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<repk> tuxd3v: it seems you booted the kernel fine
<repk> [ 1.313643] ttyS2 - failed to request DMA
<repk> [ 100.017779] random: crng init done
<repk> its the tty that has issue
<repk> maybe you are using wrong dtb
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<repk> tuxd3v: well I also get failed to request DMA. So yes your kernel booted fine, it is your rootfs that is the issue here.
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<nomis> I am trying to enable a wireless module (AP6255) on my tv box and right now have no real success. How can I debug the device tree for that? Can I check if the basic sdio communication is available and works?
<robmur01> nomis: Broadcom-based AMPAK modules usually just need getting the enable GPIOs right to at least show up
<robmur01> (possibly also the 32KHz clock, but that's typically on by default anyway)
<robmur01> the rest is just decoding the BSP rfkill driver's GPIOs into what they actually mean on the module, to then translate to the upstream bindings
<nomis> robmur01: it is perfectly possible that my setup of the sdio-bus is lacking. Do you know how I would test for its existance?
<nomis> /sys/bus/sdio/ is there, but I don't really see any probimg messages or something like that.
<robmur01> for an example, compare this to what the upstream DT has for sdio_pwrseq and the bluetooth serdev :
<nomis> where does "wifi_chip_type" get evaluated?
<robmur01> (in this case upstream doesn't describe wl_wake_host as an out-of-band interrupt since it confuses the appropriate 6256S firmware (which *isn't* the one in linux-firmware))
<nomis> (that was empty for me up to now)
<robmur01> meh, best ignore that unless you have the exact BSP source your box vendor used (IIRC it doesn't mean all that much anyway) - the clock and gpio specifiers are what matters
<nomis> as far as I can tell clock and gpio are now the same as in the devicetree I've scraped from the 4.14-kernel that was running on the device.
<robmur01> double-check polarities? IIRC on another board with a 6330 at least one of the pins has its meaning inverted between downstream and upstream, so e.g. an active-low reset might need to become an active-high enable
<robmur01> at worst you can usually dredge up the AMPAK datasheets and make sense of the GPIO-to-module-pin mappings with a multimeter and wiggling the GPIOs from userspace
<nomis> bah, I am in a crappy mood today. Sorry if that shows.
<mps> bah, also I'm. had a hope that kernel 5.7-rc4 will solve issue with rockchip-drm and/or mmc but no luck
<mps> emmc*
<mps> on chromebook, I mean
<mps> except that 5.7-rc3 fried speakers on it :\
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<tuxd3v> repk, thanks for your impression on it
<tuxd3v> I also think that maybe something else was wrong..
<tuxd3v> I compiled a new kernel, but I am also trying to find a working rootfs, to debug tyhe problem
<tuxd3v> repk, thanks a lot of your comment :)
<tuxd3v> vagrantc is also on the smae opinion..
<tuxd3v> I guess my rootfs is wrongly build or something missing..
<tuxd3v> smae -> same
<repk> tuxd3v: yes on the other hand I find the kernel is outputting very little info compare to default config one. Wondering what is your console level here
<repk> tuxd3v: to test your kernel you could try init=/bin/sh in your command line. That would rule out kernel problem
<robmur01> frankly, until the kernel log shows visible evidence that the waited-for root device has actually showed up, focus on that ;)
<tuxd3v> the loglevel=6
<tuxd3v> its ttyS2
<robmur01> (or get rid of "rootwait" and see if it panics)
<tuxd3v> repk, robmur01 , thanks I will try that and see if it helps to debug the problem :)
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<tuxd3v> robmur01, repk , I just created another rootfs, same symptoms..
<tuxd3v> also there are 2 device trees in the kernel for rockpro64??
<tuxd3v> rk3399-rockpro64.dtb
<tuxd3v> rk3399-rockpro64-v2.dtb
<tuxd3v> this result is with rk3399-rockpro64.dtb
<tuxd3v> with rk3399-rockpro64-v2.dtb serial show me nothing at all..
<repk> tuxd3v: is it a kernel you compile yourself ? Maybe your distribution's kernel need an initrd to get your SD card probing
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<tuxd3v> I am not using a initrd
<tuxd3v> but I get a strange message, i don't know if its normal about sdcard
<tuxd3v> Loading Environment from MMC... Card did not respond to voltage select!
<tuxd3v> *** Warning - No block device, using default environment
<robmur01> given that the only difference between the two DTBs should be the I2C address of the audio codec, something stinks
<tuxd3v> repk, yes its compiled by me
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<tuxd3v> but its in Loglevel 6
<tuxd3v> thats why it shows some other stuff
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<repk> its very quiet for a loglevel 6 IMHO. The voltage thing is u-boot thing you can ignore that
<repk> its for other MMC
<tuxd3v> repk, thanks
<tuxd3v> I believe 'root=/dev/mmcblk0p5' is ok for the sdcard
<tuxd3v> or can it be mmcblk1
<tuxd3v> ?
<tuxd3v> I am starting to be out of options..
<repk> you can debug that by removing rootwait as robmur01 suggested
<repk> fyi mine is mmcblk1 but I am not using rock64
<tuxd3v> this is my boot script:
<tuxd3v> ok I will debug that :)
<tuxd3v> without rootwait
<robmur01> also pissing about with the loglevel isn't exactly helping anyone - if you're trying to debug something, why suppress info and debug messages? They're *useful*!
<repk> robmur01 isn't KERN_INFO supposed to be way more verbose ? And KERN_DEBUG only dynamically activated anyway ?
<repk> I could be wrong here
<tuxd3v> man...
<tuxd3v> the device is mmcblk1 ...pufffffffff
<tuxd3v> thats why it was waiting with rootwait
<tuxd3v> but still I have some errors
<tuxd3v> I don't have ethernet interface
<tuxd3v> [FAIL] startpar: service(s) returned failure: rng-tools ... failed!
<tuxd3v> rng-tools... doesn't the kernel has a TRNG driver for rk3399?
<tuxd3v> I will use /dev/urandom in the mean time
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<tuxd3v> repk, robmur01 , thanks a lot for your inputs
<tuxd3v> I was a lot lost already with so many attemps
<tuxd3v> the rootwait, was a good catch :)
<tuxd3v> also I gained some confidence with your inputs
<tuxd3v> because you now some times when tings go wrong.. we start to suspect of a lot of things :)
<tuxd3v> now I need to compile the ethernet driver
<tuxd3v> or load it
<tuxd3v> stmac, I believe for rockpro64?
<repk> it should be loaded by the devicetree
<tuxd3v> I have been playing with the jumper closer to emmc module, to boot from sdcard or emmc
<tuxd3v> but it sometimes doesn't boot at all, wether from emmc or from sdcard
<tuxd3v> I need to disconect it ald left it some 5-10 minutes disconected to then apply power and then ir will boot
<tuxd3v> I don't know if you have the same problem or its only a problem with my board?
<tuxd3v> repk, I was expecting that
<tuxd3v> I am on kernel 5.6.10
<tuxd3v> don't know if there are any developemnts further and I need to jump to mainline?
<robmur01> repk: the normal default loglevel is 7 (info), and unless you're running a serial console at like 9600bps it doesn't really have an appreciable impact on boot time IME
<robmur01> and even with dynamic debug enabled that only governs whether debug messages are emitted to the kernel log or not in the first place; the loglevel still controls whether they also get displayed on the console
<robmur01> basically, if you can't get as far as being able to run dmesg, a quiet boot is the last thing you want ;)
<repk> robmur01: ok I was off by one here. Though 6 was info. thx
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<robmur01> well, info itself is 6, but what goes to console is <loglevel, not <= loglevel
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<tuxd3v> hello, does any one knows what driver is used on linux kernel for ethernet on rockpro64?
<tuxd3v> for what I could tell, it uses a RTL8211 Gigabit controller
<tuxd3v> but for what it seems the driver STMMAC has there a rockchip option..
<tuxd3v> Rockchip dwmac support
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<robmur01> tuxd3v: yes, you need dwmac_rk for the actual ethernet controller. RTL8211 is just an RGMII phy
<tuxd3v> robmur01, thanks a lot!
<tuxd3v> I am now building another kernel, trying to have HDMI, and Ethernet..
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