> how is that
<leowt> ?
<leowt> ow
<leowt> i the kernel guy
<leowt> =P
<leowt> whitequark: you rock!
<leowt> got to go now, be here later
<leowt> cya
<whitequark> btw, freenode requires to place a notice in the channel topic if it's logged
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<leowt> ok sec
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<leowt> bb
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<mmind00> quite hard to find the new channel when the old one didn't want to let me in again :-)
<naobsd> really sorry ;)
<mmind00> thankfully the whitequark log pointed me to the right one
<naobsd> where is best place to find your patches? https://git.kernel.org/cgit/linux/kernel/git/mmind/linux-rockchip.git/ ? patchwork?
<mmind00> sadly currently all over different maintainer trees ...
<mmind00> (parts from the clock tree including some dependencies, pinctrl tree and of course arm-soc)
<mmind00> the best course of action would be to wait for the next "linux-next" version (http://git.kernel.org/cgit/linux/kernel/git/next/linux-next.git/) that should bring everything together
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<leowt> Hoya mmind00 !
<mmind00> next "linux-next" should probably happen somewhere tomorrow or the next days
<mmind00> hi leowt
<naobsd> hmmmmm I see
<leowt> We should also have the sources released for 30xx and 31xx
<leowt> I see that there are some 3.0.xx already touched by community somewhwre in github
<naobsd> I'm preparing 3.0.36 source for MK802IV and bqCurie
<leowt> thats what? 3066?
<naobsd> at first I'll push non-touched one as for reference
<naobsd> 3188 and 3066
<naobsd> as far as I know, they are latest source on public, and some people are working based on them
<leowt> Hmm, i have an 3168, arent 3188 sources supposed to be the same?
<mmind00> isn't 3168 dual core with the powervr gpu?
<leowt> Yes it is
<leowt> Pretty cool power consumption btw
<mmind00> and no from what I've seen so far all the different socs share a lot, but also differ at critical points
<mmind00> for example the clock trees are always somehow different
<leowt> mmind00: there are defconfs with 8168 name with the 3188 sources
<leowt> Including a kernel option to select 3 our 4 kinds of 3168 boarda
<leowt> boards
<leowt> Tried to do a simple compile but it failed
<leowt> Still got to see it with more attention
<leowt> But the supplied defconfs for 8168 gets errors compiling
<leowt> Some work to do there, supposing there are all the 3168 sources in that kernel, being not the problem itself
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<leowt> i see that github/linux-rockchip got some setting up act
<leowt> was that you naobsd?
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<Astralix> ping
<Astralix> hi guys
<leowt> =D
<Astralix> looks like i'm visible now...
<Astralix> but I registered too, so my nick is safe
<Astralix> someone at gmail already took it...
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<Astralix> oh, fireworks... be back in 2min
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<Astralix> Nice firework over here
<Astralix> ping
<leowt> =)
<leowt> brb
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<Astralix> good evening
<mmind00> hi again
<Astralix> so, whats going?
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<mmind00> nothing much, I'm going to play a bit with the smp bringup and incorporate some review comments I got
<Astralix> You might get lots of upsream code if we can convince some people to join
<Astralix> But actually I am reviewing code from Omegamoon team, that I joined some days agoo too
<mmind00> the problem is always code quality :-)
<Astralix> Oooh, yessss
<mmind00> and also the year gap between the 3.0.36 rockchip used and current kernels
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<Astralix> this isn't really a problem as rk confirmed that the latest kernel at our site is based on 3.0.66 but still named .36
<mmind00> but compared to say Mediatek, this is all very clean code ;-)
<Astralix> how about those files addressing closed IPs in the chips...
<leowt> mmind00: have any experience op'ing a irc channel
<leowt> ?
<mmind00> nope ... I'm trying this irc thingy for two weeks now (#armlinux)
<leowt> you both kernel devs and newbies to irc? that is confusing =P
<leowt> just ftr
<leowt> what are your GMT's
<leowt> ?
<mmind00> hehe ... never thought I'd need it ... but now I wouldn't want to miss it again :-)
<mmind00> GMTs?
<leowt> your hour zone
<Astralix> +2 dst
<Astralix> mmind00 too
<leowt> .de?
<Astralix> right
<leowt> =)
<leowt> im 00
<leowt> dst
<leowt> .pt
<leowt> i see there will be not much problem getting in contact with you
<mmind00> yep :-)
<Astralix> not too far from each other
<Astralix> globally seen, we could meet for a beer
<leowt> well, i have passed over germany
<leowt> but never been there
<leowt> i got many family there in hamburg
<Astralix> you might have missed something then
<leowt> i mean: i have
<leowt> mmind00: are you that work for bq?
<mmind00> correct, I work for bq ... but the rockchip mainline tinkering is a spare time project
<leowt> isnt bq an spanish company?
<mmind00> yep ... homeoffice is quite cool :-)
<leowt> yeah
<Astralix> lol
<leowt> what do you do @ work?
<leowt> i suppose you dont only do kernel dev
<leowt> =P
<mmind00> mostly kernel stuff ... i.e. getting the bad quirks out of vendor trees
<mmind00> and more lowlevel stuff ... i.e. mostly on the ereaders currently
<leowt> i see
<leowt> cool
<Astralix> Low level stuff, that's my favourite too
<leowt> what about you Astralix
<mmind00> :-D
<Astralix> Just changed from Rittal to digitalstrom, if you know one of them
<leowt> nope
<leowt> =P
<leowt> there is no english on the website
<leowt> :/
<leowt> there is rittal portugal
<leowt> hmm
<Astralix> digitalstrom is mostly germany and switzerland
<Astralix> and rittal is worldwide
<Astralix> I program everything but not windows
<leowt> home automation?
<Astralix> Yes
<leowt> cool
<leowt> so rk is hobby?
<Astralix> yes
<Astralix> did some kernel projects (commercial) before so why not
<leowt> =)
<leowt> so
<Astralix> have a small lab here at home so disassembling things and looking inside...
<leowt> how will we organize the sources
<leowt> i see that someone created 2 repos
<Astralix> The 256 different sources are already on github
<Astralix> most of them are derived from us
<leowt> ook
<leowt> i was trying to compile from the 3188 sources for 3168
<leowt> using 3168 defconfs
<leowt> but it fails
<leowt> going to see now
<leowt> it with more attention
<Astralix> I am checking what Galland and Omegamoon did last night and try to upgrade their work to boot Android.
<leowt> im brand new with rockchip
<Astralix> They are focussing on Linux
<leowt> still got so many things to catch
<leowt> ive only worked with allwinner, texas, broadcom and freescale
<Astralix> I started 1.5 years ago. Got a 2918 based loox from my wife as xmas present
<leowt> only superficial kernel stuff though
<leowt> Astralix: cool wife you have
<leowt> hehe
<Astralix> lol, yes
<mmind00> hehe ... I've started with kernel development 2 years ago, with the Oyo ereader :-) http://www.youtube.com/user/mmind81
<Astralix> M ytarget was first to get the kernel comnpiled and running
<Astralix> just for fun
<Astralix> Then others found my activities on android-hilfe.de and so we built a private IRC and such
<Astralix> And that was how http://crewrktablets.arctablet.com/ was born
<Astralix> in the last two weeks I started cooperation with http://www.omegamoon.com/blog/
<Astralix> So, since i started I collected some goods like another Loox (2918), a Xelio 10pro (3066) and a Tronsmart MK908 Android TV stick powered by a RK3188
<leowt> make[1]: *** No rule to make target `arch/arm/mach-rk30/clock_data-rk3066b.o', needed by `arch/arm/mach-rk30/built-in.o'. Stop.
<leowt> hmm
<Astralix> clock is sort of secret to rockchip...
<mmind00> why do you want to build clockdata for the rk3066b?
<Astralix> You should have either a clock_data.uu and the clock_data.o is commented out in the Makfile, or you have the clock_data.c
<Astralix> if you have .c romve the comment in the Makefile
<Astralix> ...remove...
<Astralix> mmind00, do you have some full manuals on these RK chips?
<mmind00> clock_data-rk3066b is valid, but shouldn't probably be built for a 3168 target
<Astralix> nope, not for that, lets check what I have
<mmind00> sadly no
<Astralix> none of the datasheets?
<mmind00> nope
<Astralix> I thought you work for...
<mmind00> yep, but we get a sort of working kernel tree
<Astralix> sort of... yes I know that
<leowt> so
<Astralix> you like a datasheet?
<leowt> so can i understand
<leowt> they modify clock_data-rk3066b for each chip
<leowt> ?
<mmind00> any time ... the only thing I know is this small excerpt that is floating around everywhere
<mmind00> no, there are two variants of the rk3066 ... a and b
<Astralix> Hmm... even the 26MB sized one is not complete. PMU, MALI, VPU and some other units missing in it
<mmind00> there is a datasheet around? ... :-)
<Astralix> hmm...
<Astralix> need you mail address
<leowt> i see no clockdata file at arch/arm/mach-rk30
<leowt> there is one at arch/arm/mach-rk3188
<Astralix> leowt, wihich github do you use?
<mmind00> wanted to ask the same right now :-)
<mmind00> Astralix: heiko@sntech.de
<leowt> so it seems that there is not files for rk8168
<leowt> Astralix: sorry?
<mmind00> leowt: sadly I also haven't seen the rk3168 being mentioned in any tree
<leowt> leojrfs @ github and gmail
<leowt> another gpl violating issue?
<Astralix> leowt, where did you get your code from?
<mmind00> leowt: I think we wanted to know which kernel source you're using ;-)
<leowt> rk8188 sources
<leowt> sec
<Astralix> where did you get them?
<leowt> sec
<Astralix> uih, that one... Alok... He is from the Omegamoon crew and he has the kernel from us.
<Astralix> so you see it's all linked together
<mmind00> also the released kernel sources most of the time are not containing support for all previous socs
<Astralix> so to get that compiled you should switch to Gallands repo
<Astralix> mmind00, none of them
<mmind00> you can see the clockdata for the rk3188
<leowt> i see
<Astralix> if there is a kernel having support for more than only one of them, it is self crafted and not an official releas of any tablet company
<mmind00> but the remnants of the rk30xx support probably only contains the stuff the rk3188 is reusing
<leowt> :/
<Astralix> not directly. Rk31 is using stuff of 29/30 but the unused code of these is just left as it was on the point of fork
<leowt> y they just wont release it
<Astralix> They do not develop on 29 anymore
<leowt> im talking about rk8168 files
<Astralix> hey even do not really do anything on 30 anymore. Only some 31 support, that's it.
<Astralix> ah, yes the 31xx is supported
<Astralix> you only have to get 5000USD an to sign an NDA
<leowt> yeah, but im here stuck just because there isnt 3168 sources
<Astralix> 3168 is a dual-core 3188 I guess?
<Astralix> Or do you have different GPU?
<mmind00> I think they have a powervr or so
<leowt> it is dual-core
<leowt> and
<leowt> gpu is powervr
<leowt> so yes it is different
<Astralix> örks...
<Astralix> We had such trouble with vivante as they didn't even answer emails... then we where so happy getting MAIL as ARM supports open source development on that one.
<Astralix> And now they're changing to powerVR... We need to check with Freescale. They use that too on their iMX series chips
<Astralix> GPU is so much hard work on disassembling and trying to get it glued again
<Astralix> mmind00, did you get the datasheet?
<Astralix> if you guys do not have dropbox, then register through my link. Will rise my limit a bit there
<leowt> i have it
<leowt> ;)
<mmind00> Astralix it's stuck in the greylister, so should arrive in some miutes
<Astralix> ah, ok
<Astralix> that reminds me, that I do not know what you are doing, leowt
<leowt> Astralix: sorry?
<Astralix> job, family, kids, shoesize... ;)
<Astralix> I don't like to login to PRISM all the day to request that information
<Astralix> makes me feel like spying...
<mmind00> haha
<leowt> well, im a young entrepreneur =P
<mmind00> you could also ask the british service
<leowt> product development (kind of a R&D dedicated company)
<leowt> i can be described as de devops guy xD
<Astralix> mmind00, why asking for a copy, iff you can have the original...
<Astralix> leowt so it is half a business act in here
<mmind00> ok, the archive is prism, but the live data are the brits :-)
<Astralix> lol
<leowt> Astralix: hmm, i hope so
<leowt> hahha
<leowt> i have plenty toys
<leowt> so just wanted to give rkchip a try
<leowt> i liked 8168 power consumption
<Astralix> Ok, so want you got for Android or Linux?
<Astralix> based on that RK?
<leowt> there will be no real business until the fall of year so, it is a *just starting* startup
<Astralix> ha, ok, then wish ou good luck and stay stong. Most times the first three years are hard, after then it will get better
<Astralix> So, lets see...
<leowt> i am still exploring possibilities with my mates, but the android + libhybris its pretty cool
<leowt> since our work is embedded Qt heavy
<Astralix> We need to get uBoot running and kill that bullshit rkXXnand.ko driver
<Astralix> then we are free on that chips
<Astralix> So, anyona known ro work on uBoot or redboot on that chips already?
<leowt> redboot is used on rk?
<leowt> got, i only know it from fonera devices
<leowt> =P
<leowt> my fon2100 still runs
<leowt> =P
<Astralix> no, there is an encrypted closed source bootloader on it
<Astralix> but I have the loader and I got it decrypted and I know how to handle a disassembler...
<leowt> ur evil
<leowt> hah
<leowt> so
<leowt> i will got to wait untill some rk8168 specific sources are released
<leowt> the android to ubuntu touch kernel is so close
<leowt> damn
<leowt> =P
<leowt> only for a couple of options
<Astralix> I do hardware-near dev since I was 9. I built my Apple ][ replica, when I was 11. Since then I programmed Fortran, Ada, Lisp, Pascal, C and I programmed Assembler for about 20 different chips including DSP
<Astralix> And as RK did violate GPL so much, I didn't have any bad feelings about using disassemblers or so
<Astralix> I am pretty sure you can use the rk3188 kernel with almost no changes
<leowt> Astralix: there were pentium 2 cpus already wen i was 9
<Astralix> But you will have to solder a serial debugger to your device
<leowt> i wish i could have lived at that age
<leowt> =P
<leowt> Astralix: first thing i have done
<Astralix> hmmm, It doesn't make a difference.
<leowt> searching for uart
<leowt> and soldering thinks
<leowt> having a serial console is a requirement for me
<leowt> =P
<leowt> it is a generic *crap* tablet board
<Astralix> at that time a 20MHz scope was fast enough, today you need a 100MHz minimum. But at that time the 20MHz scope was much more expensive as a 100MHz is today
<leowt> but i am happy to share pics
<leowt> with the uart location
<Astralix> just upload and I support
<Astralix> I have found it on all
<leowt> Astralix: i am saying that the first thing i have done was to open it up
<leowt> and locating the uart
<leowt> and already have uart since the 0 day
<leowt> =P
<Astralix> actually most modern 31xx have them on the lower side where almost no parts are
<leowt> sec
<Astralix> ??
<Astralix> you need USB-Serial converter with logic levels. So 3.3V max.
<leowt> hehe i know
<leowt> sec
<leowt> that ground solder is ugly compared to the others, i know XD
<Astralix> Ok, I misunderstood you. I thought you still search for it. So you got it and soldered pretty fine
<Astralix> so many DC/DC switching regs on your board
<leowt> i use a standart rs232-usb with a level converter max3232
<leowt> just made one
<leowt> i love designing peripherals =P
<Astralix> ah, I use these tiny USB serial PCBs that you can buy for less then 10€ around the net
<leowt> i have one of those
<leowt> with a profilic chip
<leowt> *prolific
<Astralix> I have them in a dozend, cause I do hobby electronics with CortexM chips too.
<Astralix> prolific, crystal, silicon, FTDI...
<Astralix> nice
<leowt> but i use rs232 for other projects
<leowt> so i always have rs232 and a level converter
<leowt> with me
<Astralix> yes
<leowt> i am always moving
<leowt> i have made one too
<leowt> usb - ttl serial
<leowt> dont recall the chip ive used
<leowt> think it was ftdi
<leowt> but i made it just for fun
<Astralix> is most common. FTDI is used for most JTAG clones I know. So it was familiar to me
<leowt> at least driver support is cooler
<leowt> prolific drivers crashed until recently when unplugged on mac
<Astralix> don't have mac
<Astralix> so no problem for me
<leowt> i only use *nix
<Astralix> me too
<Astralix> everything and everyone in this house... except my wife... she's still on vista
<leowt> FreeBSD for data, linux for embedded and general purpose servers
<leowt> and mac for desktop work
<Astralix> nope, all on linux, receivers, routers, notebooks, desktop
<leowt> i know they are, but i was explaining were i use them
<leowt> =P
<Astralix> ah
<leowt> there is plenty vxworks, and netbsd on everyday embedded
<Astralix> ok, you might like to go on github and try this code for a start:
<Astralix> Could be that it starts right out of the box, if you connect a TV to HDMI
<Astralix> what compiler do you use?
<Astralix> your tablet doesn't have HDMI?
<leowt> nope
<Astralix> sh...
<leowt> but i have serial
<leowt> so
<Astralix> yes
<leowt> will try untill it fails
<leowt> xD
<leowt> i will clone and try later
<Astralix> what compiler do you have
<leowt> ubuntu gcc4.6 i think
<Astralix> doesn't work
<leowt> what?
<leowt> why?
<Astralix> all compilers from 4.6.3 onwards will fail
<Astralix> incompatibility to SMP ARMs
<leowt> hmm
<leowt> ok
<leowt> will see it later then
<leowt> sorry got to go
<Astralix> There are fixes around that require some work on both siedes but RK doesn't provide that fixes
<Astralix> just a second
<leowt> tnks
<Astralix> cpy that one, extract the arm toolchain to /opt/ and then use is
<Astralix> it
<Astralix> It is a gcc 4.4.3 and verified to work
<leowt> ok tnks
<leowt> i will be keeping an eye on irc
<Astralix> so, cul8er
<leowt> every ~20 mins
<leowt> brb
<Astralix> mmind00, still there?
<mmind00> barely :-) ... reading and trying not to fall asleep
<Astralix> just some questions
<Astralix> and then /me bed too
<mmind00> hehe
<Astralix> so, if I have some code in c that is provided by rockchip only as .uu, how to handle that?
<Astralix> can I push that to you / mainline?
<mmind00> nope
<Astralix> I guessed that
<Astralix> how to handel that?
<mmind00> i.e. the uu stuff is only an encoded .o
<Astralix> yes
<mmind00> which is unacceptable in any case
<Astralix> ok, two scenarios
<Astralix> I have sources of files, that where former .uu but where opened by some manufacturers when putting sources online
<Astralix> I think I can consider these <open>
<Astralix> an can include them in my work an push the
<Astralix> them
<mmind00> yep ... also the rockchip files contain a gpl header, so you should be fine
<Astralix> there are others, that I disassembled after uudecoding the file and threwing the .o into IDA
<naobsd> good morning
<Astralix> So I replicated the c code... sort of...
<Astralix> moring sir
<naobsd> what I did on github is, just pushing 2 kernel source, one for rikomagic MK802IV, another for bq Curie
<Astralix> Ah, can I have the link to the kernel archive again, please?
<Astralix> saw that
<Astralix> Omegamoon and Galland made MK908 and S400 sticks booting linux and I am cross checking for booting android
<naobsd> just for reference. I used AOSP android-3.0 branch as a bese. branch point may not be correct, but it should be helpful to see diff from vanilla(android-3.0) source
<Astralix> yes, its my home
<naobsd> if you know another active repository, please tell me
<Astralix> this rk3x_kernel is based on mainline 3.0.66 as RK insider told me
<Astralix> Most active since the last few days. It#S now my second home
<Astralix> Ok, just to clean things up:
<Astralix> There are two active teams:
<Astralix> Crewrktablets and Omegamoon
<Astralix> Crew is OMA1744 (Android Image baking), netlars (Android progging), JochenKauz (Kernel and Android) and me (Kernel)
<Astralix> Omegamoon is Omegamoon himself (Kernel and Linux) and Galland (kernel and Linux)
<naobsd> https://github.com/omegamoon/rockchip-rk3188-generic this one? where this one comes from?
<Astralix> yes
<Astralix> Alok is in that team too, but still trying to learn. His kernel is a fork from omegamoon too
<Astralix> naobsd, what are you trying to do?
<Astralix> do you contact them all, or dou you collect the changes in hteir work?
<naobsd> currently nothing, I was(am)very busy
<naobsd> ah
<naobsd> I need to refresh my memory
<naobsd> I didn't follow anyone's work
<Astralix> ok
<Astralix> so I am hopefully sitting in the most active area of that rk thing.
<naobsd> all I know is 2 source I pushed
<Astralix> Not that I am the most active man in there as I have family and job, but I know them all I think
<Astralix> So what are the next targets?
<naobsd> if you know correct branch point, please tell me. I want to fix "reference" branch
<naobsd> but I think rk code is not based on android-3.0 ;)
<Astralix> nope
<Astralix> So, what we have as open source interfaces
<Astralix> We have started with rk2918 at ICS 4.0.1 and are actually at rk3066 JB 4.2.2
<Astralix> but 2918 was stopped by rockchip at I guess ICS 4.0.4
<Astralix> everything on the market with higher version than that is probably derived from OMA1744 work
<Astralix> For RK3066 rockchip stopped at 4.1.2 I think
<Astralix> while RK31xx started at 4.1.x
<Astralix> but there is official support for 4.2 only on RK31 devices
<Astralix> Android interface can be found at crewrktablets
<Astralix> There are some kernel reltaed things in RK kernels, that need to be done for having them compatible to both worlds, Linux and Android.
<Astralix> But that is enough for today... I need to get some sleep
<mmind00> me too
<mmind00> see you all probably tomorrow
<Astralix> guess so
<Astralix> naobsd, are you still listening or sleeping alreaedy?
mmind00 has quit [Quit: KVIrc 4.1.3 Equilibrium http://www.kvirc.net/]
<Astralix> ok, then see u later
Astralix is now known as Astralix|afk
<naobsd> I think oma's rk2918 work is also (some sort of)derived work, based on 4.1 rom from Yuandao(Window/Vido)
<naobsd> it's difficult to say what is "derived"
<naobsd> I say just "custom rom" basically it uses official rom or other custom rom as a base, it may have few things built from source
<naobsd> it's completely different thing which is built from source for everything, even if source is derived from others work
<naobsd> "built from source" is, like CM, AOKP, etc
<naobsd> anyway, there are official 4.1 rom for rk2918/rk2906 tablets. I think 4.1 rom for Proscan PLT7035-B is newer than Yuandao
<naobsd> (I don't have much interest to make "custom rom" thing, so I may be wrong)
<naobsd> I think there are 4.2 rom for rk3066, not someone's "custom rom"
<naobsd> ah, sorry, I noticed some of oma's work are CM-based
<naobsd> but I don't think rk29 with 4.1 sold in market is not derived work from such a community build
<naobsd> err, again
<naobsd> I THINK rk29 with 4.1 sold in market is NOT derived work
<naobsd> it should be built from RK's 4.1 SDK